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  1. 1. Contact Center Solutions for Telemarketing & Sales Maximizing Sale Conversions!! Increase customer contact Increase prospect-to-customer conversion Reduce Cost per Contact This is the three-pronged strategy to increase the profitability of your Contact Center. Choosing the right technology is the first step towards implementing this strategy. Increase the efficiency and reach of your outbound campaigns with our intelligent yet affordable solutions. Drishti-Soft Solutions An eye for innovative communications
  2. 2. OPERATIONS I want a solution that… Increases Sales Conversion Rates Reduces Transaction Time Improves my Business while lowering the costs Allows me Scalability parallel to my Business Growth Ameyo (Professional) makes your telemarketing campaigns effective by converting more prospects into profitable customers while reducing cost per contact. The solution empowers your agents to engage more with prospects, and drive and close more sales. It also provides unified supervision capabilities that ensure superior process efficiencies. A sample supervisor window would include: Drishti's advanced technology platform, Ameyo, proved to be just the right solution that could understand our workflow, and address the core issues in order to achieve process automation while lowering operational and transaction costs. We look forward to Drishti’s support in future too. Parikshit Dar, Director, Technology, Bigtree
  3. 3. BUSINESS I want a solution that… Provides value Increases closed sales Allows me to scale up quickly Improves my business while lowering my costs Telemarketing is undoubtedly one of the most important Outbound Features aspects of sales process across all businesses. The ratio of lead- P Preview/ Progressive/ Predictive/ Rule-based Dialing customer conversion depends on manifold factors – workforce PCapabilities Blended effectiveness, optimal lead tracking and management, carefully planned processes and sound strategy - that can be enhanced P Routing Intelligent with sound technology. Drishti's outbound solution enables P Call Pacing Dynamic agents to inform prospects about offerings in a timely fashion DNC Compliance/ Exclusion P in order to convert them into profitable customers. Moreover, Configurable Agent Voice Prompts P with Blended capabilities, it allows managers to direct agents P Scheduling Callback for outbound calling when call volumes are low, furthering an P Chat Inter-agent increase in call center productivity, and higher revenues. P Email/SMS/ Voice mail Webchat/ integration Drishti's Outbound Solution Single-interface Resource P Our comprehensive outbound solution – Ameyo offers Management advanced communication features that ensure maximized P Campaign Management Multiple productivity for your operations. Multiple Dialing Modes – Lead Management P Predictive, Progressive, Preview, Agent Less and Power enable Quality Monitoring P the dialer to dynamically pace calls as per Call Lists, Agent (Barge/Snoop/Confer) Availability, AMD (Answering Machine Detection) Rate, Busy Voice Logging P Rate, DNC Mandates and also the average interaction time per Reporting P agent. This directly results in abandoned calls minimization.
  4. 4. IT I want a solution that… Provides me security Provides me reliability, availability, serviceability Empowers me to control my workforce centrally Gives me deployment flexibility Ameyo provides Multiple Campaign Support that provides flexibility and ease-of-management for your workforce. CRM component of Ameyo enables effective lead management via holistic view of customer information, real-time data and interaction history over multimedia channels – Voice, Fax, E-Mail, Chat, SMS. The cherry on the cake comes in the form of easy integration ability of Ameyo with any third party application you have deployed. For the supervisory controls, Ameyo offers Real-time monitoring. A complete view of workforce distributed across campaigns and branch offices enables the supervisor to track and obtain crucial information anytime, anywhere to monitor and ensure quality of processes. You can obtain, customize as well as schedule Voice Logs and Reports to analyze data according to multiple parameters (agents, campaigns, statistics, call volumes, conversion rates, AMD, busy rates etc.) You can also set schedulers to send out reports automatically on regular basis via Statistical Reports Individual Reports E-mail, Chat, SMS or Fax. You can create View call volume, average View performance reports, call rates, abandoned/ current status, lead status comprehensive reports pertaining to dropped calls, call durations, per agent, etc. closed sales, etc. Reports statistics, personnel, campaigns, and system Campaign Reports System Reports performance by either choosing pre- View performance, agent View system information defined templates, or configuring your own distribution, efficiency etc. such as peak load, maximum reports (with the help of filters). across multiple campaigns and minimum call volumes, server performance, etc. After reviewing several providers, we chose Drishti because of their cutting-edge technology. A very good call center solution like Drishti yields high RoI and can be one of the performance drivers of call center operations. Ameyo is so user friendly that we can manage it without any IT personnel, and if we ever have issues, Drishti’s highly responsive support is accessible immediately. Medz Kapunan, Managing Director Pacific Prime, Philippines
  5. 5. Contact Center Solutions for Telemarketing & Sales Translate sales Improve service Lower Total Cost leads into customers quality of Ownership Quick access to customized and real- I n t e g ra t e d a n d e a s y - t o - u s e Pre-integrated CRM and database time information empowers agents Supervision interface enables lowers total ownership costs to generate higher lead conversion multiple campaign management and rates control on various parameters Single packaged solution including essential capabilities like cradle-to- Lowest Dropped and Abandoned Real-time scripting and customizable grave reporting, voice logging; rates makes Ameyo a perfect voice prompts help reduce agent besides many others brings down the outbound solution fatigue thereby leading to increased applicable integration costs agent productivity Automatic call pacing intelligently Ameyo integrates seamlessly with computes number of calls to be made Ameyo tracks customer information, most third party applications and on the basis of agent availability, busy analyzes buying behavior and tools, allowing you re-use of your signals, AMD and Agent compiles meaningful data that existing infrastructure minimizing Responsiveness assists in cross-selling and up-selling your investments for telephony and to existing customers networking equipments DNC Compliance and Exclusion integrated with automatic cleansing High uptime for mission critical Ameyo works with both VOIP and feature of dialing lists ensures processes ensures business TDM technology enabling use of SIP removal of unproductive leads continuity with agents always on phones, Analog Phones as well as Soft calls generating business phones as per infrastructure Lead and Number management requirement feature enables effective Callback Comprehensive reporting and Scheduling analytics empower businesses to make informed decisions regarding Regular Callbac k mec hanism policies and define future strategies prevents dispose of prospective leads Supervision powers to monitor agent performance or assist them by c o n fe re n c i n g fo r i m p rov i s e d customer experience Some of our esteemed customers
  6. 6. We Innovate so you deliver © 2009 Drishti-Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved. Headquarters Product Information Drishti-Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. GP 62-A, Sec-18, Gurgaon, India +91-124-4771000 Drishti Customer Arena +91-124-4039120 Drishti Philippines Inc. Corporate Blog 14-B, Rufino Pacific Tower, 6784 Ayala Avenue, cor.Rufino St., Makati City, 1200 Philippines Drishti Forum +632-923-8136; +63-905-331-5418 Partner Portal Doc ID: DR0908ATM20 Email: