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People for Telemarketing? - TeleMarketing People!

  1. 1. People for Telemarketing? - TeleMarketing People! Whether it’s for: • Recruitment of Permanent and Temporary staff • On-site management of your projects – more cost-effective than outsourcing • Consultancy and Training We can help you. Why We Can Help You • We attract high calibre Candidates, having been established in recruitment since 1997. We have over 2000 experienced Telemarketers on our database. • We select those with the right skills and background for your vacancies. Having run our own Telemarketing Agency for 12 years, we are adept at assessing skills. • You receive appropriate CVs only, not those that waste your time. Advantages of using TeleMarketing People TeleMarketing People is a very unusual company, as we recruit solely for telemarketing roles. This means that we can provide our Clients with a better assessment of Candidates’ skills. Different skills are required for each of the different telemarketing activities. Proficiency in one does not guarantee proficiency in another. The same rule applies to an interviewer: experience of one activity doesn’t ensure accuracy in judging Candidates’ skills in another. Our staff have been practitioners in all the various telemarketing roles. We also ran our own telemarketing agency, during which we recruited, trained, coached and supervised hundreds of people. This has given us a tremendous depth of experience that differentiates us from many of our competitors. It enables us to assess the types of telemarketing work each Candidate can carry out. This is fundamental - because interviewers need to be able to make accurate judgements as to whether the applicant’s skills fit a specific vacancy. We make an informed judgement - so that you can make an informed choice. Incidentally, you may have noticed our slogan is ‘A Revelation In Recruitment’. This came from comments prospective clients often make when first hearing about the service that we offer. A high proportion of initial enquiries come from companies who are surprised that our total focus is Telemarketing, their comments are often – ‘I wish I’d heard of you sooner’ or ‘I didn’t realise such a company existed’. Therefore we wanted to draw attention to the fact that the way in which we operate is often ‘ A Revelation’. We hope we can help you and we hope you will agree. TeleMarketing People Ltd. Tel: 01628 634634 Fax: 01628 671558 Email: Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. Recruiting For Telemarketing Is Different • It centres around results on the phone, requiring different skills than face-to-face. • All the different telemarketing roles have differences in the skills required. The types of roles we recruit for We can supply Candidates for all telephone-based roles that involve promoting, selling or customer care for a product or service. These can be proactive or reactive, as appropriate. As long as a job fits this description, we recruit for it. Here are the titles we normally use: Account Management Appointment Making Business Development Customer Service Data Cleansing Internal Sales Lead Generation Telesales Telebusiness Telephone Research You may use different titles, but that doesn’t matter as long as the work fits the above description. High Calibre Telemarketers Are In High Demand High quality Candidates are snapped up very quickly. The faster the recruitment process is, the less chance of losing them. • We only submit Candidates with the specific skills you need. • We can start the selection process straight away. • If you face unavoidable delays, we will try to maintain Candidates’ interest in your vacancy. Refining the Recruitment Process High calibre Telemarketers are rarely on the market for long. Short recruitment processes help Employers get the ones they want. Long ones lose them. Some ways of keeping the process short are: • Conducting initial telephone interviews to ‘narrow the field’ • For a purely telephone based role, keeping the emphasis on telephone performance • Beware of expecting perfection – it is mostly about getting results and creating the right impression on the phone. • Remembering they may need to find work quickly - redundancy can happen to the best. • Bear in mind that the sooner you recruit, the sooner you get results from them • Find out if they have other job possibilities – you may end up having to start the recruitment process all over again. • Don’t set interviews for too far ahead – You may lose good telemarketers to competitors TeleMarketing People Ltd. Tel: 01628 634634 Fax: 01628 671558 Email: Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. The Challenge Is Finding Better Candidates… … and we can help you find them. We have focussed purely on Telemarketing Recruitment since 1997 and have a history in Telemarketing since 1985. This helps us to better understand Clients’ telemarketing needs. With our large database and custom software we can filter out Candidates for your vacancy quickly. All Candidates we put forward have had both telephone and face-to-face interviews. From our long experience of running Recruitment and Telemarketing Agencies, we developed our own method of assessing skill levels. So, we help you recruit the right people. Recruiting the right people Because telemarketing recruitment differs from other forms of recruitment, there are several challenges involved in finding the right people for a specific vacancy: • Some Candidates say the right things at interview, but wouldn’t carry them out in practice. • Generating business over the phone differs from face-to-face sales techniques. It all happens quicker and the tone of the voice is more important. • Without specialist interviewing skills, it can be difficult to assess a Candidate’s skill… until they start making calls for you. So how do we select the right Candidates? If you want to recruit a secretary, you can test their computer skills. If you need a salesperson, you can test their persuasiveness. If you want a telemarketer, you need to know their proficiency in different telemarketing