World IPv6 Launch Singapore - introduction

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  • Good afternoon, a very warm welcome to all of you for taking time to attend this IPv6 security seminar – Protection Measures for the Future Internet I like to take this opportunity to share with you more about PROGRESO and also by the IPv6 competency Programme by IDA Singpore.
  • We have been established 8 years ago as a network solution and communications provider. Over the years, we began building our expertise and competency in IPv6 and have become one of the pioneer in IPv6 training and consultancy services in Singapore. PROGRESO is also selected by IDA to be the training provider to provide IPv6 competency for professional in Singapore. IDA has also offered a 70% funding to professional who are taking the IPv6 training through PROGRESO. I will elaborate the IPv6 competency programme by IDA in a while.
  • Before I do that, I like to share with what PROGRESO can provide. We provide a series of IPv6 Forum certified courses. IPv6 Forum was formed back in 1990’s when IETF formed a working group with more than 20 industry players like CISCO, Nokia, Juniper, Microsoft,…etc to build the IPv6 technology. When the technology was competed, IETF folded this working group and continue with the research and updates of the IPv6 technology while appointing IPv6 Forum (a non profit organisation) to promote IPv6 technology to the world. IPv6 Forum is currently the only globally recognized Education body for IPv6 Technology. The certification programme for IPv6 training including IPv6 forum certified Silver - fundamental, Gold- Advanced and Security (Gold). On top of that PROGRESO also offer customized IPv6 training for corporate customers. Other then training, we also offer IPv6 consultancy and professional services. This include Ipv6 Readiness Assessment service or the DCAR framework for companies who are exploring to migrate their network to IPv6. Subsequently we also provide Migration planning and delopment for IPv6 networks.
  • Will end users be facing no internet connectivity any sooner? Well this can be a reality with the world starting to run out of IPv4 address. APNIC – Asia Pacific IP address issuing body had announced exhaustion of Ipv4 back in Feb 2011. And in Sep 2012, Europe IP address issuing body has also announced their IPv4 exhaustion. IDA has been encourage adoption of IPv6 by industry for business continuity and growth since in near future we will be seeing more exhaustion of IPv4 in other parts of the world. It is therefore a good time to understand more about this new protocol and start planning for development and migration in near future.
  • Under the IDA Competency Programme we are offering the IPv6 Forum certified engineer (Silver) course which covers the fundamental of Ipv6 technology. The IPv6 Forum certified engineer (Gold) will cover the advanced services such as routing, DHCP, DNS and also an appreciation of IPv6 security. Under this Programme, we are also providing IPv6 training to the Universities, Polytechnics and ITE students in Singapore. Last but not least, we will be hosting the first ever IPv6 Competition in Singapore for all the IHL participants. So far we have received many innovative and exciting IPv6 application ideas from the competition teams. While this competition event is only open to the public by invitation for limited seats, you can register with us your interest to attend this competition on 15 Mar 2013 and we will inform you again if you will be allocated a seat.
  • The IPv6 Forum certified engineer (Silver) course is a 4 days course both at a course fee of $2,500. With IDA funding of 70%, the net course fee will be $750 per pax. Currently we have left with about 50 seats for this funding.
  • We have launched our IPv6 Forum Security certification course last month. This course has an almost equal emphasis on both theory and hands on aspect of IPv6 security. I will leave our trainer to share with you more about what you can expect from this course in his presentation later.
  • Why do you select Progreso: We are currently the only Training Provider appointed by IDA to provide IPv6 competency to the professional workforce. We are also appointed by WDA to provide IPv6 training under NICF. As a result, we will be announcing in near future the WDA funding scheme for our IPv6 WSQ course under NICF PROGRESO is very focus on IPv6 training and also services. So far we have helped a few of our customers to come to our training to migrate to IPv6. PROGRESO has strong affiliation to IPv6 Forum Global and is the only IPv6 Forum certification body in Singapore. We constantly upgrade our IPv6 training material to keep up to date to the fast changing IPv6 technology.
  • Finally, we encourage you to stand out from the rest by acquiring IPv6 knowledge recognizing that IPv6 is here to stay, you will need to know about IPv6 technology anyway. In fact, you need to know it nearer as our service providers are going to run out of IPv4 address in near future. Under how IPv6 can affect your network and plan in advance when you like to deploy IPv6 at later stage. Finally, we encourage you to leverage on the 70% funding provided by IDA and also current promotions which will be announced later.


  • 1. Centre
  • 2.  Introduction of PROGRESO Networks  IPv6 Competency Programme by IDA Singapore PROGRESO Networks (S) Pte Ltd
  • 3.  Established since 2004  Specialised in Communications & Network solutions  One of the Pioneers in IPv6 Training, Consultancy and Services in Singapore  The first training provider in Singapore to offer instructor led, hands-on IPv6 certification training courses to the public  Selected by IDA Singapore as the training provider to develop IPv6 competency in Singapore PROGRESO Networks (S) Pte Ltd
  • 4. IPv6 Certification Courses:  IPv6 Forum Certified Engineer (Silver)  IPv6 Forum Certified Engineer (Gold)  IPv6 Forum Certified Security (Gold)  IPv6 Customised Courses IPv6 Consultancy & Professional Services:  IPv6 Readiness Assessment Service - DCAR Framework  IPv6 Migration Planning  IPv6 Deployment Services PROGRESO Networks (S) Pte Ltd
  • 5. PROGRESO Networks (S) Pte Ltd
  • 6. Major Objectives 1.Training the Current Professional Workforce ▪ IPv6 Forum Certified Engineer (Silver) ▪ IPv6 Forum Certified Engineer (Gold) 2.Training the Future Workforce or the Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) which provide training to undergraduate students from Universities, Polytechnics and ITE 3.Hosting the first IPv6 competition in Singapore for all IHLs in 2013 PROGRESO Networks (S) Pte Ltd
  • 7.  IPv6 Forum Certified Engineer (Silver)  4 days course (Exam on the 4th day)  Course Fees: SGD 2,500 per participant SGD 750 per pax after 70% IDA funding (excl. GST)  IPv6 Forum Certified Engineer (Gold)  4 days course (Exam on the 4th day)  Course Fees: SGD 2,500 per participant SGD 750 per pax after 70% IDA funding (excl. GST) PROGRESO Networks (S) Pte Ltd
  • 8.  IPv6 Forum Certified Security (Gold)  4 days course (Exam on the 4th day)  Course Fees: SGD 3,500 per participant
  • 9.  IDA appointed IPv6 training provider for Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) & ICT professionals  Selected as WDA Approved Training Organisation (ATO) for WSQ training under NICF  Specialised domain knowledge in IPv6 technology  IPv6 Forum endorsed certification courses. We are the IPv6 Forum certification body in Singapore.   9 PROGRESO Networks (S) Pte Ltd  
  • 10.  Stand out from the crowd! Extend your IPv6 knowledge for a competitive advantage Understand how it affects your organisation and start planning Become IPv6 Forum Certified on top of your conventional network certificates by leveraging on the opportunity given by the IDA funding and current promotions! 10
  • 11. Contact Us:PROGRESO Networks (S) Pte Ltd33 Ubi Avenue 3#05-54 Vertex (Tower A)Singapore 408868Tel: +65 6509 9600Fax: +65 6509 9667Sales: