Business Software for Retailers


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Business Software for Retailers

  1. 1. Business Software for Retailers
  2. 2. Business Software for Retailers “Our aim at Sage is to develop ever-improving software that supports small to medium-sized businesses – the backbone of our UK economy .” Paul Stobart, Managing Director, UK and Ireland Region, Sage (UK) Limited
  3. 3. Contents 2 Sage working for retailers and traders 3 What our customers say 4 Integrated operations for a competitive advantage 5 Software that grows with your business 6 Sage Point of Sale (POS) 8 Retail and trading software for SMALL businesses 11 Retail and trading software for MEDIUM sized businesses 19 Retail and trading solutions for LARGER businesses 25 Support services: Helping you get the most from Sage
  4. 4. Sage working for retailers and traders At Sage, we’ve been supporting businesses like yours with world-class business software for well over a quarter of a century. Over this time, we’ve built up a deep understanding of the needs of all sizes and types of business who serve the retail, wholesale and trade sectors. Using this insight we constantly develop our products and services in order to meet customer requirements. With over 5.4 million Sage customers worldwide, 730,000 in the UK, the network of people relying on Sage systems is growing – many include your customers and suppliers. Helping overcome your business issues Sage software is available in three suites, Sage 50, Sage 200 and Sage 1000. These suites include the applications needed to manage the processes and information in every part of your business; from buying stock, booking it in, marketing and selling it, and reporting on your business performance. Sage helps you gain greater control over these processes whilst addressing the following business issues: n Time saving – automated routines and touch-screen terminals with automated transaction updates and product look-ups. n Cost saving – addressing your business issues quickly and helping reduce inefficiencies, to deliver rapid ROI. n Security – by controlling everything from prices, credit authorisation, merchandising, reordering, etc. providing you with the assurance that your business is protected whenever you’re away on business or holiday. n Price pressures – helping cut operational costs across your business and driving sales and stock rotation so you can increase the value of each sale and stay ahead of the competition. n Reporting – providing management with insight into the decision-making needed to run an efficient operation. Sage’s goal is to streamline processes between traders, suppliers and customers, helping businesses run at optimum profitability. Our suites of software are designed to put you in total control of your business systems, whatever you sell. A network of support All of our customers are supported through a combination of our own unrivalled customer service and our close relationships with Business Partners and Developers. This ensures that you have the right support before, during and after implementation.
  5. 5. What our customers say... 3 Gavin Sutton Steve Proudman Michael Black Finance Manager IT Manager Finance Director Morris Pasties Racoon International Bristol Flying School “Sage 50 Point of Sale integrates “Sage 200 Point of Sale has “Our customers want to be in fully with our accounting systems greatly simplified our accounts the air as soon as possible. Time and gives us control over both process as payment is on the ground is time wasted! pricing and stock levels. We can authorised at the point of order Now customers simply swipe also readily change the system and not five or ten minutes after their card through the touch- to suit our business and it will the order was taken” screen terminal every time they grow with our needs” have a lesson or flight” “Sage 200 Point of Sale has “We keep the pasty and butcher not only streamlined the service “It enables us to recognise businesses separate, use Sage we offer our customers but it patterns in what’s selling 50 in each and then consolidate has improved our own internal best, with clear visibility of the accounts for internal management process too” which packages are our management purposes” biggest revenue earners. This Racoon International in turn, means we can plan Morris Pasties has five family supplies hair extensions, hair our instructor staffing levels owned shops and a growing care accessories and training and appropriately schedule number of franchise outlets, services to more than 2,000 expensive resources such as our the business generates salons throughout the UK fleet of aircraft, parts and fuel” seven-figure revenue and and to a wide range of clients directly employs close to throughout Europe, Asia and Bristol Flying School was 50 staff. the US. founded in 987 and is now a leading player in the commercial training field. Today, it attracts students from all over the world, employs 3 staff and has a turnover of around £2.5 million.
  6. 6. Integrated operations for a competitive advantage Whilst efficient resource planning is By implementing a complete suite of In short, whether you choose pivotal to a successful trader, being software, your business will benefit Sage 50, Sage 200 or Sage 000, able to quickly analyse facts and spot from simplified ownership and a single a Sage suite puts you firmly developing issues can make all the point of contact and accountability. in control. difference to your profitability. Whether The components of the software suite tracking costs across departments are designed to work together. or defining items that make the most profit, having integrated software Whatever the pressures and enables you to link your buying, challenges you face, the suite will help finance, distribution and customer you manage your finances, people, facing operations. This can help you customers, stakeholders, suppliers, gain that elusive competitive edge stock and operations more effectively. in the competitive retail and trading You’ll make optimum use of limited business arena. or expensive resources and be well positioned to plan your future success.
  7. 7. Software that grows with your business 5 If you thought Sage was only for We offer three suites of software that Internally, you will start to see the small businesses, think again. We have the functionality to allow you benefits as processes flow into one have different software designed to coordinate your whole business, another, staff work together more to meet the changing needs of from core activities on which your effectively, and managers have instant businesses of different sizes and business is based, such as customer access to company-wide information. complexity. This may range from transactions; to back-office processes small, single outlet companies, such as accounting and forecasting; Use the table below as a rough to large multiple site businesses to marketing support such as guide and skip to the section that employing hundreds of staff. campaign and pipeline management. relates the closest to your business. Businesses can’t strictly be simplified The result: everything your into these 3 groups, so also take the organisation does is firmly focused on time to review information within the delivering the excellent service that other section nearest to the one that keeps customers coming back to you represents you the most. rather than turning to the competition. Smaller Businesses Medium Sized Businesses Larger Businesses Business Coverage Local Regional/National National/International Larger single site and Larger single site and Number of sites Small single site multiple branches multiple branches Recommended Suite Sage 50 Sage 200 Sage 1000 Sage suites are specifically designed to meet the needs of different sized businesses, whether they serve the public or trade. In fact, the types of businesses already benefiting from a Sage suite include: n Retailers. n Visitor attractions. n Restaurants and food outlets. n Wholesalers. n Garden centres. n Leisure facilities. n Builders’ merchants. n Hospitality. n Fashion houses.
