Choosing a B2B Telemarketing Agency: 14 Questions to ask


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Choosing a B2B Telemarketing Agency: 14 Questions to ask

  1. 1. Choosing a B2B Telemarketing Agency: 14 Questions to ask Our Mantra: “By making our clients successful, we make ourselves successful” How we work: “By putting the Buyers Journey at the heart of everything we do…” eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 knowledge . passion . innovation .
  2. 2. Choosing a B2B Telemarketing Agency: 14 questions to ask   Contents 1  Choosing a B2B Telemarketing Agency: 14 questions to ask ............4  2  Why B2B marketing is different ........................................................9  3  Ten Point Telemarketing Check-up .................................................12  4  Why you should choose an agency dedicated to B2B......................14  5  Client Testimonials ..........................................................................16  6  Example Telemarketing Case Studies .............................................18  7  Example Clients ...............................................................................20  8  Awards ............................................................................................21  9  Why eMarket2 is different...............................................................22  10  Unique eMarket2 technology: Tele-eMail and Generator2 ..............24  11  eMarket2 Telemarketing Technology Platform ...............................28  12  Outbound Telemarketing Partnership .............................................30  13  Resourcing telemarketing campaigns .............................................31  14  The skills and experience of our telemarketing agents...................32  15  Agent Performance, Measurement and Analysis .............................33  16  eMarket2 at a glance .......................................................................34  17  More about eMarket2 ......................................................................35  18  Our Mantra/The Buyers Journey .....................................................36  19  Contact details and administration information..............................38  20  How to find us .................................................................................39 eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 3 of 40
  3. 3. 1 Choosing a B2B Telemarketing Agency: 14 questions to ask It’s absolutely essential to Here are some searching In addition, the skills required choose a 100% focused questions to ask your for successful outbound calls B2B telemarketing potential B2B telemarketing are very different to the skills agency. You need to be very agencies. The answers to required for inbound calls. confident that they will these questions will provide represent your company in a you with quality information, Many telemarketing agencies professional manner, and you to help you with your use the same team of need to be sure that they will selection process. telemarketers for a range of help strengthen your different projects that in company’s brand. practice need different skill sets. The process of selecting a good B2B telemarketing Using a single team dilutes agency can involve trial and the skills of the team and error, potentially delaying the limits the potential results development of your sales that can be achieved. pipeline and affecting the growth of your company’s Choose a telemarketing future sales. agency that specialises in B2B markets and make sure that #1 Does the When you set about choosing they are experienced in all telemarketing agency your B2B telemarketing forms of telemarketing: specialise in B2B? agency, you need as much outbound, inbound, lead knowledge as possible to generation, appointment There are many fundamental make the best possible setting, customer support, or differences between B2B decision. whatever is required. marketing and B2C marketing. In turn, the skills The more knowledge you They also need a range of required to succeed in B2B have, the better the basis on support services, including list telemarketing are very which to make a judgment cleaning, market research, different to those required in and the final choice. and effective direct marketing B2C telemarketing. skills. eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 4 of 40
  4. 4. #2 Do the telemarketers If they don’t, that should raise #4 Are the telemarketers use scripts? concerns about how they will working at the agency’s build their telemarketers’ offices? You don’t expect a salesman knowledge and expertise in to arrive at your office and your marketplace. Some telemarketing agencies start to read from a fixed use part-time people (often script written on a piece of It’s helpful to listen to your students) working from home. paper: “Good morning, my assigned telemarketers Some even use offshore call product has many benefits making calls on your centres, thousands of miles which…” You would throw company’s behalf. away. him out wouldn’t you? Scripts don’t work in B2B markets. Listen to both ends of the This approach doesn’t work conversation. well in the B2B world. This is The problem is that scripts a cost-saving strategy and sound “scripted”! Select a B2B You’ll hear your prospects’ there are no benefits to the telemarketing agency that has reactions to your sales client other than hourly telemarketers with the skill to propositions and you’ll charges. Sales ROI will suffer. develop the conversation, discover objections and how Offshore call centres should steer it and bring it to a close the telemarketers are only be used for tasks such as with the desired result. The handling them. inbound order-taking, telemarketers need to be able technical support and to do this no matter what You will then be able to customer service. personalities and adjust the sales message and temperaments they come to improve results. This approach isn’t effective across. for B2B tasks like Effective B2B telemarketing appointment-setting or lead #3 Will you have access to relies on a good working generation – simply because the agency’s relationship between the the partnership approach is telemarketers? assigned telemarketers and missing. Ask your prospective the client. B2B telemarketing agency Does your prospective B2B about their telemarketers and telemarketing agency have an A true working partnership is whether they’re based. Also “open door” policy which the only way forward, and the ask the average age, their allows clients to access its best way to develop this is by background and their sales telemarketers? face-to-face contact with the experience - they need to be telemarketers. able to sell. eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 5 of 40
  5. 5. #5 Are the telemarketers Look for B2B agencies who Try to assess whether there’s rewarded for meeting offer incentives that reward a team spirit, with supportive targets? telemarketers for both quality management. Listen out for and quantity. what happens when someone Good telemarketers respond gets a result like an well to incentives, and their #6 What are the ages and appointment booked – do performance is affected by relevant experience of the their colleagues rush to the incentives they are telemarketers? congratulate? Telemarketers offered. don’t respond to a “big stick” The skills, capabilities and management style. Instead, Be wary of agencies which commitment of the they work well in a team offer incentives based on telemarketers will affect the environment where they get quantity only. For example results they achieve, so ask the support they need. “set up two appointments a their average age. day and earn a 10% bonus”. #7 Are the appointments Ask them about their past and or leads unique to your The appointments will be listen to some of them on the company? achieved and the bonus phone. earned, but the quality of Are those results those appointments will be Meet them and make your (appointments, leads etc) questionable. own assessment about their unique to your company? Will ages and skills. the telemarketing agency sign Your sales people may well a non-disclosure agreement drive hundreds of miles to Gauge the agency’s working committing them to not meet with prospects who environment – are the disclose those details to have little intention of buying telemarketers working in a anyone third party? or who have no budget. positive, constructive environment? Some telemarketing Some agencies work on a companies ‘sell’ appointments “sweat shop” basis, and set To produce effective results, or sales leads to a number of targets of 100 or even 200 the telemarketers need to feel different clients. Ask the calls a day. Be very careful positive about themselves, question and get the non- about the quality of the leads the agency and the client’s disclosure agreement signed. they provide. product or service. eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 6 of 40
  6. 6. #8 Is the database owned • Regular project reporting #11 Is the agency truly by your company? • Regular communication multilingual? with the telemarketers During the telemarketing • A defined process for Can the telemarketing agency project, information like eMail making calls support multilingual addresses will be updated – • A sophisticated tracking campaigns? the database contains a lot of system added value. • A process for dealing Can they support English, with problems French, German, Italian and Do you have sole ownership • Regular project reviews Spanish programmes? of this additional information? Does the process involve you Do they have telemarketers Get your B2B telemarketing in any way, and if so, how, who will be using their mother agency to sign a non- and at what points in the tongue? disclosure agreement process? confirming that they will only #12 How good is the use the data for your project Decide whether the agency’s agency’s reporting? and that they will return it at process will meet your the completion of the project. marketing needs and produce Be careful of agencies who the sales results you need. can only offer one-off #9 Is there a defined spreadsheets as their method process? #10 How long a period of reporting. Sophisticated, are you contracted to the real-time reporting is Does the telemarketing agency? essential, with 24/7 online agency have a structured access. process to ensure an orderly How long is the contract for? flow of activity once the With the best online systems, project has started? Does it If your telemarketing agency you will be able to drill down include steps like the has to obtain new contracts to the detail eg looking at the following: from you for each project, on results from individual a regular basis, this will keep telemarketers, to see how • Product and marketplace them focused. many calls are made, how training many eMails are being sent • Detailed preparation for If the contract is for a long and what the outcomes and the project period of time, the agency response rates of these • Prospect data sourcing may get complacent. combined activities are. eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 7 of 40
  7. 7. #13 How good is the #14 Can the agency agency’s technology and provide case studies and technical support? performance statistics? Ask the agency about their Ask the agency for case technical support. studies specific to your market. Can they easily import and export data? If they don’t have any, beware. Does their telemarketing technology allow them to What success rates do they track, listen in to, and review quote? telemarketer calls ie Tele- eMail? If they say that they reach 50% of decision maker Can their system integrate contacts (DMCs) at the first with eMail campaigns to make call, beware. It takes 4-7 calls the calls more productive? to reach a middle manager and 8-12 calls to reach DMCs. Can their system score leads and drive the real-time reporting? eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 8 of 40
  8. 8. 2 Why B2B marketing is different and why you need a specialist agency which is 100% B2B focused B2B marketing is not the same as B2C marketing; the approach needs to be fundamentally different. Any similarities between B2B and B2C disappear when you examine the complex B2B marketing challenges. Find out what eMarket2 consider the top 15 differences are. Difference #1: the particular stage in the supporting rational purchasing B2B products and services buying cycle that your prospect decisions. are often more complex is currently in. “Sales fluff” may get a In working with B2B clients in Difference #3: prospect’s attention, but it many different markets, we Fewer potential buyers won’t convince the prospect to always find that B2B products make a purchase. Subtle and services are typically B2C marketers can market differences must be carefully complex and more their products to millions of explained using carefully- sophisticated, with many of the people in the knowledge that a crafted and persuasive positive benefits or possible high proportion are potential communication programmes. negatives hidden. B2B purchasers. There are far marketing campaigns need to fewer potential purchasers of Difference #5: take the detail, the technical B2B products and services. B2B pricing is very aspects, the hidden They’re also harder to find - different information, the subtleties, and you may spend months trying make them clear, easy to to find the influential contacts B2C products don’t vary much understand, and above all, in a prospect’s company. from shop to shop. The prices persuasive and convincing. of B2B products are often Difference #4: different for every sale. B2B Difference #2: B2B sales propositions are prices can be dependent on The B2B sales cycle is longer often more complex the particular application and buyer’s requirements. The B2B sales cycle is a B2B sales propositions are lengthy process, often lasting complex and more The pricing depends on many many months. Marketing to sophisticated, and must factors, which takes take time B2B prospects requires present measurable benefits, to calculate and affects the different tactics, depending on with differentiated features selling price. eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 9 of 40
  9. 9. Difference #6: Difference #8: individual prospect’s interests B2B prospects carry out Corporate brand and needs. more research confidence is more important For example, the “financial B2B prospects carry out more buyer" is mainly concerned research, ask for more I find that corporate brand with ROI, the "techie buyer" is information, and examine more confidence is more important mainly concerned with alternative products and to B2B buyers than individual performance, and the actual suppliers. They do this because product brands. end-user is only concerned the risks of “getting it wrong” with ease of use. are higher, and they also need While specific purchase criteria to “sell” the choice to other affects product selection, the Difference #10: people in their company. prospect’s confidence in the B2B marketers have less corporate brand drives the final market research data Difference #7: purchase decision. B2B marketing depends on A huge B2C company like different buying emotions The prospect needs to trust Unilever will only bring a the company to deliver the product to market after they’ve B2B marketing is not expected benefits. spent millions testing to see emotionless, but prospects are whether it will be a commercial not affected by common B2C Difference #9: success. emotions like impulse buying Many different types of or personal status. contacts are involved in the Not many B2B companies have purchase loop that level of financial resource. Different emotions affect the prospects. B2B motivators B2B purchases involve many Large budgets may be include the fear of making a individuals with very different allocated to product R&D, but mistake, the expected ROI, perspectives, all involved in the normally only relatively small and the level of trust in the purchasing loop, influencing amounts are available for supplier. the decision-making. market research. For example, Coca Cola’s “I’d It’s essential to identify and So, success in B2B markets is like to teach the world to sing” contact many people at many more dependent on the ads simply wouldn’t work in different levels within the experience of the B2B the B2B marketplace. prospect’s company, with sales marketer. messages that appeal to each eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 10 of 40
  10. 10. Difference #11: Difference #13: Difference #15: B2B marketing needs B2B sales rely on personal B2B marketing starts different channel relationships inside the company strategies Sales to B2C markets use In B2B markets, many people The direct “seller-to-end-user” tightly-controlled marketing within the company interact relationship is only one way of tools like TV ads and other with the prospects and selling in the B2B world. mass media. B2B sales need customers, and not just the Complex channel strategies are one-to-one relationships with sales and marketing often needed: distributors, personal interaction. departments. dealers, manufacturers' representatives, consultants, This requires sophisticated system builders, supply-chain sales management and partners and so on. knowledgeable, well-trained staff, passing on information in Difference #12: line with corporate sales USPs Many different people from and strategies. the selling organisation are involved Difference #14: Third-parties influence the Sales of complex B2B products buying process and services typically require the expertise and involvement B2B prospects involve third- of many different people from parties for opinions. So, market the selling organisation. The through industry experts, trade sales and marketing associations, trade departments may need support publications, user groups, and at director level, and also need many other third-parties. people from the design, R&D and manufacturing B2B prospects use this departments. All of these information to support and contacts need to be aligned help sell their purchase with the corporate brand recommendations to messages to maximise the colleagues. possibility of closing the sale. eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 11 of 40
  11. 11. 3 Ten Point Telemarketing Check-up For Lead Generation and Qualification Tick the boxes against each of your answers and add up the points. #1. The calling lists we rent or buy are based on: 1) Demographics; eg job title, SIC code, number of employees No points 2) Business actions; eg moves, mergers, new processes One point 3) Affinities; eg related purchases, memberships One point #2. We get our reps ready to call and then improve their skills by: 1) Training and practice One point 2) Teaming with another salesperson No points 3) Throwing them on the phone Subtract one point 4) I don’t know Subtract one point #3. When on the phone our callers follow: 1) Scripts No points 2) Call/question guides One point 3) The data fields on their computer screen Subtract one point 4) Their instincts Subtract one point #4. Our supervisors and managers monitor calls and coach our salespeople 1) Every day One point 2) When they can No points 3) Seldom No points 4) Never Subtract one point 5) I don’t know No points #5. In how many seconds can your callers describe what your company does? 1) 5-10 One point 2) 10-15 No points 3) 15-up Subtract one point 4) We’re so well known, they don’t have to One point #6. What portion of lead generation calls results in substantive conversations? 1) Less than 5% Subtract two points 2) 5% - 15% Subtract one point 3) 15% - 25% No points 4) 25% - 50% One point 5) 50% and above No points 6) I don’t know No points eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 12 of 40
  12. 12. #7. What portion of lead generation and qualification conversations results in the prospect taking the next step in your marketing or sales process? 1) Less than 5% Subtract two points 2) 5% - 15% Subtract one point 3) 15% - 25% No points 4) 25% - 50% One point 5) 50% up and above Two points 6) I don’t know No points #8. After the calls, we classify our leads as: 1) Qualified or not qualified No points 2) Hot, medium, cool or A, B, C No points 3) Rated on a point-scale according to agreed criteria No points 4) Whatever our gut and experience say Subtract one point 5) We don’t classify, we just send them along Subtract two points #9. Your level of confidence that your own MD would accept the kind of calls your salespeople are making: 1) Slim to none Subtract two points 2) Quite low Subtract one point 3) So-so No points 4) Pretty high One point 5) Certain Two points 6) I don’t know Subtract one point #10. Your level of confidence that your sales channels will act on the leads you produce: 1) Slim to none Subtract two points 2) Quite low Subtract one point 3) So-so No points 4) Pretty high One point 5) Certain Two points 6) I don’t know Subtract one point Conclusions – what your scores mean Ten points or higher? You’re telemarketing is looking good. Congratulations! Eight or nine? Make the tactical adjustments before your competitors force the issue for you. Six or seven? Your lead generation and qualification efforts probably are mismatched to your sales requirements and are almost certainly under-performing as well. Better make some big improvements. Under six? Stop reading this and get professional guidance right now. eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 13 of 40
  13. 13. 4 Why you should choose an agency dedicated to B2B If you’re in a B2B market and you’re thinking of changing your marketing agency, it’s essential to choose an agency that uses cutting-edge ideas and is expert in B2B marketing. Here are the top six questions that prospective clients frequently ask us, to test our responses. We’ve provided our answers to those questions in a “question and answer” format. Question #1: How does Question #2: How does two large B2C clients may eMarket2 keep track of eMarket2 approach B2B dominate the agency, its people changes and trends in the marketing differently to B2C resources and its focus. At least marketing world? marketing? three quarters of an agency’s revenue should come from B2B Answer: We track trends and Answer: We are a B2B marketing clients. new developments by searching specialist, and we understand out articles on the internet and what makes B2B marketing so eMarket2 is a dedicated B2B attending seminars & exhibitions. different to B2C marketing, and specialist agency and 100% of our how the approach needs to be client list is from the B2B We have our own IT experts and completely changed. Any marketplace. we develop new techniques as similarities between B2B and B2C older techniques become over- disappear when you examine the Question #4: What proportion used and ineffective. We then complex B2B marketing of eMarket2’s clients are in implement Best Practice ideas into challenges. B2B markets? the campaigns we develop. As an expert B2B agency, we can Answer: eMarket2 is a dedicated We investigate the latest list about 15 or more differences B2B specialist agency and 100% marketing strategies like mobile in seconds. of our clients are from the B2B marketing, and assess how marketplace. effective they could be for our Question #3: What proportion clients. We’re recognised as of eMarket2’s turnover is If an agency’s client list does not “thought leaders” and have derived from B2B clients? major on B2B markets, their developed the award-winning experience and understanding of eNewsletter “Down2Earth” on Best Answer: This is a really searching B2B challenges will be very Practice eMarketing, and have question to ask. The client list of limited. If the split is 50/50 won many industry awards. some agencies may appear to be between B2B and B2C, they are predominantly B2B, but one or likely to be generalists, lacking the eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 14 of 40
  14. 14. experience to overcome complex Every client uses different B2B marketing challenges. At least parameters, but our answers give three quarters of an agency’s you a good idea of our knowledge clients should be in B2B markets. and expertise in B2B marketing. Agencies with a lower proportion will be generalists trying to serve Question #6: How is eMarket2 everyone. paid for agency services? Some agencies might have what Some agencies have complicated they describe as a “B2B division”, ways of calculating payment for but people in that division often different services. work on both B2C and B2B clients. This “division” is often simply a For example, a fee structure on marketing strategy to encourage the one hand, and on the other prospective clients. hand, a media placement commission and mark-up on At eMarket2, we have just one outsourced services. focus or “division”: B2B. If an agency offers low fees and Question #5: Why did our relies on media commission and newest clients select mark-ups to boost their bottom eMarket2? line, their marketing recommendations may be biased Answer: First of all, our 100% towards campaigns that generate B2B focus is very important, and higher income for them. secondly, prospective clients recognise eMarket2 as specialist Complex payment models like B2B “thought leaders” in demand these are commonplace in B2C generation. agencies, and they’re a good pointer to the agency’s focus. You would expect that all of our newest clients would be in B2B eMarket2 is different – we charge markets, and that is indeed the on a “per project” basis or on a case. monthly retainer eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 15 of 40
  15. 15. 5 Client Testimonials Telemarketing Tools immediate impact. We didn’t direct result of the pipeline of Industry: Life sciences have the bandwidth to call business opportunities they “eMarket2's award-winning through several of the lists have created for us. As a Generator2 demand that we had and eMarket2 venture-capital-backed web generation platform cost- was able to provide not only services software company, effectively complements our the activity that we needed and with the current credit Siebel CRM solution to but was able to qualify active crunch, meeting and dramatically shorten our sales opportunities and gather exceeding our goals is critical cycles and boost marketing market intelligence. Their to our ability to secure future ROI. Continuous refinement Generator2 demand funding. They deliver what of marketing and lead generation web-based they promise and they have cultivation efforts through all reporting capabilities gave me sensible pricing, which will channels has given us a key real-time visibility into their keep us coming back for more competitive advantage.” day-to-day activity and kept of the same in 2008.” EMEA CRM Manager, Invitrogen track of all the data they were Global VP Marketing gathering on our marketplace. Web Services Demand Generation Their team approach ensures Software Company Industry: IT sector that we are consistently “eMarket2 is a first-class hitting our goals and if Seminar Campaigns agency. They provide a changes need to be made Industry: Manufacturing complete “closed loop” they can happen quickly. I Software revenue generating service look forward to continuing to “eMarket2 is an integral part with passion. Focusing on grow our sales pipeline with of our campaign follow-up people, product, purpose, the help of eMarket2.” process; our seminar positioning, and profit. Very Direct Marketing Manager registrations have achieved all refreshing and very EMEA - Global Security Software our targets through their professional.” Company efforts. Their team delivers an Marketing Director, invaluable combination of Household Global Software Lead Generation quality and quantity in the Vendor Industry: IT Software sales ready leads they “eMarket2 has over-achieved develop for our seminar Telemarketing Campaign on our expectations events.” Industry: IT Software throughout 2007. We are UK Marketing “We were very pleased with likely to hit our revenue Programs Manager eMarket2's ability to hit the targets for the first full six Manufacturing Software ground running on our project months of 2008, and be and began seeing an ahead of our forecast as a eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 16 of 40
  16. 16. Client testimonials Business Development respond to a large increase in Industry: Internet Software our inbound marketing “We don't have the time, responses. They have resource or bandwidth to do provided exceptional results, our own internal business the level of service has saved development. The business me and my sales team much development team at time and effort as well.” eMarket2 have become an NHS Divisional Sales Director integral part of our sales Technology Hardware Company process, consistently providing my team of ten New Market Development Business Development Industry: Telecoms Managers with sales ready “As an up-and-coming qualified appointments.” technology organisation in the UK Sales Director US, we saw the UK as an Wireless Telecommunications untapped market of potential Company customers. We wanted our Country Manager in the UK to Lead Generation have the necessary support to Industry: Internet Software develop our business on an “The value we have received EMEA wide basis. eMarket2 through our relationship with were an ideal EMEA partner. eMarket2 has been truly eMarket2 worked closely with exceptional. I have hired five both our US marketing team additional Field Reps across and our new UK sales team to our Northern Europe region in further define our message Q1 2008 as a result of the and our approach to market increased lead flow.” for the UK, France and General Manager UK Germany at the start of 2007. Internet Software Company Since then, eMarket2 has over-achieved against their Inbound Telemarketing targets and continue to be a Industry: IT Hardware valued outsourced demand “eMarket2 provided me with generation partner.” the necessary marketing and US VP Marketing sales support manpower to Wireless Telecommunications eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 17 of 40
  17. 17. 6 Example Telemarketing Case Studies Testing Outcome: Data provided by Solution: We developed an Industry: Access eMarket2 generated 50% integrated marketing Management more leads than partner data. campaign incorporating Sales indicators showed leads personalised eMail, direct mail with a net worth of £5M and micro websites. generated - a direct result of Telemarketing was used to Challenge: One of the the Tele-eMail strategy. Sales follow up the contacts who fastest growing IAM (Identity indicators showed an responded. Key to our and Access Management) increased ‘lead acceptance success was the collection companies with more than rate’ of 95%. and management of response 500 customers and over 200 data in using partners hit a problem with the sales team’s data Response Management growth momentum. Sales intelligence to ‘drive’ the Industry: IT markets slowed, leads in Europe were campaign’s targeting strategy. scarce and sales blamed marketing. Outcome: An overall response rate of 9.8% was Cause: Their European Challenge: A global leader in achieved, the conversion cost Telemarketing demand thin clients with was reduced by 50%, pipeline generation programme was approximately 40% branded value increased by 30%, the designed to feed qualified market share was finding that campaign helped establish six leads to partners. But the their lead pipeline was drying new markets across pipeline was choked by up, which meant that their EMEA/ANZ and there was a partner politics, poor partner European sales teams 17% efficiency gain over data and misaligned partner repeatedly missed revenue previous lead generation expectations around lead targets and profits slumped. methods. quality. Cause: We carried out Solution: We deployed a telemarketing and eSurvey multilingual telemarketing activities and discovered that pilot demand generation their target audience hated programme in the UK and receiving junk mail, junk eMail Germany to test the and unsolicited calls - they following: the effectiveness of were technical sceptics who partner data versus data that had ‘no reason to look’. We we supplied the client; the therefore needed to create a effectiveness of ‘Tele-eMail’ (a sequence of personalised fast-track) contact strategy; messages. and the effectiveness of an automated demand generation platform. eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 18 of 40
  18. 18. Quantitative Audits Quantitative Audits Industry: Life Sciences Industry: Telecoms Challenge: A global Challenge: A global telecoms $11billion player in Life manufacturer was concerned Sciences wanted to identify that six of its major resellers what waves in the were not able to penetrate a marketplace triggered the target of 100 key accounts buying journeys of ‘big each. spenders’ across EMEA. Cause: We discovered that Cause: We discovered that that the six resellers simply government funding was a didn’t have the human catalyst to ‘big purchase’ resource available to cycles. Knowing ‘when’ funds penetrate these top 100 were issued, by whom and to accounts, or the whom’ identified which ‘power telemarketing skills to get prospects’ sales teams should through to high-level target. decision-makers at both director and senior Solution: We developed a management level. multilingual telemarketing programme to research Solution: We developed an government funding across integrated programme which six European countries. We included direct mail postcards identified which funding and eMail broadcasts, bodies awarded the highest followed up by a grants, and secured telemarketing campaign. agreements to provide regular Contact was made with every data which enabled us to alert target company, new contacts the client sales teams to cash- were added and the data was rich prospects. updated. Outcome: Sales indicators Outcome: For each reseller, have confirmed that targeting 1-2 “A” leads were created – ‘funded prospects’ at the fully qualified, and with a point when they were just fixed appointment. Around 2- starting to investigate has 3 “B” leads were created and helped position the company 20+ “C” leads. All six as a trusted advisor. This has databases were fully updated. resulted in improved close Over $900,000 of leads were rates of 12% at the point of created across the six final negotiation. resellers. eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 19 of 40
  19. 19. 7 Example Clients eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 20 of 40
  20. 20. 8 Awards eMarket2 has been recognised in the digital marketing and online marketing fields as an innovative agency, having developed many cutting-edge client campaigns which, most important of all for our clients, have produced outstanding results. Best use of B2B Data in a Winner of best use of data in Best B2B Email Marketing Marketing Campaign award in a B2B marketing campaign eNewsletter Design award in the Technology for Marketing Awards 2007. The Jupiter Media 2007 awards. ‘iProfile' by eMarket2 for 'Profile' by eMarket2 for Invitrogen Marketing Excellence Invitrogen Also: Best international B2B Awards 2006 Also: Runner up - Best use of campaign - B2B Marketing Campaign Software. Awards 2007. 'Profile' by eMarket2 for 'iProfile' by eMarket2 for Invitrogen Invitrogen Best Opt-in Campaign Email Best Use of Data in B2B Runner up of the Best digital Silver Award at the Marketing nomination in the B2B marketing campaign - MarketingSherpa 2007 Institute of Direct Marketing B2B Marketing Awards 2007. awards. Business Performance Awards 'iProfile' by eMarket2 for 'Profile' by eMarket2 for 2007. Invitrogen Invitrogen 'iProfile' by eMarket2 for Invitrogen eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 21 of 40
  21. 21. 9 Why eMarket2 is different Our Mantra: Get Connected >> Get Considered >> Get Chosen We enable our clients to focus on expand our technological targeted and appropriate to their their core competencies, achieve capabilities in order to keep our needs and challenges. operational excellence and clients ahead of their competitors outperform their competition. and, importantly, their customers. Amongst others, these sectors Applying proven experience and include IT, Life Sciences, methods, we align ourselves fully Management accessibility and Telecoms, Business Services, to our clients businesses to deliver approach Legal, Financial Services, transformational solutions and Automotive and Public Sector. As rapid results. Our organisational structure is part of our lead generation designed to give easy access to process, we will define which People our management teams and pride sectors we wish to target in a ourselves on being an open and phased approach. Our people are the best in the approachable meritocracy. industry and the pre-eminent As part of our lead generation performers in their respective Global reach process, we will define which disciplines. We encourage sectors we wish to target in a achievement via continual learning With a strong presence in all the phased approach. and development. major markets of the world, we are able to match each client’s Our contracts vary in length and Processes global presence to deliver scope. They can be on a simple solutions around the world: project by project basis, quarterly We use proven and mature 24/7. or annual retainer, as well as methods, prioritising solutions over regional or global in their nature. services and employing joined-up Our clients and contracts thinking to focus intensively on They can be focused on one value creation as we transform. Our clients are amongst the specific service solution, or an market leaders in their industry end-to-end integrated Corporate Technology sectors. We take a sector Solution, dependent on clients’ specific approach to engaging requirements. Our infrastructure is second to with our clients to ensure that none. We continue to invest and our solutions and language is eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 22 of 40
  22. 22. Our Vision What does this mean? Our Values To become the most Reasonable people adapt By making our clients successful, themselves to the world. we make ourselves successful. unreasonable and innovative market leader of outsourced B2B Unreasonable people attempt to We treat other people as you would sales and marketing customer adapt the world to them. like to be treated. acquisition & retention services We develop our people and reward and marketing automation All progress, therefore, depends their contribution. solutions for B2B organisations upon unreasonable people. We foster an entrepreneurial spirit. who have a complex sale on a local, regional and global basis, Most reasonable people see things We work with openness, integrity by 2013. and they say, “Why?” and humour. eMarket2 people dream things We create a dynamic, exciting and (Through people, passion, know- that never were, and we say supportive business environment. how, & best of breed marketing automation tools) “Why not?” eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 23 of 40
  23. 23. 10 Unique eMarket2 technology: Tele-eMail and Generator2 Runner up of the Best digital Runner up - Best use of B2B marketing campaign - B2B Marketing Awards 2007. Campaign Software 'iProfile' by eMarket2 for ' iProfile' by eMarket2 Invitrogen for Invitrogen Tele-eMail is an approach that combines telemarketing with eMail marketing to generate top- quality leads. It’s run as a module on Generator2 - eMarket2’s award-winning, fully-hosted and managed demand generation web-based platform. Experience with clients proves that a combined eMail marketing and telemarketing approach helps them speak to more people, generate more leads and validate more information. Tele-Mail has been shown to increase our telemarketing agents Decision Maker Contact (DMC) by up to 20%. Tele-eMail empowers our telemarketing agent’s to priorities their activity target calls to higher responsive contacts while reducing costs, because of lower call time. There are five main ways in which we use Tele-eMail in our telemarketing projects: #1 Central eMail broadcasts frequently as required to Using the Generator2 system, ensure that telephone contact the agent can track click- eMarket2 can send out an is always carried out on a throughs and PDF downloads eMail broadcast (on a daily timely basis. and is therefore able to basis if necessary) so that any interact in real-time because prospect click-throughs to web #2 Agent eMail broadcasts they know the prospect is pages are very fresh in the sitting at their desk. mind of the interested The agent can send out their prospect. own eMail broadcasts using This is a very effective tactic in segmented pockets of data getting through to the The telemarketer has direct supplied to them. The prospect, which can be hard if access to the results of the Generator2 system will then the phone call is several days eMail broadcast. The alert them when the eMail is after the marketing campaign. Generator2 system will alert opened. In this way, they can Other benefits of this approach them when the eMail is opened time their own follow-up calls include fewer unsuccessful and enable them to speak to so that that their call is very calls, more conversations and hot prospects whilst their quickly made after the more conversions because the interest is still fresh. This prospect click-through. prospect is still actively process can be repeated as thinking about the eMail. eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 24 of 40
  24. 24. #3 Key contacts targeted - “I haven’t seen the eMail”. Benefits of Tele-eMail: individual eMails sent to specific contacts It can be sent straight to the • Increased Decision Maker prospect’s eMail inbox so that Contact Generator2 can be used for it can be viewed during the • Helps agents tie in visual Key Account targeting – the phone call. branding with verbal client can highlight certain propositions accounts as being of high #5 Tele-eMail sent to • Holds the attention span of importance. hard-to-reach prospects the target for longer because it differentiates These accounts will be given If the prospect can’t be calls priority by the agent and reached by phone after a • Enables an agent to deliver individual eMails will be sent number of attempts, the relevant information in a out. telemarketing agent will leave timely way a voicemail message and send • Gives prospects a sense The other use of individual a personalised eMail at the that they are ‘in control’ eMails is when the agent can’t same time. of telephone get through to a prospect after discussions several attempts – be they The voicemail and personalised • Makes for a more specifically targeted prospects eMail will explain the relevance committed, better-qualified or general prospects. and importance of the prospect attempted call. The Generator2 system will The benefits of Tele-eMail then alert them when the eMail The telemarketing agent will using Generator2 is opened or if the prospect “tag” the eMail message in downloads a PDF, so that they order to identify when the • Fewer telemarketing can get on the phone within prospect opens/interacts with days are required to minutes. the eMail. complete each campaign This tactic is very effective in The telemarketing agent can • Higher conversion rates getting through to hard-to- tell instantly if the prospect • Accessibility - 24/7 reach decision-makers. opens the eMail and identifies through a web-based which links they clicked onto. interface #4 Individual eMails sent • Ease of use - only 1-2 whilst on the phone They can then get on the hours training is typically telephone straight away, in required for telemarketing The agent can send out “real time”, knowing that the agents individual and personalised prospect is sitting at their desk. • Increased user eMails whilst they’re on the productivity – automation phone to the prospect. They can then personalise their of database marketing pitch to match the prospect’s processes No longer will the telemarketer interests i.e. their downloads be turned away by the and click-throughs. comment: eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 25 of 40
