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  1. 1. > Publisher’s Outlook Nadji Tehrani, Chairman and Founder, Technology Marketing Corp. Call Center Farewell and Time for the Changing of the Guard After 28 years of industry leadership, it’s time to ask my son, TMC CEO Rich Tehrani, to write my “publisher’s outlook.” I n the beginning…Wow, it has been 28 years? It’s hard to believe! Where did the time go? It has been an incredible ride to be at the center of a market that we started, grew and evolved to the point where it is a global multi-trillion dollar market and changed the way all companies do business and allows consumers to have closer connections with the companies they purchase from. It has been tremendously rewarding and the rest of the time managing TMC. to be involved in taking this industry By the end of the week, I had sold 15 pages global, ranking many of the players of advertisements with no big expense ac- via a number of awards and, more- counts, no car allowance, no gas payments, over, helping service agencies get on no hotel, no reservations, nothing. the map and become the heart of a multi-billion dollar outsourcing/BPO Mistake #1 market. How exciting it has been The first thing I did was bring in my to apply for and receive a registered two outside sales people and put them trademark on the term “telemarketing” on the phone and asked them to try back in 1982, when it was barely even to sell by telephone. By the end of the beginning. This was five years before week, both salesmen quit. At that time, the term “call center” even became I did not know why they quit, and now popular. Moreover, watching this pub- I know: The skills you need to sell by lication evolve with an industry that phone are totally different than the skills changed the world of commerce and you need to sell in person. communications has been even more exciting and rewarding. Mistake #2 A plaque presented to me reads On behalf of the industry, InfoCision I interviewed various candidates in person, Management Corp. awarded Nadji as follows: none of whom could sell anything by Tehrani this prestigious plaque 25 Years of Excellence recognizing him as “Teleservices Industry phone. Once again, at that time, I had no Founder, Leader and Visionary.” idea why, but today, we know that if you Presented to Mr. Nadji Tehrani want a telephone sales person to be success- ful, you must interview them on the phone. Teleservices Industry Founder, How We Got Started Leader and Visionary In desperation, I decided to ask one of our In the early 1980s, I became disen- secretaries to get on the phone and try to May 4, 2006 chanted with advertising sales done by sell something. She was extremely reluctant my traveling salesmen trying to sell for “In just 25 years, we went from and wanted to have nothing to do with sell- our magazines. non-existent to a proud industry, ing. But, I asked her to come to my office which laid the foundation for every One day, I decided to pick up the telephone and I told her, “You have a $500 bonus if corporation in America and around to try and sell something. Lo and behold, you change your attitude towards selling the globe.” I was able to sell three to four pages of and genuinely try selling before you decide advertising during approximately one hour you don’t like it.” And, to take the pressure “Every company is a call center!” of phone calls. In order to confirm the away, I told her, “You don’t have to sell any- “Quality and marketing are not telephone would really work, I decided to thing. I just want you to give it a try.” She part-time jobs.” spend one hour a day selling on the phone asked, “I don’t have to sell anything?” I said, Subscribe FREE online at www.cismag.com TABLE OF CONTENTS • AD iNDEX Customer inter@Ction solutions® December 2009 1
  2. 2. > Publisher’s Outlook Ga. To make a long story short, this show for the last 10 years, with happy attendees was extremely well received and, in fact, and exhibitors, all learning and buying, conferences sold out and people were actu- selling and networking. More recently, ally standing in the hallway listening to the ITEXPO has seen exciting collocated events lectures inside the rooms. At that time, I representing some of the most important recall receiving a phenomenal testimonial new areas of technology markets: from the president of one of the software manufacturing companies which wrote me • Smart Grid Summit the following testimonial: • 4GWE Conference “Dear Nadji: • M2M Evolution Conference Congratulations on the success of (Machine to Machine) TBT ’86! • Cloud Communications Summit Early, Cloud & Company applauds at ITEXPO your grasping the leadership baton • Virtualization Summit at ITEXPO on behalf of the young telemarket- • Digium|Asterisk World ing industry. Early, Cloud & Com- pany will be back for TBT ’87 as we • Startup Camp Telephony at ITEXPO had a very successful show. “That is correct, but I want a good effort.” As such, ITEXPO continues to grow as To date, we have proposed $3.4 mil- the industry’s top destination for infor- So, in this manner, she got on the phone lion as a direct result of the contracts mation and the single place where you and, lo and behold, she started selling more from TBT ’86. As a vendor, the show can see all of the important companies and more ads every day and sales went up was significant – not only did we go in a variety of markets. by 50 percent within the next three months. through 500 brochures in the first hour, The only expense we had was the telephone but you brought decision makers to I Could Really Write A Book charges, which were practically negligible. Atlanta which we had direct access to. How could I possibly squeeze the excite- Now I became encouraged knowing that ECC applauds your leadership, my ment of the industry and the evolution someone else besides me can sell by phone, compliments to you and your staff.” of media we have witnessed in the last so the first thing we did was apply for a Kindest regards, 28 years in a few pages of this editorial? registered trademark for the term “Tele- It cannot be done in a few pages. But, marketing.” Soon thereafter, the trademark John P. Early, President I could provide the very few highlights. was granted and, in June 1982, we started Early, Cloud & Company However, to do justice to it, I should write Telemarketing® magazine, which laid the foundation for what is now a multi-billion As such, TBT kept growing and growing a book; maybe some day I will do just that! dollar industry. and with it the industry kept growing and A Few Highlights growing and our magazine and seminars and After the first issue, we ran out of things conferences continued to grow and grow. The Japanese Exposure to write about. My editor came to my office and asked “Are you sure this is an Going Global As I indicated earlier, I was fortunate industry?” My answer was, “No, but we enough to be approached by a reputable Then came the opportunity to go global. I Japanese publisher who visited us in our are going to make it an industry.” was invited to take the show and the maga- offices and asked to translate our magazine With Blood, Sweat and Tears, zine to various countries, among them, Mexi- in Japanese. I was impressed with the charm We Got This Industry Going. co, Brazil, Japan (twice), The Netherlands, of our new partner and agreed to do so. In a Belgium, Canada, London, Hong Kong and matter of weeks, our magazines were going Soon thereafter, in the spring of 1983, in France. In fact, our Telemarketing magazine this editorial, I called for the automation to Japan and then the translated version in was translated into Japanese for several years, Japanese would come back to us. This was of the telemarketing industry and, sure and into Portuguese for use in Brazil. enough, many entrepreneurs agreed with an exceptional feeling, as we were produc- me and started developing all kinds of The Evolution ing a publication that Japan, one of the different software and hardware products most advanced countries in the world, was TBT eventually evolved into CTI (Com- interested in translating. Moreover, I was to automate the handling of calls. puter Telephony Integration) and then to fortunate enough to be invited to speak In 1985, we launched TBT (Telemarket- Communication Solutions, which eventu- repeatedly at related industry events in the ing and Business Telecommunications), ally spun off ITEXPO. Thanks to readers country. The country of Japan, with its rich the world’s first call center event in Atlanta, like you, ITEXPO has been a classic success history, was something beyond the scope of 2 Customer inter@Ction solutions® December 2009 TABLE OF CONTENTS • AD iNDEX Subscribe FREE online at www.cismag.com
  3. 3. > Publisher’s Outlook my imagination and it was an honor to have to come to America and spend one million City, it is more important for the bankers been invited. The conferences themselves dollars to buy telemarketing technology, and and other customers to come and think went exceptionally well and I must share I want to build a call center in Mexico City that we are using automation than actually with you a funny thing that happened dur- in the next two to three months.” Then I using the technology!” ing one of my presentations: said, “Do you know anything about the in- dustry?” He said, “No.” I asked, “How are The Domestic Experiences First of all, the Japanese requested that I you going to buy one million dollars worth speak for five minutes and then stop for Of course, with producing a magazine, of technology?” He answered, “I went to running several trade shows a year translation, and then continue to speak the telephone company in Mexico City and and traveling around the globe, not to again, and so on. During one of these told them what I wanted to do, and they mention traveling to Washington D.C., five-minute speeches, I presented a joke to showed me a copy of your magazine with working with senators and the FTC try- the audience, the majority of whom did your picture on it and the general manager ing to save our industry from harmful not understand English. However, after the of the phone company told me, ‘If you re- legislation, there was somehow time left translation, the Japanese laughed as hard as ally want to have a successful telemarketing for me to spend a good deal of time in possible. I was pretty shocked by this reac- operation, you must go and meet with this putting the telemarketing service agen- tion, as the people at the conference seemed man and whatever he says, you do.’ Now, cies on the map. These folks, like the so serious up until that point and the joke you tell me what to buy and I’ll buy it.” old shoemaker, were wearing shoes with wasn’t funny enough to warrant this reac- holes in them while they were trying tion. I went to the translator later and asked, Believe it or not, I invited him to attend our to market for everyone else. In other if he modified my joke. He told me he said, shows, I gave him all possible advice and he words, none of them had any inclina- “Our speaker has told a joke and I want ev- ignored 100 percent of everything we told tion for marketing or advertising or eryone to laugh as hard as possible.” Anyway, him and bought whatever he felt like. Later, promotion or anything of the kind. we made our presentations in Tokyo, Kyoto, when I was invited by the Mexican Direct and other cities, and were invited a couple of Marketing Association to come and speak One day, when I was traveling from years later to come back to do it again. to the audience, at that time, this same Chicago to New York, I happened to be gentleman asked me to visit his call center. sitting next to a senior executive of one of The Brazilian Experience I could not believe my eyes. I noticed that the leading consulting companies. I asked everyone had a computer screen and com- what he did. He said he was a marketing At one of our TBT events, I met with a puters on practically every station, but no consultant for senior management. He gentleman, believe it or not, by the name one was using any of the computers and do- asked me what I did and I told him that I of David Letterman. He came and insisted ing everything manually. I asked him, “But published Telemarketing magazine. Then that he wanted to take our TBT show to sir, why are these people working by hand? he asked if that was really working and I Brazil, and made many promises that that would be a tremendous opportunity for all That is what technology is supposed to do” said, you bet. I asked, “Would you recom- of us. I agreed, and we took our show along His answer was, “Señor Tehrani, in Mexico mend it to your customers to use it?” He with three of our top speakers – Steve Rid- del, Judy McKee and Robin Richards – and it turned out to be another fantastic success. During my personal keynote, I talked about the differences between the require- ments of inbound and outbound telephone calls. At the end of my speech (after one hour), someone raised his hand and asked, “what do you mean by outbound?” In other words, no one had a clue about this industry. I thought it was partly funny and, on the other hand, I gave him credit for wanting to learn. The Mexico City Experience In the early 1990s, as usual, I stayed late in my office to get caught up with work. At about 8 p.m. one Monday evening, the phone rang and a gentleman from Mexico City was calling me. The conversation went TMC’s founder and editor-in-chief of Customer Interaction Solutions magazine is an ATA Hall of Fame something like this: “Señor Tehrani, I want inductee and the recognized “Father of the Contact Center Industry.” Pictured at right is ATA’s Tim Searcy. Subscribe FREE online at www.cismag.com TABLE OF CONTENTS • AD iNDEX Customer inter@Ction solutions® December 2009 3
  4. 4. > Publisher’s Outlook said no. I said why not and he said a.) I America, Gary and Mary West were the to evangelize technologies like CTI, IP com- don’t know anything about it: b.) it’s too chief executives of this company and I was munications, Smart Grid, 4G wireless and new: c.) I don’t want to jeopardize our rela- actually trained by Mary West who spent numerous others. tionship with our customers. Then I asked a week with me teaching me about every “why can’t you use service agencies” and his facet of telemarketing, inbound, outbound Future Plans and Move to a answer was “what is that?” customer services, and more. In addition, New Building I was later trained by Steve and Sherri Idel- I plan to remain at TMC with a new It was then that I realized that the service man on outbound technologies and later, agencies in America needed a tremendous title of founder and chairman of the we developed a tremendous relationship company. What’s exciting is that I marketing push. I decided to become the with a company called Infocision, which is friend of teleservice agencies, which are will begin the next chapter of leading owned by Gary Taylor. Since the incep- TMC at a new address in a beautiful now known as (teleservices/BPO compa- tion of our relationship, I have noticed that nies) and came up with ideas such as Top new office. After 23 years at Technol- Infocision alone has won 16 consecutive ogy Plaza, TMC is moving to a state- 50 Inbound Awards, Top 50 Outbound MVP Quality Awards and as such, they Awards, Rising Stars Awards, as well as of-the-art new location at 800 Con- are indeed, one of the best, if not the best, necticut Avenue in Norwalk, Conn. MVP Quality Awards, with the main teleservices companies in the U.S.. objective of introducing service agencies to – just a few blocks away. The move is corporate America. Those who won our The Greatest Joy In My Life indicative of the new era begun here awards received an emblem from Telemar- at TMC as we position the company keting magazine and used it religiously on In my judgment, the greatest joy in life is to grow with the call center and CRM their letterheads, online and everywhere raising a good family, developing a great industries into the next decade, while else. For all practical purposes, this was the company, a great team, having many friends, expanding into new markets, building only claim to fame that the award winners and having a great vision and changing and serving new communities. Cis had and one service bureau was honest something in the world for the better. In other words, creating something that is su- All the best to each and every one of you. Please with me and said, “You know, we get 75- perior to previous technologies and/or ways read Rich’s editorials on this page in future 80 percent of all of our new business from of doing things. Those of you who have fol- issues and his blog online at tehrani.com and your Top 50 rankings!” lowed TMC’s past know that as technology feel free to visit TMCnet.com often. As always, Among the elite service agencies that I has evolved and media has changed, we have I welcome your comments. Please email them worked with were WATTS Marketing of always striven to be a change agent – helping to me at nadjitehrani@tmcnet.com. Go from barriers to bridges. Customer Interaction Management solutions that create breakthrough outcomes for Contact Centers, businesses and their customers? Wishful thinking, right? Think again. It's a real possibility and it's now. To know how our Contact Center products bring down the walls and pave pathways for stronger customer relationships, A C Q U E O N TM get in touch with us at 1 609 945 3139 or productdemo@acqueon.com Don't just interact. Relate.
