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Lead- Generation

  1. 1. Winter 2007 W elcome to the Winter 2007 Lead-Generation edition of Huson News. Looking The “Holy Grail” of Tech Marketing L back on 2007, it has certainly ead-generation seems to be the “Holy Grail” for many technol- been an interesting and eventful year. We ogy vendors today. Huson International Media has been busy working on dozens of solutions for our clients, in response have seen many exciting new partnerships to this intense demand. We now have a full section on our website and product launches, and an accelerated dedicated to the topic (www.husonusa.com/lead-generation.html), and our sales teams are in daily discussions with Electronics and IT clients growth to digital media. We welcomed 8 urgently looking to get leads from international markets. new employees into the company between Our solutions? Well, they range from web seminars, to live events, our UK, New York, and California offices, to white paper hosting with many of our publishing partners offer- and more than 70 new clients started ing tremendous solution packages. For example, in Germany, CMP- WEKA offers guaranteed lead-generation packages in multiple formats working with us. including print plus telemarketing, white paper downloading, or web seminars. In the print-plus-telemarketing solution, you get the advan- tage of branding and image building in German editions of Network The planning season is as busy as ever, Computing, CRN, or Information Week and then specify the type of and things are looking promising for 2008 leads you want (such as Enterprise IT decision-makers with a need for a specific networking application). CMP-WEKA will find them for you with our media partners more equipped with telemarketing, in multiples of 25 qualified leads, depending on the than ever before to manage client direction package you buy. “ into online, lead-generation, events and Another example, our research as well as print. We examine in Chinese partner ...in some countries, this issue how lead-generation continues to ChinaECNet (www. eccn.com) is Asia- there is a cultural be a growing focus for our clients, as well Pacific’s leader since sensitivity to privacy 1999 in web seminars and data, and strong ” as the importance of balancing branding aimed at the Electronics alongside the need to create demand. Design Engineer, and data-protection laws. carried out 180 in 2007. Typical lead-generation We hope you enjoy this latest edition of is 500-2000 leads, for only $8,000. They also offer many other options including sponsoring a government-approved training course (typically Huson News, and would like to thank all at least 1,000 leads, for $16,000), live events (300-500 attendees plus of you who gave us feedback on the last usually at least 1,000 more viewing from live broadcast on the web) and, of course, white paper hosting. edition. Once again, we welcome any comments or questions. It’s important to realize that lead-generation is not the same the world over. For example, a web seminar program which works in other countries will likely be doomed to failure in Japan, where culturally Best wishes from all it is unacceptable to be at your desk watching a web seminar, since it may not be regarded as “real work”. Another cultural difference is the of us at Huson for a difficulty of getting your target audience to fill out registration for gated happy holiday season content in some European markets. There are two primary reasons for this. Firstly, there is sometimes a belief that, if the content is valid for and prosperous New them, they should not have to jump through hoops to get it. Secondly, Year. in some countries, there is a cultural sensitivity to privacy and data, and continued page 5
  2. 2. Branding Trends vs. Market Reality H aving shown the lead-generation that users have simply increased their media C-level decision-makers. Balanced against capabilities that Huson can bring to usage. In addition to reading publications, that, the immediate “I need it now” informa- bear, we should examine the current the audience is using the web for informa- tion is readily available on the web. A recent trend of focus on lead-generation, and the tion gathering; perhaps replacing what they BtBOnline webcast co-sponsored by CMP corresponding reduced focus on print adver- used to do such as call a supplier, send in a polled technology marketing decision-mak- tising and branding. Ok, we get it, things are bingo-card inquiry, or trawl through a trade ers. They were asked: changing. However, it is Huson’s view that directory of suppliers. Most technical users continued page 3 the pendulum is swinging too far and too fast still prefer to read their technical information away from marketing basics. such as in-depth technical articles offline, in quality magazines. The same applies for Yes, tremendous brands have been created online in the last 5-10 years; everything from Yahoo and Google to eBay and Ama- LA ELFA 07/08 W zon. But, for every one of those, there are e have some early headlines just ~ Elektronik is the leading title for reach- thousands of failures and companies that in from the German Electronics ing the Design Engineer in Germany with would love to be a big brand name, but are Industry readership survey LA 81,930 design engineer readership every not. Also, the key difference between an ELFA – which is now in its fourth survey issue (a 17.5% increase vs 2005). Amazon and most technology vendors is that year (every 2 years since 2001). The survey Amazon’s actual business model is online, is conducted by the IFAK Institute with ~ Chief technical publication rivals Elek- whereas most technology vendors are essen- scientific/statistical analysis and overview tronik Praxis and Design & Elektronik are tially bricks and mortar companies. of the Ludwig Maximilian University in at 47,880 and 55,340 respectively – also Munich. There were 4,500 interviews con- increasing vs 2005. ducted, and