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Five Steps

  1. 1. October 2006 Branded Response: Five Steps To Lead Generation Success
  2. 2. Branded Response: Five Steps To Lead Generation Success I t is no secret that in the last ten years, nearly everything Demand Generation Success Factors about B2B technology marketing has become more complex: New online marketing vehicles have emerged, Branded Response aligns directly with the top three direct as constant enhancements have been made to traditional marketing success factors: Highly targeted lists, relevant, offline vehicles. These additional marketing choices have timely offers and compelling, creative execution. also drastically increased the marketing clutter technol- ogy customers experience in evaluating products and ser- The list (audience) is the starting point from which the vices. As a result, the technology buyer has taken control Branded Response program strategy is developed. Take of the marketing engagement process, sidestepping and the audience of a B2B controlled circulation media firm effectively hiding from marketing messages. Buyers decide for instance. These people have chosen to subscribe to the when, where, how - and if – they choose to engage with publication or e-newsletter, and they have also been quali- a marketer’s sales team. And on top of it all, CEOs and fied based on the attributes of the firm they work for and the CFOs have new Return On Investment (ROI) standards for position they hold in that firm. This audience has a built-in, marketing campaign success measurement demanding trusted, affinity relationship with the publication, and typi- increased accountability for campaign results. cally holds the editorial content in high regard. In this continually evolving marketing world, how do you The offers in Branded Response extend through to this best drive measurable demand for a “considered pur- editorial and media “content” and can include whitepapers, chase” technology product or service? Branded Response articles, case studies, check lists, give-aways, downloads, combines the reach, relevance and credibility of targeted ROI calculators, e-newsletters, subscriptions, webcasts, business media with offer-driven direct marketing – then podcasts and videos. characterizes and cultivates the resulting prospects using response management and database marketing disciplines. The Branded Response creative maps to all of the visual and Most importantly, Branded Response campaigns result in technological elements ranging from print ads, websites, more leads of a higher quality and at a lower investment. banners, links, e-mail layout, site layout and booth design at face-to-face events, direct mail packages and even tele- The raw ideas underlying Branded Response are not new. marketing script design. In fact, every marketing plan must balance brand and response goals. The question is how to allocate your Why not just use Direct Marketing? marketing budget to maximize results? Despite a few notable exceptions, the average direct mar- Branded Response moves integrated marketing to another keting lead generation program - using email, direct mail level. It is not about simply coordinating print, online, event and/or telemarketing to touch the target audience – has and direct marketing, nor is it simply about executing generally seen a steady decrease in response rates over multiple touches to a targeted audience. Branded Response the last few years. Conventional wisdom says the primary is about lowering cost-per-qualified lead by leveraging culprit is list fatigue: too many marketers sending too all relevant brand interaction points to capture the inter- many messages to the same, too few prospects. I agree list est and attention of targeted individuals and serving them fatigue is a factor, but why? How is list fatigue created? I the information they need in an interactive, relationship suggest that many marketers are not targeting well, and are building manner. sending messages that are irrelevant to the vast majority of © October 2006 CMP Technology
  3. 3. Branded Response: Five Steps To Lead Generation Success 1 recipients. To aggravate matters even more, a good portion [ 1. IDENTIFY ] of those who actually are interested in this content are not on the list since they opted out long ago due to receiving too The first step of the Branded Response demand generation many prior irrelevant messages. strategy is identifying suspects who have characteristics of your qualified prospects. Most B2B technology markets are So how do we get them back? relatively finite, but are also very dynamic with individuals changing firms and position rapidly. When lead generation First, swear off “broadcast direct marketing.” Never send is a primary goal of a marketing plan, building and main- broad messaging to a broad list of people using email, taining a marketing database is the single most impor- postal mail or telemarketing. Direct marketing is not nor- tant strategy a B2B technology mally a cost-effective awareness marketer can deploy. The old media so you should instead use adage, “you cannot sell to them highly targeted list selections Branded Response if you cannot see them” holds up (testing numerous list sources), Methodology particularly well in the B2B tech- with a highly focused offer strat- nology marketplace. Even with egy, in context to your prior rela- The general philosophy for Branded Response follows a five-point crystal clarity on the attributes tionship with the list so as to of the firms you sell to and the strategy: maximize response rates. Yes, positions of those people who 1. IDENTIFY – the target market or your volumes will