ZENworks for Desktops


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ZENworks for Desktops

  1. 1. ZENworks 6.5 Telemarketing Script Objective: to assist Novell and partner sales and marketing teams in both demand generation and lead qualification telemarketing activities to generate qualified leads for sales team to follow-up on. Opener Hello, I am calling in regard to your interest in management solutions for your network/enterprise. I have just a couple of quick questions on how you currently manage your IT resources and the solutions you are looking for. Could you take just 2 minutes to answer these questions? Interest 1. What operating systems do you currently manage? Questions [ ] Windows [ ] NetWare [ ] Linux [ ] Other: __________________________________ 2. What device resources do you currently have in your enterprise/network? [ ] Desktops [ ] Laptops [ ] Servers [ ] Handhelds (Palm, Blackberry, PocketPC, Windows CE)_____________________ 3. What management tools do you currently use to manage across these different devices and systems? [ ] Novell ZENworks * ask them to indicate which product, see upgrade paths grid at end for specific questions on upgrade paths from previous Novell ZENworks products ZENworks for Desktops ZENworks for Servers ZENworks for Handhelds [ ] LANDesk [ ] Microsoft SMS [ ] Altiris [ ] Other: _________________________________ Offer Part I Would you be interested in reducing your management costs and securing your environment with one integrated management tool that consolidates and automates management processes across desktops, laptops, servers and handhelds whether they are running Windows, NetWare, Linux, Palm, Windows CE, PocketPC or BlackBerry systems? • Novell ZENworks 6.5 Suite now includes ZENworks Linux Management and ZENworks Patch Management in one
  2. 2. comprehensive suite, helping you consolidate the management of all your IT resources and reduce the costs of managing the entire lifecycle of desktops, laptops, servers, and handhelds. o It allows you to manage your diverse systems, devices and platforms with one tool whether Windows, Linux or NetWare or Windows CE, BlackBerry, Palm or Pocket PC. o Maintains and enforces your policies to dynamically manage the delivery of resources to users, applications and other resources based on their unique identities o It can automate configuring, updating and maintaining your desktops, laptops servers and handhelds and work with your choice of Novell eDirectory or Microsoft Active Directory. o It can handle the old and new versions of Windows and even manage your Windows environments more completely. o In includes Personality Migration capabilities that let you seamlessly move or restore a full desktop work environment including personal settings and application settings – which is great for OS migrations. o Strong security and support for handheld devices Blackberry support, Palm IP client and self-destruct and lockout capabilities to secure corporate data o It provides automated back up, distribution and synchronization of user data across all devices to reduce help desk costs, the costs of lost data, speed OS and hardware migrations and aid in disaster recovery. • Now, with ZENworks 6.5, you get many NEW features and enhancements: o Automates patch vulnerability assessment and deployment to defend your network with tighter security controls, robust status reports, and system security across your Microsoft Windows and Novell NetWare environments o Includes the leading Linux management solutions, which gives you the most powerful, secure Linux software management available o Efficiently manages Windows environments with non- intrusive directory integration; it includes a simplified, standalone management directory which easily links to and leverages the directories you already have o It provides a completely new user interface for imaging and no-touch Agent Deployment Wizard allowing administrators to perform tasks with a minimum amount of effort o Brings ZENworks customers a 1,012% Return on
  3. 3. Investment, 75% reduction in downtime, and so much more. Read IDC's report Quantifying the Business Benefits of Consolidated IT Resource Management http://www.novell.com/products/zenworks/zenidc_roi.pdf And with Novell you can implement a powerful resource management solution to automate OS migration, maintain resource integrity and simplify software usage tracking, and manage mobility. Offer Part 2 for Right now you can save over 45%** on Novell ZENworks 6.5 with special Customers with upgrade/competitive upgrade pricing ZENworks 6 (Upgrade depending on if ZENworks or it Competitive products owned. See Upgrade Patch Chart below.) Read more about how ZENworks 6.5 ranks higher than competitors. Novell ZENworks 6.5 received the highest overall grade after a series of test cases, tested by an independent lab, for system management evaluation. ZENworks 6.5 scored particularly well in software distribution and managed mobility and across all features for quality. Read this independent comparative analysis at http://www.novell.com/products/zenworks/keylabs_report.pdf You can download the eval of ZENworks 6.5 Suite from http://www.novell.com/products/zenworks Would you like more information/someone to contact you on how Novell ZENworks 6.5 can reduce your IT management costs? [ ] Yes [ ] No Offer Part 2 for If they have one of the current ZENworks product such as ZENworks for Customers with Desktops: ZENworks for Desktops or Would you like to extend the value and savings ZENworks delivers your competitive organization by upgrading to ZENworks 6.5 to get all the management tools products you need including Linux Management, Server Management, Handheld management, and Data management? If No: Would you be interested in upgrading to the latest version of ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management that gives you the new Patch Management, expanded Software Packaging, Advanced Personality Migration capabilities and enhanced Windows Management? You can download the eval of ZENworks Desktop Management at
  4. 4. http://www.novell.com/products/zenworks/desktops Would you like more information/someone to contact you on how Novell ZENworks 6.5 can reduce your IT management costs? [ ] Yes [ ] No Qualifying 1. In what timeframe do you plan to purchase updates or enhancements Questions to your management tools? [ ] 0-6 months [ ] 6-12 months [ ] 12 months plus [ ] Don’t currently have plans to purchase 2. Are you the decision maker for IT Management software purchases? [ ] Yes [ ] No 3. Do you currently have budget allocated for these planned purchases? Contact Make sure you have: Questions • First Name • Last Name • Title • Company • Email Address *ZENworks Upgrade Paths – for customers with existing ZENworks products and competitive products – see chart on next page. If customer is ordering, use the NPA on ZENworks 6.5 Suite. There is an upgrade sku from previous products, as well as a competitive upgrade sku.
  5. 5. Novell ZENworks 6.5 Upgrade Paths ® ® Current ZENworks or With Current Maintenance Without Maintenance or Competing Product Owned or Upgrade Protection Upgrade Protection ZENworks point products Point product: ZENworks 6.5: Point product: ZENworks 6.5: ZENworks Starter Pack n/a Upgrade Price Upgrade Upgrade Price ZENworks for Servers Server Management Upgrade Price Upgrade Upgrade Price ZENworks for Desktops Desktop Management Upgrade Price Upgrade Upgrade Price ZENworks for Handhelds Handheld Management Upgrade Price Upgrade Upgrade Price Novell ManageWise® Server Management Upgrade Price Upgrade Upgrade Price ZENworks OnDemand Services™ Desktop Management Upgrade Price Upgrade Upgrade Price Red Carpet Enterprise Linux Management Upgrade Price Upgrade Upgrade Price ZENworks Bundles/Suites ZENworks 6 Suite n/a Entitled n/a Upgrade Price ZENworks for Desktops/Servers Bundle discontinued Entitled n/a Upgrade Price ZENworks Synergy™ discontinued Entitled n/a Upgrade Price ZENworks OnDemand/Desktops Bundle discontinued Buy New n/a Buy New Novell iFolder®, PatchLink Update, n/a Buy New Upgrade Buy New Miramar Desktop DNA, AdminStudio Competitive Products Competitive Upgrade Competitive Upgrade Competitive Upgrade Competitive Upgrade LANDesk, Altiris, Novadigm, Microsoft SMS, Marimba, IBM/Tivoli, ON Technology, Swan, CA Software Distribution Option (SDO), HP OpenView, Red Hat Network, Aduva OnStage Upgrading customers from a point product to Novell ZENworks 6.5 save 30% over the cost of the individual point products** with the added value of Linux Management and Data Management only available in Novell ZENworks 6.5 Suite. **based on new licenses All pricing is per user Pricing shown is suggested and subject to change. Actual pricing may vary by contract and other factors. See Novell Price list for current product prices.