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download presentation R Novak

  1. 1. March 30, 2004 More near-shore than offshore
  2. 2. Software and Services exports growth 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 14% 16% 18% 20% Export/Sells Export/Sells 2% 3% 5% 7% 10% 13% 2000 2002 2003 2004 2005 * 2006 * Fuentes: Estudio JICA-CEPAL sobre Fuentes de Crecimiento Económico en Argentina: El caso de la industria de software y servicios informáticos. Buenos Aires 2003. Estimaciones propias.
  3. 3. Why Argentina? • Highly qualified human resources • State-of-the-art telecommunications and information technology infrastructure • Leader in spanish-content products • Argentina is in the same time zone as Eastern USA • New laws for software industry development • Highly competitive prices of products and services
  4. 4. Highly qualified human resources The rate of argentinean university education is the highest of Sud América University students graduated in the last five years 17% 21% 23% 29% 38% 36% 48% Brasil México Colombia Venezuela Uruguay Chile Argentina
  5. 5. Leader in spanish-content products
  6. 6. Argentina is in the same time zone as Eastern USA
  7. 7. Multilocal Development Strategyl • Distributed Clusters by regions • Close to University Centers • Public & private entrepreunners Buenos Aires Rosario Santa Fe Córdoba Río Cuarto Mendoza Bariloche Tandil
  8. 8. The report TODAY’S TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFORMATIONS —CREATING THE NETWORK AGE from United Nations Development Program point out Argentina as one of the potential leaders of information era
  9. 9. Call Center Services Argentina´s advantages as an option for remote operation of contact centers worldwide also include: • educational level, the number of languages sponken and the cultural features of local agents • world-class and experienced suppliers • a wide range of services and multiple contact channels (voice, chat, e-mail, Internet) • favorable time zone • Availability of qualified agents
  10. 10. Call Centers . Technology • The local telecommunication networks have been expanded and renewed during the last decade. All network technologies are now digital with almost 15 million lines installed. This means 45 lines/100 people, the largest operation in South America. • At the same time the latest telephone technologies and peripherals became available, including CRM and call center management software resources. • As a result of increased technological investment, state-of- the-art technology and infrastracture worldwide is available to local teleservice companies to provide voice, e-mail, chat, VoIP, web collaboration and other services.
  11. 11. Call Centers . Services • Call Center activities include a wide range of services such as: • Telesales - Customer Care & Service - Default Management- Crisis • Management - Polls - Interview Generation - Subscriptions - Help • Desk - Data Survey- Fundraising - Interactive Internet Services and • response to all sort of enquiries. • More than 50.000 telephone operators are working now.
  12. 12. Experience and Trends • The expertise of most local providers include more than 10-year world class services to international companies. • As reported by the local newspapers, a number of multinationals such as IBM, AOL, Marriott Hotels and American Express have taken advantage of the local scenario to base their Call Center operations. Their telephone business operations have been moved to Argentina based on local service quality and costs. Thousands of Argentines are now making telephone calls abroad to offer business benefits.
  13. 13. WEB SERVICES • In the last decade, many venture capitals invested in the velopment of Latin America scale companies from Buenos Aires. • Many of them have become regional e-enablers providing services to European and American corporations. IT marketing outsourcing services are a strong option no only because IT industry in Argentina was developed during .com golden years as the bigest in Latinamerica, but also cause enterteinment and adverticing industry is a traditional player global. • Buenos Aires is a regional hub for retail and entertainment Internet services and a potential global player for the marketing industry.
  14. 14. IT SERVICES • Argentina presents a solid case for offshore software development and maintenance outsourcing. The main elements that support this statement are: • Argentina boosts a large and well trained pool of software engineers. Its infrastructure is the best in the region. • Highest level of tertiary education in Latin America. Leaders in mathematical development in Latin America. • The country has become very cost competitive due to the January 2002 peso devaluation. • Latin America in general, and Argentina in particular have geographical advantages to traditional Asian destinations.
