Teaching Social Media: A Case Study


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Presentation to the Mass Communication Division, Western Social Science Association, April 12, 2013

Some course materials now available here: http://teachsocialbusiness.com

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Teaching Social Media: A Case Study

  1. 1. Teaching Social Media: A Case Study Presentation to the Mass Communication Division Western Social Science Association Sheree Martin,J.D., LL.M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Samford University April 12, 2013
  2. 2. My Internet History Image Credits: Macintosh: http://brianzeve.wordpress.com/2011/10/09/thirty-five-years-of-technology-transformation-thank-you-mr-jobs/ Word for Windows: http://www.crystalxp.net/news/en739-evolution-microsoft-word-logo-interface-home-page.htm
  3. 3. My Internet History: Early Social Image Sources : http://stopmebeforeiblogagain.com/a-brief-history-of-social- networks/ http://www.stockmarketlogos.com/telecom-services/earthlink-logo-stock-symbol/
  4. 4. My Internet History: 1999-2003
  5. 5. My Internet History: 1999-2003
  6. 6. Teaching Social Media Spring 2010: I began to incorporate Twitter requirements into several classes I was teaching. Based on my classroom survey data, about 1 in 10 students were using Twitter at the time. Fall 2010: I added a WordPress blog to a course
  7. 7. Fall 2011 I was given the opportunity to develop a new special topics course which I named Social Media Practices First offered Spring 2012 I've taught it twice. Scheduled for a third time for Fall 2013.
  8. 8. Business-Focused Strategic Communication My professional background is in business law Nearly half of doctoral course work in Culverhouse C&BA courses (management and statistics) Entrepreneurial mindset New ideas, "Third Way"
  9. 9. Three Core Underlying Goals Creative, out-of- the-box thinking Throw away rules Relationships, not broadcasting
  10. 10. Course Objectives Students will ● research, discover and analyze effective social media and content marketing practices for businesses, nonprofits and personal networking. ● explore the many social media networks and tools available for building relationships with customers and constituents. ● develop creative ways to use social media in a strategic way to build relationships. ● have an applied understanding of the social metrics and analytical tools available for evaluating the effectiveness of social media activities. ● apply their knowledge by the active use of and experimentation with social media tactics
  11. 11. Books & Resources (updating)
  12. 12. This is not your usual college class
  13. 13. First Class Session
  14. 14. Required Reading: 95 Theses and More for Context "Markets are Conversations"
  15. 15. Mini-Reports (10%) Brand Case Studies Niche Social Networks Tools & Resources Metrics & Analytics
  16. 16. "Nuggets" & Participation (10%) Students are expected to become active, self- directed learners and monitor various online blogs and thought-leaders. Share "nuggets of wisdom" with the class orally and via the class blog.
  17. 17. Mini-Campaigns ● Added Fall 2012 ● One month ● Two clients, two events, two teams ● 20% of grade: Too high for effort BUT... ● Students discovered the challenges of gaining friends, fans, likes, shares, RTS on Twitter and Facebook ● Opportunity to quickly get into Facebook Insights and Twitter analytics ● I have ideas for improving next time
  18. 18. Podcast Project (10%): Why? January/February 2012 Survey
  19. 19. Podcasting: Why Part 2: January/February 2012 Survey
  20. 20. Online Treasure Hunts
  21. 21. Content Marketing/Inbound Marketing ● Focus is on creating informative and useful free content to share with current and prospective customers. ● Answers questions about products, services or industry. ● Builds awareness and trust. ● Shows how the product/service meets a customer's needs ● Published on website, shared through social channels
  22. 22. Comprehensive Strategic Plan (40%) ● P-O-S-T Approach ○ People ○ Objectives ○ Strategies ○ Technologies + Tactics ● Key Performance Indicators ● Content Ideas ● Sample Content ● Editorial Calendar
  23. 23. Sundries http://socialmediapractices.wordpress.com Working on an arrangement with HubSpot for Fall 2013 Guest Speakers ● Rene Willet of The Weather Channel ● David Griner, Luckie & Co. ● Hafez Adel, ReTargeter ● Wade Kwon, Birmingham Blogging Academy
  24. 24. Thanks! Sheree Martin tmartin@samford.edu
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