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mySAP Business Suite.doc.doc

  1. 1. mySAP Business Suite Solutions for Every Business and Every Process Businesses large and small have discovered that mySAP Business Suite is the world's most comprehensive family of adaptive business solutions, providing best-of-breed functionality built for complete integration, industry-specific capabilities, unlimited scalability, and easy collaboration over the Internet. mySAP Business Suite m mySAP Customer Relationship Mgmt. mySAP Supplier Relationship Mgmt. mySAP ERP mySAP Supply Chain Mgmt. mySAP Product Lifecycle Mgmt. Individually, mySAP Business Suite solutions help you manage your most critical business processes. Collectively, they form a tightly integrated suite that adds value to every facet of your organization -- and your external value chain. 1
  2. 2. mySAP Customer Relationship Management Customer-Centric Business -- Delivering Value and Profitable Growth mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM) empowers companies to deliver customer value -- and achieve profitable growth. The solution connects front- and back-office functions into a single, customer-centric operation. And enables collaboration across the value chain by providing access to relevant, personalized information from multiple data sources and business processes. mySAP CRM is the only CRM solution that connects your employees, partners, processes, and technology in a closed-loop customer interaction cycle. So you can convert prospects into first-time buyers. And first-time buyers into long-term customers. This solution delivers functionality throughout the customer engagement cycle, providing all the capabilities you need to manage marketing, sales, service, analytics, field applications, interaction centers, e-commerce, and channel partners. mySAP CRM enables real-time availability checks, contract management, billing management, fulfillment visibility, and order tracking. And it gives you the features and functions necessary for marketing planning, campaign management, telemarketing, lead generation, and customer segmentation. Plus, mySAP CRM allows you to offer ongoing customer care across all channels -- with a customer interaction center, Web-based customer self-service capabilities, service and claims management, field service and dispatch, and installed-base management. 2
  3. 3. mySAP Customer Relationship Management Key Capabilities mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM) offers key capabilities in the following areas:  Marketing -- Improve the effectiveness of your marketing activities with functionality for marketing planning, campaign management, lead management, marketing analytics, customer segmentation, personalization, and trade promotion management.  Sales -- Optimize all sales channels with functionality for sales planning and forecasting, organizational and territory management, account and contact management, activity management, opportunity management, quotation and order management, contract management, and incentives and commissions management.  Service -- Exploit the profitability potential of your service organization with functionality for multichannel service, resource planning and optimization, service operations management, service planning and forecasting, customer service and support, and professional services.  Analytics -- Evaluate business performance with a full range of analytical capabilities covering customers, marketing, sales, service, and interaction channels.  Field application support -- Extend the range of mySAP CRM with mobile functions to support field sales and services.  E-commerce -- Turn the Internet into a profitable sales channel with functionality for e-marketing, e-selling, e-service, and e-analytics.  Interaction center operations and management -- Enhance the performance of your interaction center with functions to manage telemarketing, telesales, and service within the interaction center -- plus capabilities for an employee-focused interaction center.  Channel management -- Optimize your indirect channels with functionality for partner management and analytics, channel marketing, channel sales, channel service, and channel commerce.  3
  4. 4. mySAP ERP Business Benefits mySAP ERP extends the reach of real-time business processes, connecting employees, suppliers, partners, and customers. Business benefits include:  Improved productivity -- Engages and connects users within and beyond the enterprise, including customers, suppliers, and partners. An intuitive, role-based portal environment gives you systemwide access to a single, consistent view of your business. So you can achieve higher levels of efficiency and collaboration, respond to new competitive threats, and proactively meet customer needs.  Increased insight -- Improves decision-making by giving you a clear understanding of activities across your business network. You get the right information at the right time, with the analytics and insight you need to address problems and pursue new opportunities.  Enhanced governance -- Gives you comprehensive functionality for corporate governance, enabling you to confidently comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II, International Accounting Standards, and global HR regulations. Also integrates corporate reporting, analysis, and compliance with underlying business processes and transaction systems. Giving you the internal control and transparent financial environment you need to mitigate risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance corporate trust.  Improved flexibility -- Provides a scalable and adaptable solution that seamlessly integrates end-to-end processes, with the ability to add solutions for customer relationship management, supply chain management, and product life-cycle management as your business needs change. Support for open Web technology gives you the flexibility to deploy and modify processes that adapt to and accelerate new business strategies.  Reduced costs -- Enables you to manage IT costs by leveraging the investments you've already made. You can easily extend employee skills and data in legacy and non-SAP systems to mySAP ERP. 4
