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"And that's when it all hit..." "And that's when it all hit..." Document Transcript

  • Now, you can make a fortune in the mortgage industry… without BEING in the” mortgage business”! “Geeky midwest accountant turned mortgage broker accidentally discovers a forgotten financial secret that makes him $2,354,021.04 in fees a year! Here’s how YOU can learn this same jaw dropping secret to make even MORE money in a fraction of the time, and with little effort…WITHOUT being in the ‘mortgage business!’” Now, any mortgage professional desiring to propel themselves past the ranks of “regular loan officer” and actually offer something so valuable and different that they are not even PERCIEVED as “loan officers” anymore, can finally implement a devastatingly effective new system brought in from outside the mortgage industry, to dramatically increase your value, increase your fees, and increase your free time! “Dear Mike, Just wanted to let you know how things are progressing since the Mastermind Summit in March. Of all the deals I did last year, I averaged $2,922 per deal, and the month of March was $46,000 in total fees. Not bad, I thought, but during our time together, you really got me thinking about that, so here’s what I’ve got to say in response to you: March was $46,000 in total fees. April was $81,000, an average of $3,400 per deal. May was $83,000, an average of $7,600 per deal. June was $130,000 with an average of $9,200 per deal. So I’ve gone from an average of almost $3,000 to over $9,000. That’s a 300% increase and I’ve actually increased the number of deals I’m closing per month (as compared to last year)! At the start of July, I’ve already taken in $53,000 at $8,400 per deal, and there is another $186,000 worth of deals in the pipeline that will close!” Scott Lundteigen Calgary, Canada (Read the rest of Scott’s amazing story as well as the proof from my other elite coaching members, at the “Testimonials” section of this website! Don’t believe ME! Let THEM tell you how powerful this stuff really is!) Dear Friend, If you have ever wanted to fly under your prospect’s “mortgage radar” by offering a revolutionary, NON MORTGAGE system so fundamentally different and irresistible that rabid prospects line up in droves, get a mortgage from you MOST of the time, and pay pay premium prices, then this is the most important message you will ever read! Here’s why: Next Page Please! →
  • My name is Michael Miget, and if you’ll just give me a few minutes of your time, I’ll let you in on an almost unknown financial secret that I accidentally discovered over a decade ago, that has put over 10 million bucks in my bank account since the year 2000 alone, and counting! But most importantly, this story will forever change your perception of how to make real money in the mortgage industry (and what business you’re REALLY in!), how to have absolute ruthless control of your business, and how to start implementing this incredible secret so that you’re cashing checks within 37 days or less! “It’s THAT powerful!” Here’s what it’s all about: I stared at my boss in disbelief. “Whattaya MEAN I’m being let go?!” I asked heatedly. “Mike, it’s nothing personal. It’s just a mutual agreement to part ways,” he said. The year was 1992 and until 2 seconds ago, I had a “great” job at one of the “big 6” accounting firms. Back then there were only 6. “You mean I’m being FIRED,” I shot back. “Call it whatever you like but it’s best that we part ways at this point. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors…” “With that, the career that I was supposed to be in for the rest of my life vanished like a puff of smoke…” I didn’t understand it. I had done what I had been taught to do my whole life. I kept my nose clean, worked hard, and did my job. At the accounting firm, this meant working on the tax returns for the richest of the rich in St. Louis. I prepared tax returns that made the “yellow-pages” look like children’s books. Most of these people made 7 figure incomes… 15 years ago! On top of this, I was also auditing the financial statements for banking institutions and other large financial companies. All of this gave me a unique perspective on corporate finance and the habits of the rich that would eventually lead me to a shocking financial revelation that would change my life, and ultimately my mortgage business, forever! Next Page Please! →
  • “But I sure as heck didn’t feel like I had unearthed some great financial secret right then and there!” At the time I had a girlfriend who was a waitress at TGI Fridays, right next door to a mortgage company that my buddy worked for. So after I got “laid off” from the accounting job, I would go over to his company to goof off and pass the time, while she went to work. I mean, I had nothing better to do. And after just a few days of seeing what went on in there, I was convinced that this was the business for me! “This was the greatest business I’d ever seen!” My buddy got me a job and I went to work in the cubicle next to his, armed with just a makeshift table, a phone, and a crappy list of leads that actually resulted in closed deals because of the way the market was shifting. The refi boom of 1992 was just starting, and all I was doing was taking people from 10% to 7% as quickly as I could. The job was cake and I didn’t mind the long hours for the money I was making. Within a year, I had switched over to a more established company with delusions of grandeur about the empire I would build in the mortgage business. After all, I had quickly become the #2 producer at the company, out of 40 loan officers, and the #1 guy was a freaked out, pill popping zombie who had no other life but cold calling people at all hours of the day and night. Yep, life was fine and dandy for the ole Mig-meister… “And that’s when it all hit…” My first market crash, February, 1994. I remember it like it was yesterday. I left the office on a Friday, with a pipeline full of deals and a notebook flush with leads. When I came back on Monday, everything had gone to shit. USA Today officially declared the refi boom was over on the front page. And once the media declares it’s over, it’s over, especially in the mind of the general public. (Kind of tells you how powerful the media is in shaping the minds of the public, and how stupid mortgage commercials on TV can screw things up for “regular loan officers!”). My pipeline dissolved to a quarter of what it was on Friday, and calling my leads was suddenly like pulling teeth, as opposed to the “cake walk” it had been up until this point. For the first time in my young mortgage career, I felt the stark reality of “how it really is” in this business. Next Page Please! → View slide
  • “My quiet desperation turns into a brilliant idea!” For the next couple of years, things went from bad to worse. Not only was business slowly but surely drying up, but I had been “passed over” for a couple of branch manager positions. To top if all off, the owner of the company refused to give me the freedom I needed to grow my career the way I wanted to. “See, even at this young age, I knew that if I EVER stopped learning, I would be cooked!” Just getting up to go to work was becoming a monumental task, and I began resenting the owner, the iron shackles that were being placed on me, and the helplessness I felt at how quickly my fortunes would change at the drop of a hat. Just a couple of short years earlier I was on top of the world, and now I felt like I was in Loserville - Population: me. And so I began telling myself the same thing that ambitious business people have been telling themselves when they’re ready for change. Maybe you’ve been telling yourself the exact same thing? “There has GOT to be a better way to do this…” Although I had no idea what I was searching for, I knew that there had to be an easier way to get the kinds of clients that I wanted, to get paid what I was worth, to stop the aching worry of where my next deal was coming from. One of my mentors, Dan Kennedy, says that, “Anything that has happened on accident, can be made to happen on purpose.” And this is truly a valuable lesson that I instinctively knew to be true and set out to prove. In this case, I knew inherently that I needed to position myself differently than every other mortgage guy out there. So, I began wracking my brain to figure out any edge that I could find to have over my competitors. “And here’s where the story gets downright jaw dropping…” One day while I was looking for my old financial calculator, I came across some of my accounting books and documents from my past job. In it were some spreadsheets I had created for a major corporate merger, which included a huge business loan and it’s repayment schedule. This seemed like nothing important at first and I almost tossed it aside. But after a moment, something made me take a closer look at these documents. Next Page Please! → View slide
  • “What I discovered completely rocked the foundation of my thinking…” I realized that big companies, in an effort to please their shareholders and board of directors, hired the best accounting firms to analyze their loans and financial statements to find the absolute quickest and most efficient way to pay off their huge business loans. (Stay with me here…) But I was SHOCKED when I realized that: 1. The way big companies pay off their debt was NOT the way consumers paid off THEIR debt (Lenders and creditors obviously tried to keep consumers in debt as long as they could to suck as much interest out of them as possible!) 2. I could APPLY the same complex corporate formulas and spreadsheets to regular CONSUMER debt, and I could save them hundreds of thousands of dollars on future interest payments, and shave many years off of their debt repayment schedules!) Back when I was at the accounting firm, it took me nearly 3 days to calculate the most effective way to pay off a company’s business loan, then write out by hand, just one MONTH of spreadsheets for the new plan. But since there weren’t as many variables with consumer debt as there was for huge, corporate business loans, the “secret formula” could be modified and shortened to show the benefits of the “new plan” in a fraction of the time! “Imagine being able to show your prospect that, not only was HIS way going to cost him hundreds of thousands of extra dollars in interest payments, but at the rate he was going, it would KEEP him in debt until AFTER he was dead and gone!” Now, imagine showing him how to simply rearrange his current payment schedule, without changing a PENNY in his current financial picture, and STILL be able to save him untold amounts of future interest payments and shave YEARS off of his indebtedness! Pretty nifty, huh? “When I realized the power of this “secret formula”, I felt as if I had found the key to Fort Knox! I had been given a license to print money!” Next Page Please! →
