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  • 1. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT GUIDE Written by: Gib Holloway, Vice President Last Update: March 2008 16000 Dallas Parkway, 8th Floor • Dallas, Texas 75248 • (214) 420-2700
  • 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS The purpose of this Business Development Guide is to assist our Branch Partners with marketing, lead generation and business development ideas. We want to help you grow your business and therefore have negotiated many discounts with third parties to assist you. Introduction Pg. 2 – 4 Step 1: Writing Life, Business, Client and Time Plans. Pg. 4 – 15 1. Benchmark’s Strategic Alignment with Todd Duncan Pg. 4 – 7 2. How to Write a Life Plan Pg. 7 – 8 3. How to Write a Business Plan Pg. 8 – 10 4. How to Write a Client Plan Pg. 11 – 12 5. How to Write a Time Management Plan Pg. 13- 15 Step 2: Why Become a Mortgage Planner? Pg. 15 - 23 1. “Missed Fortune” by Doug Andrews Pg. 16 2. “Stop Sitting on Your Assets” by Marion Snow Pg. 17 3. Free Strategic Equity Power Point Presentations and Newsletter Templates Pg. 18 4. “Mortgage Planner” Magazine Pg. 18 5. United First Financial Pg. Pg. 19 – 23 Step 3: Recommended Tools, Services and Resources Pg. 24 - 38 1. The Mortgage Coach Pg. 24 – 27 2. The Mortgage Market Guide Pg. 27 – 32 3. Certified Scripts for Success Pg. 32 – 33 4. Loan Toolbox Pg. 34 – 35 5. PitchSIMPLE Pg. 35 – 36 6. Glance Pg. 37 7. Hello World Pg. 38 Step 4: Marketing – Branding your Professional and Personal Identity! Pg. 39 – 62 1. Business Cards & Brochures Pg. 39 – 41 2. Benchmark’s Customizable Loan Program Flyers! Pg. 42 – 43 3. Lender Design Pg. 43 – 44 4. Benchmark Websites Pg. 44 – 45 5. Pg. 46 6. Search Engine Optimization Pg. 47 7. Creating Your Slogan Pg. 48 8. Specialty 800# Phone Numbers Pg. 48
  • 3. Step 5: Short Term Business Generation Solution – Internet Leads Pg. 49 - 62 1. Lending Tree Program Pg. 49 – 52 2. Get Smart Pg. 52 – 55 3. Really Great Rate Pg. 55 – 56 4. Net Lead Solutions Pg. 57 – 58 5. Other Recommended Lead Aggregators Pg. 58 -62 Step 6: Long Term Business Generation Solution – Referral Systems Pg. 63 – 95 1. The Benchmark “Client for Life Program” Pg. 63 – 64 2. The Retention Department Solution for Mortgage Coach Pg. 65 – 68 3. Pg. 69 – 70 4. Front Runner Resources Pg. 70 5. Sue Woodard Pg. 71 – 76 6. Marketing to Realtors through your local Realtor Association Pg. 76 7. Monthly Realtor Orientation Marketing Talks Pg. 77 8. HR Dept. Marketing Pg. 77 – 78 9. Workplace Mortgage Solution Pg. 79 10. FSBO Marketing Strategies Pg. 79 11. Print Newsletters Pg. 79 12. eNewsletters, eAlerts & Graphic Design Pg. 79 13. Call Capture Marketing Strategies Pg. 80 – 81 14. Registered and Non-Registered Mail Pg. 81 15. Direct Mail Sources Pg. 81 Additional Recommended Business Development Resources – Not Already Mentioned and Used By Existing Branch Partners Pg. 82 – 95 1. Call Capture / Voice Broadcast Pg. 82 2. Collateral Material Pg. 83 3. Client Contact and Appreciation Programs Pg. 83 – 84 4. Direct Mail / Lists Pg. 84 – 86 5. E-mail Marketing Pg. 86 – 87 6. Software Pg. 87 – 89 7. Newsletter / Postcard Companies Pg. 89 – 92 8. Rate Guide Programs Pg. 92 9. Referral Systems Pg. 92 - 93 10. Telemarketing Pg. 93 11. Education / Financial Literacy Pg. 93 – 94 12. Other Recommended Training Service Providers Pg. 95 13. Additional Websites Pg. 95
  • 4. Introduction Branch Partners, we all know how vitally important Marketing is to our success. The late and great management guru, Peter Drucker, once stated, “The two driving forces of any business are Marketing and Innovation. Everything else is an expense.” According to Gary Keller, co-founder of Keller Williams Realty®, Lead Generation is the first and foremost activity in any business. Gary states, “Brand recognition is the name of the game when it comes to positioning yourself in your local markets.” Just like national companies compete to be number one in the public consciousness, we must systematically market ourselves, our “personal brand,” to earn precious mind share among potential home buyers and borrowers in our chosen markets. This is where lead generation comes in. Unfortunately, many Loan Consultants make two costly mistakes in lead generation: They underestimate the importance of building their personal brands and they are not consistent and systematic in their approaches as well as follow up. Gary Keller shows how important personal branding is with his statement, “The National Association of Realtors® 2002 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers clearly states that more than 90% of sellers select agents based on their reputation, their marketing, and their prospecting and less than 8% of sellers chose an agent because of their company affiliation. These percentages haven’t changed substantially in the last 10 years. So more than anything else, your personal brand matters!” One of the absolute keys to building our personal brands is making regular contact with our personal databases of clients, referral partners and prospects throughout the course of the year. It’s amazing how many Loan Officers have no consistent lead generation plans. In fact, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), less than 10% of Mortgage Consultants ever contact their past clients again after closing. And, more than 80% of the time a borrower will refinance an existing home loan or finance the purchase of a new home with the current servicer of their existing mortgage. Why is that? It’s because the servicer is the only entity staying in touch with the borrower and building mind share! Staying in touch with our past clients, prospects and referral partners is vital to our success as Mortgage Consultants. The first people to be targeted are people we have personally met or have done business with. It’s a two-step process. As soon as we get into a relationship with these people, it’s best to touch them with at least eight meaningful contacts (personal notes, calls, etc.) over eight weeks. It’s what some call the “8 x 8” program. It really cements relationships. And, nothing stands out more than a personally hand written note! After eight weeks, they move into your larger personal database and something like Keller’s “33 Touch” program where they are saturated with newsletters, emails, calls,
  • 5. notes, and invites—with 33 touches each year. It’s all about cementing and saturating. It may seem like overkill, but it works. To drive this point home even further, let’s consider the first two of the classical “22 Immutable Laws of Marketing” by Jack Reese: 1st Law – It’s better to be first in the mind of the consumer than to be the best. 2nd Law – Marketing is not a battle of products, it’s a battle of perception. Another age old maxim in marketing is, “Perception is reality.” And perception is the result of marketing your personal brand. People buy from people with whom they have relationships. Or to say it another way, people buy from people and people want to buy from friends. Who do consumers remember? Do they remember the persons who performed admirably for them in the past or the persons who captured a small slice of their imagination? Regretfully, most Mortgage Consultants have a “deal mentality.” They don’t look past the present to position themselves for the future. A common term used in the mortgage industry is “next.” The MBA has published this statistic: “If you don’t ‘touch’ or communicate at least 7.8 times per year with your past clients, you will lose name recognition.” In order to build “mind share,” 8-12 marketing pieces should be sent to your past clients each and every year. So here’s the question: What does your lead generation plan look like? Do you have a personal brand and are you marketing yourself to your potential clients in a consistent, systematic fashion? A great lead generation program is neither difficult nor expensive to implement. Like any good habit, it just takes a little patience and discipline over time. Here’s another interesting real estate statistic: According to the NAR and MBA, about 85 percent of sellers and buyers only meet with one or two agents before they select a REALTOR and about 90 percent of borrowers only meet with one originator before they select their Mortgage Consultant. So, don’t underestimate the importance of your lead generation program and never neglect it. If you haven't secured mind share with potential clients, you’re likely out of the running and out of their minds. And incidentally, don’t even think that you can do all your business over the Internet and simply by buying leads. The most successful Originators in our industry do well over half their business with previous clients…all built on relationships. Buying leads may help you to build your database of past clients and referral partners but the goal should always be to one day no longer need to buy
  • 6. leads. Your cost per closed loan and profitability per closed loan will increase dramatically once your business is based on referrals! We Mortgage Consultants can’t just become loan product experts and expect to succeed in this environment of rising rates and quickly changing loan program guidelines. We must also become experts in marketing and lead generation…it’s the lifeblood of our business. Without attracting clients…new leads…we can’t deliver loan products or programs. Marketing is paramount to success. Step 1: Writing Life, Business, Client and Time Plans Benchmark’s Strategic Alignment with Todd Duncan: Benchmark has aligned with the mortgage industry’s premier trainer and motivator, Todd Duncan. Todd is acclaimed for his seminars, books and programs featuring relationship building, “High Trust Selling,” preserving values and leading balanced, generous and abundant lives. Todd has become the source for relationship building origination success strategies and tools. His Mortgage Sales Mastery Conferences are the premier training and motivational events attended by America’s top producers—many of the Mortgage Originator Magazine’s “Top 200” in America. You can learn more about Todd at the following sites: and www.MortgageMastery ● Mortgage Mastery Club: This organization, founded by Todd Duncan, offers a balanced approach to success: Helping you to learn how to define your life's purpose, vision and mission, and how to make sure your daily activities reflect them personally and professionally. The club teaches you how to build your business by design with strategic and tactical direction and programs. Every important initiative is street-tested and proven, thereby giving you the best possible return on your time and investment. ● Mortgage Mastery University: In our opinion, this site is the most interactive training testing system available today for producing managers in the Mortgage Industry. Have you ever wanted to have access to a web site that you could have your new loan officers log into to learn everything they need to know to be successful in our industry from industry superstars like Barry Habib and Jim McMahan instead of investing your time and teaching them yourself personally? This site offers you that option and even the ability to track the progress and retention of your loan officers as they make their way through the training!
  • 7. Special Pricing – Mortgage Mastery Club and Mortgage Mastery University: Todd’s phenomenal origination and training tools are sold on a yearly subscription for $1,395. However, he has provided all Benchmark Branch Partners with an opportunity to sign up for his service for only $485 per year! That over a 50% reduction! His Website is loaded with tools for success, including: A “Knowledge Vault” with audio interviews Todd has conducted over the years on various topics with new ones each month. A recent topic was, “Making New Choices/Self-Leadership/Superstar Spotlight/The Gap Between Learning and Doing;” and “the 90 Day Burn” which transforms Loan Officers into Trusted Mortgage Advisors. Todd has every tool imaginable including life plans, business plans and exercises that teach you how to align with the best real estate agents. ● Here are Cover Shots of Two of Todd’s Best-Selling Books: As a member of the, you will have access to all of the tools and resources you need to build a successful business plan, continuously grow both personally and professionally and take your business to another level! Below, you will find sample instructions on how to build your life plan, business vision, business plan, client plan and time management plan from the website. Also, please click on the following links to download the full Life Plan, Business Vision and Business Plan building guide provided to Benchmark by Building Champions as well as the complete business plan of Linda Davidson, a successful Branch Manager here in Dallas, that you can use as a template when writing yours:
  • 8. How to write a Life Plan: A Life Plan, Defined If you are serious about your life, you must get serious about your choices. Henry David Thoreau said: “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.” In order to live the life you imagine, you must first spend time understanding what that life looks like. Only you know what fills your heart with a sense of satisfaction and purpose. Only you know the direction in which you want to go. Only you can define success for the rest of your life. Your life plan is the vehicle for clarifying your values and vision and taking concrete steps to achieving your life purpose. Remember: Focus Precedes Success. Key Elements of a Life Plan Values: Values are the very reasons you do what you do. They illuminate the path between your purpose and your fulfillment. If your values are consistent and well-maintained you will remain on the path for which you were designed. Some of your values will slowly shift as you mature. This is why it is so important to set aside time to clarify your values on a regular basis. Vision Statements: Everyone can be a visionary in their own life, and a good one at that. You must envision the ideal embodiment of each of your core values and develop a clarifying vision statement that describes what your life in that area is going to be about. Mission Statements: Your mission statements are the bridges between your vision statements and the daily acting out of your values. Your mission statements outline what you are committed to accomplishing over the next several months or several years. As you develop these elements, it is helpful to have an accountability partner or partners who can keep you on track. Steps for Building Your Life Plan Develop Your Vision: Vision is critical! Your vision is at the heart of everything you will ever accomplish. Most people lack vision – not the capacity to vision – but the answer to “where am I going?” This is the first point in which focus becomes the driving force behind what you accomplish. Mostly all great accomplishment occurs AFTER you get clear on your purpose. Begin by developing your vision for each key area of your life (i.e., family, physical, professional, financial and spiritual).
  • 9. Gain Knowledge: Knowledge helps facilitate the speed and efficiency with which you accomplish the visions you set forth. Knowledge should be obtained before any major action is taken. If you know where you want to be, but lack the knowledge, there is a good chance that when the first challenges arise, you will abandon the vision for the comfort of complacency because you don’t know what to do. Create a Plan: It’s hard to succeed intentionally without a plan. Follow this two-stage process: (1) Decide on the plan to accomplish the vision in the major areas of your life. (2) Execute the steps or activities of the plan repeatedly, making “in-flight” corrections, and do something regularly to help you stay committed and focused on the plan. The Benefits of Having a Life Plan People yearn to be in control, have the upper hand, share their expertise, and demonstrate their leadership abilities. However, situations and experiences often leave them feeling out of control, overwhelmed, uncertain and inept. A life plan is your vehicle for achieving Life Mastery and experiencing every part of your life to the max. Having a life plan ensures that you always know (1) what is important about success to you, and (2) what you need to do to achieve success in every area of your life. You are uniquely gifted. You deserve to live a life filled with enjoyment, fulfillment, passion and energy. Having a life plan makes having the life you desire possible for you. How to write a Business Plan: A Business Plan, Defined: An age-old adage says that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. To achieve lasting success and satisfaction, you must construct a plan for how your business must be run to achieve high trust sales. A successful business plan embodies your answer to this question: What do I want my origination business to look like three years from today? If you don’t know where you want to be in the future, you will never get there. Your business plan gives you a sense of predictability because it lets you measure your performance so you can judge if your business is becoming more efficient rather than just growing in volume. Your business plan helps you determine if you are doing what you need to do today so your future will match the future in your vision. Key Elements of a Business Plan • Volume Goals • Daily Numbers • Lead Generation and Management Strategies • Standards for Your Prospects and Clients
  • 10. • Prospecting (Target Marketing) Steps for Building Your Business Plan Answer the Question: What do I want my origination business to look like three years from today? Determine Your Volume Goals: Determine your income first and then make the numbers work. Here’s an example, based on an average loan amount of $100,000: Average Loan Amount $100,000 Annual Closings Goal $20,000,000 Annual Units 200 Pull-Through % 90% Annual Origination Goal $22,000,000 Annual Units 222 Pull-through is the percentage of loans that close compared to the loan applications you take. A highly efficient business does not have a lower pull through than 90%. Determine Your Daily Numbers: Your ultimate goal is best accomplished with a consistent effort. Chunk down your big goal into smaller units. Remember to tie your daily goals to your purpose. Annual Units 222 Monthly Units 18.5 Weekly Units 4.625 Daily Units 1 Establish Lead Generation and Management Strategies: With your predetermined daily sales needed and your conversion goal in mind, determine the required number of sales attempts you must make each day to meet your numbers. Remember: If you are looking for loans, you will miss leads. If you are looking for leads, you will get loans. You must shift your thinking from originating loans to managing leads. Daily Units 1 PAC Conversion %* .25 Leads Needed 4 *The High Trust Interview is the Pre-Application Consultation (PAC), and it includes the confirmation of financial profile, core values interview and highest value needs interview which occur in one 20-30 minute conversation.
  • 11. Establish Standards for Prospects and Clients: Determine how many leads per client you need to receive. Ultimately, if you want more business, see less people. Your standards must include: (1) a minimum monetary return for your investment in a prospect, (2) the minimum number of sales or referrals required per year from current clients, and (3) your necessary actions for establishing high trust with clients and prospects to see that they produce the appropriate number of sales. Monthly PACs Needed 80 Minimum PACs Per Client 8 Clients Needed 10 Prospecting: You must employ an efficient recruiting process that channels prospects into high trust clients for life. The Benefits of Having a Business Plan In over 50,000 interviews conducted, less than 2% of salespeople admit to having a business plan that they use as a daily guide. And only 10% follow a disciplined selling process to ensure a higher probability of establishing trust with customers. Salespeople who have an undisciplined sales process and no plan lack both consistency and stability in their careers. Without a business plan based on your own expectations (versus those of your manager or co- workers), goal setting and time mastery are shallow hopes that will never fully materialize. If you don’t have an effective business plan, any business you get is accidental. The trust you receive from customers will be as temporary as their business. When it comes to originating, hope is not a strategy. Sales consistency is not about consistently being in the right place at the right time with the right attitude. How to write a Client Plan: A Client Plan, Defined Most originators spend their time trying to work with every type of client and end up spending more time selling to clients they shouldn’t be and less time selling to clients that warrant their time. Most originators also believe that they have no control over how their clients respond and perform. These statements couldn’t be further from the truth. An effective client plan is designed so that you control (1) what clients you sell to and what clients you don’t, and (2) how your clients respond and perform. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to earn the trust of someone who is not worth your time. Your client plan saves you from experiencing this frustration by helping you identify the right prospects and clients and approach them in a way that earns their trust and secures their business for life.
  • 12. Key Elements of a Client Plan The Law of the Bull’s Eye: “If you don’t aim for the best prospects, you’re likely to do business with any prospect.” The Law of the Scale: “If you want more business, have fewer clients.” The Law of Courtship: “For a relationship to be right on the outside, it must first be right on the inside.” The Law of Incubation: “The most profitable relationships mature over time.” Prospects: A person, group, company or organization that has the need for, the desire to, and the financial means to acquire your product or service and can make the decision on all three. Successful originators treat prospecting as a way of life, an integrated discipline that fulfills their greater purpose, and therefore do it as regularly and as naturally as breathing. High Trust Interview: An effective procedure by which you can move prospects from low to high trust, decreasing their tension and increasing the likelihood that they accept your product or service. Unique Value Proposition: The very tool that makes strategic partner prospects want to meet with you. The key ingredients are: (1) it provides a high perception that there is something different about you as compared to the competition, (2) it is used early on in any attempt to gain an appointment with a prospect, (3) it adds more value to the prospect than you would get from the sale, and (4) it puts you in a position where the prospect needs you more than you need them. Steps for Building Your Client Plan Identify Names: You must build a daily discipline for identifying names of prospects you’d like to work with. Sources include loans in process (business conduits from the borrower like the listing agent, CPA, financial planner, etc), strategic partner luncheons, centers of influence, newspapers and magazines, and local associations. Know What You Want and Who Can Refer You: You must have a profile of standards that outlines what you require from the people with whom you do business. Prospecting to the right people the right way is the blood that will keep your origination business alive. Your goal is to build relationships with low maintenance clients who will also bring you high profits. Learn about your prospects ahead of time by asking, “Who do I know who knows who I want to know?” This question will save you hours of time and stress because you will never again prospect someone if someone you know tells you not to. Approach Prospects With a Value Added Approach Letter: Set the stage for a face-to-face High Trust interview by sending a Value Added Approach letter that captures the prospect’s attention with a short and captivating opening statement, tells the prospect who you are, lets the prospect know how you got his or her name, and piques his or her interest with your unique value proposition. Make The High Impact Approach Call: Follow-up your letter by calling the prospect and professionally introducing yourself, making reference to your approach letter. Convey that your referrer or center of influence asked you to call and introduce the prospect to a possible solution for a need in his or her life or business. Your goal is to schedule a 30 minute face-to-face
  • 13. appointment to explore the possibilities of partnering together. Learn scripts so that you can effectively manage voicemail and objections. Conduct the High Trust Interview: This series of questions that include a High Impact Opening, Values Discovery Questions (intrinsic needs) and Highest Value Needs Questions (extrinsic needs) is an effective procedure for learning your prospects’ values, needs, desires and expectations so you can determine if there is an essence match for building a relationship. Consistently Add Value to Your Partners and Clients and Maximize the Potential of Your Relationships: Develop a three-tier ranking of your partners and clients, commit to a specific investment for each tier, decide your annual contact plan for each tier and collaborate regularly. The Benefits of Having a Client Plan Would you rather see ten prospects and get one sale, or see one prospect and get one sale? Of course that’s an easy answer. It never feels good to have nine prospects say no. When you understand that prospecting is a productivity game, not a numbers game, you can develop a client plan centered on the quality-motto, “Less is best.” A client plan helps you maximize your time by identifying, courting and capturing the right prospects who will in turn become clients or partners that reap high returns for life. A client plan helps you identify the type of relationships you want your business founded on, thereby avoiding prospects that will bring you unrealistic expectations and unneeded stress. A client plan helps you build a fulfilling career based on initiating and preserving loyal relationships and consistently adding value to clients and partners for life. Victory is not just in convincing a customer to do business with you once. True victory comes from not only giving people a reason to buy from you, but also making sure they never forget you. Your client plan helps you do just that. How to write a Time Management Plan: A Time Management Plan, Defined Have you ever tried to have a perfect day and it didn’t work out as you planned it? Top producing sales professionals who get the most done, and who earn the most money, don’t work harder, they work smarter. They don’t manage or control their time but rather they manage and control the events they perform during the time they have, or have been allotted. Your time plan lets you master event management so that you tame time today and transform your opportunities tomorrow. With a time plan, you can heed the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time; for that’s the stuff life is made of.” Key Elements of a Time Plan THE LAW OF THE SHAREHOLDER: “Successful sales people buy stock in themselves.” The CEO Mindset: Understanding that you are an originator who is running a
  • 14. business versus a business person trying to originate loans. THE LAW OF THE HOURGLASS: “You must make your moves before your time runs out.” Hourly Rate: The value you assign to an hour of your time. 80/20 Rule (Pareto’s Principle): A small number of causes are responsible for a large percentage of the effect. The 100% Question: Focus on doing what you do best for the greatest possible amount of time and let everything else be handled by a system or person managing a system on your behalf. THE LAW OF THE BROOM: “To build your business up, you must first clean it up.” Proactive vs. Reactive: Establishing clean systems and tight procedures so you are the one running your business. Green Light Activities: Activities that produce the greatest return for your time. Yellow Light Activities: Activities that allow you to evaluate your business’ efficiency. This is time for working on your business (on-time) not in it. Red Light Activities: Activities that don’t build high trust or increase your bottom line. Time Blocking: A system for structuring your time so that you (1) schedule your priorities instead of prioritizing your schedule, (2) predefine the green activities necessary for your business to excel, and (3) incorporate green blocks of time into a daily schedule that helps you maintain a sense of predictability and certainty. Not-to-do List: A list of all the things you shouldn’t be doing. Steps for Building Your Time Plan Adopt the CEO Mindset: You must stop thinking of yourself as an employee and start seeing yourself as a business owner. YOU are responsible for your own growth and the growth of your business. When you shift your thinking in this manner, you begin to consistently use your time in ways that maximize your productivity and profitability. Determine Your Hourly Rate: Getting clear on the value of your time will make you mindful of how you are spending every minute. When you frame your days with a predetermined hourly rate that complements both your business and life plans, your actions become purposeful, confident and efficient. Make the 80/20 Rule Work For You: Determine what 20% of your efforts and resources are worth your time so you can then focus on the actions and activities that can best help you achieve your hourly rate. For example, focus your attention on your top 20% clients by first identifying and ranking your clients in order of profits and then focusing your efforts on them. Do this for all key activities and areas that utilize your time. Answer the 100% Question for Your Business: Get clear on the things you enjoy most and that produce the greatest impact on your business. Define
  • 15. activities according to the green light, red light and yellow light definitions described above and create your not-to-do list. This clarity will help you spend time doing what you do best and delegating or disposing of the rest. Develop Your Time Blocking Schedule: The fundamental rationale for time blocking is the knowledge that if green activities don’t get scheduled, they usually get done feebly, fruitlessly or not at all. By scheduling specific blocks of green activities and committing to not spending time on red activities until your green activities are done, you will become more efficient and productive. Be sure you schedule time for important personal activities FIRST, like time with your family or time at the gym. Life balance and your life plan must be reflected in your time plan. A good way to begin time blocking is to commit the first hour of your day to green activities and then alternate an hour for red activities and an hour for green activities the rest of the day. As you continue to clean up your business doing the first four steps above, you will be able to expand your green blocks and decrease (and eventually eliminate) your red ones. The Benefits of Having a Time Plan Have you ever had a game plan for your day and by about 9:30 it was thoroughly messed up? Have you ever then stayed messed up the remainder of the day? At the end of that kind of day, have you ever felt like the day was a waste? Having a time plan helps you avoid wasted days. With a time plan, YOU are in control of the events that happen in your day. With a time plan, there is no saying yes to interruptions, marginal deals and high maintenance customers. With a time plan, there is no waking up early to handle the stuff that didn’t get done yesterday. With a time plane there is no becoming a courier, copy mechanic and coffee maker in one. Lord Chesterfield said, “Take care of the minutes, for the hours will take care of themselves.” Your time plan is your way of doing just that. It lets you best use your time on the job so that your time off the job is always maximized. Step 2: Why Become a Mortgage Planner? We believe there’s a tremendous need and opportunity that exists right now for Mortgage Planners that put together wealth creation teams. Why?
  • 16. • 75% of all workers aged 55-64 have less than $56K saved for retirement, excluding home equity • Social Security average benefit is $963 per retiree • Pensions are down from 85% in 1982 to 34% today • We are living longer and medical costs are increasing; the average life expectancy for a person born today is 100 years 77% of workers say they will work during retirement but only 12% do so • 97% of US families do not have college savings plans in place for their children • 38% disparity for college educations 20 years ago related to incomes but 75% now • 65% of Americans need their next paycheck to meet their expenses • 20% of Americans have reached the maximum limit on your credit cards • 13.9% is the average cost of credit for all credit card purchases • 94% of Americans do not have a will • In 2005, personal savings for Americans dipped into the red for the first time ever • 1/3 of all homes are paid free & clear • Home equity in the US outweighs the total value of the US stock market • It is estimated that total mortgage debt in America exceeds $10 trillion dollars while total home equity exceeds $12 trillion dollars. What can we do? You can create a Wealth Creation Team that you can refer your clients to when the need arises. Find a CPA, Estate Attorney, Insurance agent and Financial Planner. Your clients need their advice! Call your past clients for annual mortgage reviews or to adopt their mortgage as a debt manager. Be sure and talk fiscal literacy news to your clients/prospects and leave it on your VM so your clients are always being informed by you as their mortgage professional. Practice explaining or teaching fiscal literacy to your clients as well as referral partners. Find the financial problems or issues your clients are experiencing and try to help them solve them with your Wealth Creation Team’s help. However, in order to do this you have to ask the right questions: when would you like to retire? How much wealth will you need in order to retire? How have you done so far? How are you planning to get there? How long do you plan to stay in your home? Is your income rising or falling? What is your investment mindset: Conservative, Aggressive or Neutral? Do not forget to read with a purpose so you can share with your referral partner's and clients because value always tends to hide price! If you provide wealth creating financial solutions to your clients and referral partners, then you will receive more referrals than you ever thought possible. In order to get the highest possible return on investment with the tools and services described in the next section, we believe you need to be knowledgeable of the concepts of Mortgage Planning and Strategic Equity. “Missed Fortune” by Doug Andrews. (
  • 17. This is an outstanding “New Your Times” best selling book on the subject of “Equity Management” and we recommend that you purchase and read it in conjunction with purchasing the tools and subscribing to the services listed below. By doing so, you will learn the concepts of Mortgage Planning and Strategic Equity as well as learn how Universal Life Insurance works and can complement a mortgage in its various forms such as Fixed, Indexed and Variable Universal Life Insurance. These insurance and investment products can be utilized by your clients to accumulate wealth tax free, distribute wealth tax free and transfer wealth to future generations tax free. You’ll also learn why equity in real estate does not satisfy the 3 main criteria of any wise investment: 1. Liquidity – The ability to access principal as well as investment returns tax free in the form of loans. 2. Safety – Guaranteed protection of principal. 3. Rate of Return – The compounding return on principal as well as investment returns. By learning and understanding these concepts as well as utilizing the tools and services listed below to present/explain them, you’ll be able to show your clients how their home(s) and mortgage(s) can be used as financial tool(s) allowing them to build wealth faster and retire earlier than they ever thought possible. Utilizing these concepts with your clients, you will also be able to generate referrals for your Financial Planner & CPA referral partners! Here’s an audio link you can click on to hear Doug Andrews personally share with you the concepts contained within his book as highlighted above. (mms:// “Stop Sitting on Your Assets” by Marion Snow. This is also a great “New York Times” best selling book we recommend you read by Benchmark Branch Partner Marion Snow on the concept of “Equity Management”:
  • 18. Please see below for special pricing details and click this link to download the audio message: “2007 Mortgage Planner’s Book of Best Practices” by Dave Savage. In this publication, you’ll learn the secrets that the best Mortgage Planner’s know. Specifically, you’ll learn how to implement the five elements of the Mortgage Planning Compass™ to achieve a level of success you’ve only dreamed of.
  • 19. By integrating these key principles – purpose, goals, practices, services and strategies – you’ll learn several invaluable lessons including: 1. How to transition from being a loan officer to being a Mortgage Planner. 2. How to use advice to help your clients integrate their mortgage into their financial plan. 3. How to substantially increase your residual income and referrals by developing client relationships over the long term. 4. How to help homeowners achieve their freedom point faster by making more informed decisions. Please click here to download the book: Here’s a screen shot: Free Strategic Equity Power Point Presentations and Newsletter Templates: Did you know that people only retain 6% of what you say when making a presentation, if you only communicate verbally? If you use a presentation when explaining your proposal, people retain 86% of what you say!
  • 20. Below, you will find some power point presentations and flyers that Benchmark has created for you so that you can effectively communicate the concept of strategic equity to your clients and referral partners. Power Point Presentations: Email or Newsletter Templates: Please visit and click on the Business Development Tab. You will then be able to click on the “Benchmark Flyers” link to download the following newsletter templates and insert your picture as well as contact information into them.[1].pdf[1].pdf[1].pdf[1].pdf[1].pdf[1].pdf[1].pdf “Mortgage Planner” Magazine ( Benchmark has decided to cover $30 of the $59 subscription price for “Mortgage Planner” Magazine on behalf of our Branch Partners. You will get the magazine for only $29! Please contact Natalie Witt at or at 214-420-2735 for more information! Step 3: Recommended Tools, Services and Resources Benchmark has negotiated deep discounts on some phenomenal tools, services and marketing resources that will help you stand out as a “Trusted Mortgage Planner” in your market and increase your closure rate regardless of whether or not you are working leads or referrals. And, when getting
  • 21. started as a Benchmark Branch Partner, we recommend the following tools and services in order of importance. THE MORTGAGE COACH ( Benchmark has been able to secure deeply discounted group pricing for this highly recommended mortgage planning software. Here’s the URL: Mortgage Coach Will Set You Apart! The Mortgage Coach is the presentation software we recommend to our Branch Partners! And, as a company we are one of the largest subscribers with Mortgage Coach in the Mortgage Industry! Maybe you think you just sell loans. Perhaps your outlook is that the loan business is a game of rates, fees, and different loan programs. But the fact is you can be more than a number-crunching "loan salesperson." You are a life-changer. As a mortgage professional, you have the power to: • Make your customers' retirement come sooner • Help them achieve personal wealth • Help them increase their savings habits • Help them reduce financial stress • Stop them from wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on the wrong debt • Stop them from selecting the wrong type of mortgage debt-debt that is not suitable or appropriate to their personal situation Mortgage Coach Membership will give you a competitive advantage over typical loan officers that only present Good Faith Estimates to their clients. Mortgage Coach Membership includes: 1. Mortgage Coach Professional Edition 2. MC Marketing Machine 3. Strategy & Training Action Packs 4. Personal Success Coaching 5. Special Discounts on MC Education, Events and partner services
  • 22. Mortgage Coach Professional gives you the power to provide high-value tangible results to clients through visual presentations, elevating your status to a “Trusted Financial Advisor.” Each report created within this application shifts the prospect's focus away from rates and fees, and onto the long-term advantages of multiple loan options. Some reports that we highly recommend are RateWatch, Total Cost Analysis and the Equity Repositioning Analysis. Also, the Mortgage Coach Marketing Machine is your personal virtual marketing department. It will clearly illustrate the impact of your advice to clients and create a unique brand for your business. Here are some sample reports that were created in just minutes using the MC Marketing Machine A wide array of service is also available to you to ensure that you’re using the Mortgage Coach solutions to the fullest. Some features include: Personal Success Coach training, weekly case studies, webinars, product training & strategy action packs, live software support, community collaboration chat/blogs, free upgrades, over 29 hands- on training videos and more. Mortgage Coach will help you: 1. Increase Your Per Loan Profits 2. Reduce Rate Shopping 3. Increase Your Referrals from Past Clients 4. Increase Your Referrals from Realtors, Builders, CPA’s and Financial Planners Respected figures in the mortgage industry such as Tim Braheem, Ron Quintero, Barry Habib and Todd Duncan all either utilize this tool or recommend it highly.