  8. 8. Sage Point of Sale (POS) Whether you are serving the trade Sage Point of Sale is designed Configurable display or the public, Sage can provide specifically for businesses operating you with access to the latest within a trade or retail environment The operator touch-screen can be touch-screen point of sale and and handling customer transactions. tailored to make the system easier to chip PIN devices from leading use, reducing staff training overheads suppliers, with each till linking Sage Point of Sale supports your and minimising operator errors. So seamlessly to either Sage 50 business whether you operate a you can colour code similar functions Accounts, Sage 200 Commercials single point of sale or many points eg. Voids and corrections could be or Sage 000. of sale across multiple locations red; category and product buttons and is fully compatible with industry can be grouped and arranged for leading hardware including Epson, maximum efficiency. IBM and J2. Whether your businesses transacts from a single PC or via a Customisation by sector network of retail terminals, Sage Point of Sale is fully scalable to meet The screen can be customised your needs. to reflect the characteristics of a multitude of specific retail types, Improving customer service making it work the way you need to operate. So a point of sale at a visitor Sage Point of Sale is an electronic attraction can prompt for and record point-of-sale system that’s packed a Gift Aid donation. Alternatively, a with functionality and easy to use. point of sale at a paint shop offering a It plays an active part in increasing colour match service can prompt the customer satisfaction by performing operator for the details of the tint used quick, accurate and secure in the paint mix process. transactions. There’s no need to keep your customers waiting: they can Trade counter capability pay by cash, cheque, on account, voucher, etc. in part or full payment, In-built trade counter capability and use a mix of payment methods or means customer-specific pricing, currencies to settle a transaction. such as trade or public pricing, can be applied, eliminating the need for The software handles electronic funds dedicated terminals. The information transfer; prints cheques; provides is shared from the Sales Ledger and clear, itemised receipts; and manages pricing matrices in the back office exchanges and refunds. It supports software. This enables, for example, gift card loyalty schemes and can also a timber merchant selling to trade capture customers’ postcodes. Items and public to conduct all payment can be quickly corrected, removed transactions on all points of sale. and edited within a transaction. All transactions can be printed and Promotional support stored in case of subsequent queries. To promote sales you can apply Works the way your discounts at product level and business does transaction level, as you wish. This supports promotions and multi-buys Sage Point of Sale easily adapts to such as 3 for 2, and buy 1 get 1 the way you operate your day-to-day free; thereby delivering flexibility and business. It can be customised to customer service, whilst reducing reflect your unique processes and operator intervention by automating adopts the terminology and look and the process. Full details are recorded feel you require.. on the receipt, reinforcing the value for money message.
  9. 9. 7 Multiple payment methods Electronic auditing and trading Reporting Sage Point of Sale offers flexibility to All customer transactions are Each point of sale can produce end of the customer by supporting a mix of recorded electronically, removing day/end of session reports providing payment methods that may be used the need for paper journal rolls and a summary of takings, category sales, to settle a transaction. Customers can providing a paperless history and time analysis, operator activity and pay with a mixture of vouchers and audit of transactions. The software promotions applied. This assists with cash, credit card, etc. All credit/debit provides the ability to easily drill-down end of day reconciliation and provides card payments can be processed to investigate queries such as no-sale detailed analysis of the day’s takings. via integration with major card transactions and discounts. Sage You can even run a Profit Loss clearing systems for fast and secure Point of Sale will automatically recover report on an individual point of sale, processing. transactions in the rare event of a location, activity or product type. power failure or other outage. Operator security levels Secure, continuous operation Flexible product entry and Each operator can be allocated a searching Integration with electronic funds unique ID and access levels, allowing transfer solutions delivers fast and them to operate within pre-defined Flexible product entry means staff secure processing of customer card parameters. This provides you with can type directly onto the keyboard, payments. Password-protected user the peace of mind that the system scan bar codes, press pre-set keys or access and authorisation levels for has the necessary security and touch the appropriate key on-screen, different transactions support your business control whilst enabling as you prefer. When looking for a own security procedures to help tracking and reporting per operator. product in the system, an operator safeguard your business. Security levels means that junior can search by category, group, staff can be restricted to certain partial code, partial description and Continuous trading and auto-recovery transactions, leaving more sensitive key words. We’ve made it as easy are vital to your business. You must transactions, such as refunds, to as possible for operators to locate be able to trade in the unlikely event be authorised and actioned by products. For example, an operator that the link to the back office is lost. supervisors. in a stationers can locate a specific After a power failure, your Sage Point product such as coloured paper of Sale will recover and display the Customer flexibility by entering the word ‘blue’ into the transaction at the point of failure, product search function. once the power is restored. Sage Point of Sale fully supports layaways, to help staff provide Chip and PIN compatibility Integration seamless service during transactions e.g. where customers add items or If a retailer does not have a chip and Sage Point of Sale is available in the change their minds. Where a point PIN acceptance device and the use of Sage 50, Sage 200 and Sage 1000 of sale is set so that staff cannot such a device could have prevented suites. void transactions, they can lay the the fraud from occurring, the retailer transaction away for later recall and may bear the cost of a fraudulent void by the manager. transaction. Sage Point of Sale is compatible with Chip and PIN devices to provide you with additional security for debit and credit card transactions. Using Chip and PIN also ensures the liability for any bad debts passes from you, to the card holder’s bank.
  10. 10. Retail and trading software for SMALL businesses Sage 50 Accounts is a powerful Sage 50 Accounts provides a choice n Offers security and accountability business management system, of two packages that integrate with features such as Event Logging, designed to meet the needs Sage Point of Sale. One is more where user identity is logged of a wide range of smaller UK sophisticated than the other, so you against activities; and Crash companies. The software has only pay for what you need but have Checking to help ensure you don’t been refined over many years to the peace of mind that a seamless experience data corruption. take advantage of developments upgrade path is there when you need in technology, and to reflect it. As a result, Sage 50 Accounts n Helps to check for duplicate the changing requirements of offers control over many areas of transactions and balance your businesses. The software allows your business and is the UK’s most books. you to manage your business, successful accounting program. accounts, customers, suppliers, n Contains a suite of VAT audit cashflow and stock. Sage 50 Accounts is highly usable reports approved by Her Majesty’s and secure, with a choice of program Revenue and Customs. to suit your different needs. n Helps you manage your stock, n Simple and efficient to use, with with product lists, records and a flexible installation process that Intrastat Returns. allows you to tailor the set-up to suit your particular business n A suite of features helping you to requirements. record and analyse credit dealings, maximise your cash flow and n Securely and simply access your reduce the likelihood of bad debts. Sage 50 Accounts data from Microsoft Excel, so key members of your company can analyse and report on essential business information without using Sage 50 Accounts themselves.