the survey also has the support ...engage with your of the two main German electronics industry Overall, a highly interesting trend is that, potential clients in the organizations ZWEI and FBDi. although the internet has become all-per- vasive and usage almost at 100%, the fact way they want to be en- Key information is as follows: is that the leading trade journals have all actually increased their usefulness to gaged, and at the time ~ The number of decision-makers in the Design Engineers and are being read by electronics industry has increased by 3.5% even more of them. and venue that they are from 260,200 in 2005, to 269,400 today. receptive to your There is significantly more information in ~ 97% of these decision-makers are using the actual study, and Huson will be happy to marketing message. the internet to find out about new products, email you more information and a detailed and 76% use the internet for industry sector summary of the study. In addition, there is information. an online media planning tool MDS which Marketing budgets are usually 2-5% of you can use to submit trial media plans and corporate revenue, but sales budgets are fre- ~ 88% do not even look at English- establish the most effective media plan to quently 10-12%. At the same time, market- language trade journals, reinforcing the need reach your specific target audience. Please ing budgets are being drained of their ability to promote in German to this market, not in contact ralph@husonusa.com for more to brand the company because of the increas- pan-European publications. information. ing requirement to spend marketing budget on sales lead generation programs. Huson’s 100,000 100000 view is that more of the sales budget should be diverted to the marketing department 80,000 2005 2007 to aid this, instead of marketing budgets 80000 remaining static and therefore dangerously 60,000 60000 multi-tasked. 40,000 40000 We have seen many corporate print market- ing budgets whittled down or disappearing altogether, yet there is little evidence to sug- 20,000 20000 gest that readership is down in publications, even if advertisers are placing less print 0 0 Elektronik D&E E. Praxis E. Informationen space than they used to. The evidence is Design Engineer Readership, technical trade press, Germany. Source LA ELFA 2005 and 2007 2
  3. 3. Branding continued from page 2 What is the most trusted source of information for IT Decision-mak- that “immediate need” web user. Advertisers who abandon print are ers? ignoring this branding opportunity as well as leaving this valuable medium to competitors who are gaining from a significant increase Trade magazines 58% in their brand equity as a result. Technology websites 25% One of our clients, technology media agency Just Media with of- fices in the UK and Silicon Valley, has come up with highly relevant Vendor’s own websites 8% research that shows the performance of awareness campaigns across Search marketing 8% both print and online. It highlights just how important print remains as a method of communication with technology professionals and c-level executives. The research, which shows return on marketing Yet at the same time, the same audience was polled about where did objective, has been used by the agency and their clients to continue they see the top priority for their marketing in 2008? to justify print media in the marketing mix. If you are interested in finding out more please contact Just Media CEO Dick Reed (dick@ justmedia.com). Lead-generation 40% In addition, one of our key partners CMP will be releasing their Thought leadership 33% annual Media Engagement Study at the end of November. You can request a copy from Scott Vaughan (svaughan@cmp.com) their VP Branding 26% of Marketing. This study of nearly 1,000 senior IT professionals will help vendors in the IT sector understand why, where, and when See the disconnect? IT decision-makers at different levels, engage with the media, and content, at different points in the decision-making process. The research we are seeing strongly suggests that advertisers should continue with their print advertising to maintain contact with these The value and information in these studies and others is clear – en- serious users who still read their preferred technical, management, or gage with your potential clients in the way they want to be engaged, business publications. This is in addition, of course, to using the web and at the time and venue that they are receptive to your marketing to maintain targeted advertising as well as lead-generation, to catch message. Huson Spotlight O riginally hired as an Account Outside of the office, April is a busy woman. Manager in 1997, April began While raising her daughter Ella and her son representing the IT/Communica- Mateo claims the majority of her hours, she tions portfolio and was soon promoted to also raises money for her church and the Sales Manager of the portfolio’s sales team. children’s schools, and she has written an April left Huson to ride the dotcom wave early-reader children’s book. Hectic sched- in November 1999. One start-up crash, ule aside, April makes time for the good life two children and six years later, we were and her colleagues count on her taste for thrilled to welcome April back to the Huson everything from great sangria recipes to day California sales team in 2005 as Senior Ac- spa recommendations. count Manager. April returned to the IT/Communications portfolio, and her clients are technology April’s Sangria Recipe companies and agencies in Silicon Valley. Working for Huson in • 2 bottles of “Sangria” wine Silicon Valley has given her the • 1 Lemon, sl iced opportunity to work with many • 1 Lime, slic ed of the largest tech companies in • 1 Orange, sl iced the world. • Cup of or ange juice • 1/2 cup of Orang e Curacao • 4 Tablespoons su gar 3