roles. Our interviewers are not only experienced in telemarketing, but have run teams. They are therefore in a prime position to assess the calibre of a prospective Candidate. If the Telemarketer has worked in a different industry, we will know which of their skills will be transferable to your vacancy. We recognise that the effectiveness of the successful Candidate could ultimately influence your company’s bottom line. By selecting the right Candidates for your vacancy, we help to ensure that they give a favourable impression of your company and achieve the best results. All in all, we help you get better staff… and better staff get better results. That is why organisations from local firms to global corporations use TeleMarketing People. So, whatever your telemarketing requirement, we would like to talk with you. TeleMarketing People Ltd. Tel: 01628 634634 Fax: 01628 671558 Email: Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. Permanent Telemarketers – Matched To Your Specific Requirements Telemarketing People can introduce highly skilled, experienced candidates for all telephone- based roles that involve promoting, selling or customer care for a product or service. Ten reasons to use TeleMarketing People for Permanent Telemarketers 1. We can give you an unrivalled service because of our specialist expertise in Telemarketing Recruitment. Our clients benefit in a number of ways: • Better evaluation of Candidates’ skill levels • Time saved in the recruitment process • Your new telemarketer can be up and running in less time • We can offer advice from our experience, where required. 2. We operate on a ‘No employment, no fee’ basis. So, if you don’t employ anyone we have put forward, then there is no fee…No matter how much work and costs we may incurred. 3. Free advertising! We will advertise any telemarketing vacancies on our books, free of charge. Expenditure by Clients on unsuccessful advertising is money wasted. Any budget you have saved can go a long way towards our fees for successful recruitment. 4. You don’t have to wade through a mountain of CVs. We only put forward Candidates with the right skills and experience. They will have passed through the assessments in our matching system. 5. With our large database of experienced Telemarketers, we have access to those who may not be actively looking. Often, we can tempt them with the right opportunity. 6. Good telemarketing pays for itself – over and over. But it needs a continuous effort to maximise business potential. We can help you keep your team fully staffed. Incidentally, if its not paying for itself, then maybe we can help with Consultancy. 7. We can ‘sell’ your company to appropriate Candidates. However, we only give details of our Client when we have made our assessment of their appropriateness for your vacancy. 8. Candidates do not always go direct. Many excellent telemarketers realise that, as many Clients use agencies, they do not advertise their own vacancies. 9. Candidates often approach us first to see what the market is like. So we have access to those who are in the early stages of changing their jobs. 10. Candidates don’t always realise that some of their skills could be transferable to your vacancy. We can assess whether this is the case. So, we can supply you with high calibre candidates who are appropriate for your vacancies. To find out more, please call or email us. TeleMarketing People Ltd. Tel: 01628 634634 Fax: 01628 671558 Email: Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. Temporary Telemarketers – A Fast Answer for Fast Results Telemarketing People can supply high calibre temporary Telemarketers for any of the roles listed above. We provide an effective solution for situations such as: • Ad hoc telemarketing projects • An urgent promotional need • A need to test telemarketing • A shortage of staff • A desire to save on outsourcing costs • A headcount freeze. We can supply you with Temps either singly or in teams. Alternatively, they can form part of a fully managed project with a Project Manager. You can make use of them for any length of time... and often they can start at very short notice. Therefore, flexibility is the name of the game... and there’s more: • There are no add-on fees set up charges or employment concerns. • We employ them and bear the resultant costs – NI, Holiday pay etc. • You can budget for the expenditure. • You can start and stop your project at any time • You can increase or decrease the size of a team at any time • You can interview them in the normal way, if you wish • You have the comfort factor seeing and hearing them at work. So, what are the costs? We quote on a person per hour basis. The hourly rate depends on the size and length of your project. So, no matter what industry you are in, why not contact us to see how we can help? TeleMarketing People Ltd. Tel: 01628 634634 Fax: 01628 671558 Email: Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. A Flexible Alternative to Outsourcing TeleMarketing People run fully managed projects on Clients’ sites. We supply a Project Manager and as small or as large a team as necessary. This scheme enables you to: • Maintain control of the project, without the responsibility of the everyday running • Have the level of input you want • Be close to the project, seeing and hearing the calls being done professionally • See the consistency of staff on the project • Have flexibility by increasing or decreasing team numbers as required. • Use us, whenever necessary, as an integral part of your sales / marketing programme. • Coach your existing team, by supplying just the Project Manager. • Save costs compared with outsourcing • Save on headcount – we employ the team and invoice you • Try out telemarketing if it is new to your company Rates are quoted on a person per hour basis and depend on the size and length of your project. This scheme gives you the best of all worlds. You have control and influence, an optimised result, whilst saving on budget. So, if you are interested in knowing more, please contact us. TeleMarketing People Ltd. Tel: 01628 634634 Fax: 01628 671558 Email: Page 6 of 6