Local Coordinator Notebook - Section 6 - Fund Raising


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Local Coordinator Notebook - Section 6 - Fund Raising

  2. 2. Contents Development Overview page 3 Consumer/Marketing Facts & Figures page 4 Commercial Messages on Uniforms page 4 Fundraising Iniatives State Level Events/Programs page 5 Local Events/Programs page 6 Sample Knights of Columbus/LAMB Foundation request letter page 7 SONC License Plate Order Form page 8 General Fund Raising Tips page 9 Sample appeal letter for corporate sponsor page 10 Sample corporate sponsorship benefits page 11 Fund Raising Event Application Process & Form page 13 Torch Run Athlete Development Grant Application page 15 2
  3. 3. Development Overview The following information provides an overview of the fundraising programs that Special Olympics North Carolina (SONC) manages at the state and local levels. SONC conducts a multitude of fundraising endeavors in order to provide year-round sports training and competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for thousands of children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics North Carolina operates on a $5 Million budget and is supported by contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations in North Carolina. SONC is a totally self- supporting organization receiving no direct funding from the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation. Local Special Olympics programs raise approximately $500,000 annually through internal initiatives organized by SONC as well as external initiatives organized and implemented by the local programs themselves. SONC-generated initiatives, outlined in the following pages, account for significant annual revenue generated by local programs. Funding is a daily challenge at all levels for SONC as we abide by a policy set forth by Special Olympics Incorporated (SOI) stating that no athlete will be charged for participation in any aspect of the Special Olympics program, including everything from meals, uniforms, to training costs. All funds to pay for meals, housing, transportation, uniforms, equipment or anything else are raised at the local, state and international levels and are not passed on to the athlete or their family. Special Olympics North Carolina pays particular attention to cost effectiveness, accountability and donor sentiment associated with the organization’s fundraising plan. As a result of our successes in donor stewardship, we have been honored with the distinction of the country’s most credible charity, according to a nationwide survey published by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Special Olympics was rated very honest or extremely honest by 73% of those surveyed, easily exceeding it’s nearest competitor by almost 10 percentage points. This reinforces the fact that people trust Special Olympics with their donated dollars. The trust is a result of donors actually seeing how successful Special Olympics programs are at all levels of the organization and how the funds raised directly impact the athletes involved. Some additional accolades of the Special Olympics movement are noted below: • Universal Impact. Between athletes, donors and volunteers, Special Olympics touches the lives of one in every six families in America • Vast Recognition. Special Olympics--the world’s largest amateur sports organization with more than one million athletes and 250,000 coaches in 160 countries--enjoys an amazing 95 percent name recognition rate in America • Overwhelming Support. Special Olympics has a loyal following of more than five million donors and 500,000 volunteers in the U.S. 3
  4. 4. Consumer/Marketing Facts & Figures •77% of the public say they would be "extremely" likely to spend a little more to purchase a product or service if they thought they were helping Special Olympics (Performance Research, 2001) •If given the choice of two products with similar price and quality, 56% of the public said they would "almost always" or "frequently" choose a product because it is associated with Special Olympics (Performance Research, 2001) •68% of the public say they feel more positive about companies that support Special Olympics (Performance Research, 2001) •84% of the public believes that corporate partnerships with Special Olympics "make a difference" in the lives of children and adults with mental retardation (Performance Research, 2001) •Special Olympics is named the “most credible charity in America” (Chronicle of Philanthropy, 1995) •Special Olympics is rated as one of the top 100 best human services charities in the United States (Worth Magazine, 2001) The strengths of Special Olympics are numerous: mainstream appeal, non-controversial, a distinctive mission – both a cause and sports affinity, national exposure and grassroots involvement. Special Olympics touches all North Carolinians across the state in an emotional and credible manner like no other organization. If you have any questions about this information or how to use in your fundraising efforts, please contact your area director. Commercial Messages on Uniforms at Special Olympics Games & Competitions It is a fundamental policy of Special Olympics that the uniforms worn by athletes and coaches during all Special Olympics competitions and Opening/Closing Ceremonies shall not be emblazoned with the commercial message of sponsoring corporations/organizations. This policy has been enacted for two reasons: 1. It is not appropriate to allow people with intellectual disabilities to be exploited for commercial purposes. 2. Barring commercial messages on athlete’s uniforms is consistent with our obligation to maintain standards consistent with those of the International Olympic movement, which maintains similar restrictions. 4