  • 23. The Mortgage Coach will give you a competitive advantage over typical loan officers that only present Good Faith Estimates to their clients. This Software has incredible Visual Presentations that will elevate your status to a “Trusted Financial Advisor” in the minds of prospects and referral sources. Each presentation module within Mortgage Coach shifts the prospect's focus away from rates and fees, and onto the long-term advantages of multiple loan options. Here are some additional benefits: (1.) Free training; (2.) Free 800# tech support; (3.) Free software upgrades; (4.) Free sales and marketing materials, and (5.) Free recorded phone conferences with 40 of the top producing mortgage professionals in the country using The Mortgage Coach. Here are some neat links that will take you to hard-hitting articles by Mortgage Coach Founder and CEO, Dave Savage: The first is entitled “The Art of Referrals.” Dave explains how you can use The Mortgage Coach to form new Referral Partnerships with CPA's and Financial Planners. Dave reveals in precise detail how he targeted, and persuaded over 394 out of 793 top CPA's and Financial Planners in his area to refer him 252 closed loans, which generated over $962,500 in commission income in one year! Here’s a second link to an article comparing the differences between operating as a Transactional Loan Officer vs. a Mortgage Planner/Trusted Financial Advisor utilizing the Mortgage Coach. Mortgage Coach Power Point Presentation: Presentation.pdf Here are some other links to articles that will share with you the additional benefits of operating as a Trusted Financial Advisor using the Mortgage Coach: .pdf
  • 24. Please visit to demo the program. Once there, please click on the site map link on the very top right side of the screen. Please look under the Products section and select Demo Center to learn more. Special Pricing – The Mortgage Coach: The normal price for The Mortgage Coach and The Marketing Machine is $1,500 per license and $1,500 per year to renew but Benchmark’s special group price is $990 to sign up and $600 annually! If you decide to purchase a copy of The Mortgage Coach, please call 800-951-2696 and let the sales associate you speak with know that you are a Benchmark Branch Partner. Here’s a slide that breaks town our special pricing structure with Mortgage Coach: Here’s an example of a Total Cost Analysis created using the Mortgage Coach:
  • 25. The following is an example of an Equity Repositioning Analysis created using the Mortgage Coach: The Mortgage Market Guide ( With over 20 year’s experience, Barry Habib has consistently been recognized as one of America’s Top Loan Originators. He has averaged close to $100 million dollars per year in individual production amassing almost $2 billion in individual production. Barry has achieved these levels with only one assistant and is still an active loan originator. He is regularly featured on the CNBC television network. Additionally, Barry is often featured on NBC, CNN and FOX television networks. Barry has been the keynote speaker for 50 different state Mortgage Banking Associations. What Are the Benefits of the Mortgage Market Guide? You’ll be able to stay attuned to market conditions with Daily Market Updates…comprehensive, informative advice from the industry’s leading
  • 26. expert, Barry Habib. You’ll avoid costly mid-day re-prices with Alerts delivered directly to your phone within minutes of market swings. You’ll monitor the real driving force behind interest rates…mortgage backed securities…not the 10-year U.S. Treasury Note…with real time bond quotes. Take this short quiz and see where the Mortgage Market Guide can help you….. • Where is pricing headed since you received your rate sheets this morning? • Can you accurately anticipate when your lenders are about to issue a mid-day re-price for the better or worse? • Can you react accordingly and protect your pipeline? • Do you know what index causes LIBOR to move? • What is the Fed Funds Rate? • Where is it headed and why does it matter? • What is the current unemployment rate in your local market and what impact does it have on the so called "Housing Bubble"? • Is the "Housing Bubble" a true fact or simply a media fabrication? • Are you a Trusted Advisor to your clients or are you just faking it? If you are the least bit unsure how to answer any of these questions then chances are you aren't a Mortgage Market Guide member. It's no coincidence that 80% of the “Top 200 Originators” listed in Mortgage Originator Magazine are members of The Mortgage Market Guide. 14,000 of America's top originators use this service to stay abreast of the current market conditions, out perform their competition and maintain their fiscally literate "Trusted Advisor" position with their prospects, clients and relationship partners. The Mortgage Market Guide is an interest rate forecasting service that provides a 92% accuracy rating in predicting the movement of interest rates over the short term. This service will enable you to confidently tell your
  • 27. clients when to lock and when to float their new mortgage interest rate once you have identified with them which loan program best contributes toward their long term financial goals. The Mortgage Market Guide offers the following benefits: ● Stay attuned to market conditions with Daily Market Updates, comprehensive, informative daily reports on the condition of the financial markets and advice on whether or not to lock from the industry's leading mortgage interest rate forecasting expert, Barry Habib. ● Avoid costly mid-day interest rate re-prices with Instant Mortgage Re-price Alerts delivered directly to your phone within minutes of market swings. ● Monitor the real driving force behind interest rates... Mortgage Backed Securities, not the 10-year US Treasury Note... with Real Time Bond Quotes. Quotes are available on the Mortgage Market Guide website and delivered by text messaging to your cell phone or pager as well. ● Provide your clients and referral partners with a Mortgage Market Guide Weekly update on where the markets are going, a recap of the last week’s activity and a detailed commentary on a topic relevant to their financial health. Below, please find an example of MMG's Real Time Bond Quotes Page as well as the Mortgage Market Guide Weekly Newsletter.
  • 28. Special Pricing – The Mortgage Market Guide: The regular price for a subscription to The Mortgage Market Guide is $899 annually. Thankfully, Benchmark has been able to negotiate special pricing of just $599. For the supplementary product, “The Mortgage Market Guide Weekly,” Benchmark has been able to negotiate a discounted purchase price of $399 annually, down from $579. Additionally, we have been able to negotiate a free 30 day trial of the Mortgage Market Guide and The Mortgage Market Guide Weekly for all Benchmark Branch Partners! Simply click on the following link, fill in your account information and you will have access to the full system: Certified Scripts for Success ( Did you know that Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) are expected to make up nearly 40% of all loans originated in upcoming years? Here’s a tremendous Website and resource that offers scripts for selling ARM’s and an “ARM Evaluator” Tool that will really assist you in presenting these powerful loan programs: Jim McMahan is one of the mortgage industry's leading authorities on high trust consulting. And now, with more than twenty years experience, Jim is revealing the secrets, systems and scripts he has honed and refined to generate more than a Billion dollars in closed loans during his career. Jim McMahan’s Certified Scripts for Success is a complete package, jam- packed with easy to understand and simple to implement tools and systems guaranteed to help you become an expert in selling ARMs. Become ARM’ed and Dangerous with: • Jim’s very own scripts, charts and tools used to propel him to the top level of the industry every year since 1992. • Detailed and thorough explanations of ARM indices to help you confidently articulate the various options available to your clients.
  • 29. • Audio versions of Jim’s scripts, delivered just as he would to a client, so you can listen to the expert and develop your own style of presentation. • Brilliant full color charts to support your position and illustrate the history of major indices. “Dealing With Rate Shoppers:” Here’s a link to a PDF article by Sue Woodard, one of the highest volume originators in America, that has some excellent tips on dealing with “Rate Shoppers:” Special Pricing – Certified Scripts for Success: The regular price for a subscription to Certified Scripts for Success is $399 annually. However, if you are a subscriber of The Mortgage Market Guide, you will enjoy a price of only $90. Please contact 800-963-1900 if you have any questions. Special Combo Subscription Discount for The Mortgage Coach, The Mortgage Market Guide and Certified Scripts for Success!!! We have been able to negotiate very special subscription terms with both The Mortgage Marketing Guide and Certified Scripts for Success on behalf of our Branch Partners! And, they have agreed to throw in many additional educational DVD’s and CD’s to help you grow your fiscal literacy. These special discounts add up to $789 a year in savings for you as follows: Subscription Services Normal Prices Special Discounts Benchmark Prices Mortgage Market Guide $ 899 $ 300 $ 599 MMG Weekly Newsletter $ 579 $ 180 $ 399 Certified Scripts $ 399 $ 309 $ 90 Totals = $ 1,877 $ 789 $ 1,088 Please click on the following link to learn more about this special offer and to rk_final.pdf Further, we have been able to negotiate a special free 90 day free trail for The Mortgage Coach for you when you become a subscriber to the Mortgage Market Guide. And, as a Mortgage Market Guide subscriber, you will not be required to provide Mortgage Coach with a $295 at the start of your second year utilizing The Mortgage Coach!
  • 30. Loan Tool Box ( Features & Benefits of Membership: Personalized Templates - You probably aren’t a design or marketing expert. And that’s okay—because we are. Dig into over 500 marketing templates and personalize them with your name, photo and logo. Create your own personal brand that will resonate with both leads and clients. Cultivate your brand and use it to establish trust and confidence among your customers. Once you accomplish this you will be well on your way to mastering the Marketing level of the Pyramid. Automated Marketing Campaigns - With Platinum Plus membership, you will receive our Business Booster and Mortgage Rate Update programs—just a few of our automated marketing campaigns—all personalized and delivered straight to your inbox. And once you setup your client database, our automated campaign editior will send out materials for you. You save time and get valuable face-time with your clients. Online Rolodex - Keep your online database updated with your clients’ latest contact info. We’ll send out automated marketing campaigns on your behalf (all of which you can edit and monitor online, of course). So let us do the busy work while you enjoy your day of fun in the sun. (Just promise to send a postcard.) You Magazine - Ever wish you had the time to create a monthly newsletter to email your clients? Don’t bother—we already did it for you. You Magazine is a professionally-written newsletter packed with timely and informative articles that we’ll send to your client base. The best part: most clients find You Magazine so informative that they’ll forward it on to their friends and colleagues—and you grow your database without doing a thing! Special Alerts - So the Fed just raised rates. Wouldn’t it be great to keep your client database up-to-date with this sort of important market news? With Platinum Plus you will. That’s because we—or make that you—send out timely market alerts to your entire database. Your clients will now have their fingers on the pulse of the industry—with only you to thank.
  • 31. Monthly Online Reports -Your marketing might look great and make your clients say “Wow!”. But if you aren’t looking at the results, how are you ever going to get better? With Platinum Plus that’s not a problem, because you’ll have online access to all of your ongoing—and already finished—marketing campaigns. See what worked (and what didn’t) then run an automated campaign to replicate your best results. See, isn’t marketing easy? Special Pricing – Loan Tool Box: We have been able to negotiate over $1,400 in discounts with LTB on behalf of our Branch Partners. Please click the following link to learn more and to sign up for the Loan Tool Box! PitchSIMPLE ( PitchSIMPLE gives you a quick and extremely user friendly web-based platform to create customized visual loan presentations that your sales force can use to better communicate their loan offer to prospects/clients while also differentiating themselves from the competition. Conceptually, pitchSIMPLE was designed for the "Mortgage Planner", however, it's much more simplistic than Mortgage Coach. Thus, giving you a great way to present loans to the average borrower that's colorful, informative, and well-organized, but at the same time --- easy to digest, understand, and relate to from the prospect/borrower's point of view. A pitchSIMPLE loan presentation can be created in less than 3 minutes. Upload your file directly from your LOS, choose the pages you want, and your proposal is created! It can be printed out to mail, fax, or for face- to-face meeting. Or, simply email the presentation directly to the prospect/client. In addition, pitchSIMPLE gives your sales team a structured and uniform sales approach. In fact, the inexperienced members of your sales team can instantly improve their sales pitch by simply using the presentation as a "road map" for selling a loan. Benchmark Mortgage has received special pricing (as much as 40% off the retail price). PitchSIMPLE will happily provide live demonstrations of their product for those who are interested. The following links contain samples of a refinance and purchase presentation for your review. Refinance presentation example:
  • 32. Purchase presentation example: Special Pricing – PitchSIMPLE: The discount is a flat 40% off the retail price for any package paid upfront in full. And, we were also able to negotiate a discount of the monthly rates by approximately 20% off their retail price. Annual Pricing: # of users Package Description Retail cost Your cost Discount off Retail Price 1 Single User $279.99 $168 $112 4 Silver $799 $480 $319 15 Gold $1,499 $900 $599 30 Platinum $2,499 $1,499 $1,000 50 Diamond $3,999 $2,400 $1,599 Monthly Pricing: # of users Package Description Retail cost Your cost Discount off Retail Price 1 Single User N/A N/A N/A 4 Silver $99 $80 $19 per month 15 Gold $190 $150 $40 per month 30 Platinum $300 $240 $60 per month 50 Diamond $499 $399 $100 per month Please feel free to learn more by clicking summary.shtml. In addition, their phones are open for questions by calling 866-417-7348.
  • 33. Glance ( Glance is a simple, quick desktop sharing tool for hosting live web demos. Using this technology, you will be able to show your live computer screen to anyone anywhere. Your customers connect instantly, right from their computer to your web site or customizable Glance web page. They can use nearly any PC, Mac or Linux computer, even from highly secure environments. Everything you see, your customer can see. You can review their credit history and present to them their home financing options in full 24-bit color while talking to your customer by phone. You can also review documents without being present with the customer. This saves the expense and time of face to face meetings and makes the customer feel more in contact with you. Your customers will be “wowed” because this is their first experience with a live web demonstration and it is so easy. Please go to today for more information and to sign up for a free trial subscription. Pricing – Glance Personal (For Individuals) = $49.95 monthly or $499 per year Glance Corporate (For everyone in your Branch) = $119 monthly or $1,199 per year.
  • 34. Hello World ( Hello World is a web based technology platform that will make it possible for you to send out video Emails to your borrowers, referral partner and past clients. All you need is a web camera that you attach to your computer monitor and you will be able to upload short 2-4 minute videos to the hello world website and Email them out. The Email recipient then clicks on the link in your Email that looks like the link above with Todd Duncan and opens up your video on the website. There are no complicated programs to download or install and the video streams instantly! Also, these Video Emails can be used to introduce you to new clients as well as separate you from the competition when working internet leads. As a multi state lender working deals over the phone and computer you will be able to stand out to them in comparison to the competition as a real person who cares enough about them to want to connect with them on a personal level. Not just over the phone. Pricing – Hello World Membership pricing ranges from $9.95 to to $39.95 depending on how many video Emails you would like to send per month and how long you would like the videos to be. Please visit to learn more! Step 4: Marketing – Branding your Professional and Personal Identity!
  • 35. BUSINESS CARDS Our source for business cards is, Bob Mahon, Principal. They are very responsive and can be reached at (972) 447-0677. They print beautiful Benchmark Business Cards at discounted rates. Please visit:, create a new user account for yourself and you will be able to view samples of the cards and place an order. Here’s a screen shot of my cards to give you better perspective: (Note that the back sides of these cards can be printed.) We have special discounted pricing as follows: 500 cards, single side print = $50, printed both sides = $75 1,000 cards, single side print = $65, printed both sides = $90
  • 36. BROSHURES & SPECIALTY ITEMS ( RetailComm is very responsive and can be reached at 972-934-8686 x12. RetailComm prints beautiful Benchmark brochures and provides access to a wide range of specialty items at discounted rates. You first must go to Benchmark’s designated website at and create your account by clicking on the “create your account” button. Once you have done so, you can order brochures or specialty items by simply clicking on either brochures or specialty items under the browse by category section on the left hand side of the webpage. Once you have selected the applicable category (brochures or specialty items), you simply scroll down the page until you see the item you wish to purchase. Click on the item you want and it will ask you to complete the information page. Fill it out and when you have it completed, click on the “red preview” button to view your proof. You MUST proof the information and make sure it is correct because once you checkout and pay for it via credit card, it cannot be changed. Delivery time is 8 – 10 business days. The discounted pricing is as follows: 500 brochures: $370 for print, $100 for scoring / folding, $30 for customization + shipping (ground rates / service) – this comes to $500 + shipping.
  • 37. 1,000 brochures: $500 for print, $100 for scoring / folding, $30 for customization + shipping (ground rates / service) – this comes to $630 + shipping. This is very economical if you have ever priced out brochures. Please place orders directly on our website with RetailComm. If you have questions call 972-934-8686 x12. RetailComm will be glad to answer your customization questions. A copy of the first page of the brochure template follows: Here’s the reverse side or page #2 of the tri-fold:
  • 38. Benchmark’s Customizable Loan Program Flyers! Benchmark provides many different marketing pieces and loan program specific flyers right on the virtual office website at at no charge. These marketing materials include flyers detailing various loan programs in the name of Benchmark Mortgage, Benchmark Lending and also Benchmark Home Loans. These marketing materials are customizable and once you have inserted your contact information into them, you will be able to print them and start handing them out to potential clients and referral partners! Here are two examples:
  • 39. Lender Design ( Lender Design provides hundreds of personalized marketing materials, including: • Flyers • Postcards • Letters • News Cards (newsletter postcards) • Coupons • Loan Scenario Worksheets • Open House Flyers, etc. Also included are customizable flyer and postcard templates which allow you to create great-looking marketing pieces with the content of your choice. As a full subscription member of Lender Design, you will be able to download any of the materials offered in the Lender Design "library". The materials are all provided in high-quality PDF format and are automatically personalized with your photo, logo and contact information as you download them, so you DON'T need to manually enter your data into each item separately (they are ready-to-print). The system is easy to use even if you're not a computer wiz. Benchmark Mortgage has negotiated a 70% discount (off the first year) for the full Lender Design subscription (it is normally $365 for the first year and then $145 per year to renew). Get your subscription for just $105 for the first year and then $145 per year to renew. Make sure you include "Benchmark" in the company name field of the sign up form to receive the discounted price. If you have any questions about Lender Design, or if you would like to view samples of all the materials offered by Lender Design, visit:
  • 40. BENCHMARK WEBSITES Having a hot Website with both the short and long applications capability is crucial. We have developed a very special program with in DFW, at (888) 382-3501. Todd McCally is Benchmark’s Web Designer / Search Engine Optimizer. He’s done a phenomenal job for Benchmark corporate raising us to #2 on Yahoo and #5 on Google…both on the first page of the search engines out of hundreds of thousands of mortgage companies. Todd’s very capable assistant is Cassie Feo. They have posted up several Benchmark template Websites on that you can evaluate. We’re writing mortgage content for the opening page that will tie into the Title and Description keyword meta tags to give the page “search engine relevance.” You won’t believe the bundled package Todd offers on these beautiful sites.