be less, and make and influence decisions, “Opportunity Universe” your cost per touch may be more, simply identifying these people but your response and conversion 2. TOUCH – using media they consume and with offers they find is a large and ongoing challenge. rates will make up for it with lower Then keeping track of them as relevant costs-per-qualified-lead. they change firms and change 3. CHARACTERIZE – their status to determine appropriate follow-up positions within firms can be a Second, devote more attention daunting task, but a task of criti- and budget to attracting those of 4. CULTIVATE – prospects to full sales-ready status cal importance. your target audience who are hid- ing from your direct marketing. Do 5. MEASURE – campaign and program results to maximize A marketing database is much so with awareness-based media more than a list repository; it is learning including print, online and event your marketing decision support programs that present relevant system. It helps develop strategy, content in an environment that the plan and execute campaigns, and audience sees as credible and safe: meaning they can edu- track results. Developing your marketing database can be cate themselves on your products and services yet preserve done in-house or through a credible, skilled partner. We their anonymity. Yet even though it is brand/awareness suggest you ultimately develop an entire “Opportunity Uni- focused, by leveraging a direct marketing-style offer strat- verse” of current and potential client decision makers and egy, you can use print, online and events to capture leads critical influencers. while characterizing them for sales readiness. © October 2006 CMP Technology
  4. 4. Branded Response: Five Steps To Lead Generation Success The ultimate objective of this database development phase focus and clarity that online has not yet achieved. Tech buy- is to create a mechanism for identifying future sales leads ers browse magazines and websites whose high credibility and clients – a predictable, measurable, accountable sales and content they trust. They use this media to stay abreast lead machine - while producing intelligence for supporting of trends, ideas and news they otherwise would not have marketing and sales programs with a high confidence of been aware of. But we should not underestimate the direct expected return on investment. response value of print. First of all, print provides the “air cover” for direct marketing, both on and off-line. Direct response marketing campaigns that follow a print campaign 2 [ . TOUCH ] can expect to produce results 10-25% greater than stand alone direct campaigns. Telemarketing in particular can The next strategic step of the Branded Response demand produce a considerably higher reach and conversion rate generation strategy is “touching” the target market with when referencing a print article or ad than that of a tele- credible, relevant communications that compels them campaign that must fly solo. But when print ads include a to respond. There are many marketing vehicles to com- specific offer and call-to-action, you can expect numerous municate with customers and potential customers and to inquiries that may not have responded to - or even have generate responses. These include print and broadcast been exposed to - traditional direct marketing offers. advertising, search, banners, links, public relations, trade shows, seminars, email, telemarketing and direct mail. To Online reach your entire market and generate less costly leads, we The first advantage of online demand creation through the suggest a Branded Response approach - integrating direct use of banners, textlinks, etc., is the sense of community marketing efforts with brand advertising initiatives to maxi- a visitor feels as they search for information. A tech buyer mize total marketing yields. wants to know the information they are searching for is available, credible and relevant. But most of all, they want While not designed to be an all-inclusive review of each to feel they came to the right place and that the writer or demand generation vehicle, let’s briefly outline do’s, don’ts aggregator thinks like they do. and tips for the most popular lead generation vehicles: Online marketing allows buyers to stay hidden as they learn Print and gather information in an anonymous fashion. Many Traditionally print advertising has not been seen as a strong buyers may be interested in a product or service but feel demand generation tool, and that is reflected in the general intimidated, annoyed or simply do not want to engage at lack of an offer strategy in most print creative. Nearly every the moment they receive the direct mail piece, phone call ad these days includes a website URL on the bottom, but or email. However, when they are online and are driving most often does not include a strong incentive to go there the timing and direction of the “conversation,” they do so (“For more information” is not a compelling incentive). on their own terms. This brand and community building Very few ads include a toll free number – presumably experience will lead to a qualified opportunity only when because they do not want to attract calls perceived as non- the prospect is ready. It is the online marketer’s objective to sales related. provide content and offers aligned with different job titles/ functions and potential stages in the buy cycle so that the However, print advertising in the B2B technology world is anonymous visitor has the relevant incentive to finally iden- seen as a very strong brand builder. It provides the broader tify themselves. reach that direct marketing cannot, and it provides the © October 2006 CMP Technology
