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  1. 1. YANTRAM BPO SERVICES PVL LTD YANTRAM BPO SERVICES PVL LTD 902-903,Samedh Complex,C.G Road, Navarangpura, Ahmedabad-3800009,Gujarat . India 91-79-26425472 408-705-2785 (US Inbound No) info@webyantram.com www.yantrambpo.com www.thecallcenterindia.com
  2. 2. Yantram has the resources, technology and operational expertise in place to help companies expand globally and exceed their customer sales, services and marketing expectations by the PROACTIVE Customer Centric approach. Yantram is a fast growing remote offshore provider, extending high quality-value added offshore Contact Center Services from our state of art 100 seated Call Center based in India, at Ahmadabad. Yantram specialize in all forms of call center outsourcing services. It includes outbound and inbound call center services which helps you better utilize..." your time, money and resources, and boost your bottom-line. We partner with you to provide you the entire spectrum of BPO services using our experience, industry insights and proven, repeatable methodologies.
  3. 3. Partner With us and • Never miss another business opportunity • Prevent email madness and web rage • Answer customer questions. On the spot. Live customer service available anytime, anywhere, every time!!Connect your prospects and customers to our specialized customer service representatives The Result • we increase your service levels to your customers • we improve your sales capability • we maximize customer satisfaction Order Taking Highlights • Fully integrated web-based order taking services handling high call volumes and diverse product catalogs • Comprehensive agent training ensures quality service and effective sales closing. • Customized e-commerce website will streamline your sales and reporting channels. • Proprietary Merlin Agent Interface™ with scripted FAQ integration provides for efficient and effective question answering. Our state of the art Answering Service includes following services:- • Call Center answering, processing and dispatching • Receptionist service • Medical answering services • Message center that includes call answering, screening and messaging • Customer/patient help desk • Appointment reminder and confirmation calls
  4. 4. • Inbound customer service calls including web access to update your client information Here are just a few of the services we provide: • In-depth, 24/7/365 customer service support • Dispatch of service, emergency, or technical support personnel • After hours, weekend, holiday, overflow coverage • Dedicated receptionist during normal business hours • Live operator answering service • Medical service bureau • Message delivery answering service • Toll-free telephone answering service We offer our clients: • Courteous, professional, knowledgeable agents • Crystal clear voice quality • Customized answering with your personalized greeting • 24/7 nationwide telephone answering service • Multilingual services Message center with 24/7, Toll Free access Technical support is a range of services providing assistance with computer hardware, software, or other electronic or mechanical goods. In general, technical support services attempt to help the user solve specific problems with a product-rather than providing training customization, or other support services. Technical Support provides online answers to your technical questions and troubleshoots any technical issues related to Visual Paradigm products. If you have any technical enquiries about our products or need help, please contact us using this support
  5. 5. Inbound telemarketing outsourcing is different than Customer service outsourcing. It is all call centers, but they are as very different in culture and management Inbound telemarketing requires a call center with a sales culture. Customer Service call centers answer questions and have an infrastructure based on calls answered and resolved. Knowing that and finding the right fit is important Inbound Call Center Services We Offer Include • Appointment Setting • Order Taking • Catalog Sales • Customer Service • Answering Service • Database Management • Dealer Locator Service • General Information • Literature Fulfillment • Market Research Surveys • Membership Applications ThecallcenterIndia offers award Inbound Teleservices for all your call center needs. We have been answering calls for more than 7 years. Whether you send us overflow or completely outsource your call center to us, our web enabled team members are here 24/7 to take your calls, in English or in German, Spanish,. Successfully determining and meeting the needs of our clients is what we do best. We’re not a cookie-cutter call center.
  6. 6. Inbound Teleservices include: • Order taking Sales • E commerce support • Lead generation • Customer satisfaction programs • Hotlines - Including toll-free product order lines and emergency response lines • Dealer locator programs • Open enrollment campaigns • Requests for further information • Help Desk We pledge that: • We'll never use a "bait & switch" for consumer interest. • We'll never use incentives to drive leads. • We'll scrub & QC every lead in our system, every day. • We'll never stop making a quality lead our first priority. • We'll listen to your comments, good or bad • We'll work with you to show you success! We generate Exclusive mortgage leads: • Live transfer mortgage leads • Telemarketing mortgage leads • Refinance mortgage leads • Fresh mortgage leads • Cheap mortgage leads • Debt Consolidation Leads • Hot Transfer Mortgage Leads • Purchase Leads • Vintage Loan Lead
  7. 7. Are you looking for health insurance lead generation? Life insurance lead generation? Home insurance lead generation? Car insurance lead generation? Disability insurance lead generation or life insurance lead generation? Or possibly some other type of health insurance lead generation? No problem! we are the largest provider of multi-source compiled data and database services in the country, is here to help you find exactly what you are looking for. We provide you: • Life Insurance Leads • Health Insurance Leads • Business Insurance Leads • Auto Insurance Leads Insurance, Banking, Financial Services and Mortgage industries process large amount of transaction data on daily basis. Our collection and mortgage processing services provide transaction processing to diverse industries. What we offer:. We offer comprehensive solutions to the insurance, banking, financial services, and mortgage sector covering the entire industry business processes ranging from business acquisition services to collection outsourcing. We offer different plans depending on variables such as type and amount of debt, original level of credit worthiness, number of debtors, age of account and quality of debtor information. Contact us to arrange a confidential. We recover everything from hundreds to six figure balances and we do it in a confidential and professional manner. We focus on producing results amicably to collect your money. So take the worry out of your collection issues and allow us to do what we do best, that is, Collect Money that is rightfully owed to you. Please call us now and your cash flow will improve immediately..
  8. 8. Design Survey:. Use your web browser and our intuitive survey wizard to create your survey. Get started by browsing through Survey Template Library or create your own custom survey from scratch. No programming skills required. Collect Response:. After creating your survey, click on the Send Survey link where you can post a web link, send out customized email invitations or add the survey to your own email newsletter. Your survey is automatically hosted on our servers. Analyze Results:. Results are collected and tabulated automatically. Graphs and charts are generated online and may also be exported to MS Excel. Benefits: . • More accurate view of current marketing initiatives • Identify new marketing opportunities • Gain competitive insight • All the functionality you need for questionnaire design, testing, report creation & distribution. • Market research surveys can be deployed by e-mail or by pop-ups/banners. • High scalability able to support hundreds, thousands or millions of respondents. • Integrated panel / respondent management system • Purchase Leads • ASP and server offering available. Appointment Setting For Scheduling: . • service appointments • diagnostic appointments. • sales and support interactions • class room and event registration. • testing and certification programs. • telephone advisory sessions • in-person client meetings • recruitment interviews • social services appointments • human resource appointments
  9. 9. • hearings and appeals • medical patient appointments • motor vehicle driver tests • home installation appointments • consulting sessions • hotel reservations • room and equipment reservations • employee training classes • inspection appointments • IT support interactions We generate Business Industries Lead like: • Mortgage Appointment Setting • Computer hardware Appointment Setting • Finance & insurance Appointment Setting • Phone card Appointment Setting • Telecom Appointment Setting. • Health care Appointment Setting • Travel Appointment Setting • Advertising and media services Appointment setting • Research & analytics Appointment Setting • E-Marketing Appointment Setting • credit card Appointment Setting Yantram's Virtual Receptionist is a high quality, low cost virtual phone system. Virtual