  11. 11. Which Sage 50 Accounts product 9 is right for your business? Each Sage 50 Accounts Sage 50 Accountant Plus Sage 50 Financial Controller programme enables you to manage all areas of your business As you grow your numbers of Sage 50 Financial Controller but there is specific functionality customers and your business provides all the capability of Sage 50 that differs between the becomes more complex, the Accountant Plus, as well as a range packages. additional features in Sage 50 of additional benefits allowing you Accountant Plus can help you full control over your entire customer manage more easily. Whether you and supplier processes, it gives you need to manage project costs against unrivalled scope to grow and develop budgets or improve your stock your business. management, Sage 50 Accountant Plus helps you stay in complete Cash sales control. Helps you complete trade counter sales quickly and easily, with a Project costing configurable cash sales button that Vital to your overall business allows you to chose which documents successthe Project Costing feature is should be printed. You can be sure powerful and integrates fully with the that all the stock movements, invoice supplier and customer management generation, invoice updates and sales processes, offering you control of receipts are properly handled. resources, costs and profits allocated to specific projects. Foreign trader The foreign currency operation means Customer price lists you can trade overseas in your Multiple and individual customer price customers’ currencies. All foreign lists help you easily manage different currency bank accounts feature a discounts for your most valued list of previous revaluations, and you customers. can correct a previous revaluation straight from this list, revaluations Stock management on retrospective changes are You can automatically calculate automatically updated. whether you need to re-order stock items, so you should never run out of Advanced stock management vital products or components. Includes shortfall calculations, stock taking, automatic order generation Dashboard view and handling of documents such Sage 50 Accountant Plus allows as goods received notes and you to choose a Dashboard View delivery notes. providing an instant update of how every aspect of your business is Repeat orders performing. Plus, with drill down Enables you to set up the automatic analysis throughout the program, production of regular bills and repeat you can see the detail you need at orders, which is useful for selling on any time. credit or monthly fees. One or two users Multiple users Sage 50 Accountant Plus provides With full multi-user capability for up the option of running one or two to 10 concurrent users, Sage 50 concurrent users of the system Financial Controller can be built into different departments’ processes.
  12. 12. Other products available as part of the Sage 50 Suite include: Sage 50 Payroll Sage 50 Intelligent Reporting Sage HR Advice Standard Enjoy the peace of mind that comes This software will help you make This invaluable human resource from using the UK’s market-leading prompt, accurate business decisions advice service helps you get to grips payroll software for small to medium- by presenting simple data analysis with employment law and explains sized businesses. Sage Payroll is and reports in Microsoft® Excel. how it relates to your business. It accredited by HM Revenue and You will be able to get a greater will also keep you informed about Customs, so you can make complex understanding of your customers, upcoming legal changes and offers calculations with accuracy and suppliers and your business through practical guidance on managing the confidence. You can also submit your accurate, flexible analysis. people that you work with. payroll information online with Sage Payroll, which will become mandatory Sage 50 ACT! Sage HR Advice Professional over the next few years. ACT! is the latest customer contact All the benefits of Sage HR Advice Sage 50 PD management software that will help Standard with the addition of a you manage your sales, marketing dedicated helpline to put you in Expenses and benefits can be a and customer services efficiently, touch with human resources and tricky area if you’re not 100% sure helping your business productivity and employment law professionals who what you’re doing. Sage P11D performance. can offer tailored, confidential advice automatically calculates complex for you and your business. taxable benefits and expenses Sage 50 Forecasting accurately and quickly, saving you Sage Health and Safety Advice time and ensuring you stay in line This powerful tool helps manage with HM Revenue and Customs your business and plan for future Complying with health and safety regulations. growth. It’s designed to save time laws isn’t easy when they change and reduce the errors associated with on a regular basis. Sage Health producing spreadsheet forecasts. Safety Advice will advise you of these This software enables you to develop changes, giving you the opportunity to flexible forecasts that can help you act upon them and remain compliant. to achieve new business ideas, plan for expansion or achieve additional funding for new business ventures.
  13. 13. Retail and trading solutions for MEDIUM sized businesses Sage 200 is comprehensive Sage 200 Financials contains the Sales and purchase ledger suite of software designed to following modules: Sage 200 offers total control for integrate all operations across managing your customers and your business. The Sage 200 suite Nominal ledger suppliers, no matter what currency includes the applications needed The Nominal Ledger provides you they trade in. In-depth analysis and to manage information and with a wealth of reporting and key business information is all yours processes in every part of your business management information. at the touch of a button. These business. Its multi-level structure allows cost ledgers are designed to allow you centre and departmental breakdown, to enter data quickly, by specifying Sage 200 Financials giving you total flexibility to track defaults that suit your processes. You budgets and produce profit and loss can attach all relevant documents to Managing the day-to-day running reports by product, sales region customer or supplier records, as well of your business, Sage 200 or even individual departments. It as details of individual trading terms. Financials provides you with simplifies managing your VAT, whilst And if you have large volumes of unrivalled business control and providing comprehensive analysis of transactions, invoice processing can management reporting. It draws VAT details. be batch controlled. on the information held in the Nominal Ledger, Cash Book, Sales n Process transactions quickly and n Quickly locate and interrogate and Purchase Ledgers. efficiently. transaction data. It can be seen as the heart of n Budgetary control to monitor n Designed for rapid data entry. your accounts system, allowing performance. you to budget by cost centre n Process foreign currency and department and provides n VAT returns made simple. transactions. powerful consolidation of multiple companies – even with different n Consolidation. n Credit control. nominal structures and operating currencies. This means it can Cash book n Automate payments. grow with your business and The Cash Book controls all of your provide in-depth reporting and bank, investment and cash accounts, n Automatic error correction. graphical analysis ensuring that with the ability to configure all you are always in control. Standing Orders and Direct Debits. It offers multi-currency processing and advanced bank reconciliation, including links to online banking services. n Automate direct debits and standing orders. n Save time and money with bank reconciliation. n Foreign bank accounts and electronic banking.
  14. 14. Sage 200 Commercials Sage 200 Commercials contains n Full back to back ordering. the following modules: Sage 200 Commercials includes n Process foreign currency orders. all the modules in the Financials Sales order processing module, plus Sales Order Our Sales Order Processing module Stock Control Processing, Purchase Order gives you control of the entire Whether your requirements are simple Processing, Stock Control and sales order process, from raising a or complex, the software provides a Price Book. By integrating your quotation or an order and ensuring complete inventory and warehouse accounting and trading modules, stock availability, to dispatching management solution. you can easily automate the goods and creating the invoices. delivery of customer orders with All documentation is produced n Serial or batch number controlled effective stock management to efficiently as part of this workflow, stock items. acquire complete management such as delivery notes and invoices. control over your supply chain. Additionally picking lists and order n Unlimited suppliers for stock items. acknowledgment documents can be produced if required. n Units of measure. n Choice of full, rapid and trade n Inactive stock items. counter order entry. n Internally-issued goods. n Margin and discount analysis. n Stock taking procedure. n Sales order details are easily accessible. n Manage stock in multiple locations. n Process foreign currency orders. Price book n Quotations and pro formas. Price Book allows you to easily manage prices and discounts across Purchase order processing your customer base. The software Sage 200 Commercials manages supports two types of pricing the entire purchase order processing schemes - discount-based and procedure, from creating a purchase price-band based, and allows you to order to checking goods received create ‘communities’ of customers to against purchase order and supplier attach to either kind of scheme – or invoice. Automated processes help combinations of the two. you to manage your supply chain with confidence and efficiency - ensuring n Unlimited prices per item. that the correct goods are always received and paid for. n Unlimited quantity breaks for discounts. n Straight forward supply chain management. n Customer price and discount groups. n Manual or semi-automatic purchase order processing. n Complex pricing made simple. n Full matching of POs to invoices n Price book validation during sales and deliveries. order entry. n Disputed invoices.
  15. 15. 3 Sage 200 Wholesale and Retail Sage 200 Wholesale and Retail Sage 200 Wholesale and Retail enhances stock management with contains the following modules: Sage 200 Wholesale and Retail, the introduction of a Merchandise is designed to enhance the Hierarchy which allows a true Company hierarchy standard 200 Commercial module reflective view of how the customer As a business grows it becomes with Retail, Wholesale and Trade wants to define how stock is more expansive and its structure Counter specific functionality. managed. It offers single entry, gains in complexity, especially as The software integrates with company wide promotions structure new branches are opened. Sage 200 Sage POS, so that changes in that enhances the already powerful Wholesale and Retail enables you to such things as the stock file, promotional pricing application in the map your logistical structure within pricing and promotions need standard Commercial suite. the software to support the way you only be changed in one area of operate. So a retailer or trader may the system which eliminates It introduces a Company Hierarchy wish to set up the system with the duplication of data entry - so that can be designed to accurately following hierarchy: often seen as an expensive and represent the physical make up of time consuming activity in non- your company - Regions, Areas, 1. Company head office. integrated solutions. The ability Stores and Warehouses. The to share information between structure of the module also allows 2. Company warehouse(s). the point of sale, front and back movement of stock (Allocations Company stores. office systems has been identified Despatch) and price changes, to as providing clear competitive be handled as complete ranges (by 3. Names warehouse(s). advantage for companies that department, supplier etc), again Stores by region. successfully introduce it. a powerful enhancement of the standard module which tends to be 4. Stores by area. designed to deal with individual rather than collective groups. 5. Named stores. All of these enhancements, and there They may then define up to nine are more, such as advanced serial levels of store hierarchy, allowing batch number traceability, barcode the maintenance of store details management, multiple pricing, price to facilitate replenishment. These rounding and margin control, to name attributes, for example, could be: but a few, are specifically designed to add to the already powerful portfolio n Location types – city, town, rural, of reports, making this module an etc. invaluable addition to the suite for retailers, wholesalers and trade n Store types – large, medium, counter environment’s small, etc. By integrating Sage 200 Wholesale n Operational status – active, and Retail, your company will planning outstanding, being shop maximise its IT investment by fitted, closed, etc. providing more comprehensive, timely and meaningful information to all key n Store status – active, dormant, staff. This will give you operational etc. and strategic advantages that will repay you time and again. n Replenishment methods – store to store, warehouse to store, etc. n Replenishment sources – warehouses, stores, etc.
  16. 16. Merchandise hierarchy Promotions management You can simply drag and drop items This works in a similar manner to This enables you to increase stock into a purchase order from the the company hierarchy and can be turnover with special offers such as merchandise hierarchy that you’ve produced to match the way your ‘3 for 2’ and ‘buy one get one free’. defined. If you have set parameters products are structured across your Customers expect consistency across such as a rule dictating that even company. At ‘Stock item’ levels, in- a network of branches for the same quantities of a certain range should built ‘Product Matrix’ technology can company, so Sage 200 Wholesale be replenished, then this can be be utilised, offering the flexibility to and Retail supports this with company accounted for too. Entering a total structure a product that has ‘variants’ wide promotions that can be set up quantity of any item would split this associated to it, such as size-colour- centrally. quantity evenly across the product style. We call these ‘Dimensions.’ variant range. The products can be grouped flexibly Nominated buyers can be assigned across a matrix, depending on what to any given promotion and different Sales orders suits you best, such as: reward types can be offered, such as Sales orders can be processed in a discount, within a defined time line. exactly the same manner. The drag n Dimensions - colour, size, brand, If you wish to set a limit to the number and drop facility is particularly popular etc. of offers that an individual customer in telesales environments when speed can claim in a single transaction, of processing is important because n Dimension Sets - Summer, Winter, there is also the ability to set up such customers should not be expected Autumn, Spring. thresholds. to be kept waiting whilst requesting a list of items they want. The systems n Dimensions Breakup - colour Purchase orders also accounts for multiple currencies if ranges: red, blue, black, etc. Setting up and processing purchase trading with companies or customers orders is made as easy as possible, abroad. As you would expect, all providing all the information needed existing quantities of stock are on so you can quickly and accurately hand at any given time. replenish stock wherever it’s needed.