  25. 25. • Improved lead • Reporting of Options conversion rates - performance and equipping telemarketing statistics – real-time • Lead scoring – we can agents with real-time report online benchmarking actual score every lead based on dashboards that show performance against client-defined parameters which prospects are ‘in the campaign targets. By such as budget available, buying window’ and publishing campaign job title, company size etc why/how they should be dashboards that measure targeted as a priority critical success metrics, • Lead management – we program managers can can manage leads for a • Provision of holistic reduce the risk of client’s salesforce or view of your sales and programme failure marketing department, marketing activities - based on a process pre- centralising initiatives such • Highly customisable - we determined by the client as data management, list store data in a format that building, data profiling, mirrors client’s internal • Lead distribution – we eMail marketing, systems and/or partner can pass on leads to a telemarketing, sales systems, which means that client’s salesforce or administration, lead short-term and/or long- marketing department, creation, lead distribution term requirements are met based on a process pre- and lead nurturing – all with minimal upheaval determined by the client touch-points are monitored • Support – the application requires no internal support from your IT team eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 26 of 40
  26. 26. The diagram below demonstrates how Tele-eMail and Generator2 work together: Generator2 #4 #5 Lead Targeting #1 Tele-eMail sent Tele-eMail sent to Central Real-time lead hard-to-reach during phone call eMail profiling, scoring and prospects Broadcast lead targeting Using our Generator2, system, the telemarketing If the prospect can’t be Our Generator2 system takes agent can tell instantly reached by phone after a the eMail broadcast click- which links the prospect number of attempts, the throughs, downloads and clicked onto and which telemarketing agent will opens, and applies a pre- downloads they selected. leave a voicemail message determined profiling process and send a personalised to the data, cross-referring to They can then “personalise” eMail at the same time to existing demographic their pitch to match the explain the relevance and prospect’s interests. importance of the attempted information such as company turnover, number of call. #2 employees, job description, During the conversation, the telemarketing agent can Agent market sector etc. send a personalised HTML The telemarketing agent will eMail eMail. “tag” the eMail message in Broadcast The telemarketing agent is order to identify when the then provided with real-time This helps visualise what prospect opens/interacts information on which DMCs they are describing, and with the eMail. to contact first: encourages the recipient to download an article via the The telemarketing agent can Tier 1: for example, eMail and/or to complete a tell instantly if the prospect prospects who downloaded a registration or profile form opens the eMail and linked to the eMail. identifies which links they PDF and company over a certain size etc clicked onto. Synchronising calls and eMails means that our #3 Tier 2: for example, prospects who clicked on at telemarketing agents can be They can then get on the telephone straight away, in Key more strategic in their least one link and company “real time”, knowing that the contact approach to targeting the over a certain size etc prospect is sitting at their targeting right contact; at the right desk. They can then eMail time; with the right Tier 3: for example, “personalise” their pitch to Broadcast message. It also supports prospects who opened the match the prospect’s their sales pitch. eMail and company over a interests i.e. their downloads certain size etc and click-throughs. Comprehensive, detailed real-time reports available 24/7 Reports are published online and are available 24/7 so that all parties can see how many calls are made, how many eMails are being sent and what the outcomes and response rates of these combined activities are. eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 27 of 40
  27. 27. 11 eMarket2 Telemarketing Technology Platform The infrastructure that supports your campaign and optimises productivity of telemarketing agents includes: An Avaya VOIP telephone • Generate and manage management, data access switch that improves qualified (quality) sales management, data usage productivity and leads management (ie rented performance through: • Process risk-free trials data with restricted use is and/or sales orders managed) • Call listening • Allocate follow-up actions • Data editing and the • Call recording on leads/trials/sales orders, tracking of data edits by • Call duration timing to inside sales departments date and user • Call forwarding (of internal and/or partners • New record creation (NB and external calls to create • Collect market automated de-duplication a seamless virtual’ front intelligence/information (in procedures prevent office environment) a reportable format) for duplicate records being • Call waiting (queuing of marketers to analyse real- created) inbound calls to reduce ‘call time • Data merging abandon rates’) • Prioritise activities so that • Relationship management • Call distribution (of inbound agent targets are met of multiple contacts within calls) by hunt group through SMART working companies, companies with (language, skill set, client or • Measure performance multiple sites and campaign code) against target (real-time) companies with multiple • CLI ‘operating companies’ • Reporting by agent, G2 System features for • Forced data entry protocol campaign type, hunt group, Telemarketing Agents can (ie pick lists and system call duration bands include: logic behind mandatory • ‘On-screen phone fields forces agents to • Call logging (of call managers’ for telemarketing capture specific data fields attempts made, DMC calls agents to flick quickly in the correct format/case) made, call notes made, between database screens • Lead processing and inbound calls) and telephone functions management (includes lead • Categorisation of call valuation, qualification, outcomes (positive and Generator2 (G2) – a categorisation and tracking) negative outcomes) demand generation web • Lead allocation/reallocation • Call scheduling platform for telemarketing • Lead distribution • Activity scheduling (ie for teams that can enable • Campaign tracking eMail or mail fulfillment) them to: • Trial order processing (and • Activity tracking (ie integration with logistics responses to eMails are • Process (log and track) systems to track when trial automatically tracked and inbound and outbound calls products are delivered and can trigger a further efficiently collected and therefore scheduled action) require follow-up) • Data management (call • Sales order processing prioritisation, opt-out eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 28 of 40