  5. 5. Put Yourself In Your Customers’ Shoes Test your end-to-end contact center and self-service technologies from the outside-in, customer perspective. Remote load testing and availability monitoring lets you know how your integrated communications technologies perform for real customers in real-world situations. Instead of nding out about issues from customers, IQ Services performance and load testing identi es issues and performance trends before you put new technologies and upgrades into production. 24 x 7 availability and performance monitoring noti es you immediately of any issues so you can minimize impact on customers and resolve issues more quickly. IQ Services testing and monitoring services are cost-e ective and deliver loads of value to your customer service and technical teams alike:  Automated test calls that do the things real customers do  Identify and resolve issues earlier so risk and costs are reduced  24 x 7 monitoring and immediate noti cations so you always know what is happening  Timely, customer-focused data so you identify issues and performance trends quickly  Proven technology so you know the information is accurate  Experts who care about you and your customers Since 1996, IQ Services has delivered cost-e ective managed testing services for companies and communications solutions of all sizes -- from small businesses with a few agents to corporations with thousands of contact center seats. Contact IQ Services today to obtain more information and pricing. 612.243.6700 | iq-services.com/ContactCenterTesting
  6. 6. > CONTENTS DECEmbEr 2009 Volume 28 • Issue 7 IN eVeRY Issue Executive Group Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Nadji Tehrani (nadjitehrani@tmcnet.com) Group Publisher Richard Tehrani (rtehrani@tmcnet.com) 1 Publisher’s Outlook 30 The Integrated Marketplace By Nadji Tehrani, Chairman and Editorial Group Editorial Director, Erik Linask (elinask@tmcnet.com) Founder, Technology Marketing Corp. 30 Advertising Index Senior Contributing Editor, Brendan B. Read (bread@tmcnet.com) Senior Editor, Erin E. Harrison (eharrison@tmcnet.com) 8 Headset 32 Logout Contributing Editors By Keith Dawson By Brendan Read, David Sims, Susan Campbell, Stefania Viscusi, Keith Dawson Senior Contributing Editor tMCtM labs 10 Ask the Experts 203-852-6800 (tmclabs@tmcnet.com) Executive Technology Editor/CTO/VP Tom Keating , By Tim Passios, Interactive Intelligence art 14 On The Line 203-852-6800 (cisart@tmcnet.com) Creative Director, Alan Urkawich By Tim Searcy Graphic Designer, Lisa A. Mellers ExECutivE offiCErs: Nadji Tehrani, Chairman and Founder Richard Tehrani, Chief Executive Officer Dave Rodriguez, President Michael Genaro, Executive Vice President of Operations Tom Keating, VP, CTO and Executive Technology What’s on the Cover Editor/SEO Director To Subscribe, Call: 203-852-6800 Or write to the circulation director at srusso@tmcnet.com. Subscription rates (published monthly): Digital Subscriptions free for qualified U.S., Canadian and Foreign subscribers. Print Subscriptions free for qualified subscribers in the U.S.A. only. For non-qualified U.S.A. subscribers, $59. All Canadian subscribers, $89. All Foreign (air mail), $109. All orders are payable in advance in U.S. dollars drawn against a U.S. bank. Connecticut residents add applicable sales tax. Circulation Director, Shirley Russo (srusso@tmcnet.com) Postmaster: Send address changes to CIS magazine, Technology Marketing Corporation, One Technology Plaza, Norwalk, CT 06854 USA Canada Post: Publications Mail Agreement #40612608 Canada Returns to be sent to: Bleuchip International, P O. Box 25542, London, ON N6C 6B2, CANADA . Reader Input: CIS encourages readers to contact us with their questions, comments and suggestions. Send e-mail (addresses above), contact our Web site (www.cismag.com) or send mail. We reserve the right to edit letters for clarity and brevity. All submissions will be considered eligible for publication unless otherwise specified by the author. Reprints: For authorized reprints of articles appearing in CIS, please contact The YGS Group, 717-505-9701 or 800-501-9571 x105, tmcnet@theYGSgroup.com. Lists: For list rentals, please contact Glenn Freedman at glennf@l-i-s-t.com or call 914-765-0700 x 104. advErtising salEs: 203-852-6800 Karl Sundstrom, ext. 119 (ksundstrom@tmcnet.com) Executive Director of Business Development Eastern, Western, International Exhibit salEs: 203-852-6800 Global Events Account Directors Companies whose names begin with: A-L or #s: Maureen Gambino (mgambino@tmcnet.com) M-Z: Joe Fabiano, ext. 132 (jfabiano@tmcnet.com) Editorial Offices are located at One Technology Plaza, Norwalk, CT 06854 U.S.A. Customer Service: for all customer service matters, call 203-852-6800. 16 CUSTOMER INTER@CTION Solutions® magazine has been the voice of the industry since 1982. It is written by industry 2010 Buyers’ Guide pg practitioners for industry practitioners and is regarded worldwide as the “Bible” of the industry. An annual Buyer’s Guide is provided as a feature of the December issue. Copyright © 2009 Technology Marketing Corporation. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without permission of the publisher is prohibited. Customer Inter@ction Solutions® and the TMC Logo are registered trademarks of Technology Marketing Corporation. To receive free information from our premium advertisers, please visit freeinfo.tmcnet.com. A Technology Marketing Publication One Technology Plaza, Norwalk, CT 06854 U.S.A. 6 Customer inter@Ction solutions® December 2009 TABLE OF CONTENTS • AD iNDEX Fax: 203-853-2845 Sales Dept. Fax: 203-838-4070
  7. 7. reliability With the lowest attrition rate in the industry (10% annual average), you can count on AbilityOne Contact Center Services to improve customer service and lower operational costs. AbilityOne fulfills your federal contract needs while enabling you to create employment opportunities for people who are blind or have other severe disabilities. Our competitive Teleservices offerings include: warehousing and distribution) AbilityOne.org
  8. 8. > Headset Keith Dawson, Senior Analyst, Frost & Sullivan Looking Ahead to 2010 I t is with some amazement that I recall that in the early 1990s when I was a fledgling observer of the call center industry. I wrote an article predicting what the landscape would look like in the then-far-off world of 2010. That article and its prognostica- tions are fortunately lost to the mists of pre-Internet time. But now, with just moments to go before we reach that future, I offer some better educated guesses about what the next year holds for contact centers, their technologies and their operations. The last two years have been tough for the industry due to the How are you going to make sure that an agent doesn’t just sit there economy and the pressure that’s been put on operations man- responding like a trained parrot when a customer confronts him agers to cut costs. But in the process, we have seen centers take with something that “the Internet says is true” but the agent’s script on a much more vocal stance trying to educate their senior doesn’t comprehend? Knowledge management, that’s how. By lever- execs about the essential role those centers play in building aging the incredible wealth of information from inside and outside customer loyalty and, hence, revenue. the company, organizing it and empowering the agent to use it to the company’s advantage, that too will be the big story of 2010. For the first time, we see contact centers backing up the contention through the use of new metrics built from close One of issues I’ve been tracking is the increased use of managed analysis of the relationship between operations and customer customer forums for support and intelligence. Customers often value. Centers are using new types of analytics systems to like to help each other, and they like to talk about their experi- create those metrics and justify their operations up the ladder. ences as customers. Many companies have been slow to leverage This will continue, become more refined, and when we look that customer environment for their own benefit. But the back at 2010, may well be the main story of the year. I think benefit is real – having a place where knowledgeable customers we’ll look at 2010 and 2011 as the pivotal period when lines gather and share information is a real boon to support organiza- between enterprises and centers become utterly blurry. tions. It amplifies your own product support team’s research ef- That cost-cutting imperative has also forced many companies forts into solving problems. And it makes external solutions able to come to terms with their wildly variable approaches to self- to be vetted and repeated. It also provides a place for companies service. The paradigm of using IVR as a secondary call-catcher to hear – and deal with – negative feedback in a manner that’s to deflect from expensive, agented service is still the default. relatively unthreatening. We’re seeing a lot of activity among But customers are so much more diverse and mercurial, and the vendor community of CRM and support software tools to therefore likely to approach from so many different vectors. add forum management capabilities to their tools. Much of this This being the case, it’s crazy not to try something new. Frost movement is driven by contact center demand. & Sullivan research found last year that few centers were will- Conversations I’ve had with practitioners over the last few months ing to invest in taking on new customer access channels in lead me to believe we’re also going to see a sharp rise in the use 2009. I think that will start to change in 2010 – but the chan- of proactive outbound messaging to customers. This has several nels that will be explored will be tentative, careful and more values – first, it can lead to call deflection, by heading off problem- tightly integrated with the existing structures than in the past. related inbound calls. It can foster loyalty, especially if the out- And that means that 2010 will be a good year for knowledge bound allows customers to see some immediate benefit from the management and other integration technologies. KM takes infor- contact. And, perhaps, it can show revenue impact if the proper mation that’s housed in separate silos and makes it centrally avail- opportunity for cross-selling presents itself. Many people are look- able to agents at the point of interaction. It has uses in training, ing at this as an option. Happily, people are moving slowly at this, customer management and product support and development. It’s tempered somewhat by the very real fear of alienating customers. been underused in centers, and I think it sits there like low-hang- But the movement is real. We’ll see a sharp upsurge this year in ing fruit, waiting to be exploited for the benefit of a lot centers. proactive outbound, especially done by SMS text messaging. Because of an incredible array of empowering tools, today’s custom- Lastly, I predict that inside contact centers everyone will con- ers arrive at the interaction with a lot more raw data about their tinue to describe the place where they work as a “call center,” situation than they ever had before. Much of it may be wrong, despite every pundit’s best efforts at change. It’s still mainly a misguided, opaque and different from what the agent knows. voice world, friends. Cis 8 Customer inter@Ction solutions® December 2009 TABLE OF CONTENTS • AD iNDEX Subscribe FREE online at www.cismag.com