receptionist is a low cost alternative to purchasing an expensive auto attendant, PBX or costly office phone system. Your customers will be impressed with the professional big company image provided by the sound of the Yantram Virtual Receptionist. This fully customizable virtual receptionist greets callers, takes messages & routes calls seamlessly. • Get a Yantram Toll Free Number with the purchase of any "Premier Rate Plan" • Unlimited voice prompts & menus provide the ultimate in flexibility • Visual Call Designer • Calls can be instantly routed to the extension & phone number of your choice • Callers can be routed to additional voice prompts or menus • Voicemail • Additional Voicemail Boxes • Web Based Account Management • Incoming calls are answered with a proffessional customized greeting you create • Unlimited extensions with instant call transfer & voicemail allows you to keep everyone in your company accessible from the office, on the road, home, or away
  10. 10. This document describes how Yantram will provide the basic services that Yantram can provide and a brief about the infrastructure, processes and technical capabilities that Yantram has to provide the services in a competitive Manner. When creating the facilities at Yantram we spared no effort in building the most advanced call center possible. Taking into account the unique challenges faced by a call center in India, we planned for every eventuality and provided the means necessary to handle them efficiently. With the latest high-end servers, cutting-edge customer management systems, advanced power management technology, redundant data storage and fully networked and internet readyWorkstations, Yantram’s built on a solid foundation. MAN POWER • Over 100+ Work Stations at present with a capacity to increase up to 150. • Highly skilled & experienced personnel, well conversant with English language • Round the clock work in 3 shifts on 24/7 basis • In-house technical support SYSTEMS AND SERVERS • More than 100 computers with high speed Pentium 4 processors, 512MBs of DDR each and 17” Samsung color monitors and 17” TFTs. • Four Asterisks based server make of IBM. • Two Database servers make of IBM. • One Mikrotik based server make of IBM. • One FTP server (Internal as well external) make of IBM. • Wireless CISCO (Router) working as a external Gateway with maximum speed up to 108 Mbps. • SRW-224G4 (REAL SWITCH) with 24 ports make of CISCO • MP-124 (Audio code with 24 ports). • direct international lines VOIPs. • DES- 1024 R (Internal or fake switch with 24 ports) make of CISCO
  11. 11. POWER SUPPLY 24 hours backup power supply with online UPS backup power system, minimum power backup up to 10 KVA. NETWORK SPECIFICATIONS: • Latest category-6 UTP (make of CISCO) cables with 100/1000Mbps Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet support. • Network with 6 Domains (BPO, AGENTS, MANAGEMENT, BILLING, TECH, and HR) fully secured. • 5.75 Mbps Downlink and 3.25 Mbps of Uplink Bandwidth. • Having 15 real IP addresses used for Browsing via NAT/PAT from MIKROTIK Server and calling from the VOIPs SECURITY ASPECTS • Having 15 CCTV on all over the flange for security aspects. • Real time Computer Desktop recording system. COMMUNICATION • Dedicated Leased line for high speed Internet access. • Cable connection as backup for Internet.
  12. 12. An Yantram is selected after rigorous rounds of written tests, group discussion, mock calls and personal interviews. The qualities prevalent in each Yantram are: Conversational ability and English grammar Accent, Pronunciation, and Voice modulation Time Management Pro-activeness and Self-confidence Responsible and Responsive Alertness, Learning capability and Persistence Tele-etiquettes Dedicated and Hard worker Sensitization to Western culture The senior Yantram’s are top-notch professionals from world-renowned business schools and Companies in the CRM Industry. The selected candidates undergo a 4-6 weeks of generic training and 1-2 weeks of program/client Specific training before they are ready to hit the floor for taking calls: Generic Training: Effective Inbound call handling skills Phone etiquettes Customer Service Team Building Inter personal skills Accent neutralization. Refresher trainings for the operation staff are also held regularly after taking a feedback from the Respective Team Managers. The training then is specific to that individual and his weak points. Program Specific Training: Before the formal launch of any program, an exhaustive ProgramSpecific training is conducted for effective performance of the campaign on floor, over and above Generic training Yantram exercises different strategies for each campaign. Only on the completion of Successful test module, a CSR is allowed to work on a particular program.