  5. 5. Fundraising Programs Major Fundraising Initiatives Providing Funding of State-Level Events/Programs Statewide Partnership Program SONC has built year-round partnerships with corporate supporters throughout the state and worked to fully integrate the sponsor within the statewide Special Olympics movement. Our current partners have recruited volunteer teams for the SONC Summer Games, established pen pals on-line with Special Olympics athletes and planned and implemented cause-related marketing programs to raise additional funds for Special Olympics while driving sales for a particular product/service. Direct Marketing Initiatives The following direct marketing initiatives are conducted by Special Olympics North Carolina. As noted in Section 8 of the SONC Operating Policies, the use of professional fundraising companies (including direct mail, telemarketing and internet fundraising) by accredited sub-programs is strictly prohibited unless specifically approved by the President. DialAmerica Magazine DialAmerica (DA) conducts a magazine subscription consumer telemarketing program. Through a licensing agreement between DA and Special Olympics North Carolina, SONC receives 12.5% of each magazine subscription price, which is a significant amount for a merchandised product. Combined Direct Mail Program The consumer direct mail program (CDMP) is administered by SOI in an effort to reduce the mailings our donors receive annually and increase the cost effectiveness of direct mail for state programs throughout the country. This program educates the community on our athlete development efforts while also providing opportunities for members of the North Carolina community to financially support these efforts. Consumer Telemarketing SONC launched a statewide, consumer telemarketing program in the fall of 1996 and currently works with Integral Resources, Inc. to raise funds for Special Olympics North Carolina. Procter & Gamble (P&G) Special Olympics earns 10 cents from every participating Procter & Gamble product purchased throughout the month of January (up to $750,000 nationwide). To encourage consumers to take advantage of this opportunity, P&G will distribute flyers in Sunday newspapers nationwide on Sunday, December 30. These flyers contain coupons for P&G products, redeemable in January. The most notable aspect of the P&G promotion is the matching donation program. If any P&G retailer raises funds for SONC through an in-store promotion, P&G will match the donation (up to $700,000 nationwide). This program is held in January. (See below for associated local program opportunities.) 5
  6. 6. Major Fundraising Initiatives Providing Funding of Local Events/Programs SONC Cookbook A Pinch of Gold. This fundraising program is the most significant fundraising program ever administered to local programs. This 250-page publication features 300 recipes submitted by SONC athletes, families, volunteers and supporters. The SONC cookbook captures the rich history of the Special Olympics movement in North Carolina through athlete, family and volunteer profiles, inspirational stories and captivating photographs. The SONC cookbooks are sold for $19.95 each, thus providing local programs a $10 profit from each cookbook sold. Law Enforcement Torch Run Each spring law enforcement officers from across the state raise funds for SONC. Over 4,000 officers run over 2,200 miles of a 15-leg relay during a 16-day period arriving in time to light the cauldron at the Opening Ceremonies of the SONC Summer Games. Over $1,100,000 was raised in 2003, placing the SONC Law Enforcement Torch Run third in the nation. Every year, fifteen percent of the net funds raised go to counties in which funds are raised. The remaining funds pay for expenses for area and state-level athletic competitions. Knights of Columbus and Civitans The Knights of Columbus and Civitans are two major volunteer civic organizations that support Special Olympics at the local and state levels. Both organizations are recognized as statewide partners by Special Olympics North Carolina for the total contributions made during the year. In order for local programs to receive contributions from local Knights of Columbus councils and Civitans groups, a letter from the accredited local coordinator needs to be submitted to each local group requesting the local funding support. A sample letter for the Knights of Columbus is included on the following page. The SONC vice president for fund development manages the overall relationship with both organizations and can assist you with a current mailing list of the local leaders of the organizations. The volunteer leadership of these organizations usually change on an annual basis. Grant Writing Special Olympics North Carolina does a significant amount of work with grant foundations both for local program assistance and general operating expenses and state level competitions. Because of the collaborative nature of our approach to grants, we have been very successful in securing funding for various local programs. As you become aware of foundations in your area, please contact your area director, so that we can work together to develop the approach. SONC staff is available to complete the application for these applications. SONC License Plate SONC License plates are available by order for $25. This cost is in addition to the annual license renewal fee. Make checks or money order payable to Special Olympics North Carolina and mail to the Morrisville Office. Once SONC receives 300 orders, which are required by NCDMV to issue the plates, your license plate will be sent to you based on the information provided on this form. 6
  7. 7. SAMPLE LETTER FOR LAMB FOUNDATION REQUESTS DATE Knights of Columbus, Council # XXX ADDRESS Dear Council Members, Thanks to the continued support of Knights of Columbus Councils across North Carolina, Special Olympics is proud to say we now serve more than 38,000 athletes, including #### athletes in XXXXX County. Your council’s gift to Special Olympics XXXXXX County will help to provide sports training and competition opportunities for athletes in your area, including equipment, uniforms, travel expenses to state level competitions, and sports facility rentals. Special Olympics athletes are never charged a fee to participate, so your financial support is vital! Special Olympics strives to provide children and adults with intellectual disabilities hope for a healthier, longer, and more fulfilling life through sports training and competition that keeps them engaged in regular physical activity within a structured peer network. Through participation in Special Olympics our athletes achieve goals, build self confidence and improve their over all health and well-being. We invite the Knights of Columbus to continue their generous partnership with Special Olympics. Our athletes need your support! On behalf of Special Olympics athletes in your area and across state, we thank you for your long time support of our program. I hope you will include us in your giving this year. Your gift will improve lives of hundreds of people with intellectual disabilities in the XXXXX (county or city) community. If you need further information, please feel free to contact me at XXXXXXXX or Julie Talbert at (919) 719-7662 xt.114. I look forward to working with the Knights in Council XXX for many years to come! All the best, (Name), Local Coordinator Special Olympics XXXXXXX County 7
  8. 8. INSERT SONC License Plate Order Form – PDF file 8
  9. 9. General Fund Raising Tips 1. The 25% Rule: In order to maximize revenue for your local program, it is important to minimize expenses. For any fund raising event you hold, your expenses should not exceed more than 25% of the total revenue raised (i.e. If you plan to raise $1,000 from a car wash, the total cost of the event should not be more than $250.) To help reduce expenses, plan the event far in advance. In addition to soliciting cash gifts from area businesses, also ask for in-kind gifts so items that you would normally pay for can be provided to you for free or at a significantly reduced cost (such as t-shirts, food, drinks, banners, et al). Our primary organizational purpose is to provide sports programs for the athletes. If we allow fund raising expenses to exceed 25%--which is the acceptable national average--then we are not providing ample funding to provide the best possible program for the athletes. 2. How to get the money you need? When asking for a financial gift, whether from a corporation or an individual, make sure to: a. provide detailed information about your local program (how many athletes participate, coaches, volunteers, sports offered, etc.) b. explain how the sponsor/donor’s gift will be used (to fund travel, uniforms, sports equipment, etc.) c. include the Special Olympics mission statement d. explain why your local program needs the funding…to provide a first-class experience and unique opportunity for the athletes, that athletes are never charged a fee to participate. Typically, you will realize a much greater return on “asks” when you speak with a sponsor/donor prospect over the phone or in person rather than simply appealing to them via a letter campaign. If you do send a solicitation letter first, make sure to follow-up with the prospective sponsor/donor within one week. Once you receive a gift, always send a thank you letter. If the gift is a large amount, also have one or two of the local athletes write personal thank you notes to the sponsor and mail these notes along with your letter. Stewardship of the donors is key to enhancing and keeping that relationship and the financial support. 9
  10. 10. 3. Sample Appeal Letter for Corporate Sponsorship (modify accordingly) [send on official Special Olympics North Carolina letterhead with your county’s name] July 30, 2005 Mr. John Smith Bob’s House of Antiques 123 Main Street Anytown, North Carolina 23456 Dear Mr. Smith, Special Olympics North Carolina XYZ County serves more than 400 school-aged children as well as more than 150 adults in our community. As a result of tremendous interest from families and area schools, we are continuing to grow by leaps and bounds! In order to fund this ever-increasing number of athletes, we are seeking additional support from local businesses. On behalf of nearly 1,100 athletes who benefit each year from Special Olympics North Carolina XYZ County, I invite (COMPANY NAME) to make a gift of $500 (LIST SPECIFIC AMOUNT) to sponsor one of our local sports teams. Enclosed, please find a list of the benefits you will receive for supporting Special Olympics. Your gift will be used to pay for equipment, uniforms, traveling expenses (food, lodging and transportation), and facility rentals. Since athletes are never charged a fee to train or compete, your support is greatly needed. Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports program for people with intellectual disabilities. Persons with intellectual disabilities involved in Special Olympics North Carolina participate as athletes, coaches, officials, speakers, staff, and volunteers. Thousands of people with intellectual disabilities have gained respect and acceptance through Special Olympics by having the opportunity to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and share their unique talents with family, friends, and the community. I hope Special Olympics North Carolina XYZ County can partner with (COMPANY NAME) this year. Your gift will help make the dreams and goals of hundreds of local athletes come true. Sincerely, Jane Smith, Local Coordinator Special Olympics North Carolina XYZ County (XXX) XXX-XXXX 10
  11. 11. 4. Sample Corporate Sponsorship Benefits (modify accordingly and send with sponsor letter in Item 3 above) Special Olympics North Carolina XYZ County Corporate Benefits 2005 Bowl-A-Thon [Always list name and year of the specific local event or program you need sponsored] Patron Gifts of $1,000+ •Logo displayed on signage at local event •Logo on promotional print materials for local event •Logo on volunteer t-shirts for local event [if available] •Logo on local SONC website with direct link to your company’s website •Full page ad in event program Contributor Gifts of $500+ •Large name on signage at local event •Large name on promotional print materials for local event •Name on volunteer t-shirts for local event [if available] •Name on local SONC website •Half page ad in event program [if available] Friend Gifts of $250+ •Name on signage at local event •Name on promotional print materials for local event •Quarter page ad in event program [if available] 11
  12. 12. 12
  13. 13. Local Program Fundraising Notice Special Olympics North Carolina local programs that plan to conduct fund raising activities/events in the name of Special Olympics must complete this form if the expected gross is $1,000 or more OR if there is any contract, waiver, or release form associated with the fund raiser. This form must be completed at least six weeks prior to the event or activity being held. If extensive preparations or initial costs are required, we encourage you to submit the form before any preparations or costs are incurred by the local program. Please print/type the information below, attach a detailed budget or complete the budget worksheet and send form and all attachments to your area director. Local Program: _______________________ Coordinator: _____________________________ Name of event/project: _____________________________________________________ Who is hosting this event? Local Program ______ Other organization ______ (if other organization, please provide name of organization): __________________________________ Event/project organizer:_________________________________________________________ Organizer’s Daytime phone: ____________________ Event/Project Date(s) _______________ General description of project: ______________________________________________ _____ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Will the Special Olympics name or logo be used in any promotional material? Yes or No _____ (If yes, please attach a draft of all promotional material that may be used) Are there any contracts, waivers, liability release forms, or rental agreements associated with this project/event? Yes or No _________ (If yes, please attach copies of all associated forms) Does this project adhere to all SOI/SONC policies and procedures? Yes or No _____________ Are the funds being collected by an outside organization? Yes or No: _____ If yes, how will the funds be accounted for and distributed? ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Signatures: _______________________________ ________________________________ Local Coordinator/Phone Number Date Project Coordinator/Phone Number Date Last update - May 12, 2010 For Office Review Only: AD _________ VPFSIP ________ VPFR: _________ 13
  14. 14. Local Fundraising Budget Worksheet These are examples of typical expenses and income from fundraising activities. If your project/event does not have a certain expense or income listed, simply leave that space blank. If you already have a detailed budget, you can attach that to the notification form instead of completing this worksheet. If you need assistance, please contact your area director. Local Program: _______________________________________________________________ Project/Event Name: ___________________________________________________________ Expenses: Income: Facility Rental Admission/Registration Fees Equipment Food Sales Food/Refreshments Souvenirs T-Shirts General Donations Decorations Sponsors (please list) Office Supplies Sponsor: Equipment Sponsor: Entertainment Sponsor: Security/Medical Sponsor: Banners/Signage Sponsor: Awards/Recognition Sponsor: Postage Sponsor: Printing (flyers/letters/posters) Sponsor: Other___________________ Other Income: Other___________________ Other Income: Other___________________ Other Income: Other___________________ Other Income: Total Estimated Expenses: Total Estimated Income: * Attach additional sheets if necessary * Attach additional sheets if necessary Total Estimated Income: _________________________ Total Estimated Expenses: _________________________ (expenses should not be more than 25% of the estimated income) Estimated Net Income: _________________________ 14