  5. 5. Branded Response: Five Steps To Lead Generation Success Buyers frequently use search engines to research a market Fax or find a solution. Provided your Search Engine Optimization Like email, unsolicited faxing is illegal in some circum- and Search Engine Marketing plan attracts them, they land stances. But again, with permission preferences under- on your site with a purpose – to find something specific or stood, targeted fax blasts can still be a cost effective lead to be educated. Your job is to convince them to share infor- generation tool and is very measurable. mation about themselves and their initiative in exchange for the content they desire. Through this process, you begin to Direct Mail get a picture of their circumstance that can identify them as Postal mail is a fabulous way to get across a brand message a sales ready lead, and begin to capture observed behavior to a targeted audience while encouraging a response to that allows for an analytic review of your data to ascertain an offer. It is an ideal lead generation vehicle that can what content are most likely to capture the attention of other effectively be used in both a first touch and cultivation similarly engaged individuals in your database. execution. Not only are direct mail program results very measurable, but many people will keep direct mail pieces for Events future reference downstream. Direct mail is not new, but To the attendee, face-to-face events serve two primary pur- ironically, with the growth of online direct response adver- poses: education and networking. They learn about prod- tising, many technology marketers have simply stopped ucts, services, technologies, companies, industries and using postal mail as a part of their marcom mix. This means trends. Plus they meet people who they may want to hire, mail boxes are less full than email inboxes these days and get hired by or partner with. Online events – webcasts – are the lack of clutter allows your postal mail to be regarded in primarily educational activities for the attendee. From a a stronger light. demand generation standpoint, the events are an “offer” designed to attract a registration that can be characterized Telemarketing and cultivated to sales ready status. Nobody likes to receive cold calls: so don’t make any! Instead, contact a highly targeted list of individuals by phone Email with an offer relevant to what you already know about them. Email has gotten a bad rap recently. So much so, that unlike Time your telemarketing campaign to coincide with your other B2B direct marketing vehicles like postal mail and print, online and postal direct mail campaign. That’s not a telemarketing, you can break the law if you email improp- cold call. That’s a credible business follow-up call that the erly. For this reason, many have abandoned email blasts as majority of recipients will appreciate, even if they are not a credible demand generating tool. Too bad. Email is rela- sales ready when you call. Telemarketing is also particu- tively inexpensive to execute and can produce great ROI if larly powerful as an inquiry characterization tool and as a done properly. If you followed step one of this process and long term lead cultivation tool. have built (or more accurately are continuously building) a marketing database, and you have procured opt-in permis- Bottom line: Try to resist personal preferences when sion from some in your database and you don’t over-blast choosing which lead generation vehicles you are going to them, you can carefully craft email messages with offers use to touch targeted suspects. Test several to ensure you relevant to this audience based on their job function and maximize the number of inquiries you can generate, while their inferred information preferences. Yes, the response still staying within the cost-per-lead targets you require. rates are low compared to direct mail or telemarketing, but the cost per touch is also low and therefore the cost per qualified lead can still be quite attractive. © October 2006 CMP Technology
  6. 6. Branded Response: Five Steps To Lead Generation Success [ ] APNR Prospect Profile: 3 . CHARACTERIZE Characterization is the next strategic step of the Branded Smart marketers use a more methodical definition of a Response demand generation strategy. When communi- “lead” that salespeople can win from. One very intuitive cating with a potential prospect, the first goal is to solicit methodology is to develop an APNR Prospect Profile: the a response in the form of a raw inquiry or registration. The Attributes, Position, Need and Readiness criteria that define next objective is to determine which of the raw inquiries are a qualified lead. Not only is APNR a natural way to ascertain “sales ready” leads that require immediate follow-up, and sales lead qualification levels, but it is naturally accepted by which are “nurture leads” that require ongoing cultivation. the sales force and does not require considerable training Before we describe our recommended characterization to understand. process, another question begs an answer. So, what exactly is a Sales Lead? APNR Further Described: It depends on who you ask. List vendors have 1. Attributes – Company size, type, location, age, and other site-specific millions of “leads” to rent you. People who criteria. Does this firm fit the “firmographic” profile of a potential client? click through to a website are also called 2. Position – Job function, title and authority level. Does this individual make “leads.” So are those that respond to mar- or influence decisions for your products and services? keting campaigns by dialing toll free num- 3. Need – Issues, problems, concerns, etc. Have they specific requirements bers, registering on a website, responding to or initiatives that your products and services address? an email or filling out a business reply card. 4. Readiness – Stage of the buy cycle, timeframe, and budget. Are they But these “leads” can also include students, interested in speaking with your sales rep about these needs? reporters, prisoners, competitors, profes- sors, interns, administrative assistants and even your own sales people. In addition, “leads” include qualified decision makers and influencers The first two elements, Attributes and Position, determine who are simply researching the market and are nowhere whether an inquiry is “qualified” and is within your Opportu- near a purchase decision. While there are as many defini- nity Universe. The final two elements, Need and Readiness, tions for a “lead” as there are marketers creating them, we determine whether an individual lead is “sales-ready” or is should always remember for whom leads are generated: to be held back as a “nurture lead” that requires cultivation salespeople. through additional marketing touches. Attributes and Posi- tion who they work for and what they do there. Need and But here’s the rub: if you ask salespeople what a qualified Readiness are ascertained by how they interact with media lead is, they will tell you it is a C-level decision maker with content and direct marketing offers. a current short term initiative that is fully budgeted. Unfor- tunately, in most B2B technology purchases, the C-level While such qualification questions can be quickly and person does not actually make the decision to procure a inexpensively captured through online forms, often times, given brand of hardware, software or services. And if the potential prospects will abandon the process altogether if initiative is already budgeted, your competition has already they do not have the time to complete the form or if they gotten a leg up on you and your best shot is to be the third feel interrogated by the nature or length of the questions. or fourth bid. Another option to characterize inquiries and maximize © October 2006 CMP Technology
  7. 7. Branded Response: Five Steps To Lead Generation Success 4 responses is to reduce the number of questions on line to [ . CULTIVATE ] attributes, position and phone number info only, then con- tact them with a follow-up phone call. The next strategic step in the Branded Response demand generation strategy is cultivation. At any given moment, with A stereotypical telemarketing “script” is not the most effec- any given prospect, regardless of the stage of our relation- tive approach: you do not read words into the telephone and ship with them, they are most likely not “sales-ready.” Yet simply record responses. Instead, you conduct a professional we still desire to attract their attention, gain their interest telephone conversation, using an organized “call guide” and cultivate them over time into a potential sales oppor- whereby the approach is to first gain the suspect’s atten- tunity. Even with media-produced inquiries where the pros- tion with a compelling opening and offer, thereby allowing pect initiated the dialogue by registering for the webcast, for a substantial conversation about their business needs downloading the whitepaper or signing up for an e-newslet- and how your products and services address those needs. ter, they are still not likely to be sales ready. The result of this conversation should be a “scripted” record whereby we have been able to ascertain the answers to the To address these critical and potentially conflicting reali- APNR qualification criteria questions – often without asking ties, use a Sales Lead Development strategy that seeks to the questions directly. contact a potential client and communicate value in context to prior communications and with respect to the stage of the relationship. That stage is determined by their past con- tact with us, and by observing their behavior on line: what Four Outcomes to Sales Lead content they are consuming, what events they participate Characterization: in, what e-newsletters and magazine they subscribe to, Sales Ready - meets APNR, or even just APN criteria etc. Early dialogue contact demands we focus on building Nurture Lead – Meets AP or maybe APN criteria credibility so that as the relationship advances, we earn their trust and they share with us details of their technol- Disqualified – Does not meet both A and P criteria ogy initiatives, issues and concerns - and their interest in Unknown – We cannot ascertain because online infor- mation on their status is not available and they were solving them. not reachable by telephone The result of following this dialogue development approach is that in addition to creating some “sales-ready” leads (meeting pre-defined APNR criteria) on initial contact, And like it or not, nearly every lead generation campaign, we also create many more “nurture leads” which through regardless of “touch” vehicle or offer used, produces three additional contact, in context to our growing relationship, to five times as many “nurture” leads than it does “sales- advance to “sales-ready” status at an increasing rate and ready” leads. The simple fact is that at any snapshot in time, a lower cost-per-lead. In fact, if you inspect the pipelines there are many more people interested in your products and of your sales teams, you’ll likely discover that most sales- services than are ready to buy them. ready opportunities are a result of cultivation contact rather than an initial touch. © October 2006 CMP Technology
