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Module 3
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  • 1. Transactions and Relationships
    • Transaction Selling
    • Selling dominates learning.
    • Talking dominates listening.
    • Persuading the customer is product-driven and benefits-focussed.
    • The goal is to build buyers and sales through persuasion, price, presence, and terms.
    • Relationship Creation
    • Learning about the customer is intense and dominates selling.
    • Listening dominates talking.
    • Teaching the customer is need-driven and problem focussed.
    • The goal is to build relationships through credibility, responsiveness, and trust.
  • 2. Personal Selling Buyer’s Task Motives Productivity Money More Output or Quality Less Cost More Profit Less Effort
  • 3. Personal Selling Buyer’s Personal Motives Respect Power Recognition Approval
  • 4. Personal Selling
    • The Selling Process
    Pre-Interaction Interactionl Post-Interaction
    • Skills:
    • Precall Planning
    • Skills:
    • Relating
    • Need discovery
    • Advocating
    • Closing
    • Skills:
    • Supporting
    • Implementing
    • Dealing with dissatisfaction
    • Enhancing the relationship
  • 5. Personal Selling Approaches
    • Need Satisfaction
      • Customer buys to satisfy some need.
      • help buyer identify the need and then offer.
    • Problem Solving
      • extension of need-based
      • develop alternative solutions to satisfy the need .
    • Consultative Selling
      • Help Customer reach strategic goals through products and expertise of the sales organization.
      • Dominantly used in IT industry.
  • 6. Personal Selling Approaches: ADAPTIVE SELLING
    • Stimulus-response
      • actions to produce desired response.
      • The “yes” process. (ref: telemarketing)
      • Lack of flexibility, Salespersons dominance required.
    • Mental States
      • Lead the buyer through fixed mental steps.
      • Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA)
      • State of prospect difficult to determine.
  • 7. Servicing the Sale: The Four Pillars of Sales Support Support the buying decision Manage the implemen- tation Deal with dissat- isfaction Enhance the rela- tionship Sales Support
  • 8. Personal Selling
    • Pillars of Sales Support
    Support Buying Decision
    • Reduce buyer anxiety
    • Make a follow-up call
    • Ask for feedback
    Manage the Implementation
    • Assist w/ approval process
    • Introduce support resources
    • Monitor & report progress
  • 9. Personal Selling
    • Pillars of Sales Support - Deal with Dissatisfaction
    • Empathize with the buyer
    • Respond to problems -- use objection handling
    • techniques
    • Anticipate buyer concerns and expectations
    • Reinforce the Benefits
  • 10. Personal Selling
    • Pillars of Sales Support - Enhance the Relationship
    • Be available
    • Arrange continued personal communications
    • Maintain quality of products/services
    • Provide ongoing updates and progress reports
    • Be a resource for info, help and ideas
    • Grow the business internally
    • Ask for referrals