  • 41. Here’s a screen shot of one of our prominent branches in Orange County, CA. Todd has several template Websites that he can quickly construct for our Branch Partners at phenomenal rates. You can view them at
  • 42. The following is a very special Benchmark Bundled Pricing Program: by BringMeBiz, Inc. Special Website Discount Pricing BENCHMARK MORTGAGE BRANCH PARTNERS Oct. 5, 2006  People are looking for you in the search engines - let them find you!  Generate your own mortgage leads! G BASIC WEBSITE / SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION PACKAGE: 2-3 page Website build $395.00 Optimized for 20 keyword phrases $500.00, then $49/mo ___________________________ Special Discount Benchmark $895.00 $750.00, then only $49/month! Plus: First year of Hosting free! $99.00/yr thereafter!  BEST WEBSITE / SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION PACKAGE: 2-3 page website build $395.00 Optimized for 50 phrases $900.00, then $99/mo ___________________________ Special Discount Benchmark $1295.00 $999.00, then only $99/month! Plus: Free Hosting Forever!!! Contact: Todd McCally (888) 382-3501, ext. 101 221 W. Pecan Street Celina (DFW), TX 75009
  • 43. Normally, quality Websites sell in the range of $1,200 to $5,000 or much more. This package is excellent. Many of our branches are raving about the free hosting too. Hosting usually costs $30 monthly or more. If you don’t have a URL or “domain name” yet, we recommend visit and use their easy search tools to find an available name. Also, please be sure to include the word Benchmark in your domain name where possible as we are spending a lot of money corporately to elevate our name within the search engines through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and including our name will help you receive more traffic. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Todd McCally and Cassie Feo of are our SEO experts too. Benchmark’s special bundled pricing offer for SEO / Web Design / Hosting is listed above. Here are some additional details about GetMePlacement’s SEO services to our branches: ● Optimization of your home page plus one or two additional pages plus the creation of a site map. ● Monthly submissions and reporting for up to 20 keyword phrases on the Basic Package, and 50 keyword phrases on the Premium package. ● Monthly monitoring of your site to see that it stays at 90-95% compliant ● Potential traffic increase of 100+ visitors PER DAY within 60 – 90 days! Websites/Hosting/Search Engine Optimization Todd McCally Division of BringMeBiz, Inc. 239 W. Pecan St., Suite 100 Celina (DFW), Texas 75009 (888) 382-3501 Toll Free (972) 382-3501 Local (972) 382-3514 Fax
  • 44. CREATING YOUR SLOGAN Your personal / professional slogan is an essential part of your company's identity an image. Hobbs and Herder Advertising research studies have been published within the National Association of Realtors (NAR) which state that a 63% increase in recognition of your marketing materials will result if you have a personal slogan. It's much more than telling your clients that you provide great rates or service. A thoughtful slogan is an intelligent and original short statement that will have a powerful influence on your audience, affecting the way they perceive your performance and market position. It will differentiate you, give you exclusivity and be a source of pride. Here are just a few to stimulate your thinking: “Smart Financing and Service That Exceeds Client Expectations” ”Total Satisfaction from Finding to Financing Your Dream Home” ”Doing Everything to Make Your Dream Home a Reality” SPECIALTY 800 PHONE NUMBERS ( High impact 800, 888, 877 and 866 toll-free vanity numbers attract new clients! Seen or heard once, these numbers can be remembered for a lifetime. Level the playing field with Fortune 500 giants such as 800-GO-FED- EX, 888-BEST-BUY, 877-MY-EXXON and 866-SBC-DIAL. Provide your clients, prospects and wealth creation team with an 800 toll-free vanity number they’ll never forget. Then watch your transactions take off. You’ll be perceived as “bigger,” “better established,” and providers of “superior customer service.” Exclusively license a mortgage power number for your market… a number such as 1-8-MORTGAGES, 1-877-WE-SAY-YES, 1-866-PRE-APPVD, 1-866-FHA-PRO’S, 1-877-LIFE-LENDER, 1-877-5STAR-REV-MTG or 1-877-QUIK-REFI. These numbers are inexpensive and can be “turned on” in minutes. Your number will be permanent—not affected by new area codes or your move to a new location. The numbers are portable, the commitments are short-term and the monthly fees are surprisingly affordable. Visit:
  • 45. Step 5 - Short Term Business Generation Solution - Internet Lead Aggregators! There are many providers of internet leads available in our industry. Some offer high quality leads while others are a waste of money. We have partnered with a few companies that we believe offer high quality leads and better than market average closure rates. Also, below you will find a listing of lead aggregators that other Benchmark Branch Partners have found success with. Further, prior to taking leads, you will need a solid Lead Management Solution as well as Relocation Referral Partnership. Benchmark’s Marksman Lead Management, Pricing Comparison and Product Search System: (www.mortech- "Prospects, products, pricing... precision." Marksman is an all-in-one solution to performing product searches, getting accurate pricing, and managing prospects. The system combines the market-
  • 46. leading pricing service offered by Mortech with the integrity of the Merit Matrix product eligibility service and a robust prospect management module. Key Product Features: • Automated “all-in-one” rates and pricing • Product eligibility and guideline search • Prospect management and tracking • Rate change notification • Prospect “Rate Tracker” daily automatic Email updates • Email templates sent daily, weekly and monthly automatically • Leads can be received by both Email and text message. • Prospect information can be uploaded into your LOS system Benefits: • Reduce error • Stay in front of prospects • Increase profit How does it work? Lead Management - Persistence pays. Marksman’s prospect tracking features ensure that your leads never get lost or neglected. Enter prospects manually, import existing prospects or feed them automatically from your favorite lead sourcing service into the system. Marksman is compatible with any and all lead sources. The system will send rate quotes, Rate Tracker Emails and Follow Up Emails on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to your prospects automatically on your behalf. Then, track your prospect pipeline without ever dropping the ball! Features: • Instant Rate Distribution: The system can respond to electronic leads via Email with live pricing for up to three separate loan products. • Rate Tracker: Use a high-tech approach to prospect follow-up by sending rate updates by Email for up to three products of interest. Scheduled quotes can be sent out daily or when rates reach a target specified by the consumer - automatically. • Auto Emails: Benchmark has built 25 template Emails into the Campaign Manager Module contained within the Marksman System. Please click on this link to download the template Emails and learn
  • 47. how by just updating the status of each prospect, within your lead pipeline, you will trigger the Emails to be sent to your prospects automatically: Pricing Engine - Marksman’s pricing is automated, outsourced and complete. No need to spend time gathering or downloading investor rate sheets each day. The Marksman team pulls rates from the rate sheets of the Benchmark Bank Line as well as many of our Wholesale Lender Partners each day and loads this information into the pricing engine. Real-time rates and pricing are then available in one place. Features: • “All-in-One” Pricing: Pricing includes SRP and loan level adjustments, bonuses and incentives, loan criteria adjustments and of course, your profit, all incorporated into every price quote. • Rate Change Notification: Pricing can, and does, fluctuate throughout the day. Intra-day changes are immediately reflected in the system so you’re always using the most current information to determine best price. Loan officers are automatically notified by email or text messaging when rates change. Product Engine - Marksman’s loan product eligibility service is maintained by industry experts who analyze product guidelines on a daily basis. The interface is designed for ease of use, with loan officers in mind. After finding the products that meet the specified criteria, Marksman allows you to compare pricing for up to five products simultaneously. Product guidelines are included for the Benchmark Bank Line and many of our Wholesale Lender Partners. Features: • Search & Compare: Highly-innovative searches and product views let you find the products that meet your borrower’s needs, fast. • Loan Summary & Guidelines: Investor guidelines are displayed in an easy to read summary format or you can view the investor’s guide in-depth, by chapter or topic. No need to login to individual investor websites and search through seller’s guides until you find exactly what you’re looking for. Special Pricing – Marksman System: Benchmark has already paid the upfront set up costs of $2,500 associated with the Marksman System on behalf of our Branch Partners and based on the number of Benchmark Branch Partners who are currently using the
  • 48. Marksman System, we have been able to drive down the individual user cost per month to $50 per month plus $1 for each Instant Rate Distribution. If you would like to learn more about this system and sign up to use it, please contact me, Gib Holloway, at 214-420-2731 or Benchmark’s Relocation Program: ( Program Goals: 1. Increase borrower retention 2. Build nationwide Realtor referral partnerships 3. Develop repeat and buyer referral business Why you need this service: When you work purchase leads that are outside your home state and/or even outside your local area, the probability is high that your borrower will be referred to a competing mortgage consultant by the Realtor they work with, even if you referred the borrower to that Realtor in the first place. This program makes it possible for you to refer your borrowers, who have not yet identified a Realtor that they would like to work with, to a respected and professional Realtor in their market who signs an agreement with Century 21 Mike Bowman stating that they will not refer the borrower to a local mortgage consultant. Further, you are able to provide the borrower with an additional benefit in the form of a rebate schedule based on the size of the home that they purchase. Program Benefits: 1. Competitive advantage over competition 2. Promotes Borrower loyalty 3. Creates team effort and better communication 4. Strengthens Lender/Realtor relationship 5. Provides exceptional customer service Program Manager Mike Hirrlinger - Realtor 214-415-6011 cell How does it work?
  • 49. Program Guide: Program Workflow 1. Loan Officer refers Borrower to C21 Program Office a. Pre-Approved Borrower i. E-mail with Borrower information and Pre-Approval Letter b. Pending Pre-Approved Borrower i. E-mail with Borrower information and expected approval date 2. C21 Program Office (Pre-Assignment) a. Pre-Approved Borrower i. Within 2 hours of Loan Officer notification, Borrower is contacted for pre- placement interview ii. After pre-placement interview Borrower is assigned to RE Broker 1. RE Broker assigns Agent to Borrower and notifies C21 Program Office b. Pending Pre-Approved Borrower (1003 and credit) i. Within 2 hours of Loan Officer notification, Borrower is contacted for pre- placement interview ii. Borrower is put in queue until receipt of pre-approval letter from Loan Officer is received by C21 Program Office iii. Upon receipt of pre-approval letter, Borrower is assigned to RE Broker 1. RE Broker assigns Agent to Borrower and notifies C21 Program Office 3. C21 Program Office (Post-Assignment) a. Assigned Agent i. Contact assigned Agent and welcomes them to the team, reinforces that the lead is a “Lender Lead”, and reminds the Agent to contact the Borrower ASAP ii. Pre-placement interview information, Loan Officer contact information, and pre-approval letter is e-mailed to Agent b. Borrower i. Contact Borrower by e-mail to reinforce with the Borrower that they are receiving the rebate because of the business with BenchMark and provide them with contact information for their assigned Agent ii. A follow up call with Borrower is made 24 hours after the agent assignment to confirm that Agent has been in contact. If not, then calls are made to the Agent and contact is then confirmed again with the Borrower 4. C21 Program Office (Maintenance) a. Assigned Agent i. The assigned Agent is called one week after the initial assignment, with periodic calls made on an as needed basis b. Borrower i. The Borrower is called one week after the initial assignment, with periodic calls made on an as needed basis c. Loan Officer
  • 50. i. Updates C21 Program Office periodically of any changes to Borrower’s status, especially in the event of 1) Buyer obtains contract for purchase, 2) is not approved, 3) putting plans on hold, or 4) terminates buyer/lender relationship Benchmark’s LendingTree Program ( LendingTree, LLC is the nation’s number one online lending exchange, providing a marketplace that connects consumers with multiple lenders that compete for their business. Since inception, LendingTree has facilitated more than 20 million real estate transactions and $200 billion in closed loan volume since its inception in 1998. LendingTree provides access to mortgages and refinance loans, home equity loans/lines of credit, auto loans, personal loans, and credit cards via and 800-555-TREE. With headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, LendingTree, LLC is part of IAC Financial Services and Real Estate, an operating business of IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ: IACI), which also owns or operates LendingTree Loans, LendingTree Settlement Services, LLC, GetSmart®,®, Domania®, and iNest®. LendingTree currently spends more than $90 million per year in marketing initiatives and advertising (about $100 million in 2007) in an effort to generate leads for it’s Mortgage Banker/Broker business partners. LendingTree currently receives in excess of 90,000 completed qualification forms or long form applications (1003’s) over its website per month. Further, LendingTree is known in the Online Lead Aggregation Industry to offer the highest quality leads as well as the highest average closure rates available. What Can LendingTree Do For You? LendingTree is a unique lead generation company that will connect filtered consumers with you for mortgage loans, home equity loans, and home equity lines of credit. These consumers fill out a complete application (1003) on the LendingTree website, not just a short form application, and these leads will then be routed to you within 2 minutes. The average closure rates associated with LendingTree Leads are about 13% for home equity loans and lines or credit, 8% for refinance mortgage leads and 5% for purchase leads, compared within the industry average closure rate for online lead aggregation companies of 1-2%!
  • 51. Further, Benchmark has purchased the Automatic Decision Engine or ADE response system that will help you to stand out in comparison to the competition and increase your closure rate, please refer to Section 8 below to learn more about the ADE system and the set up cost that Benchmark has already incurred on your behalf in order to make the system available to you if you decide to purchase LendingTree leads. The bottom line is that by adding LendingTree leads to your Business Development Plan, you will be able to increase your closure rate far beyond that of Mortgage Bankers/Branch Partners working with other inferior online lead generation companies and make more money! For instance, as described below, under section 4, personally as an originator you could potentially earn an additional $8,558 monthly at only a 5% closure rate, which is LendingTree’s average closure rate for all originators currently receiving LendingTree leads in our industry! If you are able to achieve a closure rate of 10%, you could potentially earn an additional $15,645 monthly! And, these figures take into account Benchmark’s Transaction Fee! Further, these figures reflect receiving 70 leads a month or 2.33 leads per day, assuming that you would want to receive leads on the weekend and assuming a 30 day month. By receiving only 2.33 leads per day, you will be able to continue focusing on your other marketing/business development strategies as well while the LendingTree leads that you purchase supplement your pipeline and potentially provide you with consistent financial viability as a Benchmark Branch Partner! Additionally, as you recruit Loan Officers and provide them with LendingTree leads, you will be able to scale up this additional potential income dramatically. For example, if you were to recruit, train and mentor a group of 10 Loan Officers and provide them each with 70 high quality LendingTree leads per month, at a 5% closure rate per Loan Officer and at a 50% split, your Branch could potentially earn an additional $25,635 in revenue monthly while providing each Loan Officer with a $5,118 increase in their monthly income beyond the income they already make originating loans with referral partners and past clients! Also, if you were able to motivate and coach your team of 10 Loan Officers up to a 10% closure rate, the potential additional revenue to your Branch would be $69,825 monthly and each Loan Officer would receive a $8,662 increase in their monthly income as well! Please read through Section 5 of the Program Guide below to learn more about what the potential financial benefits of this program could be for you as well as your Loan Officers and to find out what additional assumptions were made in the calculation of these numbers. Please click here to download the LendingTree Program Guide:
  • 52. If you are interested in the program and you have questions, please contact Gib Holloway at 214-420-2731 or If you are eager to get started, please forward your executed agreement by fax send to 877-217-6493. Further, please click on the following links to download some of the training materials we have put together to help our Branches achieve success working LendingTree Leads: LendingTree Program Summary: Benefits  Receive LendingTree leads through Benchmark without investing $75,000 to set up with LendingTree directly.  Control the volume of leads you receive with no minimum order requirements or minimum commitments  Leads are filtered to originators choice of target markets, transaction types and borrower credit rating.  Higher average closure ratio (LT 5-7% vs. 1-2%, the industry average for online purchased leads!).  Two levels of participation (Class A provides greater profit and lower cost). ▪ Class B – Minimum closure rate 5%. ▪ Class A – Minimum closure rate 10%.  Weekly training conference calls.  Monthly reconciliation of accounts, including: number of leads delivered, closure rate and % of closed loans on Bank line.
  • 53. Responsibilities  Deposit $500 into a LendingTree emergency reserve sub account with Benchmark.  Pre-fund a LendingTree cost of leads sub account in advance of receiving leads every month at the average price per lead of $24.  Call leads promptly.  Provide excellent customer service.  Provide Benchmark AE’s with an opportunity to look over all LendingTree scenarios and provide a competitive quote.  Close a minimum of 51% of loans originated from LendingTree leads through the Benchmark Bank Line.  Include CLO Fee on all Funding Forms Benchmark’s GetSmart Program ( What is GetSmart? GetSmart is a service of LendingTree, LLC located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the second largest banking and finance center in America. GetSmart provides access to mortgage loans, home equity loans and home equity lines of credit, via and 800-GETSMART OR 800-438-7627. GetSmart currently spends more than $25 million per year in marketing initiatives in an effort to generate leads and provides over 70,000 purchase leads, 40,000 refinance leads and 25,000 home equity leads per month to its Mortgage Banker/Broker business partners. Further, when prospective borrowers visit and fill out an incomplete application, these incomplete applications are routed through GetSmart and sold as leads. Approximately 40% of the leads provided by GetSmart come from the website.
  • 54. GetSmart is a leading online financial marketplace, focused on smart consumers in a hurry. GetSmart provides a convenient, simple, secure way to save money for savvy consumers -- fast. They make a borrower’s life easy by providing a short form that only takes two minutes to fill out and immediately matches them with up to five Lenders. GetSmart has developed a simple, easy-to-understand process that provides their lenders with quality leads…and their consumers with multiple choices. • GetSmart delivers highly motivated, internet-savvy borrowers. • GetSmart leads are sent to a maximum of 5 lenders. • GetSmart leads are delivered in "real time" - allowing lenders the opportunity to speak with the customer quickly, while their interest level is high. • GetSmart partners have FREE access to 10,000 real estate agents nationwide, so they can close more purchase loans. What Can GetSmart Do For You? Benchmark recommends GetSmart as an alternative to LendingTree for our Branch Partners who would like to select the states they would like to receive leads in as well as establish their own filters for those states. Under Benchmark’s LendingTree Program, we are only able to offer universal segment groups of states as well as filters to all of our Branch Partners but under the GetSmart Program, you will be able to define which states you would like to receive leads in as well as the filters you would like to have in place. Get Smart can connect filtered consumers with you for mortgage loans, home equity loans, and home equity lines of credit. These consumers fill out a short form application and these leads will then be routed to you within 2 minutes. The average closure rates associated with GetSmart Leads are about 3-5% and their top lenders consistently realize a closure rate of 9-10% compared within the industry average closure rate for online lead aggregation companies of 1-2%. The bottom line is that by adding GetSmart leads to your Business Development Plan, you will be able to increase your closure rate far beyond that of Mortgage Bankers/Branch Partners working with other
  • 55. inferior online lead generation companies and make more money! For instance, as described below, under section 4, personally as an originator you could potentially earn an additional $10,163 monthly at only a 3% closure rate, which is the low end of the GetSmart average closure rate for all originators currently receiving GetSmart leads in our industry! If you are able to achieve a closure rate of 5%, you could potentially earn an additional $16,388 monthly! And, these figures take into account Benchmark’s Transaction Fee! Further, these figures reflect receiving 100 leads a month or 3.33 leads per day, assuming that you would want to receive leads on the weekend and assuming a 30 day month. By receiving only 3.33 leads per day, you will be able to continue focusing on your other marketing/business development strategies as well while the LendingTree leads that you purchase supplement your pipeline and potentially provide you with consistent financial viability as a Benchmark Branch Partner! Additionally, as you recruit Loan Officers and provide them with GetSmart leads, you will be able to scale up this additional potential income dramatically. For example, if you were to recruit, train and mentor a group of 10 Loan Officers and provide them each with 100 GetSmart leads per month, at a 3% closure rate per Loan Officer and at a 50% split, your Branch could potentially earn an additional $31,313 in revenue monthly while providing each Loan Officer with a $7,031 increase in their monthly income beyond the income they already make originating loans with referral partners and past clients! Also, if you were able to motivate and coach your team of 10 Loan Officers up to a 5% closure rate, the potential additional revenue to your Branch would be $46,688 monthly and each Loan Officer would receive a $11,719 increase in their monthly income as well! Please read through Section 5 of the GetSmart Program Guide below to learn more about what the potential financial benefits of this program could be for you as well as your Loan Officers and to find out what additional assumptions were made in the calculation of these numbers. Also, please click the following links to download GetSmart testimonials and a GetSmart Power Point Presentation: Testimonials: Power Point Presentation: Please click here to download the GetSmart Program Guide: ide-2-27-07.doc
  • 56. If you are interested in the program and you have questions, please contact Gib Holloway at 214-420-2731 or If you are eager to get started, please forward your executed agreement by fax send to 877-217-6493. Benchmark GetSmart Program Summary Benefits  Receive GetSmart leads through Benchmark without paying any set up fees  Control the volume of leads you receive with no minimum order requirements or minimum commitments  GetSmart currently generates a surplus of leads in many states = no volume limits  GetSmart leads are delivered in “real time” – providing you with the opportunity to speak with potential clients quickly, while their interest level is high.  Higher average closure rate than the industry average for online lead aggregation (the GetSmart average closure rate 3-5% vs. 1-2%, the industry average)  Monthly reconciliation of GetSmart account provided by Benchmark
  • 57. Responsibilities  Pre-fund a GetSmart cost of leads sub-account in advance of receiving leads every month based on the filters you decide to establish  Call leads promptly  Provide excellent customer service Program ( WHAT IS REALLYGREATRATE.COM? started with the idea of giving every consumer the speed and convenience of online loan service, while providing the most personalized financial solutions available. To accomplish this, makes sure it generates the highest quality applicants by using a combination of internet marketing techniques that have proven most effective in reaching quality assured online loan consumers. Our reliable methods include natural search engine optimization, pay per click search, and premium site placements. WHY CAN REALLYGREATRATE.COM DO FOR ME? • As a lender partner, you will have ReallyGreatRate’s quality assured real-time leads custom delivered directly to your Benchmark Branch. • generates fresh leads daily from and other websites. • Leads can be delivered in real-time via email
  • 58. • Real time leads and exclusive hot transfers drive higher application rates. • Quality assurance calls mean only interested borrowers are delivered to you. That translates to higher funding rates. • You control your lead filters: refinance, cash out, debt consolidation, home equity loan types, 50 states, LTV, credit and flexible lead delivery times. • Company branding builds immediate rapport between borrower and loan officer. Data is scrubbed before leads are delivered • In-house quality assurance team calls on over 90% of the leads to assure accuracy. - RGR scrubs area codes, zip code/state to get rid of bogus info - RGR scrubs for swear words/Mickey Mouse etc. • Generous 5 business day return policy for bogus leads • Reported closure rates with RGR runs 2-4% vs. the industry average of 1-2% is not a middleman who simply buys leads from various sources and then resells them. That method of lead generation is notoriously unreliable. It yields old recycled data – often generated by questionable incentives that are resold several times. Instead, with every lead is generated from their websites. They attract applicants with the message that lenders will compete for their business. A borrower begins the process by filling out the online questionnaire and giving consent to be contacted. Then they use a national network of quality assurance representatives to screen their leads for validity and accuracy. The applicants who qualify are then introduced to those lenders best suited to meet their needs. Our e-mail introduction begins the rapport- building process with you, and prepares them for your contact. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Benchmark has negotiated a substantial discount for all branches that want to participate in the ReallyGreatRate lead program. • Purchase leads start at $5.00 per lead* • Refinance leads start at $20.00 per lead* *There may be additional charges based on state demand and lead criteria HOW DO I GET STARTED In order to begin receiving leads and closing more loans as early as today please contact: Jeff Stillittano Charlie Ferguson (877)-272-4600 (877)-543-1986 Net Lead Solutions (
  • 59. Net Lead Solutions is pleased to offer the “Net Direct Mortgage Program” ( delivering EXCLUSIVE Internet mortgage leads at $19.98 per lead (compare this to $35 - $60+ for fresh, EXCLUSIVE Internet leads!) to exclusively appointed licensees by states (until or if volume of leads received by Net Direct Mortgage warrants the licensing of additional companies by state or territory). The appointment of Licensees shall be at the sole discretion of Gil Holloway, senior mortgage consultant and independent Marketing Advisor to Net Lead Solutions. Mr. Holloway can be reached at (972) 325-4329. The cell phone number for Terry Barnes, President of Net Lead Solutions, is (214) 402-3110. Feel free to phone either Gil or Terry. Net Lead Solutions GUARANTEES delivery of the specified quantities of leads listed below for the first two months, by state. After this two-month term, individual leads will be sold to Licensees in the quantities they order the leads, still at $19.98. During the first two months, Licensees will NOT have to pay for OVER-DELIVERY of leads. If the Net Direct Mortgage Program fails to deliver the monthly guaranteed lead volume, Licensee shall only pay for the leads received. The lead pricing and lead volumes specified below are per State on a monthly basis. For example, the licensing fee for the State of Texas is $1,438.56 per month with 72 guaranteed monthly leads. This equates to only $19.98 per lead for fresh EXCLUSIVE leads. Starting Monthly Monthly Licensing Fee Guaranteed State Per State Lead Volume CA, TX $ 1,438.56 72 FL, GA $ 879.12 44 NC, NY, PA $ 659.34 33 AL, AR, AZ, IL, IN, KY, LA, MD, MI, MO, MS, OH, OK, SC, TN, VA, WA $ 439.56 22 CO, CT, DE, HI, IA, KS, MA, MN, NE, NJ, NM, NV, OR, WI, WV $ 219.78 11 AK, DC, ID, ME, MT, ND, NH, RI, SD, UT, VT, WY * * * Leads from these States will be initially given to licensees free-of-charge, at the discretion of Net Lead Solutions. For example, the licensing fee for the State of Texas is $1,367.00 per month with 72 guaranteed monthly leads. This equates to only $18.98 per lead for fresh EXCLUSIVE leads.
  • 60. ZERO RISK Provision for Initial Launch: In the initial September 2007 launch, Net Lead Solutions will waive the “Deposit Factor” as specified below. This means that the exclusive Licensees by state have ZERO RISK with no cash out-of-pocket up-front! Initial Licensees entering into Licensing Agreements with Net Lead Solutions will receive leads in advance of payment. Payment will follow the receipt of leads per the Contract Addenda accompanying the program. Normal Billing Policies: Clients will be billed each month for the previous month’s leads. The normal Deposit Factor depends on the number of states licensed. A Deposit is due within three (3) business days after acceptance of this agreement and will be applied to future invoicing. The amount of the deposit is equal to 50% of the monthly licensing fees. After two (2) months of timely payments, fifty percent (50%) of the deposit will be applied to the account and applied to the account and applied to any future and open invoices. After four (4) months of timely payments, any remaining customer deposit will be applied to the account and applied to any future and open invoices. More details on the program are offered in the Contract Addenda. Other Recommended Lead Aggregators: Alansis—Pre-screened live transfer leads that match client specified criteria. Internal, U.S.-based call center transfers borrowers to clients. Additional programs include Internet, telemarketed, and aged leads. From 10 cents to $200 per lead. Receive 20 percent funding bonus with this listing. (866/618-1950 or Web site: LLC—Automated lead generation/management/distribution system. Custom design and originator’s application comes with each system developed. May also include lead tracking system for managers and customized auto responder system to follow-up with leads. Cost for mortgage broker sites is $999, lead company system starts at $3,500. (312/881-7323 or Web site:—Marketing company specializing in custom lead programs. Cost ranges from $20 to $50 depending on lead type and filters. (866/343-5193, 13 or Web site: DeBroux Marketing, Inc.—Data lists, direct mail, and telemarketing for products from subprime to government loans, refi s to debt consolidation. Costs from 4 to 20 cents/name for data, 38 to 65 cents/piece for mail, $35 to $50/lead for telemarketing. (888/332-2958 or Web site:
  • 61. Direct Marketing Associates—Over 70 million homeowners segmented by credit risk scores, revolving debts balances, and LTVs. All records scrubbed monthly against national and state Do Not Call lists. Cost ranges from 8 to 25 cents per name. (877/984-9400 or Web site:—Browse and select from thousands of qualified, nationwide loan requests. Sign-up is free and you can begin receiving leads instantly. Lead prices start at $10. (949/330-6966 or Web site: EZdesk, Inc.—Web sites with lead/loan generation forms, customer relationship manager, payment calculator, LoanProz email, HUD booklets, traffi c and marketing packages, and other free or low-cost tools. $299 or less and under $20 per month. (615/217-4545 or Web site:—FSBO Web site offering exclusive right to operate individual metro sub-sites. Each local site is purpose built to harvest FSBO leads and leverage relationships with Realtors in each local market. Exclusivity implies that only select markets are available (other markets are already under exclusive contract by local mortgage professionals). Starting at $299 monthly. (888/410-7566 or Web site:—Generates leads through a network of 185 Web sites, not through telemarketing. Exclusive leads: $42 to $50; Paired leads $40 to $32; Non-exclusive leads $30 to $22. (877/245-3237 or Web site: Impact Web Enterprises Inc.—Connects mortgage professionals to consumers looking for competitive mortgage rates. After free registration, automatically receive leads based on your lending criteria and search hundreds of leads in their database. Cost is $25 per lead. (949/859-3700, 14 or Web site: Integrated Marketing Group, Inc.—Live-call-transfer mortgage leads including real-time internet-based pre-1003 application and e-mail notification. Refi -only, purchase-only, mixed refi /purchase, commercial, or reverse mortgage campaigns. Purchase campaigns can be geo-targeted by county; all others by state. U.S.-based operation. Client certification/indemnification provided with each campaign. Starting at $70 per lead (877/229-1855 or Web site: International Webworks—Internet-generated and live transfer leads including refi s, purchases, debt consolidation, home equity, and second mortgages. Internet leads range from $5-$25, live transfer leads start at $50. (800/640-5942 or Website:
  • 62. Juncture Lead Management Tools—Information system designed specifically for the mortgage industry. Stores contact, lead, and loan information together in one place. Free for offices with eight or fewer users; $55 per user thereafter. (949/863-9820, 30 or Web site: Landvoice—Provides FSBO leads and prospecting solutions for all real estate professionals. Scours over 1,600 sources of FSBO information every day in over 400 major U.S. markets. Starts at $39.95/month, $99.95/qtr, or $349.95/year. (888/678-0905 or Web site:—Web-based lead management platform featuring: Lead Provider Network (offer direct interfaces with lead providers and marketing companies), Auto Lead Distribution (distribution rules and quotas automatically distribute the leads), custom automated e-mails. Also offers “one click” returns to the lead provider. Industry interface: Calyx, FNM, XML, CSV. $500 initial .25 cents per lead (310/944-9489 or Web site: LeadPoint—Provides a central location for lead buyers and sellers to transact business in an efficient environment. Purchase or sell exclusive leads. Thousands of transactions daily. Charges a 19 percent transaction fee. (310/268-8600, 8704 or Web site: LeadsToLoans/First American Real Estate Solutions—Web basedlead source. Target specific lists from a database of more than 70 million borrowers. Leads are updated daily with new homeowner and mortgage recordings. Starts at $100. (866/345-7334 or Web site: Lender Lead Solutions—Celebrity-hosted nationwide TV advertisements to generate guaranteed exclusive refi and reverse mortgage leads. Features spokespeople such as sports legend Ahmad Rashad and actor Robert Wagner. All leads 100 percent exclusive, and come with a money-back guarantee. Costs range from $50 to $70 per lead. (888/775-3631 or Web site: LendersLogic—Online mortgage loan decisioning solution provides instant online approvals by putting automated underwriting at the point of sale. Offered as a managed Web service, provides consumers and loan offi cers with a one-step credit evaluation and underwriting assessment. Starts at $4,995, plus a monthly service fee. (800/388-3898, 20 or Web site: LenderSource, Inc. dba Leadmailbox—Automated online database; leads can be entered manually, imported from your Web site, or from any existing lead providers. Transforms lead data into online lead form. Leads can be edited, filtered, sorted,
  • 63. analyzed, auto assigned to agents, downloaded, and exported directly into an LOS system. 25 cents per lead. (310/944-9489 or Web site: LION, Inc.—Online mortgage lead generator with business solutions that streamline mortgage loan fulfillment. Provides an integrated technology platform offering online loan productivity, pipeline hedging and risk management, software development, and data communications tools. Starts at $50 per month, no set up fees. (800/786-8083 or Web site: Loanbright— is a pay-per-click mortgage marketplace. Post rates and enter a bid by state and loan type to drive targeted customers to your Web site. does not allow lead aggregators to bid, only actual mortgage companies. Bidding starts at 50 cents. (888/330-3330 or Web site: LoanWeb—Targeted real-time leads delivered instantly from interested mortgage shoppers online. Offers live customer service. Refi leads $29 to $39; Home Equity $29; Purchase $19. (800/250-1915, 245 or Web site: LocalLender, LLC—Online lead generation throughout the U.S. Provides a lead management system to track leads at no cost. Leads are delivered real- time as borrowers apply online. After applying, they are e-mailed an introduction and provided with originator contact information. No cost for lead tracker; leads $20/each. (303/860-7499 or Web site: LSI, A Fidelity National Financial Company—Produces custom leads by compiling, comparing, and filtering data from public and private sources. More than 220 million live consumer records from 2,600 counties continuously refreshed to ensure accurate leads. 400 demographic, geographic, and lifestyle select filters. 15 to 25 cents per lead. (866/854-5323 or Web site: Marketing Response Solutions—Gives callers the ability to apply by phone after hours and weekends. No hardware or software to buy, works with existing phone system or toll-free numbers, and they can be designed in English and Spanish. Average $3.00 per completed lead, plus set-up fee. (800/979-1212, 800 or Web site:—Internet Mortgage Leads. Quality Control on every lead to assure accuracy and interest. $8 to $35 per lead. (858/581-1366 or Web site:
  • 64.—Provides nationwide targeted and exclusive mortgage leads. Real-time leads with volume discounts, based on fi lters determined by originator. Wholesale Internet mortgage lead generation on a nationwide basis. Exclusive high-volume Internet leads. Starts at $20 per lead. (720/596-8887 or Web site:—Voice broadcasting, virtual predictive dialing, IVR solutions, call-center lead generation, live lead transfers, call screening, pre qualification, real-time reporting, custom Web applications. Starts at $4,000. (800/879-8390 or Web site: Prospect Strategies HCW Inc.—Real-time refi nance, debt consolidation, home purchase, and home equity loan leads generated from consumer- lending marketplace. Qualified, motivated consumers delivered with complete financial profile. $35 per lead. (800/325-9587 or Web site: Purchase Track—Lead capture, management, and distribution system that helps mortgage and real estate professionals capture, manage, and share Internet leads. Initial setup fee: $199-259; Monthly subscription fee $30-$48 (800/996-6547 or Web site: The Loan Page—Straightforward quote request forms for first-time, refi , and debt consolidation. Offers mortgage calculators, home-value estimators, and information to assist consumers. Quotes routed through regional and national lender network, and each is matched with three to four lenders that best match the quote according to profile, credit history, and product situation. $25-$75 per lead (415/738-3000 or Web site: Who’s Calling—Captures call-back information on every lead that calls user. Allows originators to pinpoint which marketing efforts work. $950/month (800/517-0369 or Web site: ZipSearch—Loan search engines used by people seeking mortgages from lenders and brokers. Web sites include,, Money,,,, and many others. Starts at $1,000 and can be scaled for any level of exposure. (800/949-2919 or Web site: Step 6: Long Term Business Generation Solution – REFERRAL SYSTEMS Branch Partners, we all know that the very best leads we can receive are referrals. They’re infinitely better than purchased leads. Referrals come when we’ve won the hearts and minds of our clients and they enthusiastically talk about us and our businesses to their friends and associates. The best
  • 65. referrals come as a result of happy customers, clients and influential people who know you, like you, and trust you. The amount of referrals that you generate is directly influenced by the relationships that you are able to grow and nurture. Relationships based on Trust are the key to your success! The Benchmark “Client for Life Program” Benchmark has implemented a Client for Life Program to help our Branch Partners to stay in touch with their past clients. As a result, we hope that you will receive more repeat and referral business. Client For Life Program Details:
  • 66. The Retention Department Solution for Mortgage Coach – There are over 25,000 subscribers to Mortgage Coach in our industry and it is estimated that less than 1% use the RateWatch® report feature contained within this program to constantly keep their past clients and referral partners informed of their financing options. It is also estimated that over 80% of the time, existing homeowners will finance the purchase of a new home or the refinance of their existing home with the current servicer of their mortgage. Why is that? The servicer of their existing mortgage is sending them statements and marketing materials every month! And, in most cases, the servicer of their existing mortgage is the only entity/ person communicating with them! It is further estimated that less than 10% of Mortgage Consultants follow up with their past clients EVER after the close of a real estate transaction. As an industry we independent mortgage professionals have neglected our number one source of business, our Past Clients!!! The phones are no longer ringing off the hook and slam dunk deals have become nothing more than a memory. New borrowers are no longer lining up at your door, leaving you urgent voicemails or falling from the sky. It's a tight marketplace and you've got to fight to secure your next new client. But, what about your #1 asset, have you thought about them - your past customers? Better yet, are your past customers thinking of you? The Retention Department specializes in turning your former customers into new customers. With a focus on Database Value Marketing™, their automated, customized RateWatch® Campaign service instantly becomes your newest unique value proposition. They enable you to go head-to-head with the retention departments of those large loan servicing companies that are presently stealing your past clients away, leaving you to spend valuable time and money on new client acquisition. ...With The Retention Department there is: • No Software to Buy • No Set Up Fees • No Long Term Contract
  • 67. • No Way Your Name and Phone • Number Will be Forgotten • Month-to-Month Service • Low Cost "Test Drive" Pricing Available The RateWatch® report keeps your name and product lines at the forefront of the minds of your clients month after month. RateWatch® reports, which look similar to actual home loan statements, compares the customers' monthly payments to the current market and reinforces the value you bring to the table. Not only do you help a client select the best loan structure, you proactively manage their loan every month. Simply put, The Retention Department lets loan originators utilize their precious and valuable time effectively and efficiently. Their service translates into Mortgage Consultants retaining clients, creating more loan opportunities and capturing additional referrals. The Retention Department is dedicated to maximizing your potential as a salesperson or Branch Manager. They Will: • Create a monthly, personalized RateWatch® report for each of your customers using your past client data. • Mail that report to them in a colorful eye-catching envelope. • Provide a phone number dedicated only to you or your company, where clients can contact The Retention Department via a quick notification voicemail system. • Respond quickly and personally to their message as your personal assistant or client services department. • Record what your client is interested in and ask if they know another homeowner who might like to receive a free monthly RateWatch® report. • Send you an email telling you exactly what their request is then follow up with a phone call to you. • Track all of the calls and send an annual report that records how much capital you've invested in your RateWatch® Campaign and the number of calls that we generated (Return On Investment.) Please click here for an example of the RateWatch® Report:
  • 68. Here’s a screen shot of the report: Special Pricing – Retention Department Option 1 Price Structure - Black and White (Normally $1.49 each) Quantity Cost Per RateWatch® Per Month 50-999 $1.26 (15% Benchmark Discount) 1000+ $1.19 (20% Benchmark Discount) Option 2 Price Structure - Color (Normally $2.49 each) Quantity Cost Per RateWatch® Per Month 50-999 $2.12 (15% Benchmark Discount) 1000+ $1.99 (20% Benchmark Discount) Although "best practice" is to send the RateWatch on a monthly basis (for maximum impact and results), they also offer every other month and every 3 months as options when it comes to frequency as everyone has different marketing budgets.
  • 69. ________________________________________________________________ Wants to Help Take Your Client Retention To the Next Level ________________________________________________________________ We all know it's a tight marketplace and you've got to fight to secure your next new client. But what about your #1 asset? Have you thought about them - your past customers? Better yet, are your past customers thinking of and more importantly, calling you? SAD BUT TRUE: 80% of borrowers can’t recall the name of their loan consultant who did their last loan and unfortunately, end doing their next transaction with whomever they are making their mortgage payments to. You’ve had processing and secondary marketing departments available to you. Today you have the ability to have your own personal client retention service. Benchmark Mortgage, is proud to offer all Branch Partners and loan consultants an exclusive offer from our value-add affiliate partner, The Retention Department. The Retention Department ( enables you to go head- to-head with the retention departments of those large loan servicing companies that are presently stealing your past clients away. The weapon of choice is the time-tested, top producer proven RateWatch Report and Retention Department has the automated production and mail fulfillment process down pat. Benchmark Branch Partners & loan consultants a eligible for 15% or 20% Discounts. are No sign up fees. No software to buy. No long term contract. Month-to-month service. Personal Assistant and ROI tracking included. Great service for Mortgage Coach users who want their RateWatch Reports automated. 877-491-7839 • Your point of contact is Brandon Gompers
  • 70. Special Discount with What is the biggest need that Realtors have and how can I fill this need with my Realtor referral partners? According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), only about 6% of all Real Estate Agents close some 90% of all real estate transactions. There are over a million Real Estate Agents throughout the United States and the average agent only closes 5-8 transactions a year, with earnings of some $25,000. According to NAR, the main reason the top producing agents earn the majority of all real estate business is that most agents don’t follow up with their past clients or stay in touch with them. A recent study found that if 77% of a Realtor’s past clients say on a satisfaction survey administered after closing that they will use the same Real Estate Agent again in the future, only 9% actually will. Also, after 3 years, 88% of borrowers cannot remember the name of their Real Estate Agent. All they can remember is the real estate company name that they worked with in the past. Therefore, the best service you can provide your Realtor referral partners beyond providing them with an incentive to bring you business is to help them to market themselves to their past clients. Here’s one system for your consideration: Hobbs/ Herder Marketing Systems offers a solution that you can use to fill this need. The Real Estate Client Agent Marketing Program (RECAMP) is designed to help you send 8 “Personal Cards” to your Realtor Partner’s past clients on their behalf each year for 5 years. The schedule of “Personal Cards” is as follows. (1) Thank you letter – 30 days after closing. (2) Don’t forget to think of me – Request for a referral – 90 days after closing. (3) Birthday Card (4) Christmas Card (5) 1 year anniversary card – containing 2 movie certificates. (6) 4th of July Card (7) Ground Hog Day Card (8) I don’t want your business – Request for a referral Hobbs/Herder has been the largest provider of marketing materials to Real Estate Agents in the United States for the last 20 years. They have tremendous name recognition in the real estate community and are known for providing the highest quality marketing materials available. Special Pricing – The typical price of The Real Estate Client Agent Marketing Program (RECAMP) is $1,995 and includes the following: - Presentation/System Manuals - 900 Custom Power Cards – Cards that explain the program you can utilize to market yourself to local real estate brokerages.
  • 71. - Web Site Listing - 30 Personal Cards packets per year for 5 years - Monthly conference coaching calls Benchmark’s special discounted purchase price is $1,495 and a CRM package CR Rom is included to help you keep track of mailing out the Personal Cards on behalf of your Realtor referral partners at no charge. That’s a $500 discount! Lastly, this program can only be started through the closure of a loan brought to you by a Realtor partner. If you were to send marketing cards on their behalf to their clients it would be a violation of RESPA. But, if you send marketing materials on their behalf to one of your own past clients, we are in compliance with RESPA. Please visit for more information. Special Discounts with Front Runner Resources For over 10 years Front Runner Resources has been a leader for turnkey, results-oriented marketing products and services. Reach all of your target markets with meaningful information proven to capture repeat and referral business. Choose Your Targets and Achieve Special Benchmark Discounts on All These Programs: Regular Annual Subscription Description price per Benchmark LO Price Past Borrower Lead Generation System, Current Clients $495 $395 "Contact Keeper" System for your new clients $395 $295 Real Estate Performance System (REPS) for your Realtors; A $495 $395 Lead Generation System, Exclusive Marketing Pieces and Real Estate Performance System CD Financial Planner / Affinity Partners Lead Generation System $395 $295 $1,780 $1,380 Total Total Order the entire package, the "Max Marketing Program," for only $795 (42% discount)! Contact: Georgene Kruzel; 1(800) 676-3670;;
  • 72. Sue Woodard, Mortgage Trainer and Event Speaker Sue Woodard, is currently a top producer and Regional Sales Trainer for CTX Mortgage Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a recognized professional in the field, she is frequently asked to speak at mortgage events around the country, and has published articles in several national mortgage publications. You can view her Websites at and These websites contain a vast amount of great information on how to develop and structure your referral partner relationships. Here are a few examples: Action Plan for a Successful Potential Referral Partner Sales Call This step by step action plan for a successful potential referral partner sales call is designed to help you to easily and efficiently make the contacts you need to grow your business. Following a simple, systemized plan for the approach and appointment will help you keep your efforts focused and on track. When you have the tools you need and know exactly what to do next, your confidence will soar. Making sales calls will cease to be a chore, and become exciting opportunities to ensure your business into the future! Start by selecting several of the types of business partners you would like to develop new relationships with, such as financial planners, CPA’s, attorneys, realtors, or business owners. Action #1: Determine What Type of Business Partners You Want to Target • __________________________________ • __________________________________ • __________________________________ • __________________________________ • __________________________________ • __________________________________ Now choose several of your top clients, current business partners, even family and friends to ask for their recommendations of those particular types of business partners. Knowing that people tend to refer others who are somewhat like themselves, choose these sources carefully.
  • 73. Action #2: Select a List of Sources From Whom to Ask for References • __________________________________ • __________________________________ • __________________________________ • __________________________________ • __________________________________ • __________________________________ Action #3: Print out the Grid and Forms Below and Make “Target Packets” The grid will keep your efforts focused. Please click here to download it: Complete the top row of the grid with the types of business partners you have determined that you would like to target. Complete the leftmost column with the sources that you have selected to approach for potential recommendations of those types of business partners. Your target packets will include Business Partner Information Pages, “Magic Questions” appointment sheets (both found below), and a blank note card. Please click on the following links for samples of the Business Partner Information Pages and “Magic Questions” appointment sheets: If files are created with these items in advance, the more quickly and efficiently you are able to approach your targets. When your tools are prepared and right at hand, your efforts are much less likely to fall off track. Action #4: Start With Making Calls to your Sources Next you can complete as much of the grid as possible by contacting your selected list of sources. When contacting these individuals, let them know that you selected them because you respect and value their opinion so highly, and you would like the opportunity to work with others who are like them. Do they know someone who is a great financial planner, CPA, attorney, etc. that they could recommend to you? Be sure to ask WHY they would recommend them, and use the business partner information forms to
  • 74. track all of the data you are gathering about this potential new business partner. In addition to beginning to develop a warm list of new targets to approach, this technique also yields several additional benefits to you. Even if your selected source is not immediately able to make any recommendations to you, they will be exceptionally flattered that you value their opinions so highly. Also, if they are able to make some recommendations but not round out the entire list, (i.e.: creating a “hole” in the grid) they have provided you with a potential opportunity to refer one of your valued business partners to them. Action #5: Prepare for the Approach Research your target. Use the information form above or your own variation, and start a business partner file on your target with the information you have been provided by the person referring them. Also take a look at their website if they have one, and research online for any additional information you can find out about them. Your advance knowledge of who they are will immediately set you apart from the competition, and allow you to ask more effective questions when you have gained the appointment. Action #6: Put Your Approach Plan into Action • START BY SENDING A NOTE CARD TO YOUR TARGET: Idea: John – just wanted to drop a quick note to introduce myself. I’ve heard great things about you, and hope we might have the opportunity to meet sometime soon. Best wishes- • A FEW DAYS LATER, LEAVE A MESSAGE: Try something like this: “Hi, this is _______________ with Benchmark Mortgage, and I hope you got the note and card I sent a few days ago. You know, I’ve heard a little bit about you, and based on what I have heard, I think it’s possible that we would be a good fit for doing business together. I’d really like the opportunity to meet with you for a few minutes to see if you might feel the same way. I’ll call you back to follow up in a few days – look forward to speaking with you!” This is much more effective when left as a message, rather than actually getting the person on the phone at this point. Don’t be afraid to block your number or call from a line where your number/name will not show on caller ID, and claim “wrong number” if they answer! • FOLLOW UP SHORTLY WITH A “PERSONAL TOUCH”: IDEAS – small books are a great idea, as people are always flattered to receive a book as a gift, and they will not get thrown away. You can write a small personal note right in the book, such as “I enjoyed this book, thought
  • 75. you might as well – Best Wishes!” and be sure to include your business card. Some examples of appropriate books might be: The Richest Man in Babylon (George Clason), Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill), Raving Fans (Ken Blanchard), the E-Myth Revisited (Michael Gerber), Swim With the Sharks Without Getting Eaten (Harvey Mackay). Go to local bookstore for more ideas – look in the business or motivational section, or check out Successories for other ideas. Use your imagination! • MAKE ANOTHER CALL AND ASK FOR THE APPOINTMENT Action #7: Prepare For and Conduct the Appointment • Confirm in advance how long you will be there, and at the appointment, verify that they still have the time to meet with you for that time period. Let them know that because you respect their time, you want to confirm that they are still able to meet for the 20 (or ___ ) minutes that you had scheduled with them. This will put them at ease, knowing that you are not planning to stay for the day. Never overstay your predetermined time, they can always ask you to stay longer or visit again. • Make sure that you do have something very brief prepared to share about yourself, such as a success story on how you helped a client recently or why you are in the mortgage business. Remember, by inviting a loan officer into their office, they know why you are there. DO NOT spend time selling yourself, instead – let them know that you are there because you know a little bit about them and want to learn more as you feel that you might be a great match to do business together. This also lends an “exclusive” feel to your services, making you more desirable to your target. Do not bother to share how great your “products, rates, or customer service” is. These are the price of playing the game, not a competitive advantage. • Ask them if it is OK to take notes while you talk. The nice side effect of using the interview technique described below is that it also helps to take the normal sales call jitters away. Action #8: Develop Your Own List of Magic Questions Have your own “magic questions” prepared in advance, and make up an interview sheet like the one found below to have ready for your meeting. Make sure you ask the questions in a conversational manner, and ad lib as needed. Don’t read the questions as if they are a test. Use the questions you have selected to prepare a sheet like the example above that you can bring with you into your meeting. Remember that these are to be used as a guide - usually the discussion will go its own way. Don’t
  • 76. feel like you have to follow a particular order or even get through all of your questions at all. One of the primary purposes of bringing this sheet is so that you can listen more effectively. You don’t want to be so worried about what you will say next that you can’t really hear what they are saying to you! Remember that this is a discussion, not a sales pitch. Listen to their answers carefully, and learn as much as you can. Ask follow up questions on points they bring up that you find interesting. Remember that everyone’s favorite topic is: THEMSELVES. Let them do the talking. Again, they know why you are there. You are most interesting to someone when you show them that you are interested in them! You will have some brief information prepared as discussed above to share about yourself, but don’t be afraid to tell your target that they have given you much to think about, and you would like to get back to them with an action plan for how you think you could work together most effectively. Action #9: Follow-Up Always follow up with a handwritten note, thanking them for their time. Review your notes in detail, and determine if this target is indeed a good match as a referral source. If so, follow up with a plan for how you feel that you can work best together. Here are two steps you can take right away: 1. Present your Presentation book or “Playbook” – please click on the following link for a complete and customizable example: You can customize your playbook further if desired, depending on the nature of the target and the meeting. For example, if your target was a realtor who would like to work with first time homebuyers – you may wish get a plan started for doing home financing seminars together. If the target is a builder, you may wish to include info sheets on your construction loans. 2. Mortgage Market Guide Weekly Add your new potential referral target to your email group for the MMG Weekly newsletter immediately! This will ensure that you are providing information of value and keeping your face and name in front of your target right away. Action #10: Believe in Yourself and the Power of Having a Proven Plan for Building Relationships. Repeat this Plan from Action Step #1 as Often as You Can and Reward Yourself for Your Success
  • 77. Marketing to Realtors through your local Realtor Association In 2001, my father Gil Holloway and I approached the San Diego Association of Realtors with a proposal. The SDAR had 6,600 Realtor members and was a very active hotbed of referral sources. Gil and I offered to deliver free 2-hour mortgage workshops quarterly entitled, “Managing the Mortgage Maze: Residential Financing Made Easy!” Each time this Workshop was presented to 90 – 120 Realtors, Gil and I would give away two free copies of Gary Keller’s book, “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” ($12 ea in paperback) as a door prize to each Realtor writing down his or her name, phone number and email address on a clipboard. Delivering these workshops helped us to develop many new referral partnerships. Here’s a link to the Workshop Course – 18 pages. Below, please find a screen shot of the PDF Promo Flyer on the Workshop: Monthly Realtor Orientation Marketing Talks
  • 78. Another very effective strategy used by Gil and I with both the San Diego Association of Realtors as well as the Greater Lewisville (Texas) Association of Realtors, were monthly “energizer talks.” These were delivered to the New Realtor Orientation Meetings offering 38 quick ideas on how new Realtors can market themselves and get off to fast starts. Click on this link and preview the outline of this half hour talk entitled, “Realtor Marketing: Marketing YOU!” Realtor 30 Min Talk HR Dept. Marketing We also discovered that some 98%+ of all businesses in San Diego county were “small to mid-sized” with fewer than 50 employees. There were over 47,000 companies. In an environment with dwindling employee benefits, he thought he’d develop a program for the HR Directors of these companies… offering their employees of the HR Directors a “FREE value-added benefit.” Gil secured a list of the top companies by category in the San Diego Business Journal (there’s a Dallas Business Journal and probably one in your city too)…a list with their names, addresses, phone numbers and contact info. He then scripted a message to be used by his Realtor partner essentially saying, “if you’ll allow my Mortgage partner and I to come in for one hour and one hour only on a Friday, we’ll deliver a free lunch to those interested employees that would like to see how easy it is to get into a new home with very little or no cash out of pocket…” Each and every time this program was presented, no less than three mortgage transactions were secured. We are attempting to recover the scripts for these presentations. This same type of program works real well as a “1st Time Homebuyer’s Program” with slightly different scripting. This material is tremendous and endorsed by Tim Braheem of The Loan Toolbox, Barry Habib, Sue Woodward and others. It’s top- flight stuff. Striking Gold with Workplace Marketing: Discover a steady flow of new business that is less affected by market conditions. The Workplace Mortgage Benefit ProgramSM is a dynamic system that provides you with a proven strategy to increase your production. The program is a series of marketing materials and a workbook designed to help you generate more loans by marketing to small to mid sized companies in your local market. This strategy has successfully generated thousands of loans for hundreds of loan officers across the country for over a decade.
