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  • “ Customers and prospects who have been touched by MarketFirst cam- paigns have driven over 70% of our transactions and 80% of our revenue in the past two quarters” — Documentum’s Peter Tait
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  • 1. Customer Uses
    • MarketFirst Customers
    • Case Studies & ROI
    • More Case Studies & ROI
  • 2. MarketFirst Customers (partial)
  • 3. Customer Case Studies & ROI Grew DB by 350% in 3 weeks. Increased Leads by 30%. Click Here For More Software Brought company’s online channel from non-existent to primary channel Biomed & Pharma Increased # of campaigns from 9 to 80 with over 1.7 million personalized emails Click Here For More Self Improvement Increased Close Ratio from 30% to 70% Click Here For More Stock Brokerage 6.5 Million Revenue Increase. >10 Million DB contacts. 150k-350k/hour send on weekends. Automated ordering. Click Here For More Internet Provider 10 Fold Increase in Qualified Leads Click Here For More Plasma TVs ROI Industry
  • 4. More Case Studies Increased marketing campaign responses 4400% over 5 years. 1000% in first year alone. Software Incremental revenue from their use of MarketFirst is ₤4M – ₤5M per year Online Gaming Created highly successfully multiwave email campaign that encourages return visits including coupons. Dot-Com ROI Industry
  • 5. Marketing in Electronics Solution Results
    • Ten-fold increase in qualified leads
    • An 85 percent reduction in the cost per lead
    • A 28 percent reduction in advertising costs
    • A 75 percent reduction in lit fulfillment expenses
    • In less than three weeks of using the solution, generated, qualified and distributed 96 percent of the entire previous year’s leads
    • Achieved a 100% follow-up on those leads
    • Unprecedented lead conversion rate.
    • CDC Marketfirstplus
    • Direct Marketing Manager
    • Event Manager
    • Lead Manager
    • Prospecting Assistant
  • 6. Why Pivotal MarketFirst
    • Easy-to-use
      • Marketing personnel implemented the system
      • Marketing personnel maintain the system
      • Marketing personnel operate the system
    • Time to implementation
      • Implemented entire system in three weeks from standing start
  • 7. ROI in Three Months Online Campaign Launches Begin Online Campaign Optimization Actions Peak Period Online Impressions: (Over 3 million Impressions) Ended Online Campaign Dec. 16 Revised Creative Re-launched Online Campaign on Jan 15 Leads Generated 0 2000 4000 6000 8000 1579 3102 6919 6202 6313 1355 2421 Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
  • 8.
    • Reduction in expenses
      • 28% reduction in advertising expenses
      • 75% reduction in literature fulfillment expenses
      • Reduced cost per lead - from $388/lead in FY’01 to projected $58/lead by end of FY’02
    • Increase in number of leads
      • From ~ 6,500 in 2001 to almost 28K in past 7 months
      • Marketing database now contains over 200K prospects and is growing
    • Improved follow up
      • Improved follow-up rate from 42% to over 90%
  • 9. Conceptual Architecture STRATEGY POSITIONING IDENTITY Product Management Product Management Product Marketing Sales Pipeline Analysis Program Reports ROI Analysis Workflow / Process Automation Business Rules Market Potential Awareness Promotions Pricing Segmentation Preference Purchasing Offer Testing Competitive Analysis Research Trends Channel Preference Media Mix
    • Lead Qualification / Distribution / Fulfillment
    • Technical Fit
    • Authority
    • Budget
    • Timing
    • Opt-in / Demand for Appointment / Buy Now
    Database Prospects Customers Campaign Design & Implementation Database driven Broad based
    • Seminars
    • Telemarketing
    • Direct Mktg
    • Advertising
    • Public relations
    • Trade shows
    RESPONSE Lost Accounts Closed Accounts Closing Bid / Proposal References Site Visit Promote Offers Initial Meeting Win / Loss Analysis
  • 10. Lead Sources and Distribution Internet Marketing Online / Print Ad Events Email / Direct Mail Telemarketing Leads automatically ranked A – C (U for unqualified). Ranking system is based on the following: Budget, Authority, Timing, Need (Technical / Cost) A & B Leads are automatically sent to dealer via email Literature requests are automatically fulfilled C & D Leads are entered into nurturing campaigns LEAD TYPE 10% 40% 50% A B D C Dealer / Reseller
  • 11. Time Warner Cable -Road Runner Results
    • 20% increase in the number of people signing up after they find service in their area
    • $6.5M increase in revenue
    • Road Runner management now knows exactly how many order a day they are processing.
    • Orders are automatically directed to the local division, where the customer service reps can call people right away regarding installation
    • Specific ROI for campaigns is tracked
    Solution Results
    • MarketFirst Hosted
  • 12. Road Runner
    • Corporate Overview
    • Owned and operated by Time Warner Cable
    • One of the nation’s premiere broadband service providers
    • High-speed access to the Internet
    • Delivering content and services designed to maximize the benefits of broadband entertainment
    • 40 divisions
    • Over 20% of the US cable broadband market
  • 13. Road Runner – The Challenge
  • 14. Road Runner – The Solution
  • 15.  
  • 16. Marketfirst Results Objectives
    • Deliver promotions, customer surveys, event invitations and registrations
    • Distribute weekly newsletters containing quotes, productivity tips and featured products
    • Delivered 1.7 million personalized emails to customers
    • Implemented more than 80 campaigns in 3 months
    • Created a complete view of their customers
    • Gained streamlined access to customer information
    • Customer databases centrally managed and integrated with website to improve marketing reach
    • Workflow components trigger events, such as sending special offers to customers or messages to employees
    “ We are extremely pleased by the broad capabilities and ease-of-use of the Pivotal Marketing technology, and are continuing to find new uses for the system that are improving our marketing successes throughout the enterprise.” Doug Smith, Executive Vice President
  • 17. Results Solution Financial Industry Impact
    • Increased quarter-over-quarter sales by 29%
    • Increased productivity by 25%
    • Reduced marketing costs by 30%
    • Increased sales hit rate from 30% to 50-70%
    • MarketFirst
    • Integrated CRM
    “ “ The implementation was so smooth — it was an unprecedented experience .” Mike Thibault, Dir. Application Services for Capital Markets
  • 18. Marketing Results Challenges
    • Lack of integration with Sales, Service systems -- no single view of customers, prospects, or partners
    • No consistent brand or message for outbound email communications
    • No central place for customers to get information
    • Lack of integrated profile data meant sales not responding to the right leads
    • 30% increase in leads generated by marketing in 10 months
    • More than 85% of leads generated through online offers powered by MarketFirst
    • Grew targeted marketing database by 350% in just 8 months
    • Significant decrease in overall marketing spend.
    • Centralized global marketing infrastructure with Pivotal MarketFirst Direct Marketing Manager, Lead Manager, and Event Manager
    • Real-time lead qualification
    • Real-time opportunity distribution
    • Leads “warmed” in nurturing campaigns
    “ Customers and prospects who have been touched by MarketFirst campaigns have driven over 70% of our transactions and 80% of our revenue in the past two quarters.” Peter Tait, VP eBusiness Strategy
  • 19.  
  • 20. Time Warner Cable
    • Time Warner Cable
    • 10M contacts in marketing DB, mined extensively
    • Targeted contests and promotions
    • Newsletters and mass mailings to subscribers
    • Audience size 3.5M
    • Automated service ordering
    • Real-time reporting
  • 21. Betfair
    • Betfair
    • Integrated with data warehouse to perform sophisticated segmentation
    • Email marketing campaigns to stimulate volume of online betting
    • Incremental revenue from their use of MarketFirst is ₤4M – ₤5M per year
  • 22. Time Warner Cable
    • Webex
    • Global marketing platform for triggered email marketing, web landing pages, and lead submission and routing
    • Integrated with internal usage reporting database to score leads based on customer usage
    • Extensive use of MarketFirst’s conditional content abilities
  • 23. Homebuilders
    • Homebuilders
    • Web lead capture with personalized confirmations
    • Lead qualification and distribution of hot leads to sales
    • Automated multi-wave lead nurturing campaigns to warm and cold leads
    • Subscribe to info on evolving communities
    • Cross/up sell related products and services
    • Win back campaigns
  • 24.