  17. 17. 5 Allocations and despatch Report designer Sales enquiries Allocations and despatches can be Sage 200 Wholesale and Retail Sage 200 Wholesale and Retail lets controlled between warehouses and is supplied with over 250 ready- you take this reporting one step stores, as your hierarchy dictates. made reports covering all aspects further. You can run sales reports Once the stock has been allocated, of the system, plus a wide range of across all the detail within the the system will print picking lists for documents such as credit letters and company and merchandise hierarchy. each store and despatch notes can invoice layouts for everyday use in So you can compare sales by region, then be produced. A very simple your business. area or store, and by the departments process which ensures total control and products within these. So if an over stock movements. You can easily customise these electrical retailer wants to know how reports and documents or add new many Sony Model XYZ DVD Players Budgetary control ones from scratch. New fields can were sold last week, they have the A key strength of Sage 200 Wholesale be added using a wizard; you can answer in moments. and Retail is its advanced budgetary add fields which calculate values ‘on control plus its ability to analyse the the fly’, based on custom formulae. Drill downs performance of cost centres and Logos and other graphics can easily Throughout Sage 200, key business departments across your business. be added to customise your reports information is readily available. Analysis of budgets versus actuals and documents. Intelligent drill downs allow you can be viewed graphically, with the to view detailed information, option of displaying up to five years When you run a report, a powerful to transaction level if required. of historical data, and the coming filter helps you select the information Additionally you can drill across year’s budgets. By drilling down to the to be retrieved. This includes any to view all related information. For individual transactions you can easily appropriate custom analysis codes. example, you can view the nominal see the detail behind those trends. For example, you could run a sales ledger as a Profit Loss and Balance report based on a particular region or Sheet, drilling down to view nominal Support is also provided for the sales person. You can save particular accounts and all related transactions. consolidation of multiple companies, ‘views’ for future use, and frequently including those with different used reports can be added to the Excel integration operating currencies. Sage 200 menu for easy access. A library of Excel functions is supplied to allow information to be pulled from Analysis tools Reports and other documents can be Sage 200 into Excel for analysis. Throughout the system, custom previewed, e-mailed, printed directly Sample spreadsheets are supplied analysis codes allow you to ‘slice and or sent to a print manager for printing for Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet dice’ information any way you want. at a convenient time. Access rights and Key Performance Indicators. It is For example, you may choose to for the print manager can be set to easy to amend these or create new categorise your customers by region, ensure that sensitive documents are spreadsheets to suit your sales person and account type, so not accessed inappropriately. own business. you can analyse sales performance across these categories.
  18. 18. Other modules available as part of the Sage 200 Suite include: Sage 200 Asset Management** Sage 200 Payroll* Sage 200 Manufacturing* Sage 200 Asset Manager will allow Sage 200 Payroll ensures that With our vast industry experience, you to streamline your processes complicated payroll procedures we are perfectly placed to provide and gain maximum value from your are simplified and automated. It integrated systems that control the company assets. Multi-company, accelerates the management of whole manufacturing process, from multi-currency and compliant with all your employees’ pay, holiday planning materials and costs to International Financial Reporting entitlement and rewards; ensures monitoring real-time works orders. Standards, it will give you a single, your accounts are kept up to date; Sage 200 Manufacturing will give reliable and comprehensive view and helps you to fulfil your statutory companies greater control over their of every asset. Sage 200 Asset obligations. Sage 200 Payroll is manufacturing processes through Manager combines the benefits of available as a stand-alone module or effective scheduling of work, close best-of breed application designed combines with Sag 200 Financials tracking of resource utilization and for mid-market companies with close and Project Accounting. measurably improved business integration with Sage 200 Financials. analysis. Sage 200 Project Accounting Sage 200 Forecasting* Sage 200 Project Accounting is Sage 200 Forecasting will help you a highly configurable and flexible to plan for future growth from a solid costing application, ideally suited to foundation of accurate information. It business running projects or providing has been designed to save time and services. It can be adjusted to suit reduce the errors associated with particular industry needs, whether producing spreadsheet forecasts. By the requirement is for a simple allowing you to create flexible and costing and analysis structure or a sophisticated forecasts tailored to more detailed one. Sage 200 Project your business, Sage 200 Forecasting Accounting provides you with in- fully supports healthy cash flow depth analysis and reporting features, and growth. ensuring that projects remain on track and profit levels are maintained. Sage 200 Business Intelligence** Sage 200 Construction With Sage 200 Business Intelligence, you could gain greater understanding Sage 200 Construction provides of your business through flexible business-wide efficiency for analysis and modelling of your data. companies operating in the It brings business intelligence within construction sector. From helping the reach of mid-sized organisation, you to keep within contract budgets, which are empowered to develop to complying with complex and sharper management insight and ever-changing HMRC legislation, to greater business agility. You and your reducing your costs and managing teams will make accurate – and faster your cash flow, Sage 200Construction – decisions based on key facts. You’ll is ideally suited to businesses have the flexibility to manipulate your with more complex contracting data by adding extra information, requirements. All your processes calculations and data from other are supported – from receiving the sources as the need arises. initial enquiry to the final accounting, leaving you free to focus on building a profitable business. ** Available from summer 2008 * Available from Summer 2007
  19. 19. Sage 200 CRM 7 Sage 200 Customer Relationship How Can Sage 200 CRM Improve A familiar system – a mobile Management is easy to use, web Your Business? system based CRM software with Sage 200 CRM is completely out-of-the-box and customisable Improve sales performance synchronised with MS Outlook business process automation. It and effectiveness allowing users to stick with their can be easily deployed on premis Sage 200 CRM provides tools to help familiar e-mail and contact tools but or on demand, delivering freedom your sales organisation perform to enhancing them through direct synch of choice and rapid ROI. Award its maximum allowing you to grow with CRM. Also, Sage 200 CRM winning Sage 200 CRM is feature- revenue more quickly, predictably and features a simple fast and reliable rich and offers a broad range profitably. It provides productivity tools laptop version that allows you to of functionality to businesses for individual sales people to let them use the system while on the run and worldwide. concentrate on their primary purpose not connected to the home or office - selling. It allows them to find and internet. The synchronisation of the Sage 200 CRM supports the retrieve vital information quickly and laptop client is extremely fast so time complete customer lifecycle easily. It organises their time and is not wasted getting back online and from lead generation to order saves effort on administration and down to work. fulfillment through to cash search. It gives them access to collection. As a result of tight analysis and understanding of where Build a Detailed Profile of Your integration between Sage 200 they are in a deal so that the target Audience CRM and Sage ERP systems, is always visible and the path to Sage 200 CRM enables you to build Sage 200 CRM drives key reaching it clear. Quotes and orders up a detailed profile of your customers business process automations can be easily created and saved and prospects over the course of the right across the organisation from so they can be pulled again rapidly relationship. Lists can be assembled back office to front office. saving valuable sales time being based on multiple criteria from your spent on administration. In addition, database, responses to campaigns Sage 200 CRM provides a snapshot can trigger sub-lists for the next stage of the sales cycle from first contact of the campaign with successful to final sale, allowing sales teams to responses moved to sales and effectively analyse and manage the non-responses kept on a reminder sales pipeline. list or removed if requested. This information can be stored, reported Manage sales groups more and segmented for future campaigns. effectively For sales management Sage 200 Closely manage your marketing CRM delivers the reports that let you campaigns know how the team is performing, Manage and track every element who’s winning and who needs help. of your campaign. View activities, It eliminates the shocks and surprises objectives, leads generated and that can destroy a good quarter. It lead follow-up. You can drill down allows you to organise teams and to specific activities within a schedule calls with simple point and campaign including communications, click technology that co-ordinates and opportunities, responses, budget, fills diaries. It allows the sales and lead actual cost and the list of prospects. processes to be defined by you to This in-depth campaign view allows suit your business. It brings control to you to eliminate the guesswork and your fingertips to sell and focus on the put your marketing resources to their priorities. best use.