  5. 5. mySAP ERP Key Capabilities mySAP ERP is built on an open technology platform that enhances business insight, improves workforce productivity, and gives you the flexibility to adapt corporate strategy to changing business needs. Key capabilities include:  Business analysis -- Enables you to evaluate your business performance by taking advantage of functionality for analyzing your workforce, operations, and supply chain  Financial and management accounting -- Allows you to manage corporate finance functions by automating financial supply chain management, financial accounting, and management accounting. This capability is enabled by mySAP ERP Financials.  Human capital management -- Gives you the tools you need to maximize the profitability potential of your workforce with functionality for employee transaction management and employee life-cycle management. This capability is enabled by mySAP ERP Human Capital Management.  Operations management -- Empowers you to streamline operations with integrated functionality for managing end-to- end logistics processes -- while expanding your collaborative capabilities in supply chain management, product life-cycle management, and supplier relationship management. This capability is enabled by mySAP ERP Operations.  Corporate services management -- Allows you to optimize centralized and decentralized services for managing real estate, corporate travel, and incentives and commissions. This capability is enabled by mySAP ERP Corporate Services.  Self-services -- Provides an employee-centric portal that enables both employees and managers to create, view, and modify key information. Uses a broad range of interaction technologies, including Web browser, voice, and mobile devices, for easy access to internal and external business content, applications, and services. 5
  6. 6. mySAP Product Lifecycle Management Rugged Individualism? Not in Today's Economy. Collaboration Rules. Information silos. Process isolation. Outsourcing of design and manufacturing. Is this any way to build or maintain a product? What you need is an integrated environment that ensures all people involved in product development, manufacturing, and service have quick and secure access to current information. And that's exactly what mySAP Product Lifecycle Management (mySAP PLM) provides. mySAP PLM is the only business solution available today that enables collaborative engineering, custom product development, and project, asset, and quality management among multiple business partners. The Solution of Choice for More Than 3,200 Businesses mySAP PLM integrates all participants in the development process: designers, suppliers, manufacturers, and customers. So engineering is no longer a linear value chain, but a three-dimensional, collaborative community focused on a common goal. mySAP PLM provides an ideal solution for any company that requires proactive quality management to improve equipment and plant performance. And the solution is ideal for any industry in which maintenance costs and equipment reliability directly affect profitability. And, together with other SAP solutions, mySAP PLM can support your new product development and introduction (NPDI) process. It's no wonder more than 3,200 of the most successful companies worldwide have chosen mySAP PLM. To see how myPLM can benefit your company, view the SAP Business Maps. mySAP PLM is delivered through a role-based portal solution. So your people get convenient, Web-based access to the internal and external content, applications, and services they need to do their jobs. 6
  7. 7. mySAP Product Lifecycle Management Key Capabilities mySAP Product Lifecycle Management (mySAP PLM) offers all the functionality you need for integrated product and asset management. Key capabilities include:  Life-cycle data management -- Provides an environment for managing specifications, bills of materials, routing and resource data, project structures, and related technical documentation throughout the product life cycle  Program and project management -- Provides advanced capabilities to plan, manage, and control the complete product development process  Life-cycle collaboration -- Supports collaborative engineering and project management, employing XML-based Web standards to communicate information such as project plans, documents, and product structures across virtual development teams  Quality management -- Provides integrated quality management for all industries throughout the entire product life cycle  Asset life-cycle management -- Manages physical assets and equipment, covering all components of an enterprise asset management system  Environment, health, and safety -- Provides a solution for environment, health, and safety issues by enhancing business processes to comply with government regulations mySAP PLM is built on an open technology framework that takes advantage of industry standards such as HTML, XML, and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) to ensure flexibility and interoperability. Its unified architecture can be tailored to the unique requirements of specific industries and companies. And communication via mobile and handheld devices means you get access to product information anytime, anywhere. 7