  15. 15. IT SERVICES • Its proximity to the US, and the fact that the time difference is almost negligible, eliminates many of the difficulties and hidden costs of offshore outsourcing. Teams in the US and in Argentina can interact naturally and frequently during the same working hours • The three points raised above are fostering a very fast revolution in Argentina’s software industry and it is expected that the country will become an important player in the offshore outsourcing business in the near future. • Some organizations are already incorporating Argentina in their lists of possible destinations for offshore outsourcing • Additionally, many multinational corporations have opened software factories in Argentina. Leading examples are
  16. 16. IT SERVICES • Motorola, NEC, and IBM. And others are close to announce the opening like Siemens and Oracle. • Realizing the potential impact in the country´s economy, the Argentine Government has launched several initiatives to support the industry and to make sure to comply with international standars in terms of applicable laws such as intellectual property protection. New software law and 10 years strategic plan for the sector include concrete benefits for software companies.
  17. 17. APEX AMÉRICA Apex America is an offshore Outsourcing Contact Center, located in Argentina which provides inbound contact center services to companies in the United States. Apex America delivers Customer Care services and Help Desk services to Fortune 1000 companies shortening distances through telecommunications and state of the art technology set up for leveraging client's operation and services. Apex America will quickly achieve and maintain service quality levels providing excellence to your customers.
  18. 18. CAT TECHNOLOGIES DE ARGENTINA CAT is a leading global provider of Business Process Outsourcing in Customer Contact Center. CAT provides world-class outsourcing in Customer Care, Telemarketing, Help Desk, Information Services, Database Management, e-mail management and professional services. CAT operates in Spanish, English, Italian, French and Portuguese. A professional team is ready to help you take care of your most precious value: your customers.
  19. 19. CLIENTING GROUP Clienting Group S.A. (CG) is an Argentine with 11 years of experience in the Call Center Industry and more than 700 seats (in 4 countries) integrated to digital nets and with the last generation equipment and software, that offers: -Offshore Call Center / Contact Centers Services: Taken and directed abroad, and operated from Argentina. -Consultancy Services: for setting up inhouse Call Centers in companies interested in operating from Argentina.
  20. 20. E-VOLUTION E-volution is a Business Technology firm that provides end-to-end Internet operations management outsourcing services to Fortune 500 companies. Our company develops and manages online properties that help our clients to develop profitable on line strategies. Our processes are ISO 9001/2000 compliant, certified by TUV, giving proof of our commitment to excellence. Our multidisciplinary team combines highly skilled business professionals, IT architects and multimedia graphic designers. Evolution has offices in the US, Latin America and Europe serving brands like A&E Mundo, Docker’s, Levi’s, Microsoft, Peugeot, Sony, Universal Music and Visa among others, delivering in more than 10 languages to 25 countries.
  21. 21. GLOBANT Globant delivers world class offshore IT outsourcing services. With a broad portfolio of solutions, ranging from Internet Marketing, Software Development, to Technical Operations Outsourcing we have a special focus in open source technologies. Our experienced team of professionals can work on site, perfectly integrated with our offshore center based in Argentina. We are constantly exploring new ways to deliver better and faster than our competitors.
  22. 22. HEXACTA Your ideal partner for offshore software development Hexacta is an IT consulting and software development company. We provide offshore development services to leading US corporations from our software factory located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We offer the traditional cost advantages and excellent quality of the most prestigious offshore vendors with the addition of our “time zone” proximity that allows us to work hand in hand with your team and ensure a successful collaboration. Our technical team is qualified both on Microsoft and J2EE based platforms. We have been formally assessed al CMM Level 3 in 2003, and expect to be assessed at CMM level 4 later this year.
  23. 23. IDEA FACTORY Idea Factory Software is an organization oriented towards providing software development to the largest IT consumers in the world. Suppliers in our sector can immediately recognize the characteristics of our company and the distinguishing characteristics of our resources, from the moment they obtain qualified resources to carry out projects for their own clients, and/or form strategic alliances sustainable in the long term, that allow for the improvement of the cost-benefit relationship. Services: Idea Factory has defined the following project classification: End-to-end developments, Systems architecture, Development of code components according to the design specification, Re-engineering/Migrations, Application Maintenance
  24. 24. PATAGONIA TECHNOLOGIES Patagonia Technologies is a company based on supplying advanced solutions that meet the business needs of life´s daily challenges. We are dedicated to the creation and the implementation of Scientific- Technology applications for value added Software Development using programming languages of the fourth and fifth generation. Taking advantage of Argentina´s highly qualified low cost labor pool, we offer a worldclass telecommunications infrastructure, that will position any company to efficiently and cost- effectively achieve the highest quality technological solution for today´s demanding business cycle. We are committed to uniting the Global Village by moving technology out of the hands of the few and into the minds of the many.
  25. 25. Contact: