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  2. 2. ACQUISITIONS BROKERS INSTALLATION&REPAIR PROFESSIONAL Directory CENTRATEL BUY/SELL TAS BUSINESSES GCC Communications samc@centratel.com 800-639-1818 LOWEST BROKERAGE FEES CENTIGRAM VOICE MAIL SYSTEMS. “Immediate compensation. Fast, simple, clean and guaranteed zero-defect conversion of accounts” J. Weikert & Co., L.L.C. 203-371-6423 Buys and sells new and reconditioned Centigram Voice Mail Systems and Accessories. Provides technical support nationwide. ASSOCIATIONS EQUIPMENT Randy Griffin Startel National AMDEV Communications Corp. 717 Kathryn Street • Nixa, MO 65714 417- 725-8171 • Fax 417-725-8186 Users Group, Inc.  “Your Voice Processing Specialists” TAS & Service Bureau Specialists Learn how Certification can demonstrate  New & Recon Systems “Below Dealer Cost” QUALITY ASSURANCE your Value in real $$.  Centigram Specialists/14 Years SNUG/ATSI-Orlando June 2003  Offering 10 Different Voice Mail Systems, IVR & Auto Dialers/Voice Loggers DBTeleSolutions Contact Center Quality Dan L’Heureux Exec Director 800-317-8529 Visit us at: www.amdevcomm.com Assurance Specialists www.snugonline.org (209) 962-5900 ext. 150 • Fax (209) 962-5800 Remote Agent Monitoring • Q.A. Mystery Calling • Benchmarking Telephone Billing Analysis AUG – AMTELCO 1-866-269-3194 Axon User Group Innovators of Infinity and eCreator www.dbtelesolutions.com • All Axon Equipment Owners welcomed The perfect Solution for a TAS/Call Center that is looking for success! • Regular & Special Mfg’s held annually Find out more at: SOFTWARE 800 356-9148 • E-mail discussions regularly via Yahoo 608 838-4194 Visit www.axonusergroup.com callcenter.amtelco.com info@amtelco.com CONSULTANTS STARTEL CORPORATION “A cut above the rest” Many of the most successful, progressive leaders in the Call Center Industry use the STARTEL System as their platform of choice. There’s a reason for that. Since 1980, we’ve provided solutions that have given STARTEL Call Center Owners a distinct advantage over their competition. Startel’s uniquely qualified team of engineers and software writers have always led the way in design and implementation which makes Startel Centers capable of handling many thousands of mission-critical calls per day. Visit us at: www.Startelcorp.com THE BILLING ASSISTANT 800-782-7835 • Fax 949-863-9650 Automatic Call Data download from the most popular TAS and voicemail systems • Broad flexibility • Multi user • Multi company • Multi Voice Logging Recorders billing cycles • Bill any statistic your customer can OmniConnect www.vlrcommunications.com provide • Tax Breakdown • Detailed statements • Pager support • And much more! OmniConnect represents a variety of Since 1981. Call 800-369-8273 telecommunications service providers, and finds Call 847-634-3880 the BEST options for your business. We also or visit www.dbmasters.com to learn more! perform local and long distance carrier bill analysis. Ken Rothacker—President Phone 866-797-8214 Fax 847-589-1005 Email: ken@omni-connect.com BROKERS Marketing Business Mergers & AS Acquisitions www.timetrade.com Brokers the sale of Telephone Answering, Voice Mail, Alarm Monitoring & Call Center companies. We also sell top-end TAS systems. INSTALLATION&REPAIR Partner with the Leader in Appointment Scheduling Steve Michaels - TAS Marketing MOVING? UPGRADE? TELCO RAT NEST? Unsurpassed features for you and your clients, T 800-369-6126 including multi-location scheduling, events and 406-827-4131 • Fax: 406-827-4554 We Can Help. Knowledge on all appointments, automatic email confirmations tas@tasmarketing.com TAS Equipment & Telco formats. and reminders, and a built-in report writer. www.tasmarketing.com ISWA Communications 803-880-4792 Call 877-884-9224 for a personal demo Connections Magazine • www.connectionsmagazine.com MAY 2003 • 3
  3. 3. Contents Cover Story On-Call Scheduling Software By Peter DeHaan 14 ....................................... On-call scheduling software can help telemessaging call centers better manage their clients’ on-call schedules. When this software is extended to the Internet, it can even become the clients’ own scheduling program. Departments Professional Directory....................3 From the Publisher .........................7 “How Can I Get More Sales?” Association News.........................26 Vendor News ................................27 Press Releases ..............................29 Feedback ......................................33 Advertiser Listing ........................43 Classifieds/Marketplace ...............45 Coming Events.............................46 4 • MAY 2003 www.connectionsmagazine.com • Connections Magazine
  4. 4. Features 39 Contact Management Software ............10 Prison Call Centers May By John Ratliff Re-Launch in Canada............................34 A contact management program is a tool By Nicole Davis for gathering, tracking, analyzing, and The idea of incarcerated criminals working distributing client and prospect data. It in call centers is shocking to many people, can be one of the most valuable assets your yet there can be societal benefits. Before you company will ever have. When used effec- reject this notion, read this insightful report. tively, contact management software pro- vides a record of the past, a picture of the Amendments to the present, and a schedule for the future. Telemarketing Sales Rule ......................38 By Mike Wilson J.D. Contact Management If you make outbound telemarketing Software Vendors ...................................12 calls, be sure you are up-to-date on the latest requirements, including do-not-call How HIPAA Affects You:.......................19 lists and rules about using predictive By James M. Ballard dialers. Ignorance is not an excuse for Call centers that handle protected health non-compliance; fines can be expensive! 19 information must take reasonable steps to avoid the accidental disclosure of such data. This is required to meet the government security and privacy mandates of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability CEO Convention Coverage...................41 TAS Tips..................................................42 By Steve Michaels Act (HIPAA). Here is what can happen when your employees haven’t signed Axon User Group Meeting Report .......22 a non-compete agreement. Vendor Profile: CadCom .......................24 How to Manage More Creatively .........31 By Stephen Manallack If you say, “I just can’t be creative,” read these tips to help you manage more 34 31 effectively and with greater flare. PIN Convention Coverage.....................32 On the Web Read these new white papers just added to our Web site at www.connectionsmagazine.com/papers.html. • Amtelco Infinity On-Call Scheduler, presented by Amtelco • Dangerous Interpretations: Improper Survey Methods presented by Dr. Jodie Monger, Customer Relationship Metrics. • Sample Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for HIPAA, presented by Chris Bell, MedCom Professional Services. Connections Magazine • www.connectionsmagazine.com MAY 2003 • 5
  5. 5. f you are considering selling your business, PROMPT… I we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and the direct purchase of your business. CONFIDENTIAL… TASCO Message Center has successfully operated TeleService Message Centers since 1938 and, as an industry leader with a solid reputation, we SECURE… have had tremendous success with mergers and private and broker represented sale transactions. Our long-standing tradition and financial . . . resources support our commitment to future growth in the Messaging Industry and lend peace of mind to the security of your selling decision. IF YOU ARE If you’re ready to explore the next step of your busi- ness exit strategy, please THINKING OF contact us to discuss the possibility of selling your business to TASCO. SELLING YOUR Prompt quotes for full service centers including fixtures and equipment or account only transactions. TAS OR VOICE Joe Truszkowski Vice President MAIL BUSINESS John Sophocles President TASCO WE ARE INTERESTED IN Message Centers Toll Free: 1-888-558-2726 BUYING E-mail: john@tascomessagecenters.com joe@tascomessagecenters.com
  6. 6. Connections from the May 2003 MAGAZINE Volume 11, Issue 4 Publisher/Editor..............................Peter DeHaan Publisher Phone .................................................866-668-6695 E-Mail.................peter@connectionsmagazine.com Fax .....................................................866-668-6693 Display/Classified Advertising ...............Valerie Port How Can I Get Phone .................................................866-668-6694 E-Mail..............valerie@connectionsmagazine.com More Sales? Fax .....................................................866-668-6698 Peter DeHaan, Ph.D. Designer/Production.......................David Margolis Phone .................................................866-668-6696 E-Mail .................dave@connectionsmagazine.com Fax .....................................................215-369-0144 lmost every day, someone asks me, “How can I get more sales?” In fact, 48955 West Hickory Lane • Mattawan, MI 49071 www.connectionsmagazine.com A for my clients and prospects, increasing sales is usually a primary concern. Rarely does anyone tell me that their company is making all the sales they want. e-mail connect@connectionsmagazine.com I wish they would ask me easier questions, like “How can I improve quality,” Upcoming Insertion Deadlines: “How can I increase revenue,” or “How can I reduce turnover?” All of these I Issue Deadline Featuring have successfully dealt with, but the sales issue is a bit trickier. It seems that Jun May 2, 2003 Outsourcing Jul/Aug Jun 6, 2003 Hosted solutions people are looking for a quick fix, a simple strategy. It’s as if they are Sep Aug 1, 2003 Headsets expecting me to say, “Invest X dollars in Y process to produce Z sales.” Oct Sep 5, 2003 Internet But alas, there is no magic secret. If there were – and I knew it – I would start a Nov Oct 3, 2003 UPS sales and marketing business. My clients would merely tell me their sales goals for the Dec Nov 7, 2003 Buyer’s Guide Jan/Feb 04 Dec 5, 2003 Message Taking Systems month and I would fill their order. But it is not that simple. Consider the following list: • Direct mail • Referrals Mission: To be the principal clearing house of relevant and • Outbound telemarketing • Yellow page ads practical information for the teleservices industry. • Direct mail followed by a phone call • Print media Distribution: • Cold calls • Web sites Connections Magazine is distributed monthly (with • Trade shows • Internet advertising combined Jan/Feb and Jul/Aug issues) to the teleservices • Networking industry including: telemessaging and outsource call centers, executive suites, hospital call centers, alarm These tactics have a proven record of producing sales in the teleservices monitoring companies, voice mail service providers, industry. Unfortunately, these same methods have been repeatedly demonstrated and industry professionals who actively buy and sell to be total failures. Campaigns that have consistently generated high sales numbers products and provide service to this industry. The distribution list is continuously monitored and updated for one organization have proven to be colossal flops in others. Therefore, it is via the Connections Web site, industry sources, reader not the strategy that is important, but what surrounds that strategy. Here then, is requests, and the change of address service from the the ultimate – yet elusive – formula for sales success: U.S. Postal Service. Any suggested additions to the circulation database are welcome. Personnel + attitude + execution + management = sales success Subscriptions: Connections Magazine is sent free in the United States to individuals and companies in the teleservices industry. Personnel: This is the critical element in the formula. Without the right Canadian subscriptions are $25 (USD) and International people in place, nothing else matters. This starts with finding the right person is $35 (USD). Subscriptions can be processed on-line: www.ConnectionsMagazine.com and click on for the job. Over the years, I have hired many sales people. Some worked out, “Subscribe.” but many didn’t. (My main problem was that I was reluctant to pay enough to Notice to Advertisers and Readers: attract the best people.) All advertising is subject to publisher approval; the What is true for all candidates is even more valid for sales applicants: you see them publisher reserves the right not to accept any advertisement. at their very best during the interview. In fact, even mediocre salespeople know that they The publisher makes no claims as to the legality or condition of any goods or services advertised in must give their best sales performance during the interview. If they can’t convincingly Connections Magazine. Neither the advertisers nor the sell themselves to you, how can they possibly sell your service to someone else? To cut publisher will be responsible or liable for misprints, through all of this, I have a few key questions I like to ask sales candidates: misinformation, or typographical errors within this publication. This is the sole responsibility of the How much did you make at your last job? If they made six figures, but can advertiser who agrees to indemnify the publisher of only expect half that at your firm, they are unlikely to work out. They will be Connections Magazine for any and all claims, actions unhappy, develop a negative attitude, and leave as soon as a better paying job an expenses arising therefrom. Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and not comes along. Conversely, if they barely cracked the poverty level at their last necessarily those of the Connections staff. (Continued on page 8) Connections Magazine • www.connectionsmagazine.com MAY 2003 • 7
  7. 7. from the Publisher (Continued from page 7) Tuesday and Thursday in the mid-afternoon. It should surprise job, they may be out of their league to produce at the level you no one that he sold nothing and his time with the company was a expect. Ideally, their prior compensation should be 5 to 25% less record in brevity. then what you expect them to make with you. Another self-defeating attitude is negativity. Consider, for How much would you like to make at this job? The example, the salesperson who says, “Direct mail? That won’t response to this is most telling. Why? Because if it is unreason- work!” And of course, with that attitude, it won’t. Or how about, ably high, they won’t be satisfied working for you. On the other “That didn’t work last time and it’s not going to work now!” hand, if it is lower then what you are prepared to pay, then they Lastly, are they willing to try new things? If they are open will start coasting once they hit their target compensation. to new ideas and plans, then they have a much greater chance of Again, you are looking for a salary expectation that is consistent success than if they are closed-minded. Strangely, all too many with what you can deliver, but is still motivating to them. salespeople would rather continue to do what has failed in the Would you like to work straight commission? I don’t past than to try something new. advocate that anyone be paid straight commission, however this Execution: Closely linked to attitude is the proper execu- question is designed to throw them off track and see how they tion. In fact, without the right attitude, successful execution is respond. To make this work, you can’t ask the question directly, impossible. I have seen ideal marketing plans flop because of but need to back into it. If they are at all good with sales, they poor or haphazard execution. Conversely, I have seen the most will have already regaled you with their accomplishments, ill-conceived and contrived strategies succeed famously because assured you that they will be your best sales person ever, and they were diligently, steadfastly, and consistently implemented. promised they will produce at a level beyond your wildest Quite simply, there needs to be a plan. The plan needs to be expectations. And, if they have moxie, they may even say you’d meticulously followed. And those involved need to be held be foolish not to hire them or suggest your company will fail accountable for their work. This brings up the fourth element: without them. (Yes, I have been told this – many times.) Given Management: The glue that holds all this together is all of this, they assert that you must pay them top dollar. management. Good management starts with hiring the right At this point, you are in a position to say, “I don’t normally salespeople, giving them excellent training, providing them with offer this, but based on your track record and past performance, I appropriate compensation, and motivating them effectively. This think you’re worthy of special consideration. I suggest that we con- must be followed by a sound marketing plan and a supportive sider a compensation plan where you will be highly rewarded for environment in which to implement it. Lastly, sales management your results and given an open-ended opportunity to exceed your means investing time, on an ongoing basis, to encourage, observe, compensation goals.” Then pause, lean forward, and confidentially teach, and adjust what they do. Put more succinctly, the right whisper, “How would you like to work for straight commission?” management keeps them on task and holds them accountable. First, watch if they can quickly and smoothly react to an There is nary a salesperson who can be truly successful unexpected turn of events. Next, you want to see how they without attention and oversight. They need to be lifted up when retreat from their prior boasting. Often a more realistic picture they are down and celebrated when they make a sale, held emerges. Lastly, you will quickly get a true idea of what they responsible for their schedule and made liable for their results. expect for base pay and how much they are willing to put on the This takes considerable time and effort. As such, proper sales line in the form of commissions, incentives, or bonuses. management is not just one more hat to wear, but a full-time job. In the event that they are shocked or hurt by this question, Successfully managing salespeople is hard work. It takes simply apologize and indicate that, based on what they were time, perseverance, determination, and dedication. But then saying, you thought this idea might appeal to them. don’t all things that are worthwhile? n Attitude: Having the right sales staff, however, is just the beginning. They also need to have the right attitude. How many Connections Magazine Needs You! times have you seen salespeople talk themselves into a bad Would you be willing to invest a few minutes a month month? The thinking goes like this, “Last August was bad. I to provide input, ideas, and clarity about the articles in wonder if August is always bad? I better brace myself for a bad Connections Magazine? month.” It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and they have a The process will be simple. Once or twice a month, I will bad month. send out a broadcast e-mail message about an idea or topic we Or, how many times has a sales person said something like, are considering. If you have feedback, simply reply to the “I don’t set any appointments for Monday because everyone is e-mail. If you don’t have a comment, or even if you happen always too busy.” Then they add Fridays to the list because too be busy at the time, just delete the message. Because of prospects are focused on wrapping up their week. The first thing the power and efficiency of e-mail, we can have hundreds of in the morning doesn’t work, nor the end of the day. Before and readers participate and help shape the future of the magazine. after lunch is bad, too. I once had a salesman use this logic and If you are willing to help please contact me at he actually concluded that he could only successfully sell on Peter@ConnectionsMagazine.com. Thank you. 8 • MAY 2003 www.connectionsmagazine.com • Connections Magazine
  8. 8. allow for smoother, more cost effective call handling while minimizing operator error. grow with Technology to meet changing needs and requirements allowing for increased customer retention. automatically conduct sophisticated database searches and import requested data directly into a message slip. provide seamless processing, programming and management of call traffic. allow room for entering new markets thus creating new revenue streams. increase the quality of service and balancing workload thus minimizing call wait time. have full support, 24 x 7 x 365 availability. If you would like information on how JoAnn Browne, from Speed E-Z Physicians Exchange, made her system pay for itself almost instantly....call 1.800.STARTEL. We have the answers...call NOW! 17661 Cowan Avenue Irvine CA 92614 800. STARTEL WWW.STARTELCORP.COM
  9. 9. by John Ratliff n today’s fast-paced business environment, successful the specifics of each package but they can all perform the I companies know their customers and quickly respond to their needs. To react to these interactions with clients and prospects must be tracked. This requires the organized functions discussed. So we know what contact management is, but what constitutes a contact? When someone interacts collection and distribution of a large quantity of data. A solid with your business it is a contact, regardless of who contact management program is a tool for gathering, tracking, initiated the interaction. It can take the form of an analyzing, and distributing this data. Such data can be one of inbound phone call, e-mail, a fax, a letter or even a the most valuable assets your company will ever have. It is customer visit. Outbound calls, e-mails, faxes, and letters also one of the most underutilized. are also contacts. As a result of these contacts, your What is contact management? It’s a systematic way company will have a significant amount of information to of managing all interactions between your business and keep track of. Contact management software can help you the outside world. It’s performed through a single database do this. that contains detailed information about all past interactions Implementing a contact management program can and scheduled future interactions. Used effectively, change your business, but it must be done carefully. contact management software provides a record of the past, Effective contact management requires a tremendous a picture of the present, and a schedule for the future. attention to detail, dedication by all members of your team, Tracking these interactions can be done any number and an organized approach. If your company is dedicated to of ways but here we will deal specifically with software- this effort, it’s likely to bring positive results, but a haphazard driven contact management. There are three software approach can be damaging. packages at the forefront of effective contact management: There are three key areas where a contact management Goldmine, Act!, and Maximizer. We will not deal with program can bring immediate benefits to your company: 10 • MAY 2003 www.connectionsmagazine.com • Connections Magazine
  10. 10. Prospective Customers: New customer leads are critically important. They should be managed and nurtured as a valued asset. A contact management program can help you do just that, enabling you to track leads from start to finish. It also lets you see which opportunities are in the pipeline, where leads are coming from, and how your salespeople are doing in their follow-up work. The ability to get an overview of your sales and marketing efforts can in itself justify implementing a contact management program. Such details come in the form of contact management reporting. Reports can be run on any pre-determined parameters. For instance, a report can list all new sales leads generated in a given time period that resulted in new customer wins. To effectively track sales staff effectiveness you can run reports that show outbound calls to potential customers. For instance, a report can show how many calls Joe Salesguy made between February 2nd and 6th to contacts labeled “hot prospect.” You’ll be able to determine whether your salespeople are making the proper effort. Contact management software also offers the ability to see an overview of your sales pipeline. This feature typically requires the most effort and is often underutilized, but it helps companies gain a wider perspective on how to improve their business. Each incoming lead is assigned a potential dollar value and a percentage chance of becoming a customer. As the prospect moves through the sales cycle, probabilities and dollar values can be adjusted, giving an accurate prediction of potential new sales. If a sale is lost, contact management software tools provide an accurate history of all interactions with the prospect, so the user can determine the reason for losing the sale. Often you can spot trends in missed steps in the sales cycle or long response times that may indicate problems. This provides the ability to deter- mine, and then script, a sales cycle that will be most effective for your organization. The ability to schedule future interac- tions makes your company better positioned to meet your goals. One of the largest expenses in some organizations is advertising, yet advertising tracking seems to be a lost art. Contact management software is the ultimate advertising tracking tool. With the ability to run custom reports and set your own parameters, advertising can be tracked in many ways. It allows advertising programs to be as specific or as broad as needs dictate. For instance, companies that advertise in one or two directories may only need to know if a lead was directory generated, or came from word of mouth. Organizations using ten directories may need more details, and the flexibility is built into the software to track those details. Advertising spending can then be evaluated by return on investment. Managing the sales and marketing process through a contact management program will greatly increase your chances of success. A few extra clients a year that would have otherwise slipped through the cracks is likely to more than cover the cost of the program. (Continued on page 12) Connections Magazine • www.connectionsmagazine.com MAY 2003 • 11