    • ICM Computer Group
    • MarketFirst used as their lead generation / lead management hub
    • Integration with
      • Dun & Bradstreet
      • Outsourced telemarketing
      • Pivotal CRM
  • 25. Customer Usage Examples
    • Problem: lost leads, reduce cost of fulfillment
    • Common, integrated lead capture for all touch points:
      • Web
        • Contact us
        • Dealer locator
        • Literature request & fulfillment processing
        • Product registration
      • Call center inbound
      • Trade shows
      • Online direct marketing campaigns
      • Offline campaigns
      • Integration - BuyerZone.com feed
    • Common, automated lead qualification & distribution to dealer network
    • Automated multi-wave campaigns nurture warm & cold leads
    • Other uses
      • Dealer Portal to manage leads
      • Extranet; selling assets
    • Event management
    • Surveys
  • 26. *Results…
    • Reduced literature fulfillment costs by 85%
    • Increased amount fulfilled by ~400%
    • Cost per lead reduced by ~90%
    • Increased leads by >500%
    • Expanded usage:
      • Display group; projectors and flat panels
      • Consumer Electronics Group
      • Solar
      • Print Solutions
    • *Taken with permission from Sharp’s Q4/04 presentation to the Pivotal Customer Group meeting presentation
  • 27. …Customer Usage Examples
    • Key business goals: Increase net new leads & reduce costs with automation
    • Initial focus - lead generation:
      • Web self-service; white paper & newsletter registration, info request, contact-me
      • Promotions and offers
      • Cross/up sell
      • Effective refer-a-colleague results ~5% each campaign
    • Later usages
      • Event management; webinars
      • Relationship marketing; profile-driven personalized newsletters to subscribers
      • World-wide usage
      • Multiple-language campaigns
      • Enables “Ratings Direct” service; publishes rating change alerts to subscribers
  • 28. Customer Usage Examples
    • About…
    • Road Runner is owned and operated by Time Warner Cable
    • Nation’s premiere broadband service providers
    • 40 geographic divisions cover US
    • 20% of US cable broadband market
    • Pivotal customer since 2000
    • Hosted
    • Internal usage spread
      • Road Runner residential and commercial divisions
      • Time Warner customer care
  • 29. Customer Usage Examples
    • Initial requirements:
      • Lead generation; apply automation online service ordering
      • Provide real time campaign performance reporting - leads, placed orders, closed orders
      • Track effectiveness of ad spend
    • Initial projects:
      • Lead capture: MarketFirst automates online broadband service ordering process Integrates with Go2Broadband to locate installers across US
      • Lead source tracking; Multi-channel promotions drive prospects online to learn more about Road Runner’s products and services
      • Campaign performance reporting: Lead sources and closed deals are tracked supporting ROI by channel, campaign, & geography
  • 30. Customer Usage Examples
    • Follow on usages…
    • MarketFirst marketing DB has grown 8+ million contacts
    • Leverage for targeted direct marketing campaigns
        • Cross/up sells products and services
        • Contests and promotions
        • Satisfaction and product improvement survey
        • More online customer self-service functionality “move forms”
        • Customer satisfaction surveys
    • By the numbers...
      • Multiple monthly mailings to targeted audience of ~3.5 million
      • Outbound peak email sends >150k per hour
      • Inbound web traffic:
        • 15K hits/day
        • 150K with large mailings
    • Quote: “Senior Mgmt really appreciates real time campaign tracking”
    • Josh Greene, director marketing
  • 31.  
  • 32. MarketFirst Customers