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  1. 1. MISSION STATEMENT “We are a customer-centric, people-oriented service company that is dedicated to satisfying off-shore and out-source needs of our customers. We shall remain on the leading edge of technology to offer solutions with Quality enhanced efficiency and sustained credibility. Universally accepted ethics and moral values are essential ingredients of our business policy.” CORPORATE PROFILE SYNOPSIS: Telemarketing Services: We are an International Contact Center / BPO solution provider that delivers affordable business and technology solutions through its organic business development model. As part of Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) initiative, Orbiz Communications has established an International Call Center with state-of-the-art hardware and software technology to provide reliable, cost-effective inbound and outbound outsourcing solutions for a variety of customers Worldwide. • Business Process Outsourcing (voice and non-voice) • In Bound Customer Support (with dedicated leased circuit IPLC connectivity) • Out Bound Telemarketing (with trained and competent professionals) Training Division: Training Division focuses on rendering knowledge that is designed to enhance human resource productivity, improve job satisfaction and increase organizational efficiency. All training is conducted by experienced and foreign qualified faculty. Ensign’s training programs are aimed at providing professional and structured courses in a congenial learning environment. • Call Center Training • Sales & Marketing Training • Communication Courses • Vocational Training • Professional Development Courses • Specialized Training & Courses • On-line Tutoring Web: http://www.orbiztech.com 1 Email: info@orbiztech.com
  2. 2. Contact Center/BPO Solutions Orbiz Communications is an International Contact Center/BPO solution provider that delivers affordable business and technology solutions. Since its foundation, Orbiz Communications has been pioneering back-office offshore processes and out-sourced telesales and telemarketing campaigns for our North American, Australian and Western European customers. Orbiz Communications has consistently delivered quality solutions to leading companies and global corporations. Business Segments Orbiz Communications primarily serves the following verticals: • Healthcare • Finance and Trading • Mortgage Industry • Telecommunication • Education • Government • Recruitment • Travel • Energy • Oil & Gas • Insurance • Information Technology • Media • Retail • Business Intelligence • Multimedia Production Call Center Services As part of Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) initiative, Orbiz Communications has established an International Call Center to provide reliable, cost-effective outbound outsourcing solutions for a variety of industries for customers in USA, UK and Australia. Our core competence lies in our ability to handle inbound and outbound traffic for telemarketing and/or telesales expertise for a variety of customers and verticals. While focusing on these aspects, we ensure that our Quality and Professional delivery of services in not compromised. Universally accepted ethical values and standards are emphasized and compliance is ensured. We work very closely with our clients to achieve and surpass the given targets. A work force dedicated to our Client’s needs may be detailed for 7 days a week or on as and when needed basis. 24x7 Customer Service options are available as well. Generally we serve our customers in three broad areas. Inbound Services • Customer information services • Technical support for IT products and platforms • E-business support (email management, IM, Chat support etc) Web: http://www.orbiztech.com 2 Email: info@orbiztech.com
  3. 3. • Help Desk support services Outbound Services • Outsourced sales teams for consumer and corporate marketing • Telesales/telemarketing lead generation, qualification and lead management. • Hot transfers • Customer service audit • Surveys and Research Non-voice Services • Accounting services • Data entry services • Medical transcription • Radiology/MRI report services Financial Sector Solutions Orbiz Communications offers loan-processing services for mortgage companies, loan Officers and brokers. Our services include: Loan processing • Quality assurance of loan applications • Verifications • Appraisal (with your partners) • Title check (with your partners) • Review and clear condition Electronic Medical Records Update Facilitation • Patient Manager • Manage Clinical Notes & Document Manager • Communication Manager • Medical Billing Manager • Security • Entity Authentication • Privacy & Confidentiality Remote Monitoring Facilities • Remote attendant and remote monitoring facilities on a 24/7 basis can be made available. Web: http://www.orbiztech.com 3 Email: info@orbiztech.com
  4. 4. OUR OBJECTIVE Our objective is to help companies succeed by providing strong customer relationships, enhanced revenue, improved quality, added protection, and greater return on investment. We provide expert solutions to meet this next generation Customer Relationship model. Ensign’s Contact Management Centers are designed and structured to exceed customer expectations. Consider Orbiz Communications to be your extended business arm that is geared to offer you a decisive competitive advantage. Why Orbiz Communications? With the highest rated team in the country, our professional managers and agents have made an impact on the BPO Industry for clients in the USA, UK and Australia. Orbiz Communications has managed to boost the business up to a level which is often commended by our clients. At Orbiz, business ethics and emphasis on moral values are essential ingredients of our business policy. With leading edge technology, professional HR and our continued emphasis on high standards and values we are a winning team. Join the winning team. Try us. Orbiz Communications provides comprehensive turnkey solutions that make businesses more customer-centric and available 24 x 7. Our flagship service portfolio includes a wide variety of customer support operations covering inbound and outbound contact center & BPO operations as well as email and web-based customer support services. We are able to integrate our infrastructure with a wide variety of systems at the client’s end so that there is a seamless exchange of data and reports. According to our customers' requirements, we prepare feasibility studies, design and deploy the ideal configuration of hardware, software and HR solutions. Additionally, we ensure integration with your existing systems (wherever feasible). Dedicated product and campaign specific training is conducted before commencing sessions. Orbiz Communications follows the COPC ® (Customer Operations Performance Center) standards. COPC ® is the worldwide authority on customer center operations. These standards cover all aspects of our contact center, whether it is the performance and monitoring of the agents, supervisors, various KCRP (Key Customer Related Processes) and KSP (Key Support Processes), or the workings of our consulting, operations and management teams. Regular audits allow us to maintain and improve upon these standards so that the clients of Orbiz Communications are guaranteed a constantly improving level of service. Internal Quality Assurance Teams work diligently to ensure “customer requirements” are given priority and quality is not compromised. Web: http://www.orbiztech.com 4 Email: info@orbiztech.com
  5. 5. Web: http://www.orbiztech.com 5 Email: info@orbiztech.com