  11. 11. Contact Management Software (Continued from page 11) CONTACT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE VENDORS As mentioned in the Contact Management Software article, three popular contact management software packages are Goldmine, Act!, and Maximizer. There are countless other contact management programs as well, but three that are noteworthy are QuickNotes 2003 from FigmentSoft, Eden Sales Manager from Eden Communications, and People™ from Brewster Software. Details on these programs follows: QuickNotes 2003 from FigmentSoft is a Linux- • Automatic pop-up alarm reminders based single or multi-user networked software that runs • Complete Internet compatibility independently on a laptop or networked in a client/server • Full user guide environment. In a client/server mode, one computer must be Pricing varies depending on configuration; per user pricing designated as the server. It contains typical contact manage- is $750. Eden provides live telephone support on a 24 hours ment features such as tracking leads and correspondence, basis. “Eden exceeded my expectations,” said user Matthew scheduling and calendar functions, report generation, and Gardner, vice president of Transchannel. customized reporting. Enhanced features include multiple For more information, visit the company’s Web site contact lookup, e-mail sorter and message filters, Star Office www.edensales.com, or contact it at sales@eden.com or integration (to read and modify Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 518-580-0760. files), and integration with Netscape. The main strengths of QuickNotes 2003 are: People ™ from Brewster Software is a single-user • Fast and easy installation package for Macintosh computers. It is a full-featured personal • Simple user interface information manager (PIM) for Macintosh that offers tools for • Scalability and network access. organizing client, personal and calendar information. People • Low cost of ownership software is $29.95 per copy. Technical support via e-mail is free. Paula Gilthorpe of Crom Financial Services said, “I appreciated The organizer offers plenty of room for details, using the fact that I did not need to spend additional time and money intuitively placed contact management features and Internet on ‘help’ to actually use QuickNotes.” integration. Some advanced features include the ability to The retail pricing for QuickNotes is $99.99 for a single receive and send e-mail (with attachments), do e-mail merge, user license (retail) and $49.99 from Lindows.com Click N build e-mail address lists from received e-mails, fax, mail, link Run Warehouse; volume discounts are available. other application documents to contact cards, and upload Technical support is available via e-mail, a Web forum contact information to Palm devices. Key features include: where users can get help from other users as well as from • The ability to organize up to 100,000 contacts engineers, and phone (pay per-incident). • 15-field profile area For more information about QuickNotes, go to • Sales-oriented daily follow-up lists www.figmentsoft.com or contact FigmentSoft at • Alarms quicknotesinfo@figmentsoft.com or 416-499-0755. • Auto-dial phone • Search all text areas Eden Sales Manager from Eden Communications • Calendar uses runs on the Lotus Domino platform and is a Web-based “I am especially thrilled. Creating lists using filters and multi-user product. The software provides control over the using them to send out mass e-mails is quite easy,” said user complete marketing and sales pipeline and process, including: Ursula Soyez of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation. “I have been • Unlimited contacts with notes and history looking for a good contact management software for a while • Consolidated account activity and history now, and yours is definitely the most advanced and intuitive • Integrated marketing library I’ve come across so far.” • Sophisticated knowledge base For more information about People e-mail the company at • Processes to automatically schedule activities admin@brewstersoftware.com or visit it on the Web at • Creation of letters, faxes, memos, e-mail and www.brewstersoftware.com. other documents on the fly 12 • MAY 2003 www.connectionsmagazine.com • Connections Magazine
  12. 12. Existing Customers: It is also valuable to do an exit interview when clients Using a contact management program to manage leave and track this information in your contact management interactions with your existing customers may be the most system. Reports can be run to spot trends in client powerful change you can make to your business. It will also cancellations and solve any quality control problems. What yield the most immediate benefit to your bottom line. Think was formerly done through intuition can now be supported how many customer interactions occur each day in your through hard data. business. Now think where all those interactions are tracked, Former client reports can also be used to track lost if they are tracked at all. An effective contact management revenue. This gives the ability to get a better picture of the program gives you a complete history of every interaction. costs associated with client retention, the value of each client, The software can also prompt proactive customer contacts to as well as the client lifecycle. It is valuable information to get ahead of problems before they start. share with frontline staff to show the potential revenue Customer service problems can be coded in your contact damage from each client cancellation. This makes a great management system and reports can then be run against those motivator to increase quality levels. codes. For instance, the software can tell you how many There can tremendous benefit in implementing a contact customers called during a given month and complained that an management system in your company. By capturing current agent misspelled a name. Again, the ability to spot trends in and prospective client information, your company can be customer service complaints can be an early indicator of service positioned to respond quickly to your marketplace with delivery problems that must be addressed. Previously this was information on demand. This information will allow you to done by intuition but now there is hard data to give a true picture. spot trends to create and improve your service offering. A There is also tremendous goodwill to be gained from well-executed contact management system will improve your contacting customers on a proactive, rather than reactive customer service level, reduce your time to market with new basis. Contact management software allows the opportunity service offerings, and potentially help you reduce labor cost to schedule interactions in the future, serving as a reminder to by working smarter instead of harder. n call customers whenever necessary. You may want to make a proactive contact every three months, or six months, or even two John Ratliff is the owner of Appletree Answering Service in weeks depending on your size. This can all be prescheduled by Wilmington, Delaware. John is a member of ASTAA and NAEO the contact management software package. There is also a and is currently on the board of directors of ATSI. Appletree way to capture some details of these interactions, which can Answering Service has been serving its marketplace since 1995. then be used to show trends in customer satisfaction. Such packages also offer the ability to sell new features to existing customers. By using a contact management program to track which customers are using certain features, your sales team can look for selling opportunities in the existing client base. The mail merge features available, both for e-mail and direct mail, provide the ability to keep your client and prospect bases up-to-date on new features in which they may have interest. Former Customers: Losing a client is always tough on your business, but contact management gives you a systematic way of trying to win back those clients. Often when clients leave they are forgotten, but that does not have to be the case. Using the mail merge features of contact management software, along with the scheduling features, you can create a customer win-back program that is handled automatically by your software. An automated process can be triggered by changing the client status, in this case from “client” to “former client,” and a whole chain of events is set in motion. For example, assume you want to e-mail former clients a copy of your newsletter once a month and send an offer to return to the service at a discount every six months. This can all be built into an automated process that starts the instant the status is changed, and will continue in the background without any additional interaction until the process is complete. Connections Magazine • www.connectionsmagazine.com MAY 2003 • 13