  8. 8. Branded Response: Five Steps To Lead Generation Success Sales Lead Development Strategy may include a solution oriented white paper, online video or webcast that ties more directly to your product or service. When I first met my wife it was love at first sight but I did not The goal of the mid-dialogue stage is to build credibility with propose to her just then. I could have told her what a great your prospect so as to result in a deeper relationship. husband I would make by extolling benefits such as how I’ll take out the trash, I don’t go out drinking with the guys and Don’t get me wrong, while courting my wife, had she given I’m not addicted to the remote control. Of course she would me signs that she would have said yes during our early have thought I was a nut if I had. Instead I asked her to cof- dates, I would have gone for it! And you should too in your fee, then a lunch date followed by dinner and a show, the marketing. Early or mid dialogue offers regularly lead to ski weekend and the trip to meet her parents. A year or so a few prospects expressing an interest in meeting with a after that first coffee, I popped the question. I practiced a sales rep right then and there. prospect development strategy and it worked! Finally, in late dialogue stage, you align their buying process I use this silly metaphor to illustrate how many technol- with your sales process and the goal is to build confidence ogy marketers troll for sales leads: They espouse product with the prospect that their time will be well spent engaging features and benefits in their marketing communications, with your sales rep. Here, offers include relevant case stud- then immediately ask prospects for very personal informa- ies, system demos, ROI calculators, etc. tion such as pain points, timeframe to decision and budget. With no prior relationship, even otherwise qualified pros- But at any snapshot in time, you are communicating pects often do not respond to such aggressive marketing. with people who are in all three stages of prospect And worse yet, many who do are simply looking for a “third development. How can you do so in an organized and cost bid” to fill out their procurement department paperwork. effective manner? One strategy is to combine all of these offers into a single microsite, allowing prospects to choose Instead, the prospect development strategy suggests which content suits their current interest and thereby iden- providing content and offers in context to the stage of the tifying where they are in their buying process. CMP develops relationship with your prospect. Early dialogue offers could Briefing Center websites that serve this role. By using print, include a broad category white paper, article reprint or even online and direct marketing to drive traffic to the Briefing a promotional offer such as a gift certificate or a popular Center, the prospect can choose the level of content they business book. The goal in early dialogue is first to con- are interested in and the amount of APNR information they firm the prospect works for a firm with the target attri- are comfortable with sharing. butes and is in a position to make or influence decisions for your product or service. The next goal is to build the rela- In fact, in addition to the dialogue stage of a prospect, tionship - resulting in agreement to continue the dialogue. another element affecting what and how to get a prospect So you trade the offer for Attribute and Position info and to engage is designing the offer around their job function. agreement for a follow-up contact. It is the first date, go For instance, an IT professional is certainly interested in slowly – you do not want to scare them away! product performance data: aka speeds and feeds. But the line-of-business manager who is involved on the deci- In the mid dialogue stage, you cultivate and develop the sion team is more interested in the business contribution relationship with more focused offers, again in context to your product will make. The C-level decision maker is the now advancing stage of the relationship. Such offers primarily interested in the financial impact your solution © October 2006 CMP Technology
  9. 9. Branded Response: Five Steps To Lead Generation Success will have. Today these three roles can often be found in the focus on their sales responsibilities. But while measuring same person. More and more IT managers are being held marketing program effectiveness is not an exact science, accountable to the business effects and ROI of their tech- B2B marketers can no longer avoid proving the tangible nology investments. value of their programs. Return on Investment in B2B Marketing: 5 [ . MEASURE ] Marketers are being asked to reconcile nearly every dollar The final, but ongoing strategic step of CMP’s Branded spent on marketing against an increased dollar in sales. But Response demand generation strategy is to close the loop this is very difficult because in the B2B technology world, on the lead process. This suggests where midcourse modi- a one-to-one relationship between a buyer and a seller is fications can produce higher yields while providing your unrealistic. In reality, it is a many-to-many relationship. On sales, marketing and senior staff the data to measure ROI the buyer side, a team of people researches and evaluates and support future campaign investments. numerous products and services before a final compro- mise solution choice is made. On the seller side, there are Testing a three-way approach is a thorough option for gain- numerous marketing communications targeted at the buy- ing such sales lead feedback. First, we encourage your ers with a number of sales, marketing and support people sales reps or channel partners