  4. 4. Partner News New Contracts The Yomiuri Shimbun Green IT We have signed a contract to begin BTC UK will launch Green IT magazine representing the Yomiuri Shimbun within in January 2008; the first magazine of its the US. This is the largest newspaper in kind in the UK with editorial exclusively Japan – and actually the highest-circulated devoted to (if you’ll pardon the expres- newspaper in the world, with a daily cir- sion) the hot topic of environmentally culation of almost 14 million (combined aware IT. The circulation is 70,000 IT morning and evening editions), and an directors and managers, and Green IT overall readership of 26 million. Yomiuri will be an excellent advertising oppor- Online is Japan’s most visited newspaper site with more than tunity for companies who are actively 294 million page views per month. In addition to the massive committed to educating the IT Manager about environmental is- consumer audience, Yomiuri also has huge reach into business sues, and vendors selling eco-friendly IT products and solutions. audiences – the morning edition will reach 466,000 business executives at Board Level or higher, compared to Nikkei Busi- ness Daily (morning edition) at 133,000. (J-Read 2006 national newspaper readership study). “Mr. Elektronik” Long-time Editor in Chief of Elektronik, Europe’s most read biweekly Electronics publication, Gunther Klasche (known in New Ownership for Dutch PC Titles Germany as “Mr Elektronik”) is headed to 3 publications in Holland (Computer Idee, PC Magazine, and retirement at the end of this year. Huson Power Unlimited) have been sold by VNU Holland to HUB would like to add our thanks and recognition Uitgevers, effective November 1st 2007. Huson continues to of an outstanding career and contribution to represent them under the new ownership, and we look forward the highest standards of quality in technical to working with this new editorial. Don’t worry, Elektronik remains in safe hands as we partner. VNU Holland transition to new Chief Editor Gerhard Stelzer. He’s ‘only’ been continues to publish the at Elektronik for 12 years so we’re hoping he’ll settle in soon! market leading Enterprise and Channel IT suite including CRN Holland, Computable Magazine, Publisher Name Changes Emerce, and sites comput- VNU Italy is now Edizioni Fiera Milano SpA, NCom has able.nl and tweakers.nl. become Media Provider Denmark, and Uitgeverij Nassau in the Netherlands is now My Business Media. Announcements Staff Announcements PC Magazin Congratulations are in order for several members of the Huson PC Magazin Germany has made great team. David Steifman has been promoted to Eastern Regional strides in its circulation this year. Q3 Director, taking over from Claudia Guzowski who leaves Huson 2007 IVW-audit was 241,753 sold copies for the Wall Street Journal on November 30. Also promoted: – almost 30% higher than the 186,582 of Jesica Bullrich and Phoebe Klein to Account Managers, Dustin Q1 2007. In addition, PC Magazin actu- Guzowski to Account Executive, and Michael Andrews to Senior ally delivers over 1 million readership per Account Manager. We’re also delighted to welcome new team copy (AWA 2007), so that’s real value for members Nicole Petersen to our California office as Account marketers. Representative, and Elina Kerzhner to our New York office providing account support. 4
  5. 5. Lead-Generation continued from page 1 Our advice for executing an international strong data-protection laws. In short, getting contact details from audiences in some European markets is not easy. lead-generation program: Many of our partners around the world do not offer lead- generation solutions, or offer only some of the options that Choose what you do in each country carefully vendors commonly find in the US and UK markets. In many based on the local cultural preferences. cases, the markets are simply too small (and likely audience has not yet reached critical mass) for the media owner to invest Explain clearly in the initial marketing message in advanced technologies such as web seminars. In response to why your content is so compelling that it over- this gap in lead-generation programs, Huson has begun work- comes any cultural aversion to giving data, and ing with ON24 (leading supplier of web seminar technology ensure privacy. used by virtually all of the US technical publishers, including CMP). We can now offer complete solutions for lead-genera- Translate all content; not just the initial ad, but tion on any site we partner with, in any country. Whether you also the landing page and the downloadable want white paper hosting with lead–generation in Korea, or a content, using quality translators that understand web seminar for audiences in Italy, we can manage the end-to- the technology. end solution from translations through hosting, registration, and reporting, as well as the all-important audience generation and Our clients are sometimes faced with the nice traffic driving programs. problem of being overwhelmed by leads, so have all your ducks in a row regarding follow-up. You’ve got 2,000 leads, now what? You can meet Huson executives at the Contacts following Trade Shows around the world. Jan. 7-10, 2008 CES, Las Vegas USA USA/California UK Ralph Lockwood Gerry Rhoades-Brown Mar. 4-9, 2008 CEBIT, Hannover Germany ralph@husonusa.com gerryrb@husonmedia.com 1999 South Bascom Ave., Suite 1000 Cambridge House Campbell, CA 95008 Gogmore Lane, Chertsey Apr. 7-10, 2008 RSA, San Francisco USA Tel +1 (408) 879-6666 Surrey, KT16 9AP UK Tel +44 (0) 1932 564999 Apr. 14-18, 2008 Embedded Systems Confer- ence, Silicon Valley USA Apr. 27-May 2, Interop, Las Vegas USA USA/New York Questions and Comments 2008 David Steifman Kristen Revis david@husonusa.com kristen@husonusa.com May 5-8, 2008 EDS, Las Vegas USA Empire State Building Tel +1 (408) 879-6666 350 Fifth Ave., Suite 4614 Nov. 2008 Interop Berlin New York, NY 10118 Tel +1 (212) 268-3344 Unsubscribe Nov. 11-14, 2008 Huson will again be an Ed Sarkissian exhibitor at the world’s prime electronics trade ed@husonusa.com show Electronica, Munich, Germany www.husonmedia.com Tel +1 (408) 879-6666