  13. 13. ON-CALL SCHEDULING SOFTWARE by Peter DeHaan V irtually all telemessaging operations and many inbound teleservice companies have an outbound component to their work. In the broadest sense this is “information dissemination.” Sometimes this means sending orders and messages to clients via e-mail, fax, wave file, or voice mail. In other instances, timely communications is essential and information is paged or relayed to a cell phone. This is dispatching. It is a frequent activity with clients in the medical field, property management and service sectors, and technical support lines. While one key element of effective dispatching is timeliness, another essential factor is accuracy. In other words, the correct on-call person needs to be contacted in the manner they specify. 14 • MAY 2003 www.connectionsmagazine.com • Connections Magazine
  14. 14. Various means are used to effectively record and track themselves. This eliminates any chance for input error on the on-call schedules: part of supervisors or data-entry personnel at the call center. Paper: The manual paper method can be effective when In fact, clients can completely plan their on-call schedule only one or two agents need to reach a relatively small with these Web-based programs and most allow printing of a number of on-call personnel. Methods range from posting the master schedule and individual schedules. Why would clients on-call information on a bulletin board in each cubicle to want to enter their own on-call schedule? There are several using an on-call book where schedules (or reasons. One is control. When clients enter on-call calendars) are organized and inserted. their own information, they can be assured that However, as the number of agents or the number of on-call schedules increase, the …clients it is communicated the way they want it communicated. Second is flexibility. The manual paper method quickly becomes ineffective. The primary limitations to the can enter client can, at any time, update or change his or her on-call schedule and the changes are manual paper method are ensuring that all immediately available to call center agents. agents are aware of updates and are using the same information. Add to this the reality that their The third, and perhaps most compelling, enticement is that when properly presented to many on-call schedules are faxed to the call center by clients, which results in clarity and on-call the client, the Web interface can become their scheduling software program. This eliminates readability problems. Computerized: With today’s computer- schedules the need for clients to buy, maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade their own software; ized call processing systems, it’s easy to enter they merely use what the call center provides. the details of on-call schedules into the themselves. A side benefit in this is that the client then network. The same information for the enjoys greater value from the call center and appropriate client is available to any agent at any may become a more loyal client. This is time. There is no fear of old information being used or concern perhaps the most compelling reason to implement an Internet- that all agents may not have received the updates (which is accessible on-call scheduling database. particularly problematic when agents work from multiple Several companies provide on-call scheduling software. locations). In this approach, the on-call schedule is organized Some offerings are platform specific, some can be interfaced in a free-form text box or window. The agent needs to scan to multiple systems, while others are platform independent: the text box to find out who is on call at that moment. There are benefits to this approach, but there is also the risk of an Almond Hill Enterprises: Turbo-On-Call™ agent reading the wrong day or selecting the wrong time. is a simple and inexpensive way to handle clients’ on-call Database: The next level of computerized on-call schedule schedules. It provides monthly, biweekly, weekly, and daily tracking is to enter the data into a structured database. Again, views along with reporting features. It allows real-time information is consistently and readily available to all agents, access by the call center and clients and integrates fully with plus it can be presented in a much more controlled format. TurboSchedule™ calendars to provide a unified scheduling The database method can also automatically query the schedule system. Like TurboSchedule, Turbo-On-Call requires no by day and time, presenting the schedule to the person who is capital outlay, special hardware, or software to load or on call at that point, rather than presenting the entire schedule maintain. It is Web-based and can work with any for the agent to scan. This reduces error and speeds dispatch. Web-enabled or Web-ready call-processing platform. It costs Common features of database on-call software programs are $19.95 per schedule per month or $9.95 per month as an that agents can edit the schedule, update contact numbers, and add-on to TurboSchedule. add personnel. For more information, contact Almond Hill Enterprises These benefits are confirmed by staffers at call centers at 800-398-6100 or cs@turboschedule.com. using database on-call scheduling software. “With automated on-call scheduling, we can display time and date sensitive Alston Tascom offers two on-call scheduling on-call information when a call is presented to a coordinator,” options. The first is its on-call scheduler, which is integrated said Betty Brashear, call center operations manager at into the Tascom Evolution system. It automatically indicates Vanderbilt University Medical Center. “Our coordinators can who is currently on call, along with their contact information. also view schedules by calendar, individual, date, or period The call center agents can speed-dial the appropriate person profile.” directly from the on-call form. Also, if the person on call has These on-call databases can be configured to be accessible an alphanumeric pager programmed into the Tascom system, via the Internet and reside on password-protected or secure an agent can initiate the page. Authorized agents can also Web sites. In this case, clients can remotely add, delete, and look ahead to determine who is on call in the future and can edit personnel, as well as change contact numbers. With make temporary adjustments as needed. these options, clients can enter their on-call schedules (Continued on page 16) Connections Magazine • www.connectionsmagazine.com MAY 2003 • 15
  15. 15. ON-CALL SCHEDULING SOFTWARE on the notify window for each account page. It provides the option of dispatching the message to the client manually or (Continued from page 15) setting up the message for automatic delivery. Schedules can be implemented up to a year in advance. It includes a notify scheduler to quickly set up new account schedules through Alston Tascom’s other offering is AppointmentsOnCall.com. time and calendar boxes and saves set-up time on lengthy It is completely Web-based and is platform independent. schedules with the repeating schedule feature. Also included Contact Alston Tascom at 909-548-7300, info@ is schedule log, which provides detailed information alstontascom.com, or www.alstontascom.com. regarding changed or modified schedules. For more information about CadCom’s AccuCall system Amtelco: The Infinity on-call scheduling module is and on-call scheduler, visit www.cadcom.com or call flexible, easily adapting to meet a call center’s call handling 800-422-3266. needs. On-call scheduling is automated, making it easy to see who is currently on call for a particular client. On-call Startel’s on-call scheduling product increases personnel are automatically placed on and taken off calls at productivity through features such as time/date sensitive designated days and times. on-call information display, auto-population of key account The companion