to provide feedback on lead involved in the sales and marketing process. Attribution of a quality (attributes, position, need and readiness criteria given marketing expenditure to a qualified lead, much less accuracy), process improvement ideas, sales process sta- to a completed sale is extremely difficult if not impossible. tus and sales forecasting. Secondly, you can contact the prospect directly, possibly 30 days after the lead has been ROI modeling however is very useful in solving this attribu- distributed to sales and potentially again 90 days after lead tion dilemma. We can, for instance, prove that a given direct distribution. The objective of these post-distribution con- mail campaign that produces a 2% response rate on its own tacts is to provide marketing the feedback they need while can produce a considerably higher response if proceeded by also providing sales feedback that will help them advance a print advertising program. More importantly, this synergy the prospect closer to a sales event. Finally, match your can reduce the total cost per inquiry. We can also prove that accounting records against your marketing database to verify, tele-characterization of these raw inquiries can identify the validate, and enhance ROI data. This can be somewhat high priority sales ready leads, and segment the leads that difficult and incomplete since accounting departments need to be nurtured. Then a cultivation program can pro- often enter client contact data based on purchasing orga- duce even more sales ready leads at a fraction of the cost of nization contacts and locations which can differ from generating new ones. contact data provided by sales or marketing efforts. A robust matching strategy can maximize ROI tieback rates and But how do you attribute the cost of the print, online, event ROI modeling value. and direct marketing elements of the campaign to a given lead? Through analysis of the data you may conclude, for This three-way approach can provide marketing and sales instance, that new leads take an average of four marketing the maximum and necessary feedback, and shorten the communication touches over a period of three months to sales cycle. It frees your sales force from performing the move from first touch to sales readiness – all for a cost of administrative feedback function, thereby allowing them to say $1,000 per sales ready lead. You can then follow those © October 2006 CMP Technology
  10. 10. Branded Response: Five Steps To Lead Generation Success leads through the sales process and conclude for instance and measurable ongoing stream of sales ready leads for that it takes 5 such leads to produce one sale for a marcom their products and services. cost of $5,000 per sale. About CMP Technology Another ROI concept is that of assigning “load” to a campaign CMP Technology ( is a media and market- based on the split of its branding and response objectives. ing services company serving the entire breadth of the Say for instance that a campaign is launched to raise aware- B2B technology industry. Through its market-leading port- ness for a new product but also generate some demand at folio of trusted print publications, online sites, events and the same time (a Branded Response campaign). Let’s say direct marketing services, CMP Technology has earned the $250k integrated media campaign is designed to reach the confidence of more professionals and enthusiasts in two million technology buyers across vertical industries and the technology field than any other media firm. As a result, job functions plus generate two thousand responses in the CMP is the premier provider of access, insight and action- form of whitepaper downloads and webcast registrants. If able programs designed to connect technology sellers and we assume that the brand value of the campaign is consid- buyers in ways that yield superior return on investment. ered equal to the demand gen value ($125k each), then the CMP Technology is headquartered in Manhasset, NY and leads generated have a target cost of $62.50 each ($250k is a subsidiary of United Business Media (www.unitedbusi- x 50% divided by 2000) and the impressions target cost is, a global provider of news distribution and $0.0625 each ($250k x 50% divided by 2,000,000). Now, if specialist information services with a market capitalization this was considered simply a direct marketing investment, of more than $3 billion. ignoring the brand value, then the cost per lead doubles to $125. Or if it is considered simply a brand campaign, the About the Author cost per impression doubles to $0.125. Bill Herr is Managing Director of Sales Lead Development for CMP Technology and is responsible for leveraging CMP’s Conclusion audience database and content assets to develop demand Demand generation for B2B technology products and ser- creation programs that produce fully qualified sales leads vices has never been easy. It just keeps getting more com- for CMP’s advertisers and clients. Bill brings 25 years of plex with more options, more accountability and more buy- direct marketing, inquiry handling/response management ers taking control of the process. Through a data-driven and database marketing experience to CMP, including the approach to sales lead development, and by integrating founding and sale of a B2B direct response agency. Bill can print, online, events and direct marketing touch points, a be reached at or 303-369-5500. B2B marketer can make a difference. Not only by producing positive campaign results, but more importantly, they can confidently develop strategies for producing a predictable © 2006 CMP United Business Media, All rights reserved. © October 2006 CMP Technology 10