  20. 20. Control your telemarketing Find the right information quickly Integrate with back-end software campaigns Sage 200 CRM allows for the pooling for deeper knowledge Sage 200 CRM provides of all transactions and communication Sage 200 CRM integrates with Sage telemarketers with the tools they need history into a single screen. This 200 Financials and Commercials for effective telemarketing. Calls can gives customer service staff a 360 giving Account Managers access to be automatically scheduled for the degree view of your customers. This key customer information such as telemarketers and the outcome of information is stored in one central credit status. Account Managers can the calls can trigger the development location allowing staff from any office view current product information, of the next stage of the campaign. to access and share vital customer pricing and discounts to capitalise Details of calls can be saved and information. on potential cross-sell and up-sell shared throughout all departments opportunities when interacting for future reference. Call length and Empower your customer – offer with customers. outcome recording capabilities are multiple channels built-in. Sage 200 CRM lets your customers help themselves by providing them Marketing evaluation tools with web access to their own With Sage 200 CRM you can view ‘customer portals’ which can be a campaign status at any time and accessed at their convenience. These evaluate return on investment. password protected self-service areas Analyse marketing campaigns on your website allow customers to by lead source or evaluate other log queries, make service requests, important campaign details by using view the status of existing or past sophisticated, user-friendly tools and requests and the area can be easily reports. Sage 200 CRM not only customised to incorporate the look tracks response rates, it also lets and feel of your website, ensuring you match sales revenues to specific that your company’s brand remains campaigns, providing immediate cost consistent. versus revenue analysis Improve customer service levels Resolve customer issues efficiently by providing customer service staff with user-friendly tools to access relevant customer data including purchases, call and escalation histories, interactions, e-mails and documents sent and received. Armed with this knowledge they can handle queries more efficiently, which in turn enhances and strengthens the customer experience, whilst highlighting cross-sell or up-sell opportunities.
  21. 21. Retail and trading solutions for 9 LARGER businesses Sage 000 Sage 000 contains the following Supply chain management and modules: distribution Sage 000 is a powerful Close partnerships with your suppliers application that seamlessly Accounting, Finance Payroll and associates are a vital part of unifies information from finance, In accounting, finance and payroll delivering quality and value to your distribution, manufacturing and functions, Sage 1000 ensures critical customers. Sage 1000 helps you to service operations. This creates management decisions are firmly monitor and improve the way you a comprehensive management based on solid information that has source components and materials to system for the vast majority of been consolidated from across your make products or provide services your business – from prospecting enterprise. It gives managers and staff with increased efficiency and for new customers and taking access to all the facts and figures in reduced costs. It supports you in orders to after-sales service, easily absorbed formats, so that they formulating the effective supply chain on the shop-floor and in the can see at glance where intervention management processes that become warehouse and more. is required. Sage 1000 supports your the cornerstone of your consumer entry into new markets, providing response strategy. As a single solution from a single control over your local or international source, Sage 000 offers all business. Sage 1000 can report in With comprehensive reporting and the benefits of simplification in local and head-office currencies at evaluation of market trends, analysed deployment, training, licensing, any level in the company hierarchy. by product, market sector, and upgrading and support. geography, you build the intelligence Benefits in brief: to identify and capitalise on new opportunities for innovation and n Provides tight financial control with business growth. full visibility of costs committed before expenditure is incurred. Benefits in brief: n Includes powerful reporting n Helps you manage a seamless tools to assist informed strategic flow of information and goods from decisions. supplier to end consumer., n Maximises cash flow through close n Maximises cashflow through budget control. efficient purchase requisitioning. n Supports international business n Maximises the value of your supply with comprehensive multicurrency chain and supports you in building and multi-company features. strong partner networks. n Includes extended support for n Offers maximum flexibility in credit management teams. fulfilling customers’ individual requirements. n Lowers administrative costs by increasing user productivity. n Improves stock management and cuts costs by minimising your investment in inventory. n Optimises expensive transport resources.
  22. 22. Manufacturing Project management Sales management If you run a responsive, agile Sage 1000 is perfect for handling Sage 1000 gives you every support manufacturing organisation, internal or external projects and helps in the drive to boost sales, while engineering or assembly, you’ll build tighter control in managing and reducing the cost of sales. At every find Sage 1000 provides support accounting for business operations. It level – sales director, manager, to your manufacturing business. gives managers a true picture of costs executive and administrator – it Mixed mode manufacturing, making incurred in carrying out projects and provides instant access to the real- standard or configured products and payments received at any point. time data needed for increased project-based manufacturing are all effectiveness. comprehensively covered. Any costs committed before expenditure are fully visible; expenses Information can be readily rolled up, In complex manufacturing may be validated against budgets; tracked and reported on generating environments, it is hard to keep your and costs closely tracked throughout. continuous, meaningful and accurate finger on the pulse at all times. Sage Customers may be billed using reports on exactly how well a 1000 provides tight financial control staged invoices or by using cost-plus sales organisation is performing. It of associated material and processing calculations for maximum flexibility. allows you to define sales and lead costs, along with real-time valuations processes to suit your business of completed operations and work Benefits in brief and priorities. It puts control at in progress. It helps you manage the your fingertips in creating a lean, resources involved in manufacturing n Sophisticated project accounting successful sales organisation. on your own shopfloor and with and project management. subcontractors. Benefits in brief n Project-by-project managing and To keep jobs flowing, Sage 1000 accounting for tight control. n Puts you in complete control monitors and reports – on the of your sales teams and sales shop-floor issues that might affect n Billing methodology including cost- pipeline. productivity. No time is lost in plus and staged payments. resolving problems, as managers n Frees sales teams to focus and supervisors benefit from readily n Manages and bills after-sales their efforts on selling, not available detailed information on work service. administration. in progress, as well as on events such as machine breakdowns or n Reports at every level to let you absenteeism. know who’s winning and who needs support. Benefits in brief n Helps you grow revenues faster n Helps meet the requirements with the tools to focus on the right of broad markets or individual deal at the right time. customers. n Supports every aspect of your n Controls associated material, sales operation... face-to-face inventory and processing costs. selling, telesales operations, point of sale and mail order. n Helps you optimise production to reduce costs and remain flexible. n Full batch/serial number traceability. n Eases the complexity of managing your own resources and subcontractors.
  23. 23. 2 Customer management, service Marketing management Business information, dashboards and support Sage 1000 hones your ability to target and reporting With ever-increasing supplier choice the right customer first time and Accessing the wealth of data stored in and ever-greater demands for service, measure the effect of your marketing. any business system is crucial. Sage staying close to your customers In doing so, it eliminates guesswork 1000 offers users and managers is the secret of business success. to ensure your company’s marketing powerful tools for extracting Your Sage1000 solution helps you resources bring best return. meaningful information, to assist them create a more concise, accurate and in day-to-day operations and strategic complete view of your customers Benefits in brief decision-making. he provision from marketing and sales to order of information in personalised despatch and credit control. n Helps maximise return on workspaces and dashboards, facilities investment by precisely targeting to locate information quickly in You’ll understand not just what your marketing. response to ad hoc queries, powerful they’ve bought and when, but reporting tools, and the ability to their preferences and priorities; n Reduces the effort in administering deploy SageBI – a full business the business challenges they face; campaigns. intelligence application. whether price or service is their main criterion; recent contact with your n Fully supports telemarketing Benefits in brief company, and the outcome. campaigns. n Different ways to access relevant Benefits in brief n Offers powerful tools for information managing, tracking and analysing n In conjunction with other areas of marketing performance. n Personalised workspace for the system, gives you a ‘joined-up’ proactive information view of the customer. Web access and self–serve It would be unthinkable nowadays n Powerful searching and enquiries n Enhances revenue and profits for any corporate solution not to give fast answers by acquiring and retaining high draw on the power of the web to value customers and maximising facilitate communications internally n Reporting keeps the business opportunities. and across the extended enterprise informed of customers, suppliers and partners. n Provides value-added services Web technology has demonstrated n Business Intelligence informs that are difficult for competitors to its value in helping forward-looking strategic thinking replicate. businesses to sharpen their competitive advantage. n Improves your product development and service delivery Benefits in brief processes. n On line self-service access to n Arms your staff with in-depth vital business information for your knowledge of the customer’s customers. needs. n Any-time access to your business n Streamlines the customer management software for your experience through faster problem staff – from wherever they are. resolution. n Reduces frustration – customer information entered once can be used over and over again.
  24. 24. Sage SalesLogix Award-winning Sage SalesLogix Managing your sales staff potential and probability of close in is the customer relationship your sales pipeline. Segment your management software that A single source for customer sales opportunities by Account enables larger organisations information Manager, region or status. Use to acquire, retain and develop Sage SalesLogix provides the tools integrated Crystal® Reports to gauge profitable customer relationships. and resources needed to effectively individual or team effectiveness manage all aspects of the sales cycle and guide territory realignment or Sage SalesLogix provides a and increase team sales performance. redistribution of your marketing complete account centric CRM It’s a single repository for customer spend. Receive automatic alerts on solution designed to enable information captured across your pending sales opportunities based on your sales, marketing, customer entire organisation that enables you to business conditions you define. service and support teams to access detailed account and contact improve the management of their information, track opportunities from Advanced flexibility to match the relationships with customers and lead through to close, manage team way you work prospects. calendars and activities, forecast Tailor the design and functionality revenue and report on sales activities of Sage SalesLogix to mirror your We understand that every and effectiveness. unique customer acquisition, retention business has its own way of and development processes. It is interacting with its customers. Increase sales productivity and easily to manage team and territory Sage SalesLogix’s strength lies performance assignments, user profiles, workflow, in its ability to fit seamlessly with Sage SalesLogix helps drive security controls and administration any organisation’s unique sales opportunities through the sales cycle roles. Then, as your company grows and customer interaction process. by automating activities such as and your business requirements Sage SalesLogix’s powerful follow-up calls, letters and literature change, Sage SalesLogix provides the customisation and configuration fulfilment, based on sales and flexibility and scalability to grow and capability allow it to be easily marketing processes you define. change with you. tailored to meet the needs of your business more rapidly than Sales staff can send personalized any other CRM product. Sage communications to individual SalesLogix consistently scores customers or groups of prospects highest and has received awards using customised HTML e-mail for its ease of use. templates. They can also track competitors and access the Sales Library for product specifications, frequently asked questions or marketing materials. Advanced Microsoft Outlook Integration enables users to share contacts, send e-mails and manage calendars using Outlook from within Sage SalesLogix, and record the activity to the Sage SalesLogix account history. Insight for informed business decisions Sage SalesLogix provides the insight for informed business decisions and the management tools to implement them. Accurately analyse the revenue
  25. 25. 23 Managing your marketing Manage campaigns end to end Manage your customer service Manage and track every component levels Building lasting and profitable of your campaigns from within customer relationships means the Sage SalesLogix campaign Track and resolve customer executing effective, timely marketing dashboard. View campaign tasks, questions, issues and requests initiatives across all your sales objectives, calls-to-action and Sage SalesLogix Customer Service channels. It is critical that your budgets. You can also view response provides the advanced issue tracking company’s marketing resources are rates and forecasted versus actual and resolution tools needed to quickly put to their best use. sales results in real time for each resolve customer questions, issues campaign. and requests, delivering a high-quality Sage SalesLogix Marketing provides customer experience. Each service full-scale marketing campaign Measure ROI and report ticket created contains detailed management and sophisticated campaign metrics information including a unique ticket analytical tools designed to identify Sage SalesLogix not only tracks ID number, contact info, type, status, your most profitable customers and response rates and ties sales revenue urgency, assignment, date required shorten your sales cycle. Capturing to specific campaigns, but also and service contract details. rich, timely data from customer enables you to analyse marketing interactions across your organisation campaigns by lead source, region, From within a ticket, employees can allows you to develop and execute media type and products sold, using search for solutions or schedule meaningful marketing programs that flexible reports. In addition, a record of activities such as phone calls, drive results. every campaign communication meetings or to-do’s to follow up on open issues. Account Managers Most importantly, Sage SalesLogix is linked to the account history, can also easily communicate with delivers critical marketing intelligence, so employees from across your customers by sending e-mails with like return on investment, for your organisation share a complete attachments such as white papers, marketing campaigns, so you can view of your customers. With Sage quotes or product information. Tickets focus your strategy and resources on SalesLogix, you’ll have every detail are associated with Accounts and programs that deliver results for your of campaigns at your fingertips and Contacts, so a record of all service business. the insight you need to increase the interactions, past and pending is effectiveness of your marketing efforts maintained in SalesLogix and can be Identify profitable customer and deliver sales. viewed by employees from across segments your organisation. Sage SalesLogix allows you to select the criteria of your ideal Help customers help themselves target prospect, then segment your Sage SalesLogix helps reduce costs customer and prospect lists into while empowering customers to find unique groups. With Sage SalesLogix, the answers they need - online at you can find the most responsive their convenience. With the Sage audience for your campaigns and SalesLogix Web Customer Portal, increase revenues. customers can view, add or edit tickets and submit comments or Map your path to selling more attachments. The Web Customer Graphically configure custom Portal puts the same resources and campaign processes, assign them to intelligence used by your service staff unique groups of prospects, and then on your website, along with powerful launch the campaign. The follow- search technology that simplifies the up tasks you identify are scheduled self service experience. and assigned to your sales team automatically based on rules you define.
  26. 26. Find critical information and Manage your customer Keep critical knowledge at your resources quickly support levels fingertips SpeedSearch, the powerful The powerful SpeedSearch knowledge base search engine in Sales and Marketing deliver knowledge base in Sage SalesLogix Sage SalesLogix, helps service staff customers to your business, but your helps support staff quickly locate quickly locate resolutions to customer Customer Support department keeps resolutions to customer issues. They issues. Staff can search prior tickets, them with you for the long term. With can efficiently search resources attachments, standard problems and the costs of acquiring new customers such as prior call tickets, standard resolutions, procedures, activities and 5-10 times higher than retaining problems and resolutions, and stored notes, as well as reference materials existing customers, support solutions procedures, or access reference such as online manuals, frequently designed to help foster lasting materials such as manuals, frequently asked questions and white papers. relationships with your customers asked questions, and white papers. In fact, an advanced keyword search have a tremendous impact on the can be run against any information bottom line. Help customers help themselves in Sage SalesLogix or on a shared Sage SalesLogix Support also uses company network directory. To deliver beyond your customers’ the Web Customer Portal to put expectations and exceed your the same intelligence used by your With SpeedSearch, staff can scan support department’s performance support team on your Website. This search results rapidly and efficiently, goals, service staff must be able to means customers and employees due to advanced filtering, scoring, resolve issues quickly and effectively. around the world can also create and sorting and preview capabilities. Sage SalesLogix Support provides track support tickets online, anytime. When the desired resolution is the advanced issue tracking and identified, staff can populate it into resolution tools as well as access Share information with sales the ticket, communicate it to the to relevant customer data-including and marketing customer and record it in the account products purchased, ticket and defect A record of every support interaction history with only a few clicks. When history, and maintenance contract is stored within each customer’s successful new resolutions are status-needed to maximise the account history in Sage SalesLogix, identified, employees can easily input effectiveness of each interaction with so employees from Sales and and submit them to the knowledge your customers. Marketing to Finance can share a base for future reference. complete view of all account activity. Sage SalesLogix Support also Whether you’re an engineering Integration for a complete provides powerful self-service support company that meticulously tracks customer view solutions via the web, reducing components and improvement Sage SalesLogix integrates with transaction costs and allowing your requests, or an appliance leading back-office applications such customers around the world to get manufacturer concerned with as Line 500, so Account Managers the support they need, how and when efficiently managing product returns, can access key customer information they need it. your support team will have the such as credit status, balance and resources it needs to quickly resolve terms, as well as reference prior Streamline support center issues and build lasting and profitable orders, invoices, payments and activities customer relationships. shipping information. Account Sage SalesLogix Support provides Managers can also view current advanced issue tracking and product information, pricing and resolution tools, enabling you to discounts to capitalise on potential exceed customer expectations and cross-sell and up-sell opportunities internal performance goals. Manage when interacting with customers. call and defect tracking, service contract renewals and return material authorisation. Sage SalesLogix also provides escalation alerts via phone, e-mail or pager, based on business rules you define.
  27. 27. Support services: 25 Helping you get the most from Sage The Sage Business Advice Team Sage Business Partners Finance Options From Sage If you need help in selecting the right Sage has an extensive network of Sage Finance means you can enjoy Sage software for your business, you Business Partners. These are situated the benefits of Sage Retail software can phone one of our experienced throughout the UK, so wherever your now, and pay for it over time. Plus, Business Advisors. They will discuss business is based, you can be sure you can make timely upgrades and your needs with you, provide you with of a local Sage Business Partners to additions, often without any increase detailed product information and, if demonstrate, install, train and support in your monthly payments. appropriate, put you in touch with a your Sage system. local Sage Trained and Accredited To find out more, contact your Business Partner. Sage Business Partners combine Sage Business Partner or call in-depth industry expertise with a Jeremy Stevens at Sage Finance detailed knowledge of the Sage today on 0845 30 9020 product range. They will meet with you, often at your premises, to discuss your needs and identify the most appropriate solution for your business. They will then help install it and ensure that it is configured to meet the specific requirements of your business. They can also advise you of any hardware requirements, help train your staff to use the new software and provide ongoing technical support. Sage brand illustration S SG0060 05 S 19.03.07
  28. 28. Your Sage Business Partner: To find out how Sage can help your business, call us on: 0845 111 9988 Or visit: Sage (UK) Limited, North Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE13 9AA Tel 0845 111 9988 Fax 0845 245 0297 © Sage (UK) Limited 2007 TC 04/07 2567L