feature, Web On-Call, allows clients to information for messages, drop-down menus, scheduling up create and maintain their own schedules. Agents see this to a year in advance, and an automatic audit trail. The information immediately and have secure access to add or schedule can reside on a LAN so each department can edit schedules as necessary. Reports include a daily and maintain its own schedule, record notes on changes, and monthly report and an individual’s schedule detail, as well as access historical views. Schedules are password protected. a month display in calendar format. The on-call schedule with Internet access maintains all of the Contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148, info@amtelco.com, or local application functionality. callcenter.amtelco.com. “It is so easy to maintain complex database information which can include names, specialties, account CadCom Telesystems’ AccuCall system has an number, alpha pager number, home phone, hospital on-call scheduler that automatically rotates the on-call person relationships,” said user JoAnn Brown, RN at Speed E-Z Physicians Exchange. For more information, call Startel at 800-782-7835 or visit its Web site at www.Startelcorp.com. Telescan: Spectrum on-call scheduler helps call centers track clients’ complex on-call schedules so that messages can be relayed accurately and effectively. Spectrum on-call scheduler drastically reduces the time to manage these client schedules. It allows clients to enter their own daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly schedules, along with contact information using any Windows- based PC or laptop. The client sends the schedule electronically to the call center where it is instantly available to agents who are processing calls. After agents take a message, they then click the appropriate contact method, which is presented in a time sensitive pop-up window. Contact Telescan at 800-770- 7662 or www.telescan.net. (Case study on page 18) 16 • MAY 2003 www.connectionsmagazine.com • Connections Magazine
  16. 16. ON-CALL SCHEDULING SOFTWARE COMPARISON CHART Company Almond Hill Alston Alston Amtelco CadCom Startel Telescan LLC Enterprises, Inc. Tascom, Inc. Tascom, Inc. Telesystems Corporation Product name Turbo-On-Call™ Evolution On-Call Appointments Infinity On-Call AccuCall Startel’s On-Call Spectrum Scheduler OnCall.com Scheduling module On Call Scheduling On-Call Platform Platform Tascom Evolution Platform Amtelco CadCom Startel Spectrum independent System independent Infinity AccuCall (workstation module 4.0 or higher) Hosted Hosted Installed at Hosted Hosted or Installed at Installed at Installed at (Web-based) or call center installed at call center call center call center installed at call center call center Pricing $19.95 per Included with $500 one time Monthly fee for Included at Dependent on Priced per schedule system setup fee hosted option no extra charge! the customer schedule or per month (for call center) and or purchased configuration per seat ($9.95 per month $35/month/on-call for Infinity (Some options add-on to account include a server) TurboSchedule) ANSWERING SERVICE EQUIPMENT • 4 to 16 D.I.D. Trunks FINANCING • 800 Client Records AVAILABLE • Internal Patching • Works with Any KSU • Easy to Install • 24/7 Customer Support The Identifier Plus Dealer Inquiries Invited. Please call for free color brochures & complete dealer packet. 800-648-3207 AMERICOM www.Americom1.org www.TASequipment.com Connections Magazine • www.connectionsmagazine.com MAY 2003 • 17
  17. 17. ON-CALL SCHEDULING SOFTWARE month. Every time a change is made, there is potential for errors that can adversely affect service delivery. By using the (Continued from page 17) on-call program we know who made the change and when. Lastly, we have made the on-call program accessible to our clients so they can input and update their own information on On-Call Scheduling Case Study a regular basis.” by Gary DuPont MSI takes advantage of Xtend Enhanced On-call to accurately and efficiently contact the person on call at a given Masco Services Inc. (MSI) offers a full range of telecom- time. Enhanced On-call is paging-status-aware, with the munications services, including centralized attendant and main system tracking up to 99 customer defined paging states. number answering, radio-paging and cellular dispatch, and Typically, an organization relies on ten status types. These traditional message center services to the medical community. may include “in-hospital on-page,” “in surgery – messages MSI uses a multi-tasking call processing system integrating stored,” “covered by – (where another pager ID is receiving the Avaya ACD and the LAN-based system provided by the paging messages on their own pager),” “available – long Xtend Communications for directory, paging, on-call, and range pager” and “unavailable for page.” Including the status telemessaging functions. Gary DuPont, Director of information within the on-call software quickly notifies Telecommunications at MSI said, “The On-Call application, agents of the paging status of that staff member or allows an integral part of the Xtend paging and answering service staff members to carry “job” pagers. Job pagers are commonly module, maintains accurate coverage schedules enabling passed between on-call members and are sometimes used in those individuals on call to be reached efficiently. The lieu of a true on-call product. program is an extremely flexible and powerful tool used by Enhanced on-call is an important tool at MSI. It also our customer care representatives and clients daily.” includes multiple report formats and allows schedules to be “The problems with on-call schedules are manifold,” said built years in advance. The company asks clients to submit Mary Gaughan, senior customer care supervisor at MSI. their schedules at least one month in advance. MSI is currently “The volume of data can be enormous. Some of our clients working on moving the responsibility of maintaining the keep hundreds of separate schedules for multiple individual on-call schedules back to the individual departments sub-disciplines. This can mean hundreds of changes per they represent using Xtend’s WebXchange application. n 18 • MAY 2003 www.connectionsmagazine.com • Connections Magazine
  18. 18. How HIPAA Affects by James M. Ballard You Call centers that handle protected health information need a strategy for meeting the government security and privacy mandates of HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), which was signed into law in 1996. HIPAA is an evolving government mandate that sets standards for the security and privacy of protected health information. HIPAA security and privacy rules require covered entities, such as hospitals and health care centers, along with business associates of covered entities, to institute policies and procedures that reasonably safeguard such information, whether it is exchanged verbally or electronically. To meet the various HIPAA requirements, many health care companies have created their own HIPAA task force. These groups are responsible for keeping up with the ever- changing HIPAA requirements and for determining how their company’s purchases of hardware, software, and outsourced technology solutions are affected by these rules. Companies rely on vendors to provide hardware and software solutions that will comply with the HIPAA rules and to enhance the products and solutions to maintain compatibility with future changes. It is critical to stay up to date on the changes to HIPAA regulations. Some vendors, such as my company, Startel Corp. of Irvine, Calif., have assembled a strategic team of software engineers and HIPAA attorneys to continue to review HIPAA requirements and implement necessary changes in software platforms. Customers should look to their vendors to provide solutions that will enable them to cost-effectively implement the modifications to remain HIPAA compliant. (Continued on page 20) Connections Magazine • www.connectionsmagazine.com MAY 2003 • 19
  19. 19. How HIPAA Affects You (Conti ued from page 19) and time it was accessed, and by whom. The audit information How will HIPAA compliance affect you? If your call itself should be protected to reduce the risk of sensitive information center takes and forwards messages that contain protected health being revealed. Each time a message is viewed, saved, printed, or information, such as patient messages to health care sent to a client, that information should be recorded in this log, practitioners, HIPAA requires you to take reasonable steps to along with details about when and by whom the action was initiated. avoid the accidental disclosure of these messages. Some steps are Audit trails help you to comply with access rules by recording how, simple to implement. For instance, depending on the and by whom, messages and other patient data have been handled. environment, operators may need to speak softly and limit the Information transmitted by most e-mail systems is vulnerable amount of personal information they include in patient to interception. HIPAA security regulations require call messages. Other strategies require technical safeguards, and that’s centers to encrypt or otherwise safeguard protected health informa- where a vendor’s add-on “HIPAA features” become critical. tion that is transmitted over the Internet. HIPAA software helps One of the most important HIPAA regulations affecting call you to meet this requirement by adding a simple encryption mech- centers is the safeguarding of protected health information that is anism to your e-mail system. Upon receiving encrypted e-mails, electronically stored. One easy way to protect patient information clients use a standard key for decryption. is to require a secured, password-based login, which effectively Fax transmissions of patient data must also be handled with care. blocks unauthorized access to such information. The system HIPAA software should provide a confidential cover sheet should be designed to automatically log off unattended workstations explaining that the fax contains sensitive material. Ideally, the cover after a certain amount of time, and require a password for accessing sheet should automatically be attached to the fax prior to being sent. workstations and central databases. Privacy screens can also be By using Health Level 7 data transfer protocol, the used to darken the screen if there has been no activity for a given movement of patient information to online directories is amount of time. The operator can reactivate the screen with a controlled by the sender, so that sensitive patient information is mouse click or may be required to re-enter his or her password. protected. The directory used by the operators needs to be flexible The user should be able to determine the timing and the required enough to restrict viewing of patient information, while enabling steps to re-enter the system. operators to provide sufficient information to callers for efficient HIPAA regulations also require call centers to restrict and effective call processing. unnecessary access to electronically stored patient information. It is critical for companies required to comply with HIPAA to An audit trail of who has accessed this information is critical. This work with vendors that have studied the legal aspects of the regulation audit trail should show the message number or identifier, the date and that understand the implementation issues. Many vendors are struggling with HIPAA and only a few have employed legal and engineering experts to safeguard your implementation of HIPAA compliant software. Before purchasing a product that will be gov- erned by HIPAA standards, be sure to review how the vendor arrived at its solutions and whether it meets your company’s HIPAA task force standards. HIPAA regulations will continue to change and your vendor must have the capability and knowledge to change with the rules, so that you and your company can maintain a HIPAA-compliant environment. n James Ballard is director of sales at Startel Corp. For further information on the Startel Corp. HIPAA compliance standards, please e-mail info@startelcorp.com. ASSISTING WITH: • Acquisitions & Mergers • Training • Mentoring • Award of Excellence "Creative Solutions for • Surveys Unique Situations" • Strategic Planning • Business, Telecom 1-866-668-6695 & Equipment Audits Peter@PeterDeHaan.com • and more! www.PeterDeHaan.com 20 • MAY 2003 www.connectionsmagazine.com • Connections Magazine
  20. 20. What do over 1000 users of Amtelco, Axon, Cadcom, Glenayre, Startel, Tascom, and Telescan have in common? Professional Teledata! Proven Products and Support! Order Entry: PI-2000 - the Billing Software: TBS - the most leading order entry and inbound comprehensive billing package in the call processing software. industry. Outbound Telemarketing: Appointment Scheduling: Pro-Dial - the perfect solution TimeTrade Systems and PI-2000 for outbound campaigns. combine for the industry’s best web-based scheduling system. P.O.W.E.R: PI Online Web Export and Report System. Lets your clients Web Connector: Transfers orders access their data directly on the web. taken on PI into your clients’ Web forms. Professional Teledata, Inc. 175 Canal Street Manchester, NH 03101 800.344.9944 www.proteledata.com sales@proteledata.com
  21. 21. Axon User’s Group Spring Meeting The Axon User’s Group (AUG) held their 2003 spring meeting in Las Vegas, April 4 and 5. Approximately 50 people attended, exceeding early expectations. The attendees were warmly welcomed by AUG vice president, Diane Sounders and heard opening remarks from president, Rose Nigro. This was the first AUG meeting since the announcement of Telescan’s acquisition of Axon, as reported in the March issue of Connections, and members were interested in meeting Roger Young, Bobby Riggs, Patty Anderson, and Mary Stuckey from Telescan. Mike Truelock called the meeting to order and introduced Telescan president, Roger Young. Roger reviewed the similarities between the two companies including their history of providing reliable products and offering personal service. Their two product lines, however, are complementary, addressing adjacent segments of the telemessaging industry; Axon offers cost-effective solutions for 2 to 8 position systems and Telescan specializes in 6 to 12 positions platforms. An invigorating Q and A session followed, allowing questions and concerns to be addressed. The bottom line is that Telescan will continue to serve and support Axon system users. In addition to Axon and Telescan, other vendors present were TASBill.com (providing bill printing and distribution services, plus general printing and call center services), DB Masters (billing software), and ICG Communications (a CLEC serving more that 20 major markets in the United States). April Otto, from TASBill.com, discussed her company’s services, which include bill printing and mailing, profitability and billing software, and outsourcing outbound calls to Asian Call Centres. Craig Pierce, with ICG Communications, shared ideas on disaster recovery and options to reroute calls. Ron Kritzman, from DB Masters, concluded the day with an informative discussion on using an Axon remote position, how to better manage the Axon system’s database, and his billing software. Telescan sponsored the evening’s activities, featuring dinner at Billy Bob’s in Sam’s Town. The Saturday session opened with Peter DeHaan presenting a two-year “plan for success,” detailing steps for attendees on how to grow their business, improve quality, and increase sales. Patty Anderson, from Telescan, followed with an informative session on the HIPAA regulations which are now in effect. The business meeting was after lunch, which was followed by round table discussions on topics of interest. Rose Nigro thanked attendees for their participation and support of AUG and adjourned the conference. 22 • MAY 2003 www.connectionsmagazine.com • Connections Magazine
  22. 22. Connections Magazine • www.connectionsmagazine.com MAY 2003 • 23