  8. 8. mySAP Supplier Relationship Management A Solution to Manage Spend for Continuous Profitability In today's market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase affordable materials from suppliers while continuing to deliver quality products or services to your customers. But if you can reduce the costs associated with purchases, you can boost profitability -- without being forced to generate more sales or sacrifice the quality of your product. That's where mySAP Supplier Relationship Management (mySAP SRM) comes in. mySAP SRM increases supply chain visibility and automated processes. Connecting the entire supply base -- and giving you unprecedented insight into global spend. So you can cut the cost of purchased goods and services. Reducing Costs Through Collaboration Studies show that companies that nurture collaborative relationships with their supply base consistently outperform companies that do not. Rather than pressure individual suppliers for marginal cost reductions, companies need to embrace suppliers and build sustainable, workable relationships across the entire supply base. With mySAP SRM, you can handle the complete supply cycle -- from strategy to execution -- to help you optimize supplier selection, increase collaboration, and compress cycle times. And with the unique advantages of consolidated content and master data, mySAP SRM helps you make and execute decisions that align with corporate strategy. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of the SAP NetWeaver, mySAP SRM seamlessly integrates with both third-party and SAP solutions, including SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS) and mySAP Business Suite solutions, such as mySAP Product Lifecycle Management (mySAP PLM). Giving you the functionality and flexibility to maximize supplier relationships. And, together with other SAP solutions tightly integrated by the SAP NetWeaver platform, mySAP SRM can support your new product development and introduction (NPDI) process. 8
  9. 9. mySAP Supplier Relationship Management Business Benefits mySAP Supplier Relationship Management (mySAP SRM) focuses on bottom-line results -- to help you reduce the costs of goods sold throughout the company. By improving supply-related efficiency and enhancing the value of supplier relationships, mySAP SRM delivers significant business benefits across a broad range of operational areas: Improved Sourcing Strategy  Rationalization and optimization of the supply base  Better access to data on supplier performance  Improved quality of supply and reduced risk Compressed Cycle Times  Automation of tedious request for proposal (RFP) and request for quotation (RFQ) cycles  Faster procurement execution through online approval  Quicker acknowledgment and response from suppliers Reduced Process Costs  Increased compliance through reduced maverick buying  Reduced complexity through content consolidation  Increased efficiency through procurement automation  Reduced integration and connectivity costs Lower Unit Prices  Demand consolidation across multiple business units  Lower inventory-carrying costs  Better prices through competitive bidding 9
  10. 10. mySAP Supplier Relationship Management Key Capabilities mySAP Supplier Relationship Management (mySAP SRM) is built on the technology platform of SAP NetWeaver, allowing multiple levels of suppliers, partners, and manufacturers to work together on core supply processes, including: Strategic Purchasing and Sourcing  Supply strategy development -- Develop sound supply strategies with new tools and capabilities for demand aggregation, portfolio analysis, category (commodity) management, and purchasing controlling.  Spend analysis -- Improve your visibility into global spend and supply-base data by mapping and cleansing commodity and vendor information, and distributing it to internal systems, electronic catalogs, and data warehouses.  Supplier selection -- Minimize purchase risk, improve supply-base monitoring, and assess supplier performance by using electronic auction and bidding tools to collaborate with pre-selected suppliers.  Contract management -- Ensure compliance with negotiated terms and conditions, and leverage preexisting contracts for specific product categories shared throughout the company.  Catalog management -- Create and manage a unified e-commerce catalog, using tools that import data from external sources, maintain consistent schemas, and index items for faster search capabilities. Operational Procurement  Self-service procurement -- Empower employees to procure materials using Web-based tools that enforce compliance with corporate policies.  Plan-driven procurement -- Streamline and automate the procurement of the materials used in core business processes by integrating purchasing with any supply chain management system.  Services procurement -- Reduce the administration and processing costs associated with procuring a wide range of services, including consulting and contract labor. Supplier Collaboration  Supplier registration -- Give purchasers access to supplier-managed company information for better sourcing decisions.  Order collaboration -- Streamline procurement processes by providing supplier access to internal order management systems.  Design collaboration -- Shorten product development cycles by enabling employees from different trading partners to share relevant product and project information. 10
  11. 11.  Collaborative replenishment -- Optimize supply-chain performance by enabling suppliers to access customer inventory data and maintain required inventory levels on an exception-based replenishment process.  Supplier connectivity -- Connect with suppliers of different sizes and capabilities using XML-based document exchange. 11
  12. 12. mySAP Supply Chain Management SAP SCM 4.1 In 2003, SAP introduced SAP SCM 4.0, a key part of mySAP SCM, with a broad range of solution capabilities to help companies transform processes to more adaptive supply chain networks. In 2004, SAP continues to expand mySAP SCM with enhanced capabilities incorporated in SAP SCM 4.1, as well as in mySAP ERP. SAP SCM 4.1 is the one solution platform that offers packaged application capabilities that grow with your organization, support your business requirements, and transform traditional supply chains into adaptive supply chain networks. For more information, read the solution brief (PDF, 161 KB). Requires registration. SAP SCM 4.1 includes SAP Advanced Planning & Optimization (SAP APO), SAP Inventory Collaboration Hub (SAP ICH), and SAP Event Management (SAP EM). SAP APO  Supports network-oriented planning and optimization  Provides flexible and adaptive advanced planning capabilities that support the full spectrum of planning requirements  Integrates and synchronizes planning and execution information for timely decision-making  Integrates supply planning with other network processes (e.g., CRM, SRM, PLM) SAP ICH  Enables manufacturers and their suppliers to collaborate on the right level of inventory to meet production schedules  Provides suppliers with complete visibility into the inventory they supply to each manufacturing plant  Integrates seamlessly into any manufacturer's existing back-end transaction and planning system SAP EM  Provides extended capabilities to monitor, alert, and resolve process exceptions quickly and effectively 12
  13. 13. mySAP Supply Chain Management Business Benefits mySAP SCM can help you transform a traditional linear supply chain into an adaptive network by creating a community of customer-focused companies that share knowledge and intelligently adjust to changing market conditions. mySAP SCM reduces costs by:  Decreasing the total network inventory for your supply chain and increasing inventory turns  Increasing productivity through efficient exception management and greater supply chain visibility  Lowering resource expenditures that occur as a result of maintaining disparate systems mySAP SCM increases revenue opportunities by:  Improving customer service levels and reducing out-of-stock situations  Implementing true global available-to-promise (ATP) and providing accurate product availability and substitution possibilities  Increasing information sharing and improving response to unanticipated changes in demand mySAP SCM improves return on assets (ROA) by:  Reducing capital investment through more efficient production and distribution plans  Lowering inventory investment by increasing inventory turns on the shop floor and in the warehouse  Improving order fulfillment rates and expanding product margins Plus, mySAP SCM scales to meet your needs as your business changes. Enabling you to maximize the value of your technology investment. To learn how much value you can realize by improving your SCM infrastructure, access the mySAP SCM Value Calculator. And to identify the supply chain processes that can be improved within your company's infrastucture, participate in the Supply Chain Planning Benchmark Study. 13
  14. 14. mySAP Supply Chain Management Key Capabilities mySAP Supply Chain Management (mySAP SCM) is the only solution that delivers a complete set of capabilities for building adaptive supply chain networks. These capabilities include:  Planning -- Enables you to model supply chains by providing comprehensive planning capabilities, including supply chain design, demand and supply planning, manufacturing planning, and transportation planning  Execution -- Integrates planning, promising, logistics, and transactional systems through materials management, manufacturing execution, order promising, transportation execution, and warehouse managementmanagement -- augmented with innovative radio frequency identification (RFID) technology  Coordination -- Lets you monitor and analyze processes both within and outside your company by providing supply chain event management and supply chain performance management  Collaboration -- Enables you to share information and set and achieve common supply chain goals through Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR), support for vendor-managed inventory (VMI), and support for supplier- managed inventory (SMI) 14
  15. 15.  15