  15. 15. 2009-10 Torch Run Athlete Development Grant Program Special Olympics North Carolina Application for Funding The Torch Run Grant was established in 1997 to increase the number of athletes, families, coaches, and volunteers actively participating in Special Olympics by funding new sports and other innovative outreach projects. Some opportunities for athlete development initiatives include Unified Sports®, Partners Club®, Athlete Councils, sports partnerships, and family involvement. For additional ideas relating to athlete development opportunities, please contact your area director or A’Lisa Tello, Vice President of Field Services & Program Innovations at 866-373-4916. Qualifications: Request must be directly linked to increased number of new athlete, family, or volunteer participation in the local program. Only fully accredited local programs and agencies may apply. Application Guidelines: Applications will be accepted through January 31, 2009. Programs may apply for a maximum of two grants for two different initiatives. Grants will be awarded in April 2009 so please plan your program to start after May 2009 and be completed by May 2010. Send the completed application to your area director. Please include the following information in your proposal: 1. An explanation of why funds are needed. 2. The amount requested. 3. A description of how the money will be spent. 4. The objectives of the program in measurable terms. What do you hope to accomplish as a result of this program. Be specific. 5. How many athletes, family members, coaches, or volunteers do you expected to reach. 6. All funds must be used within one year of receipt unless otherwise stated. 7. Describe the method of how you will be able to evaluate the results of this program and the impact of this grant. Grant Range: $1,000 or less Application Deadline: January 31, 2009 15
  16. 16. 16
  17. 17. 2009-10 Torch Run Athlete Development Grant Program Application for Funding Send completed application to your area director Deadline: January 31, 2009 Local Program: Area: Coordinator: Address: City: State: Zip: Work Phone: ( ) Home Phone: ( ) Fax: ( ) Email: _______________________________ Athlete Development Project Name: ____________________________________ NOTE: The grant should not cover existing expenses. This money should fund new and innovative programming to reach new athletes, coaches, volunteers and/or families. Project Objectives: Write the objectives of the program in measurable terms. That is, what do you hope to accomplish as a result of this program? How many athletes, family members, coaches, or volunteers do you hope to reach, by what date, and with what means? Describe the method to evaluate the results of this program and the impact of this grant. Describe your plans for continuing this project after the funding year. Be specific. (Attach another sheet if necessary) 17
  18. 18. Projected Impact: Projected number of new athletes: ___________ New is defined as Projected number of new family members: ___________ athletes, families, Projected number of new coaches: ___________ coaches or other volunteers that are Projected number of new volunteers: ___________ not currently involved in the local program. Budget Statement Amount Requested $ (Maximum amount of $1,000) All funds must be used within one year of receipt unless otherwise stated. Describe specifically how the money will be spent. Attach an additional sheet if necessary. Expense Amount ________________________________________________ _________________ ________________________________________________ _________________ ________________________________________________ _________________ ________________________________________________ _________________ ________________________________________________ _________________ ________________________________________________ _________________ ________________________________________________ _________________ TOTAL (not to exceed $1,000.00) _________________ Local Program Coordinator: ___________________________________ Date: _______ Area Director _______________________________________________ Date: _______ VP of Field Services & Innovative Programs:_______________________ Date: _______ For Office Use Only Recommendation: AD Approve: ___________ VPFSPI Approve: Approved pending the following: _____________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _ Not approved for the following reasons: ________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _ 18
  19. 19. ______________________________________________________________________ _ 19
  20. 20. New Coordinator Orientation Notes New Coordinator Orientation Notes 20
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