  23. 23. VendorProfile Com Telesystems Cad Providing Telemessaging Solutions for Buisness Success The Beginning: enclosed campus environment that translates into an enjoyable Now headquartered in Enid, Okla., CadCom Telesystems work environment. There is even an independently owned was founded in 1984 by a group of Lockheed Aerospace answering service that is located in the building. development engineers in Marietta, Ga. Building on the computer In October 2000, CadCom’s new product offering, science background and business talents of its founders, company AccuCall, was installed at its first beta site. In February 2001, officials set out to develop products specifically for the AccuCall was formally introduced at the CadCom Equipment telephone answering service market. Their idea was to supply a Owners (CEO) Conference in Las Vegas. AccuCall features a suite of products providing improved automation and top-to-bottom call flow design that provides the ability to handle integration to services of all sizes. CadCom went on to pioneer large volumes of calls with minimal staff. New automation several technological advancements. The LineMaster system tools include an on-call scheduler which takes over the message was the first digital integrated switch to be aimed specifically at dispatch process from the time the message is saved, ensuring answering services. FaxMaster was one of the first internal the correct person is paged every time. Other innovations faxing devices to operate without the need for an external system. include Web page screen-pops, internal voice logging, and The Transition: alarm reports for managers. If an agent goes out of rotation In an effort to become a leading supplier, CadCom looked early or a sudden spike of incoming calls occurs, the supervisor to sales agents to supplement its direct sales efforts. One of can be alerted to ensure that no calls are missed. those was Communication Services, owned by Jack Baldwin. CadCom Users Group: Communication Services was formally established in 1985 as a The CadCom Equipment Owners Association, Inc. (CEO) sales distributorship for Axon answering service equipment is a volunteer organization comprised of telemessaging services throughout the U.S. and also operated its own answering and call centers that use CadCom’s telemessaging equipment. service. The Axon 4V paper-based product line was ultimately CEO was formed in 1991, with about 40 users attending the purchased by Communication Services and moved from first meeting. Since that time CEO’s membership has expanded California to Oklahoma. By 1987, customers, including to more than 100 users. The national user group meeting occurs Baldwin’s own answering service, demanded advances in every February with regional meetings held in the fall. technology that resulted in Communication Services becoming CEO provides an excellent resource for gathering ideas on a dealer for CadCom Telesystems. CadCom’s LineMaster how to improve operations, get new accounts, and keep staff series provided larger growth options, paperless messaging, motivated. Today many services provide more than a messaging automatic paging, and new faxing options. taking function. Many take orders, handle order fulfillment, In 1995, Communication Services had grown to 15 provide delivery services, or resell mobile phone and pagers. employees and become the main sales and service agent for CadCom works to keep products at the forefront of the CadCom. As a result, Baldwin was able to purchase CadCom ever-changing face of business, relying heavily on feedback from and move it from Georgia to Oklahoma. Communication members of CEO to guide product development and generate new Services remained the answering service name while CadCom ideas on how to help the end users to operate more profitably. Telesystems became the name of the company’s manufacturing Other successes: and equipment sales division. In becoming a one-stop-shop, The company’s Business Solutions division was initially CadCom had diversified its product offering to answering services created to help end the finger pointing between vendors during including digital voice recorders, order processing software, equipment installations. In November 2000, CadCom spun off voice mail systems, and phone systems. CadCom also began its Southwestern Bell agency and started Business Solutions. reselling Southwestern Bell services as an authorized agent. By By the end of 2001, Business Solutions was the second-largest 2000, CadCom had grown to become the third largest reseller out of 495 agencies for Southwestern Bell Telephone in manufacturer of answering service equipment in North America. its five-state region. By January, Business Solutions grew to 74 By the spring of 2000, growth had caused a space problem employees and it now is the top “retention and acquisition and as a result CadCom moved from a 12,500 sq ft facility to a agent” for Southwestern Bell, servicing more than 115,000 70,000 sq ft building. This facility is state-of-the-art and allows businesses in Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Missouri. In for larger research and development efforts. A dedicated addition, with the recent consolidation of SBC, Business training room, two conference rooms, and a cafeteria ensures an Solutions can place orders for service in nearly all SBC 24 • MAY 2003 www.connectionsmagazine.com • Connections Magazine
  24. 24. At A Glance territories stretching from California to Connecticut. • Founded 1987 Marietta Georgia The demand for voice logging in diverse industries gave • Presently located in Enid, Okla. the company an additional opportunity. In February 2001, • Industry: Telephone answering CadCom spun off its “voice recording” product and formed service equipment provider VoiceLogger. Starting with four employees from CadCom and funding from an Enid Angel Investment Group, VoiceLogger • Offers 24/7 service and support has emerged as one of the top 15 call logging companies in the 365 days per year U.S. In less than two years, VoiceLogger grew to a base of • Main contact number more than 300 customers, which include USAF, the U.S. Postal 800 4 CadCom (800-422-3266) Service, Conoco/Phillips, Time Warner, Bell South, Dell, and Jack Baldwin: President & CEO Northrop Grumman. VoiceLogger has been named “Innovator • Web Site: http://www.cadcom.com of the Year” in 2001 and 2003 by The Journal Record. It was • Products offered: also named to the “Million Dollar Hall of Fame” by the -AccuCall (answering service system) Oklahoma Technology Commercialization Center in 2001. -AccuScript (order entry / scripting) Both moves allowed CadCom to keep its core concentra- -Portal (unified communications / voicemail) tion on the telemessaging industry. Today: • Executive staff: Today, CadCom is focused on providing solutions for -Jack Baldwin: President & CEO teleservice companies through a series of diversified product -Sherry Pippin: Vice President of Human Resources offerings: AccuCall, AccuScript, and VM3. AccuCall has -Jerry Hill: Vice President of Business Development evolved into an enhanced CTI telemessaging platform offering -J.R. Criner: Vice President of Sales and Marketing off-the-shelf hardware with a standard client server application in a traditional computer network environment. Customers can have the bulk of their hardware and computer network needs Company History Timeline: handled through local resources and the scalability provides Company introduces the LineMaster series enough flexibility to handle large service needs or start up 1989 Expanded paperless system introduced configurations with tools to help end users successfully attract 1991 CEO group started by users and retain customers. The Future: Company purchased by Jack Baldwin CadCom understands that its customers’ businesses ComMaster, providing Batch Paging and E-mail revolve around their clients, who expect first-rate service. message delivery introduced. CadCom is continuing to expand its research and development 1998 VM3 Voice Messaging System with IVR, Auto operations to provide new ways for its customers to create Attendant, and Alpha Transcription introduced. revenue from their existing customer base, along with targeting new customer bases. In the next year, CadCom plans to 1998 DigiVoice1 digital voice recorder introduced continue to provide a suite of products and services that will 2000 AccuCall released for beta testing help customers continue to expand their revenue stream and AccuCall Windows 2000 server system released grow their business. The first step in this direction will be to 2001 AccuScript Order Entry and Scripting software introduce Portal, a unified communication system that will incorporate traditional unified messaging functionality with introduced customization options. Portal’s integration with AccuCall is 2002 On Call Scheduler for AccuCall released expected to provide increased services offerings. 2002 Internal VoiceLogger for AccuCall released About Jack Baldwin: 2002 Installed AccuCall at first hospital client In 1985, Baldwin founded a telephone answering service 2002 Completed first overseas sale of AccuCall in called Communications Services to serve the needs of his Oklahoma-based insurance agency. He then began the Tanzania purchase and consolidation of equipment manufacturers within 2003 Released AccuCall Web server for remote access the industry. His first product was the AXON 4V, which was purchased from AXON Corp. in 1990. In 1995 Baldwin For more information on CadCom, visit www.cadcom.com purchased CadCom, which he then moved to Oklahoma. or call 800-422-3266. For more information on the Baldwin was named by the Enid Chamber of Commerce in 2001 CEO user group, call 800-311-3550 or visit as the Enid Businessman of the Year and was appointed to the www.cadcom.com/CadcomEquipmentOwners.htm. Connections Magazine • www.connectionsmagazine.com MAY 2003 • 25