  9. 9. My business needed an a ordable, reliable solution to help improve customer service and manage employee performance. The other vendors showed me what they had. The Right Choice for Call Recording OAISYS gave me what I wanted. OAISYS provides award-winning voice documentation and contact center management solutions that solve common business problems in the most simple and direct fashion for our customers. Find out for yourself what makes us The Right Choice for Call Recording. Enterprise-class call recording and contact center management Advanced quality assurance, real-time coaching and personnel development features Robust live call and auto call monitoring functionality Synchronized desktop video recording capabilities Streamlined employee evaluations and detailed quality reporting Highly secure OAISYS Portable Voice Document (PVD™) technology at the core Call: 888.496.9040 Visit: www.oaisys.com Email: contact@oaisys.com OAISYS ©OAISYS 2009. OAISYS, the OAISYS logo, Talkument and 7965 South Priest Drive, Suite #105 the Talkument logo are registered trademarks of Computer Tempe, AZ 85284 Telephony Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Ask the > EXPERTS Communications-Based Process Automation A s the economy has slowed down, companies have focused on By Tim Passios, Director of Product Management cutting expenses, increasing efficiency and maintaining quality. To achieve this, many companies are investigating ways to au- tomate processes. To find out more about the choices businesses have, I consulted Gina Clarkin, product manager with Interactive Intelligence, Inc. Their new product, Interaction Process Auto- mation, demonstrates a fresh look at the way businesses can automate business processes. Q: Can you give us a quick overview of business process management? GC: CEBP could be characterized as evolutionary, an incremental improvement. It’s about embedding communications capabilities GC: If you think about business processes, you quickly realize in existing applications or processes, enabling those applications that they are the lifeblood of every organization. A business or processes to automatically trigger a communication or notifica- process is a set of activities or “work” an organization per- tion based on a change in the business environment. For example, forms, designed to create value for the customer that enables a customer’s database record indicates a balance due greater than a the organization to achieve its objectives. Our CEO says, defined threshold. CEBP can generate a phone call using presence to “Processes make organizations tick.” connect to available personnel. CEBP is predominantly focused on communications events, not managing the overall business process. BPM emerged in the 1990s as an approach companies can employ to evaluate and improve their processes. BPM focuses In contrast, CBPA is revolutionary. CBPA focuses on how we auto- on how work gets done. BPM looks at the processes, people, mate processes in the first place. CBPA uses proven communications technology, management and even the organization’s culture. technology and management practices that have been in use for decades in the contact center (queuing, skills‐based routing, presence, Q: One of the problems with traditional BPM is that existing recording, real‐time supervision) then applies these advanced tech- solutions often involve a high degree of cost, complexity and nologies to process automation. For example, an insurance company customization. How is communications-based process auto- could queue up insurance applications for the next available proces- mation making the BPM process faster and less expensive? sor, with the appropriate state license. The processor receives a form “popped” on the screen and pre‐filled with the correct information GC: CBPA takes a different approach. Unlike traditional BPM from the relevant back-office system. Alerts notify the processor and solutions, CBPA has not evolved from an application development manager of approaching deadlines, so that work can be automati- environment. CBPA has grown from the proven technologies and cally re-assigned if necessary to ensure service levels are met. techniques of the contact center industry, an industry that has developed systematized processes to handle millions of interaction Q: What other specific advantages does CBPA offer compared and transaction flows with great sophistication…an industry that to other methods? optimizes people, technology and processes to serve the customer. GC: Since CBPA relies on the power of an all-in-one IP com- With CBPA, the all-in-one IP communications system munications platform, it offers the ability to associate human in- becomes the process automation platform for the company. teractions (phone calls and voice and screen recordings, e-mails, Instead of creating a dependency on complex programming, faxes) with a business process. Imagine having a consistent way to application development and customization, CBPA offers capture customer dialog as part of a business process. organizations a single system capable of providing everything needed to easily automate just about any common process. CBPA leverages industry proven technology and techniques for the “work center” that are designed to remove human latency and Q: How does CBPA compare to communications-enabled optimize resource balancing. Organizations can use those same ad- business process? vanced technologies to optimize how work gets done in any “work 10 Customer inter@Ction solutions® December 2009 TABLE OF CONTENTS • AD iNDEX Subscribe FREE online at www.cismag.com
