How the Service Industry Can Use the Web to Drive Leads and Sales - Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

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This presentation: How the Service Industry Can Use The Web to Drive Leads and Sales was prepared for the Kansas City Chapter of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA Kansas City). The …

This presentation: How the Service Industry Can Use The Web to Drive Leads and Sales was prepared for the Kansas City Chapter of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA Kansas City). The audience was comprised of business owners selling direct to consumers as well as to HVAC industry partners who focus on the B2B audience.

The presentation was designed to take an audience who had mostly relied on Yellow Page advertising and other types of traditional advertising through the process of understanding what digital marketing is - and illustrating the financial benefits of shifting your business focus to inbound marketing tactics as opposed to limiting your marketing efforts strictly to outbound marketing channels.

Some of the things we cover are:

The benefits of branding yourself and owning knowledge - and the value of Content Marketing;

The value of integrating Video and YouTube into your online marketing efforts;

Understanding the importance of, and the value delivered by focusing on Local SEO strategies;

The importance of Mobile Technology to businesses today and how to integrate a mobile mindset into your overall marketing efforts;

Why Social Media matters and how businesses - both B2B and B2C, are using social media marketing today;

And the fact that all of the foregoing starts with a website that's built by someone who knows how to do it correctly. A well-designed website has the right content, is SEO optimized, has regular, fresh content being contributed and is working for you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you're trying to figure out what to do next to get your business headed in the right direction and maximizing the potential of the Internet, this presentation might help.