  28. 28. • Agent reporting on generated by agent, the • Trial approval lists (ie completed activities, leads type of leads generated by lists of ‘trial requests’ created and managed, agent, the allocation of that require a contact status and company leads generated by agent, supervisor’s approval or status to show and the status of leads assistance before they benchmark their generated by agent etc) can be forwarded and performance and • Data management reports processed via a logistics productivity (ie real-time stats on the company) • Integration with web volume of data processed • Sales approval lists (ie registration forms so that by agent, the performance lists of ‘sales orders’ that enquiries via the web are of different data sources by require a supervisor’s collected centrally and agent & data segment, the approval or assistance processed via the system number of ‘inaccessible before they can be • Integration with the phone records and categorised processed financially) system so that every call reasons’, the number of • Customer complaint lists (ie attempt is logged and communications made to lists of complainants that therefore call costs can be rented lists with restricted require follow-up/referral) accurately reported real- use criteria etc) • Agent target reports (ie time • Campaign management real-time stats on an reports (ie real-time stats agent’s performance G2 System features for on the volume of data against target) Telemarketing Supervisors processed for each • Resource management can include: campaign, the volume of reports (ie real-time stats activities generated for on the number of hours • Agent call reports (ie the each campaign, the volume worked by agent on a real-time stats on the of calls made/received for specific programme, number of call attempts each campaign, the volume, campaign and/or data set made by agent, DMC calls type and value of leads etc) made by agent, inbound generated for each calls processed by agent, campaign etc) G2 System features for time spent on phone by • Quality control reports (ie Inside Sales Departments agent, call outcomes by lists of ‘processed’ data can include: agent and category etc) records that the system • Agent activity reports (ie generates for a supervisor • Lead pipeline reports real-time stats on the to check (at random) the (ie ‘real-time’ stats on number of eMails sent by data accuracy and leads generated from agent, mail packs sent by procedural accuracy of a their individual account agent, records processed by user sets) agent, time spent on data • Lead approval lists (ie lists • Risk-free trial reports (i.e. administration by agent, of ‘leads’ that require a ‘real-time’ stats on risk free activity outcomes by agent supervisor’s approval or trials generated from their and category etc) assistance before they can individual account sets) • Lead management reports be allocated to field sales • Sales order reports (ie ‘real- (ie real-time stats on the and/or distributed and/or time’ stats on sales orders number of leads generated managed) generated from their by agent, the value of leads individual account sets) eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 29 of 40
  29. 29. 12 Outbound Telemarketing Partnership We offer a flexible telemarketing partnership. From an initial campaign now, to medium- to long- term support into the future, we can partner you and deliver your outsourced sales and marketing requirements. Companies use us to set We support companies’ • No need to take 100% up long and short term marketing programmes by responsibility (ie delegate marketing programmes. offering telemarketing, management to your list broking and direct agency) • We run full-time mail services and eMail • No risk of hidden fees programmes (as an design & broadcast squeezing budget - outsourced facility) services for integrated disciplinary fees, re- • We act as an ‘overflow’ campaigns recruitment fees, centre for programmes redundancy fees, payroll managed in-house What’s the advantage of fees, sick pay, holiday • We can audit and test outsourcing a virtual sales pay… marketing procedures and contact centre • No staff management systems programme? headaches (emotional or • We host and manage financial!) marketing systems for • No need to recruit • No gaps in the pipeline companies telemarketers and pay when telemarketers fall • We host and manage data recruitment fees sick long-term and/or take for companies • No need to re-organise holiday leave • We can supply temporary your office space • No drain on your IT staff marketers and • No need to buy new or personnel department’s telemarketing agents at equipment or systems workload your offices eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 30 of 40
  30. 30. 13 Resourcing telemarketing campaigns We only employ experienced telemarketing agents, here are the summaries of what we insist on as minimum performance requirements and experience, for both our telemarketing agents and our supervisors: A typical eMarket2 European enterprise-sized • Confident and efficient telemarketing agent companies when to working to tight profile • Online and telemarketing timescales and targets research • Conversant of data privacy • Results-driven and used to • Sales order generation and statutes, laws and working with targets processing guidelines at a local level • Research agents • Appointing setting • Conversant of Best experienced in sales with a • Lead conversion and Practice guidelines in minimum of 1 year’s qualification telemarketing, eMail telemarketing work • Web enquiry handling and marketing, direct mail and experience conversion research • Senior agents who • Event registration interview C-Level • List building and profiling Experience in: executives educated to • Inbound eMail and phone degree level have enquiry handling • Experienced in the delivery minimum 3 years • Tele-research of “Introductory” and telemarketing work • Identifying decision “Elevated” propositions to experience makers a variety of contacts eg • Multilingual agents • Opting-in contacts board level/Line of (French, German, Spanish, • Customer satisfaction business management/ Polish) are native speakers calls/surveys Administrators/ in pan- and fluent in English • License renewal calls European “Enterprise- • Used to using relational and/or product upgrade sized” companies and database systems, eMail conversion calls below. applications and phone • Call listening, appraisal management technology A typical eMarket2 agent and agent coaching • Formerly trained/certified supervisor profile • Data analysis (and the in ‘selling techniques’ analysis of agent • Quick to learn and used to • Experienced in sales with a performance/productivity working in a competitive minimum of 3 years reports) team telemarketing experience • Report writing (to include call coaching • Resource management Experience in: and team leadership) • Training (on products, • Experienced in people processes and systems) • The delivery of management • Copywriting (of fulfillment “Introductory” and • Fluent in English and at eMails/mailers) “Elevated” sales least one other European • Client liaison propositions to a variety of language • Budgeting (at project contacts eg board • Used to using relational level) level/Line of business database systems, eMail management/ applications and phone Administrators/ in pan- management technology eMail: Tel: +44 (0) 1256 853 040 27/10/2008 knowledge . passion . innovation . Page 31 of 40