  11. 11. Ask the > EXPERTS center.” ACD technology is recognized as one of the most powerful in the world to handle distribution, manage- FIND THE NEEDLES ment and reporting of work activity. Contact centers use it to distribute calls, e-mail, IN YOUR HAYSTACK Web chat and other com- munications. When this New! intelligent tool is used with work activities, managers See Engage Contact Center receive insight into work Suite in the flow and status. It can point TelStrat booth at: out gaps to help manage- VoiceCon ment improve processes and Orlando 2010 reduce cycle time. Workforce Management can predict the speech analytics. March 22-25, 2010 headcount necessary to com- understood. plete the anticipated amount of work. Historical data can be used to predict how much ey’re out there. e words, the e Engage Suite combines work there is to complete. terms, the phrases that are key to TelStrat’s award-winning call increasing productivity, improving recording technology with an All these advanced technolo- compliance, and enhancing your array of best-practice product business and customer intelligence. technologies from across the gies result in dynamic work You know. You’ve found them. contact center industry, yielding an “push” instead of static work Buried in thousands of calls. Or easy, affordable, total contact center “pull.” This reduces the hundreds. Or just that one. solution. From capturing complete human latency inherent in Using Phonetic Audio Search customer interaction with its exclusive many other solutions where technology you’ve mined Conversation Save™recording, to sophis- work simply sits waiting for massive call volumes in record ticated workforce management, and now, an employee to pick it up time. Now, you’ve got the advanced speech analytics, Engage Suite and take action. knowledge to optimize optimizes each major aspect of contact cen- your operation. You’ve ter operation. With its modular design, every Having these capabilities got Engage Analyze, component augments and enhances the next, can help organizations au- part of the Engage so your organization can start with call record- tomate business processes, Contact Center Suite ing and add capabilities as your needs change. respond faster, control from TelStrat. Engage lets you grow at your own pace. Within costs and increase custom- one suite. From one source. TelStrat. er satisfaction. Cis Tim Passios is director of solu- Call Recording | Screen Capture | Agent Scoring & Reporting | E-Learning & Performance Tracking tions marketing for Interactive Intelligence, Inc. and has more Scripting & Call Automation | Speech Analytics | Workforce Management than 18 years experience in the contact center industry. For more information, contact In- teractive Intelligence at info@ inin.com or (317) 872-3000. from This article was reprinted from the March 2009 issue of Cus- sales@telstrat.com | 972-543-3500 | www.telstrat.com tomer Interaction Solutions. Engage Ad-Analyze2-CIS-11-17-09.indd 1 11/17/2009 10:35:34 AM Subscribe FREE online at www.cismag.com TABLE OF CONTENTS • AD iNDEX Customer inter@Ction solutions® December 2009 3
  12. 12. Get OUT Rick Lawson Vice President of New Business Development During these tough economic times, it’s not enough for a direct marketer to just answer the phones or mail mass marketing pieces; it takes thinking outside the box and being creative to generate ROI. A teleservices company must investigate data analytics when it comes to customer retention, acquisition and service. Utilizing business intelligence capabilities to develop and deploy a telephone and direct marketing campaign will bring a greater ROI to your marketing dollar. Segmenting the database Making the most of the national consumer database is critical to maximize the possibilities for creativity in a phone call or direct mail campaign. In order to get the most out of the data, a direct marketer must first cut the data into demographic, psychographic and even transactional segments. A demographic profile will give you information such as age, income, education level and location; a psychographic profile includes the personalities, values, attitudes, interests or lifestyles of your current and potential customers. A high-quality call center will also have a transactional profile, which is the historical data on a household that shows the best time to call, how to effectively reach an individual and past buying experiences. Functional software solutions It’s not enough for a direct marketer just to have the data; it’s knowing what to do with it that produces a higher ROI. A teleservices company needs a functional way to develop a phone or mail campaign using the data it has collected. A teleservices company with the appropriate CRM software has the ability to link the segmented data to the deployment of the phone and mail campaign, personalizing it for each individual. An additional capability a direct marketer should consider is branch scripting, which allows easy script transitions for up- sells and cross-sells. For inbound calls automatic number identification directs all calls through the database in order to gather information based on profile modeling. In this instant, caller information is passed to the communicator’s screen, creating unique scripts for each individual caller.
  13. 13. of the BOX to generate ROI Capitalizing on your resources Customization works with anything you sell. Outbound, you can avoid targeting people who will never respond; inbound, you can use targeted messaging to up-sell or cross-sell. In customer acquisition, retention and service, messages are tailored to take into account a customer’s age, income level, interests and previous buying history. The best way to target your message is to look at a customer’s past experience with your organization and then cross-reference the demographic and psychographic profiles. This allows you to tailor a message that will encourage your customer to buy. Unlike typical mass-produced messages, customization allows you to communicate with customers based on their needs. During this economic downturn, customers are careful how they spend their money, so it is important to know what they want. With a little creativity from your direct marketer, you can create a message that is relevant to your customer and produces a higher ROI for your company. FOR INFORMATION 1-866-670-4IMC | www.infocision.com
  14. 14. > On The Line By Tim Searcy Looking Forward to 2010? M aybe it is the people I talk to in this business. Maybe it is the malaise brought on by the poor employment news. Whatever it is, I have to admit the people I talk to are having a hard time looking forward to the last year in the first de- cade of this new millennium. Don’t get me wrong, I hope to be here to ring in this New Year and plenty to come, but people are struggling to find things to be positive about as we close out 2009. A little prognostication is good for the soul, particularly when you demand of yourself some optimism. So, what can we expect in the next year? Ambiguity were “somewhat satisfied” or “very satis- 1. Minimum wage is going to go up – fied” with their performance. When com- Yep …it did. That’s right! What we are going to see the panies are satisfied, the work stays where most of is what we cannot predict. That it is. Additionally, these locations use the 2. Unions are going to enter the contact is not just in Washington or the state current satisfaction as a means to recruit center in a big way – Not really, but houses, but in business as well. Let’s face more contact centers to their country. rumblings in Denver indicate that some it: we are limping out of the worst reces- of the cable providers may be the first sion in a century. Consumer confidence Year of the Employee’s Rights test of call centers unionizing. is low, and purchases will ultimately fuel Recent labor enforcement for wages that 3. Labor legislation will be contem- the work that arrives in our contact cen- are unpaid at the beginning and ending of plated and passed – Nope, however, I am ters. Without more of the former, we will shift are just the tip of the iceberg. Expect making a similar prediction for this year. get too little of the latter. disabled employees, potential union of- I forget how slowly the wheels of govern- Customer Acquisition Will Be ficials and attorneys to be suing in record ment grind. Popular Again numbers over employee issues this year. 4. Consumers are going to get lots of Counter to what I just wrote, companies Cross Border Enforcement of Laws representation – Yep … regardless of have been focusing for two years almost whether it is enforcement actions, fines exclusively on generating more business A Canadian firm just had the largest or stricter interpretations, we got all of from their current customers. This has been fine levied for fraud at $18 million. The those this year. a good strategy, but as natural attrition takes government is fed up with companies not abiding by our laws, and they are 5. ATA’s petition for exclusive jurisdic- place, every direct marketer is realizing that tion will be answered, and we will win if they do not increase the customer house in active pursuit of companies that have flaunted our rules. Expect enforcement – a big fat “no” again. This is a little like file, there will be insufficient add on busi- cheering the Cubs and each year having ness to make goals. For this reason, I have in Latin America as well as India/Asia in the next 12 months. to say, “We’ll get ‘em next year!” been hearing a revival of budget discussions around pure new account acquisition. This I think there is a lot to look forward to in 6. Tax incentives and other efforts to keep would be welcome news indeed. 2010. Gary Hamel says in his book, The work onshore will make no impact – This New Management, “Businesses die when was correct. However, the reason is that ‘Shoring is Going to Go Crazy very little was actually done about creating their internal rate of change is exceeded Everyone wants to know what direction by the external rate of change.” We don’t any incentives or penalties for these actions contact centers will be heading to get need to fear the ambiguity or the change, regardless of the saber rattling. inexpensive labor. The answer is: every but we do need to embrace the need to 7. Everything is going to take longer direction. Anticipate a spate of re-shoring change. Check back with me at the end than people [I] think – Amen to that. initiatives by companies desperate to of this year, and let’s see how I did. prove to legislators, regulators and their Let’s be honest, the ones I missed above customers that they believe in the U.S. You might think to yourself … “Not so are more about timing than inaccuracy. employee. However, margin pressure has fast Tim, what about last year’s predictions, Like I said in number five above, any- not gone away, and a recent ATA/Di- how did you do on those?” I made seven thing that did not happen is a carryover alAmerica study found that 71 percent of predictions at year end of 2008 for 2009, to 2010 and maybe beyond. Until next companies using offshore contact centers so let’s see how I did: time, I am on the line. Cis 14 Customer inter@Ction solutions® December 2009 TABLE OF CONTENTS • AD iNDEX Subscribe FREE online at www.cismag.com
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  18. 18. Tough times call for proven solutions. Analytics Cost. Performance. Staffing. Service. When times get tough, your contact center may be forced to make hard decisions that could impact Coaching every area. But you don’t have to make them alone. Verint® Witness Actionable Solutions® offers proven workforce optimization software and Customer Surveys services that can help you get the most from your resources, drive down eLearning costs, and improve performance. For example, our Impact 360® Workforce Optimization solution helped a leading communications provider increase Performance Management revenue generation in its contact center by 50 percent, even with a 30 Quality Monitoring percent decrease in staff. Recording Master the challenges of delivering service in today’s economy with our unified, analytics-driven, enterprise-enabled workforce optimization Workforce Management solutions. Visit verint.com or call 1-800-4VERINT. © Copyright 2009 Verint Systems Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.