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  • 1. The InternetIt’s Changed BusinessHow to Use the Web to DriveLeads and Sales...and Serve Your Customers Shelly Kramer, V3 Integrated Marketing @ShellyKramer
  • 2. Who Am I? Shelly KramerCEO, V3 Integrated Marketing @shellykramer INTEGRATED MARKETING Vision + Voice + Value
  • 3. Understand The Web of Today !"#$%&(!)*+(,-*!
  • 4. TraditionalMarketing DigitalMarketing
  • 5. Traditional Marketing Print Ads Television Ads Cold Calling Yellow Pages Direct Mail Email Blast
  • 6. What Is Digital Marketing? Blogs Ebooks White Papers Videos SEO Social Media Webinars Feeds, RSS
  • 7. Why This Matters
  • 8. Don’t Take My Word For It Channel 44% Critical or Important 26% 2009 2011 Source: Hubspot: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
  • 9. They Really Like It. Channel Critical or Important 44%Facebook 24% 2009 2011 Source: Hubspot: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
  • 10. I Mean It! Channel Critical or Important 38%Twitter 21% 2009 2011 Source: Hubspot: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
  • 11. Back to Inbound MarketingIt’s really all about just one thing …
  • 12. Inbound Marketing Costs Less Outbound Ave. Cost Per Lead Inbound is $332 60% lower per lead Inbound Ave. Cost Per Lead $134 Source: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
  • 13. Where do leads come from?
  • 14. More Budget Dollars Being Allocated to Corporate Blogging 65% 61% 48% 2009 2010 2011 Source: Hubspot: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
  • 15. % increase in website pages indexed by Google forcompanies that blog over companies that dont blog.! Source: Data from over 1,500 small businesses -!
  • 16. Why Does This Matter? It’s Money, Plain and Simple More Indexed Pages = $Companies with more indexed pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing generate more sales leads.!Every 50 to 100 incremental indexed pages can mean double-digit lead growth.!Growth in new leads accelerates significantly oncewebsites achieve 300+ pages indexed by Google .
  • 17. I’ll Say It Again: Inbound Marketing Works
  • 18. Let’s Talk Content 27 Million Pieces of online content are shared daily! 1 in 5Social media messages include links to content! 60 Percent of content-sharing messages specific to an industry mention a brand or product by name!
  • 19. Who’s investing in this?!
  • 20. Let’s Talk SEO + Content
  • 21. Let’s Talk SEO + Soc Nets
  • 22. Let’s TalkFriends
  • 23. %Of people trust recommendations from peers.! Source: Data from over 1,500 small businesses -!
  • 24. % Of people trust advertisements.!Source: Data from over 1,500 small businesses -!
  • 25. So … How Do I Do This Crap?
  • 26. 1Option Things You Can Do
  • 27. d n ! ra lf !B se !Y ou r If they can’t find you on the web, they can’t become your customers.
  • 28. O Ne W dg!!!Kn owle Provide News, Information, Services, Content, Training, Entertainment …. PROVIDE VALUE!!
  • 29. 2Option Video Services
  • 30. Search EnginesVideo
  • 31. ,(!-.*!(*/#0$!1%23*(-!(*%2/.!*03,0*! 0*4-!-#!5##31*!6,-.!"#$!%&&()! 70,87*!7(*2(!9*2!:#0-.!
  • 32. Help Customers Get to Know You
  • 33. Set up a YouTube Page for your Company and Create Video Content
  • 34. The Impact of a Channel
  • 35. The Impact of a Channel
  • 36. Videos can also be created for a print and online “Ask the Expert” program.
  • 37. Videos can bearchived onlineand promoted in a print edition, association newsletter or corporatewebsite or blog.
  • 38. You’re nodding,aren’t you?
  • 39. 3Option Local SEO Services Owning the LocalMarket is a Big Deal
  • 40. Learn this, Live it …Is Your Client…
  • 41. Your Google Image is?!Your Online Identity?Claim It
  • 42. When they “Google It” who do they find?
  • 43. When they “Google It” who do they find?
  • 44. Local and Industry Directories?Are you listed in local directories? If not, why not? Directories help people find you. It just makes sense.!
  • 45. Resources!
  • 46. Resources!
  • 47. 4Option Mobile Services
  • 48. Smartphone penetration continues to rise in allcategories
  • 49. of businesses have mobile enabled websites
  • 50. of businesses have never checkedthe appearance or function of their website on a smartphone. Source: Fanminder – Mobile Marketing Survey (August, 2010)
  • 51. Most websites look fine on a desktop computer…
  • 52. …or on a laptop.
  • 53. Most desktop websites werenot designed to be viewedon the small screens ofmobile devices.Fonts can be too small,images are too small,navigation can be clunky,Flash won’t work, lengthypage loads, and the listgoes on and on.
  • 54. .*%;03(9*/,%1,(-</#:! Can you see this? More importantly, can you use it?
  • 55. And here’s someone doing it right …..
  • 56. Percentage of Smartphone owners accessing the Internet or email
  • 57. Mostly go online using their phone2011 - Pew Research Center Internet & American Life Project.
  • 58. 5Option Social Media
  • 59. *(+&,!-./&,!012!3(41.56! #78!#=!9*#91*!*49*/-! /#:9%0,*(!-#!.%>*!%!(#/,%1! :*$,%!92*(*0/*!
  • 60. 95&%,52!*(+&,!-./&,!:3;.+<=.>! ?L8! ?@8! A5,)/!! :41.5! BC,5.).>>! DE>4(%.5! B+IE&>&<()! DE>4(%.5! F5(C41!!!!! K#8! G!H(2,42! ?J8!?#72/*@!ABCB!DEFFEGHI!J!KLM!?#/,%1!L*$,%!?-7$&!
  • 61. People .%(!#>*2!NBB!:,11,#0! 2*3,(-*2*$!7(*2(!
  • 62. People .%(!#>*2!ABB!:,11,#0! %//#70-(! E>*2!LJ!%&&()!-6**-(!9*2!$%&!
  • 63. #=!7(*2(!%/2#((!%11!(#/,%1!:*$,%!91%O#2:(! %2*!CN!-#!PB!&*%2(!#=!%3*!
  • 64. 7J!2.,5>!(5!(/.5!QPR!%2*!SP!-#!PT!
  • 65. We’re a Wired Bunch – And We Participate in Social Media 51 % Higher U:%,1!
  • 66. M1&)N!41&>!&>!;E>4!O(5!N&/>6!
  • 67. FindingNew Customersis the greatest challenge for SMBs New Study by Bredin Business Information
  • 68. Tactics to find new customers ABCB! ABCC! 0.3>&4.! 51% 85% *.,5+1! 38% 74% P&/.(! 20% 54%Source: New Study by Bredin Business Information
  • 69. Tactics to find new customers ABCB! ABCC! D(EQ()! :R.5>! SF5(EQ()T! - 53% -(3&.! - 49% MC&U.5! 27% 50% V,+.3((N! 43% 65%Source: New Study by Bredin Business Information
  • 70. Social Media is for Leads and Sales Percentage of companies that have acquired a customer from: Company Blog 63% LinkedIn 39% Facebook 67% Twitter 53% Source: State of Inbound Marketing Report -
  • 71. Understand the Fundamental Truth: Your #1 Client Is
  • 72. 6Option Your Website….
  • 73. There’s a right way. And a wrong way to build them. Which one is yours?!
  • 74. Here’s Why HubSpot’s Tools Rock
  • 75. June 2011
  • 76. October 2011
  • 77. Install Your Analytics, Then Read The #$@ Things!
  • 78. Oh, the stories they tell …
  • 79. Old World Way to Reach Customers Banner Website Search Direct Phone Call Center Mail Lead Gen Sales Rep Phone
  • 80. Old World Way to Reach Customers Direct Marketing = Fire Hose
  • 81. New World Way to Reach Customers! Y,$*#! X%,$! ?*%2/.! ?#/,%1! WX!"Y! "Y! V%;03! ),$3*- ?,-*(! (! UZL%,1! )*+(,-*! L#+,1*! ?%1*(! V*9! *0! [1#3(! D%11! X2,0-! D*0-*2! E23%0,/! ?*%2/.! [%00*2! F*%$! D#:: 5*0! 70,-&! K,2*/-! :%,1!
  • 82. New World Way to Reach CustomersBrand Marketing = Envelope them in a Fog
  • 83. Now,where’s the #$@*% ROI?!
  • 84. The Key is BENEFITS ort vs. Long Sh Financ ial vs. n-Fina ncial No
  • 85. Before ROI, You Get This•  Increase in site traffic•  Increase in time spent on site•  Views of a specific landing page, blog post or offer•  Increased follower/like/friend base•  Increase in Share of Voice•  Increase in Positive Sentiment (this means they like you) (more)
  • 86. And the Payoff …•  Increased revenue•  More leads•  Shorter sales cycles•  Lower customer acquisition costs•  Lower customer service costs•  Lower customer retention costs (Are You Happy Yet?)
  • 87. ScorecardFinancial Have Revenue/Profits increased? !Financial Have Costs decreased? ! Have consumer attitudes about Brand the brand improved? ! RiskManagement Better prepared to find/respond? ! Has the company enhanced Digital it’s assets? !
  • 88. “It is not the strongest of thespecies that survives, nor themost intelligent that survives.It is the one that is the mostadaptable to change.” - Charles Darwin
  • 89. Stalk Me … I don’t bite (normally) NCQ<ABB<APAB! ?.*11&YS,:</#:! 666<>S,:</#:! F,0]*$W0!-6,^*2</#:`(.*11&]2%:*2! =%/*+##]</#:`(.*11&]2%:*2! ?.*11&!K*L#^*!_2%:*2!
  • 90. INTEGRATED MARKETINGVision + Voice + Value