  • 79. Approaching employers with a discount mortgage program is mutually beneficial. The Program provides an attractive employee benefit companies can offer to all their employees that: • Increases employee loyalty and retention • Enhances company's recruiting efforts • Increases employee productivity • Doesn't cost the company a thing! As a mortgage professional offering the program, you'll be able to: • Close more loans and make more money • Create a more long-term steady sources of business • Have production less effected by market conditions • Market more efficiently • Add more referral sources • Increased your production volume
  • 80. EXCLUSIVE OFFER TO BENCHMARK MORTGAGE Workplace Mortgage Solution’s Custom Package for only $395 regularly priced at $695! When ordering go to click on “Buy Now”, enter BENCHMARK for the promotion code to automatically receive the discount. If you are a LoanToolbox Member, enter TOOLBOX in the promotion code box and pay only ($295). If you are a Mortgage Market Guide Member, enter MMG400 in the promotion code box and pay only ($295). Basic Package has been reduced to $200 from the original price of $395 – No code needed. For additional information visit: or call 800.661.0885 and ask for John Beranich, VP Sales & Marketing, (303) 447-6888. FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Marketing Strategies Here’s a guy who delivers tremendous mortgage workshops and training aids…particularly his FSBO First Aid Kit and For Sale By Owner strategies. You can check him out at (Please see below) Print Newsletters to “touch” Borrower Clients monthly and/or quarterly This company is one of the strongest in the traditional Newsletter field. Check them out at Also, take a look at: eNewsletters, eAlerts & Graphic Design This Dallas-based company designs special Adobe graphics as well as the eNewsletters and eAlerts used by Benchmark corporately. They serve clients all over America. The toll free number is (877) 248-2329. The Website is:
  • 81. Call Capture Marketing Strategies Most of the top producing mortgage originators are using Call Capture…from this company or others. With Call Capture, you can inexpensively secure your own 800# and make multiple “drop down signs” for your Realtors as well as FSBO’s and capture lots of interested house hunters for pre-qualification. Studies have shown that you will generate 3 to 4 times as many calls when offering information listed as “Free 24 Hour Recorded Information.” Over the last decade mortgage pros have discovered these facts: (1) The word “FREE” in an advertisement will generate 27% more calls than ads not using the word…even if you are offering a local or toll free number. (2) Nearly 40% of calls placed from numbers on signs, flyers, mailers, newspaper and magazine advertisements, etc., are placed before 8:00AM and after 5:00PM. If your advertisement doesn't mention that the information is available “24 Hours a Day,” most will assume that you are not available and won't even bother calling. (3) The word “Recorded” is important because it means it is ‘non- confrontational.’ Callers know they can get pressure-free information without having to speak to a salesperson. By offering potential homebuyers information in this format, you are providing them a free 24 hour, non-threatening way for them to receive information prior to making a major loan decision. You are also accomplishing these 3 important steps: (1) Developing a relationship. (2) Establishing a sense of trust. (3) Positioning yourselves as experts in the field. You can provide the callers information about you, your company, a popular loan program, a “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) or real estate agent listing and description, or use any of our pre-recorded messages, which you can listen to over the internet prior to using. There are over 120 available to you that cover topics such as “What are the most common mistakes homebuyers make and how to avoid them,” “How to consolidate your bills into one easy payment,” or, “Rates just shot up! Is it too late to lock-in a good rate?”
  • 82. The point is, if you really want them to call, give them what they need. Give them a toll free phone number through a company like “” People want to be informed prior to deciding which professional to use…so inform them. The old rule of thumb was, “Never provide information without the ability to follow up.” But with call capture technology you attract their call and follow up. How? Even after the caller listens to the recording, should the caller select to not connect directly to you, leave a voice message or receive the free faxed information that you have made available to them…you will have captured their information, along with their topic of interest, marketing source, and phone number…and you’ll be notified instantly, even if they hang up, have an unlisted number, or have Caller ID Blocking Discounted Pricing for your Registered and Non-Registered Mail Benchmark has been able to negotiate discounted pricing with Worldwide Express and they have agreed to pass these prices on to you. If you call DHL to set up the accounts, it will not be the same deal. You must go through one of the representative’s below. Also if you are having some trouble with packages that are in route, please call us and/or Worldwide Express at 888-751-2212. If you call DHL, they will not know much about it at all. If you are interested in getting the best prices with good service for your overnight packages, please contact one of the Worldwide Express representatives listed below. They will help you set up your account and get things started on saving you money. Just mention that you are with Benchmark Mortgage in Dallas, TX. Erin O'Neill Cameron Tartt 888-751-2212 (ask for her) 214-679-6070 Direct Mail Sources Here are some mailing and list houses that are reportedly good sources for leads as well as direct mailing fulfillment:
  • 83. Additional Recommended Business Development Resources - Not Already Mentioned and used by existing Branch Partners: Call Capture / Voice Broadcast Arch Telecom—Offers turnkey lead generation, lead follow-up, and prospect management tools. Includes 24-hour call capture toll-free hotlines providing immediate lead delivery, live operator follow-up systems, mortgage prequalification surveys, voice broadcast, and a FSBO lead delivery service. Starts at $30. (800/882-7910 or Web site: Fill The Room (Division of Tele-Direct)—RSVP service helps agents project a professional first impression. Allows live access to your secure data. Online payment, immediate toll-free number selection, and an instant connection to a customer service representative reading your custom script. Starts at $80 for a conference/seminar (916/348-2969 or Web site: Information Now, Inc.—Turnkey lead generation system with personal coaching, ad tracking, 24-hour call capture system, verbal and faxed information, multiple direct connects, voice mail, multiple notifications, and full capture even if caller ID is blocked. Includes Web interface to play, record, and modify user account 24 hours. Cost is $49/month (month-to- month), plus calls and nominal activation fee. (800/365-9700 or Website: Tele-Messenger Systems—Voice broadcast automated dialing equipment. Delivers up to 24,000 voice messages per day, can record listener responses, perform live agent transfers, and record personal message to answering machines. Re-certified four-line dialers can make 40,00 calls per day; pre-loaded with up to 200,000 phone numbers and the “No Call” list for your dialing area(s). Online demonstration. Re-certi- fied systems start at $995. (888/363-5800 or Web site: Stratasoft—Global provider of call center and voice broadcasting including predictive, automatic and preview dialing, inbound ACD & IVR, and native VoIP platforms. Utilizes automation and algorithms. Call-center suites begin at $25,000, voice broadcasting software begins at $4,000. (800/390-1157 or Web site:
  • 84. Collateral Material Adwest—Offers custom exhibits including rentals and tradeshow promotions. Marketing packages from concept to copy to printing. Single brochures and full media promotions. Starts at $200 (661/254-6065 or Web site: www.customexhibits4less. Com.) Discount Documents & Disclosures, LLC—Pre-printed mandated consumer regulatory brochures, including the HUD Settlement Cost Booklet and Consumer Handbooks on Adjustable Rate Mortgages and Home Equity Lines of Credit. Other products include HUD Case Binders and pre-printed Uniform Residential Loan Applications. Starts at approx. 16 cents/piece (depending on quantity). (800/493-2918 or Website: Idea Hall—Marketing communications using public relations, branding, advertising, and creative/digital services. Offers advertising, collateral, and Web site development. Project fees starting at $1,500. (714/436-0855 or Web site: Mortgage Marketing, Inc.—Customizable homebuyer CDs. Customization is free and includes your name, contact phone number, and a link to your Web site or e-mail. Packaging accommodates up to two business cards. Starts at $3.00 and $4.00 a piece based on quantity. (847/244-3435 or Web site: MortgageDoorhangers.Com—Door hanger and promo flier printing and delivery firm Free design services. Target by zip code, census tract, or neighborhood. Pre-designed templates and layouts with direct-response ad copy online. 5,000 free door hangers with purchase of 5,000 at $299. (800/405-6653 or Web site: Client Contact & Appreciation Programs Continuity Programs—Direct marketing programs designed to maintain and strengthen customer relationships, loyalty, and repeat and referral business. $39.50 per customer. (800/521-0026 or Web site: CRMnow—CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tailored to mortgage brokers, bankers, and wholesale lenders. Sales, marketing, lead management, and customer touch points managed through a single data repository with integration to standard applications such as Calyx Point, Del
  • 85. Mar Data Trac, Microsoft Outlook, numerous credit providers, and more. 20- user system starts at $30,000 plus implementation services. (949/330-8080 or Web site: eLife Plans—Online life-planning and goal-setting tool to use with your clients, prospects, and other referral sources to help them create and implement a life plan and live a successful life. Register with the Activation Code “Adviser” and receive a 30-Day Free Trial (no credit card required). $35 per year/individual client and $19.95 per month, plus a one-time set-up fee. (866/354-3348 or Web site: FrontRunner Resources, Inc.— Programs stream information to clients, Realtors, CPAs and others. Options include CDs, Contact-Keeper Library, newsletters, marketing pieces, personalization, and private labeling servicesor in-house personalization. Corporate discounts available. Starts at $195. (800/676-3670 or Web site:—Your name and contact information appear on private discount coupons (“Granza Rewards”) from retail specialty stores. Send to new and existing customers as a “thank you.” Fully Web based and 100 percent automated. No coupons to print or mail. Short, one-time entry form for each customer creates a permanent, automated marketing process. $49.95 per month (818/243-7063 or Web site: The Turning Point—Automated customer relationship management tools for database management, campaign development, hands-free production, and online reporting. Powered by Oracle ® database engine. From $39 per loan for a three-year program. (888/887-7880 or Web site: Direct Mail/Lists 3G Marketing Group—Marketing solutions including strategy, list selection and scoring, response modeling, creative design, print and fulfillment services, and media production. Direct-mail campaigns start at $5,000, network commercials start at $15,000. (714/362-8800 or Web site: Altair Data Resources—Mortgage database with 2,600 county courthouse deed records refis, updated weekly. Identifies subprime refi prospects. Live credit data delivered in 48 hours. Up-to-date phone numbers. Starts at 5 cents per lead; $1,000 minimum. (800/241-6631 or Web site:
  • 86. Century List Services—Second generation leads nationwide. Long forms with multiple data fields. Free quotes, counts, and personal service. Limited quantities. Call to reserve your state(s). Closing rates from $1-$2/lead with second generation (877/916-LIST or Web site: Data Marketing Resources, Inc.—Direct marketing data for homeowner, renter, subprime, bankruptcy, direct mail, and telemarketing lists. 5 cents to 32 cents per record. Free count and proposal for your target market area. (805/495-0044, 104 or Web site: Data Warehouse Corp.—Direct marketing; maintains a large database of credit-qualified homeowners, updated daily. Customizes prospect databases and provides direct mail and outbound telemarketing campaigns utilizing Hot Lead Transfer technology. Prospect lists: 10 to 35 cents; Telemarketed leads: $85-$110. (888/707-7600 or Web site: Data Warehouse Corporation—Response-driven direct-mail. Customizable , including campaign strategy, list selection, design, production, postage, and tracking/reporting. Outbound telemarketing available. Web-based lead delivery or transferdirectly to loan officers. Direct mail packages start at $0.59 per piece. Telemarketed leads starting at $85. (561/237-0057 or Web site: Global Marketing Group—Designs and implements customized direct-mail campaigns. Also offers telemarketing and Internet leads. Starts at $500. (877/858-4200 or Web site: Mailing Dynamics Corp—Direct mail, from postcards and newsletters to self mailers. Keep In Touch program helps stay in contact with your customer base to continually generate referrals. Stock programs and customizable programs available. Starts at 40 cents each, print to mail (800/536-2803 or Website: Martin Worldwide, Inc.—Mortgage mailing and telemarketing lists with over 290 million consumers including ConsumerPlus, TargetBase, Equity Borrowers, Originator TargetBase, Master File, Perfect Preferred, VA/FHA database, etc. Lists guaranteed. Lists start at $500. (888/788-5478 or Web site: Parsec Interact, Inc.—Nonprime refinance and emerging market mortgage leads. Niche-focused to reduce costs per funded loan through targeted list selection and rigid quality control standards. Telemarketed leads, hot transfers, Spanish leads, and more. From $55 to $75, based on product. (866/972-7732 or Web site:
  • 87. Pioneer Info & Marketing, Inc.—Custom direct-mail with comprehensive homeowner lists including subprime, conforming,FHA, and VA leads. Cost ranges from 10 cents to 29 cents. (866/261-6770 or Web site:—Residential database targeting area homeowners. Upload your own list or purchase a demographic list. Variety of full-color direct-mail formats available. Target mailings by address, street, or zip code. Cost is 42 cents/card including printing, mailing, list, and postage for full- color jumbo (8.5" x 5.5") postcards. (800/637-7373, 120 or Web site: Red Clay Media—Direct marketing and list provider, specializing in the mortgage industry. Recompiled real estate files; provides mortgage marketing and tracking tools. Minimum cost $1,500. (866/733-5478 or Web site: Savings4Merchants—Marketing system including newsletters, postcards, and other direct mail, as well as telemarketing live transfer leads. Follow-up and customer-for-life programs available. 1,000 full-color postcards: $157. Live transferred mortgage leads: $65/Lead (818/341-2972 or Web site: TMONE Leads, Lists & Telemarketing—Consumer sales leads and mailing lists, 220 million people in 110 million households. Hundreds of selections: loan amount, income, age, gender, geography, homeowners, LTV, last known loan date, revolving debt, and more. From 5 cents to 10 cents per record. (877/868-2586 or Web site: W3 Data—Online, self-serve search tools. Use Prospect411 to create geographically targeted direct mail and telemarketing lists or use BatchAppend411 to find missing name, address, and phone numbers for incomplete or outdated customer records. Prospect411 starts at 12 cents/lead. BatchAppend411 starts at 10 cents/lead. Volume discount available. (800/336-1327 or Web site: Wall Street List, LLC —Mortgage marketing service includes targeted call data, turnkey direct mail campaigns, telemarketing, digital voice broadcasting and fax broadcast. Direct mail packages start at $1600. List service starts at $350 (888/833-5478 or Web site: E-mail Marketing Effi sys, LLC—Merges Outlook and LOS for a single contact management or CRM option. Works in conjunction with MS Exchange Server, so data becomes centralized, or is available in a single-user version. Single user:
  • 88. $395, Pro version: W5 CALS (requires MS Exchange) $1,795 (360/867-1846 or Website: MyMortgageCredit.Com—Delivers a monthly e-mail newsletter segmented by states to consumers with a FICO score above 600. Newsletter couples with Web site to provide a resource for consumers to better understand their credit report, the lending process, and credit fraud. Advertising fees start at $100. (714/638-2855, 135 or Web site: Practical Marketing—Inbound lead generation with live phone transfers, and outbound telemarketing lists and voice drops with or without a press-one feature. Internet response data available. Telemarketing lists are per thousand, 5,000 minimum purchase. Average price $450 and up. (888/697-5478 or Web site: Priority One Marketing Services, Inc.—Loan originator and Realtor contact database with over 95,000 records each. Email addresses guaranteed accurate. Additional data includes: name, company, street address, phone, and fax number. Starts at $0.03 per record. All records for $2,400. (509/995-4853) Standfacts Credit Services/Scorefacts—Pull credit on a borrower, who receives a customized e-mail from originator, thanking them for choosing the company. The borrower can see their credit scores, reason codes, and review derogatory items. Credit Rescoring costs $40 per bureau. (800/498-2777 or Web site: Software ACT! From Sage Software—Features 70 predefined fields and ability to add fields to meet specific needs. Stores complete contact information, and tracks completed activities for each relationship, correspondence, and call completed. Starts at $299.99, upgrade $149.99. ACT! 2006 Premium for workgroups of up to 50 users starts at $399.99, upgrade $259.99. (877/ACT-2005 or Web site: Agosoft, Inc.—Loan Analyzer and Comparator products show borrowers how your loans best meet their needs. Materials for FSBO, Realtor, CPA, and financial planner contacts. Print PDFs, e-mail reports, and fl iers. Historical index values updated monthly. From $100 to $200 based on volume discount. (925/753-1287 or Web site: BNTouch, Inc—Online offi ce CRM solution. All-in-one Web-based database management, marketing automation, sales automation, integrated Web sites, calendaring and e-mail, lead and referral tracking, and client retention system integrated with predominant loan origination software. $197/month for individual account. $397 plus $39 per LO per month for office with multiple LOs. (800/509-1330 or Web
  • 89. CD Consulting Group, Inc.—The B.E.A.T. software program includes over 700 marketing templates to help facilitate relationships with customers and strategic partners. $495 per user for ACT! version 2004/6.0 or $695.00 for ACT! Versions 2005/2006/7.0 & 8.0. Volume discount available. (909/337-8577 or Web site: HomeCompanion Pro—Business-card sized CDs with customized software. Home Buyer’s software comes with articles, learning videos, calculators, and more. Customized with company and personal information, logo, and photo. Change the CD label to match promotional events, e.g. home show, open house, seminar, Realtor meeting, etc. $99.00 (859/312-6327 or Web site: Market Focus, Inc—Mortgage Quest database marketing and CRM system designed for the mortgage industry. It contains automated marketing strategies, letters, and e-mail to generate referral business from customers and other professionals, such as Realtors. Integrated with Calyx Point, Encompass, ACT!, Microsoft Word, Outlook, and others. Starts at $295. Additional marketing campaign letters and e-mail start at $39. (800/708-9715 or Web site: Pipeline Solutions—The Pipeline Loan Officer includes a built-in word processor with field merge capability for prospect and customer follow-up or for creation and distribution of open house fliers. Starts at $195. (800/843-3002 or Web site: PushMX Software—Business applications that integrate with Calyx Point LOS. Layers new functions on top of Point to address productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Use with Calyx Point for pipeline and deadline visibility, workflow-based task management, process tracking, borrower communications, business metrics, and management reporting capabilities. Networked Enterprise Editions start at $750. (408/287-3096 or Website: Quick Qualifier Software—Software to qualify borrowers, compare loans, and print good faith estimates. Available in English or Spanish. Creates open house fliers with graphics. Allows free installations to real estate agents. Loan officer version is $345, multi-user office version is $695. English/Spanish bilingual feature $45; Internet rate link add $95/yr. (888/684-9273 or Web site: Rapid Reporting Verification Company—Definitive “pre-funding” income and identity verification products designed to help combat fraud. IncomeChek is used to verify income based on information from the IRS, and DirectChek is used to verify identity using various public databases the Social Security Administration. Secure, Intranet, Web-based portal. IncomeChek
  • 90. starts at $15.00/transactions DirectChek at $5.00/transaction (888/749-4411 or Web site: Rosenvick, Makers of AspireGold—Expand usage of database tools like GoldMine and Calyx Point with GoldMine CRM templates, database consulting, data synchronization systems, and training. Products and solutions starting at $298. (800/508-2266 or Web site: Sollen Technologies—Compares investor guidelines, rates, and prices. Addresses product development, pricing, and distribution. Enables real-time delivery of products and pricing to the marketplace. Allows mortgage automation for loan searching, product validation, loan level pricing, and locking on the Web or in a desktop application. Starts at $750 per month (800/582-1074 or Web site: Newsletter/Postcard Companies DC Marketing—Produces a monthly full-color newsletter that discusses relevant home and mortgage topics to help with client retention, referral, and reactivation. From $110 to $330. (800/736-3632, 800) Focus Publications—Provides integrated marketing programs that include hard-copy newsletters, personalized e-mail newsletters, mortgage Web sites, Web site content, and automated opt-in e-mail distribution. Starts at $75 per month. (888/276-9875, 1708 or Web site: Gooder Group/LoanLetter—Monthly full-color, four-page newsletter designed to generate new business and refinancings from past clients, current prospects, and referral sources. Arrives folded, ready to mail. Articles include financing a home purchase, refinancing, home buying, taxes, and money matters that affect homeowners and renters. 200 copies from $96. (703/698-7750 or Web site: Homes & Neighbors—Personalized marketing newsletters with the originator’s photo in four-color. Can make copies on individual printer or photocopier or send to a commercial printer. Cost is a $25 one-time setup fee and $59 per issue. (866/855-5201 or Web site: www.mymortgagenews In Touch Today Corporation—Lead-generating postcard campaigns for first-time homebuyers, investment property owners, non-prime, newlyweds, move ups, real estate investment, and neighborhood campaigns. Purchase blank, imprinted, or mailed. From 42 to 57 cents each, including imprinting and postage. (800/433-3755 or Web site: Kolor View Press—Produces full-color, high-gloss postcards and offers full- service mailing capabilities. Also offers business cards, fliers, and
  • 91. presentation folders. Approx. $165 for 1,000. Full-color business cards $90 for 1,000. (417/887-6299 or Web site:—Mortgage-specific greeting cards for specific events, from loan application to post-closing and throughout the loan process. $12.99 per pack (10 greeting cards and envelopes). (877/925-5551 or Web site: Newsletter Company—Personalized, full-color newsletters allowing you to keep in touch with past and present clients. 200 newsletters for $120, free samples available. (800/831-1323 or Web site: Power Processing Plus—Pick the mailing schedule that works best to send newsletters to past, current, and prospective clients. Several designs are available to fit your style and budget. Mailing services available. Newsletters begin at 35 cents each. (800/714-7693)—Offers a publication to help mortgage originators target homeowners, homebuyers, and real estate professionals. Provides customized artwork each month, and exclusive distribution rights for your market. E-Newsletter option is also available. Starts at $125. New customer discount available. (831/688-9520 or Web site: Right Side Marketing—Offers printed, personalized newsletters; Web-based weekly economic updates; e-mail and fax newsletters for mortgage professionals to send to referral sources, prospects, past and current clients; weekly newspaper column service. Starts at $50/month. (800/456-4395 or Website: The Hershman Group / OriginationPro—Produces marketing systems and training for LOs including newsletters and The Complete Mortgage Marketing Kit. OriginationPro Mortgage School delivers advanced comprehensive training. Additional products include correspondence courses, CDs, and educational books. Costs range from $29 to $1,295 (800/581-5678 or Web site: The Marketing Source—Designs, prints, and mails over 20 12-piece postcard and/or newsletter marketing programs to keep in touch with past, current, and future clients. Full printing and mail services available. Programs starting at $75/per month. (877/281-1667 or Web site: Touchpoint Communications, Inc.—Printed and PDF (email) newsletters for mortgage and real estate sales professionals. Several different formats available to send to both borrowers and Realtors, with customizing options available. Costs start at 43 cents per issue. ((800/494-2410, 3030 or Website:
  • 92. Welcome Home Newsletters—A monthly consumer-directed newsletter personalized with user’s photo and contact information. Mail them yourself, or have the company mail them for you. Newsletters are 19 cents each. Direct mail services additional. (888/900-5529) Working Like a Dog—Print-newsletter marketing program designed to generate leads from referral partners and past clients. Interesting subjects, short articles, good visuals, and easy-to-read design. Customized nameplate and contact information. Start under $40 per month. No set-up fee. (864/878-8580 or Web site:—Design, print, and mail real estate and mortgage marketing materials (via the Web) to targeted audience within 48 hours of order. Customer service and support available. Minimum print order of $40. (888/675-8629 or Web site: Premium Gift Companies AdStamp—Produces a self-inking address stamp for new homeowners with originator’s name and contact information. Cost ranges from $10 to $17. (402/763-9988 or Web site:—Cookie company specializing in nationwide delivery of custom cookie gift tins and baskets. Choose from one of their designs or customize your cookie gift tin with a photo or a company logo. Gifts start at $19.95. (800/523-6844 or Web site: Cookie in the Crate—Sells crates of gourmet cookies in the following varieties: chocolate chunk, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter and double chocolate chunk. Can order a dozen of an individual variety, pre-selected assortment, or custom assortment. Crates are delivered with personal message. Prices start at $17.55 per crate of a dozen cookies, including shipping. (909/338-7197 or Web site: Kaeser and Blair—Advertising including key tags, calendars, pens, mugs, and magnets, plus closing gifts such as tool kits and coffee mug sets. All customized with message and/or logo. Also available: custom door mats, labels and stickers, logo apparel, stress balls, flashlights, lighters, tote bags, luggage, and more. Minimum-quantity orders begin at $100. (800/642-9790, 3507) Pacific West Marketing—Offers products for corporate gifts, incentives, premiums, employee recognition, fundraisers, etc. Featuring gourmet popcorn, recycled glassware, jewelry, hand painted silks, cookbooks, gift towel sets, candles, gourmet nuts, and desk accessories. Prices range from $2 to $80 (949/489-2110 or Web site: www.pacifi
  • 93. Pocket Reference Journals, Inc.—Publishes a variety of pocket journals, including the “My Life Journal,” that can all be branded for use with your client base. Topics include home, life, and financial issues. Starts at $1.85 each with 100 quantity. Volume discounts. (714/965-4570 or Web site: The Housewarming Card—Prepaid American Express Gift Card line designed for real estate industry. Personalization, co-branding, built-in customer satisfaction surveys, and custom packaging available. Card value + $3.95 to $9.95 per card. (866/373-1819 or Web site: Rate Guide Programs Rate Lock Advisory—E-mail newsletter (produced by Alan Fine) provides originators with advice on locking/floating loans, interest rate trends and forecasts, bond market movements, and pipeline management recommendations. Basic fee is $30 for set-up and $30 per month. Additional user accounts are $10 each/month (800/693-7770 or Web site: The Freedman Report—In-depth mortgage market analysis, daily float/lock recommendations (never neutral), dynamic live bond price charts, and Price Change alerts broadcast directly to subscribers’ telephones. Also offers “The Freedman Focus” weekly mortgage market e-newsletter marketing tool. Freedman Report $599 annually or $59.99 monthly. Freedman Focus subscriptions start at $399 annually. (866/970-9300 or Web site: Referral Systems By Referral Only—Education and training for real estate and lending professionals. Offers free half-day training workshops. The Main Event is a three-day business conference that helps you develop, systemize, and optimize your business. Free half-day workshops, The Main Event, $998. (800/950-7325 or Website: InfoMarketing Publishers—Mortgage Marketing System: “101 High Impact, Low Cost Mortgage Marketing Ideas You Can Use To Make A Six- Figure Income.” Free Report, “How To Make A Six-Figure Income Originating Mortgage Loans Without Ever Cold Calling Again” available. Starting at $347 (800/364-3831 or Web site:
  • 94. Kamrock Publishing—Referrals On Demand is a “mortgage only” system designed with the idea that referral clients are easier to convert, less likely to rate shop, and more respectful of your time. Basic edition is $397. (713/782-5626 or Web site: Telemarketing Amcat—Inbound/outbound contact productivity, agent professionalism, and campaign management flexibility. Key technologies include: Inbound ACD, IVR-Self Service, Outbound & blended contact, IP contact centers, Multi- channel contact, voice recording and workforce management and reporting. Starts at $1,000 per seat (800/364-5518, 302 or Web site: Edge Teleservices—Outbound telemarketing service to qualify and generate prime and subprime leads to the mortgage industry. Minimum campaign is designed to produce 20+ exclusive leads and appointments per day. Lead information delivered via Web-based scheduler; call transfer; e-mail immediately upon call completion; or e-mail at end-of-day. Fully compliant with the Do-Not-Call laws. Offers turnkey test campaigns, including calling list, setup and calling service. $2,000. On-going, high-volume hourly fees start at $26.00 per TSR hour, plus a one-time setup fee. (800/266-7800, 251 or Web site: Foundation Marketing Group—”Boutique”-type call center providing exclusive complete application leads. Designed for mortgage company owners or senior loan officers. All lists are DNC compliant. Fees range from $31 to $39 per hour. (800/290-8714 or Web site: ) U.S.Infotel Corporation—Supplies predictive dialers, autodialers, PC/PBX and power dialers for mortgage companies with telemarketing agents needing telephony hardware and software. Odyssey Call Center System as low as $750.00 per agent. Starts at 4 agents to 200 agents per server. (405/516-2420 or Web site: VekStar, an American Fidelity Call Center—Provides exclusive mortgage leads via telemarketing or live transfer. Comes with a guarantee backed by VekStar. Programs starting at $2,500 (888/527-5323 or Web site:
  • 95. Education / Financial Literacy Calculated Industries—“Mortgage Success Kit” training supplements. Each kit is combined with the QualifierPlus IIIX or Qualifier Plus IIIFX finance calculator, 30-Minute Quick-Start Tutorial CD, and a comprehensive workbook. Qualifier Plus IIIFX is utilized with commercial training modules. Qualifier Plus Mortgage Training Program also available. Kits start at $79.95. (775/885-4900 or Web site: CampusMBA, Mortgage Bankers Association—Education and professional resources. From designations and certificate programs to classroom-, Web-, and print-based programs. Courses fulfill continuing education requirements in over 20 states. Books begin at $15. Audio programs begin at $39. Distance learning courses begin at $150. Classroom-based programs begin at $806. (202/557-2915 or Web site: The Value Exchange Dynamic, Inc—Business plan design system provides sequence to follow when writing a plan to create client relationships and more business. Three DVDs provide visual training, accompanied by a workbook and journal. Business Coaching addresses mortgage, real estate, and title insurance professionals. $333.00 tax and shipping included (877/382-7100 or Web site: Mortgage Originator Magazine: ult.htm The industry's top publication - the originators tool for sales and management excellence. Loan Officer Magazine: "Guerrilla" sales and marketing concepts exclusively for loan originators. Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation: MGIC offers a wide array of sales and learning tools designed specifically to help you achieve greater success. Mortgage Scholars: Empower yourself! They say "Knowledge IS power"! We say, "Absorbing knowledge from proven industry top achievers will increase your volume and make you more money". Top Producer Strategies: Top Producer Strategies is the place to learn the best kept secrets of origination from the top loan officers around the country!
  • 96. My Rate Alert: offers an accurate way on the Internet to track mortgage trends. It works as simply as the Dow Jones average does for stocks. Loan Officer Training:, offers online Sales & Marketing Seminars, a Guerilla Marketing eZine, Marketing Kits, Consumer Direct Marketing Programs, A Mortgage Speaker’s Bureau, Free Articles, First Time Homeowner and Renter’s Marketing Programs and much more. The toll-free phone number for this resource is (800) 535-3343. Other recommended Training Service Providers Additional Websites 1. Look up tax info on a property: 2. Historical rate info from1995 – 2002: refmaterials/hrny/index.jsp 20. Provide your borrowers with a complete and interesting profile of the city they are purchasing or refinancing a home in when consulting with them about their new mortgage: