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Topic 7a Exporting Steps Plan
Topic 7a Exporting Steps Plan
Topic 7a Exporting Steps Plan
Topic 7a Exporting Steps Plan
Topic 7a Exporting Steps Plan
Topic 7a Exporting Steps Plan
Topic 7a Exporting Steps Plan
Topic 7a Exporting Steps Plan
Topic 7a Exporting Steps Plan
Topic 7a Exporting Steps Plan
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Topic 7a Exporting Steps Plan


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  • 1. How To Approach Exporting
  • 2. Overview of Exporting Process
    • Pick a name for your EMC
    • Find a Product/Manufacturer to sell
      • Made in the U.S.A.
      • Recommended in ISA, IMI, Best Market Report
      • Available Trade lead
  • 3.
    • Select Foreign Market to Export
      • Country Commercial Guide
    • Find Direct Exporting Partner Abroad (Sales Agent or Distributor)
    • Locate customer for your product
      • Trade leads
      • Promote product
  • 4.
    • Make the Sale
      • Make sure product meets standards, regulations
      • Set Price
      • Establish Terms
      • Arrange for Packaging and Shipping
      • Complete documentation
    • 7. Get Paid
  • 5. Export Marketing Plan
    • Step-by-step roadmap for your export activities. Addresses three basic questions:
      • Which markets are best to pursue?
      • What’s the best entry strategy for each target market?
      • What’s the action plan to implement the strategy?
  • 6. Select Target Markets
    • Where are comparable products mostly exported? .
    • Which countries are mostly importing comparable products?
    • Where would comparable products be most competitive? .
    • Where are comparable products most welcome and easiest to sell?
    • Which markets do the experts consider most promising?
  • 7. Distribution Plan
    • Distribution options include:
      • Sell through agents or distributors in the market ( most common )
      • Sell directly to end users in the market
  • 8. 1b.   MARKET ACCESS Industry Sector Analysis
    • “U.S. companies interested in expanding their presence in the Greek market are strongly advised to collaborate with established importers and distributors of auto-parts in Greece.  This collaboration can help assure Greek auto dealers and auto repair shops that the U.S. products do conform with the exact specifications of the automobile manufactures for replacement parts.” ISA, 3/15/01
  • 9. 3. Find Foreign End Users (Buyers)
    • Two basic sources of "buy" leads:
    • The ones you or your reps develop first-hand
    • Second hand leads -- the ones you hear or read about
      • Good trade lead sources include
        • U.S. Government’s Trade Opportunity Program found on the NTDB,
        • FAS Agricultural Trade Leads ,
        • Commercial News USA trade leads ,
        • Global Technology Network.
        • World Trade Center (WTC) network, and many states have their own overseas trade offices.
  • 10. Promotion Plan
    • Determine which promotion approach is best E.g. Company Webpage, direct mail (regular or e-mail), telemarketing, press releases, paid ads, trade shows, and sales trips. .
      • a. Consult Country Commercial Guides (CCGs) "Marketing U.S. Products and Services in ( country) chapter
    • Select targeted promotion - Trade Shows, Trade Missions.
    • 3. Select mass promotion - Export Directories, Export Sell Offers, Trade Press Ads