  • From experience, I knew that NO ONE in the industry was actually SHOWING prospects that the way they were currently paying off their debt was totally and utterly wrong, PROVING it on paper, and then showing them step by step how to make the best use of the money they were already making, to get out of debt 50%-70% FASTER! And they weren’t paying a PENNY extra every month as a result! It was a financial miracle! Armed with this devastating new knowledge, I felt utterly invincible in what I was about to do next. So… “I walked into my boss’s office, closed the door, told him I was quitting, and I wanted him to quit and come with me to open a new company!” And guess what… he agreed! Think about the mindset and positioning there. Takes big “cahoneys” to do something like that. So, we opened our own company, but still never really questioned the way the business was run. See, all we knew about marketing and lead generation was outbound telemarketing. Truth be told, at that time that was all you really needed. It was the cheapest, easiest, and quickest way to generate good leads and get loans closed fast. And that’s what we did until we realized… “The inmates were running the asylum!” We grew like gang busters. At one time, we had as many as 50 employees in less than 2 years. We had a bunch of loan officers, a big telemarketing room, and no real control over any of it. And therefore, no control over the business! I tried teaching my loan officers the value of the debt system, but none of them wanted to take the time to learn something that would offer real value to a client. They simply wanted to race through as many leads as possible, go for the “one shot kill” then move on to the next. The inmates were running the asylum. In spite of all this, we were successful. So successful, in fact, that the inmates decided to “steal” the company. The top producers all get together, decided they were doing all the work, decided they should steal all the leads and the lead generators (aka telemarketers) and go be successful on their own. This has happened to me 3 times! Ok, so I’m a slow learner! See, you have to do more than just provide a broker license, office space, phones, lender relationships, and some leads. That is all EASILY replicatable. Even easier today with net-branching. Next Page Please! →
  • “What I learned was that in order to have security and staying power in this business, you had to control something. There had to be a compelling reason for someone to want to stick with you. You have to bring something to the table that they can’t easily get anywhere else!” Now, through my debt system, I had my “unique selling proposition” for a certain kind of prospect to want to come and talk to me. And whenever one of my telemarketers came across someone who needed this kind of help, they were the most appreciative and best behaved clients that I ever had! But the million dollar question was, how did I attract just THESE kinds of clients so I could razzle-dazzle them with my radical debt system, charge maximum fees every single time, and not be perceived as a “mortgage guy?” I decided that the answer was marketing. I had to control and “own” the lead. I had to “create it myself”, so it was mine. The telemarketing room didn’t accomplish that. See, when they created a lead, they believed it was theirs. It was their effort that did it. So really, I didn’t own it or control it… they did! Also, it’s easy to hire telemarketers. Go buy a list, tell them to read a script into the phone and when someone doesn’t hang up on you, ask them these questions, etc. Doesn’t take a brain trust to figure that out! “How I almost quit the business, then turned around and made 10 million dollars!” These realizations came a little too late. After the third mass exodus, my partner had about had it. To make matters worse, this was the beginning of 2000, and we were coming into the next “refi boom crash” (since 1994). Rates shot up and the business dried up. He couldn’t deal with the ups and downs and was fed up with the “way things were”. So he quit the business. This is when you turn to yourself and ask, “Am I doing the right thing? Maybe I should quit too and get a ‘real’ job?”—after all, my partner just quit and other companies are dropping like flies and loan officers are quitting the business by the droves. Well, I had finally made up my mind. It was a Friday afternoon and I had decided I was going to quit too. I, personally, had a ton of money saved up and trust me, I needed a vacation. I was literally 48 hours away from shutting the whole thing down, splitting up what money was left and adios, amigos! But something just wasn’t sitting well with me. Hell, I was mad, pissed, angry and frustrated, just like everyone else. I just wanted those feelings to go away. I was Next Page Please! →
  • tired of living on pins and needles, waiting for the other hat to drop. That’s how things feel when you have no control over your life. “During that weekend, I remembered a couple of things, the 2 things I learned from the rich big wigs…” 1. I’m unemployable! I also knew that quitting wasn’t going to fix what was wrong inside me. Quitting just wasn’t an option. 2. Rich people all seemed to have a couple things in common… • They all had something, a SYSTEM, making them money that they didn’t have to put forth effort to make it work; and… • They all had consultants helping them do what they couldn’t, and arguably shouldn’t, be doing for themselves. So I needed SYSTEMS working for me, and I needed to find HELP in developing those SYSTEMS. I needed to ACQUIRE the information I needed in order to become successful. No one person can know everything. Now it all made sense. So, instead of tucking my tail between my legs and quitting, I decided to stick with it. I bought out my partner so he could leave, downsized like crazy, and now I had the company—bleeding at the rate of $30,000 loss per month (at that time). At that rate, I only had a few months before the company ran out of money and would be bankrupt. “Strong motivation, huh.” I didn’t have time to piss and moan, pout, or blame anyone for anything. I had to get my rear in gear. I had to figure out a way to get back on track and not only stop the bleeding, but make it worth while to even be in the mortgage business at all! “I felt like I was just INCHES away from striking oil!” “Here I had this lucrative, almost unknown, way of doing business, but had NO IDEA how to attract the kinds of clients that I needed to make it work! It was ridiculously frustrating to have this unbelievable system and not know how to utilize it!” Times like this call for massive action. I went on a quest to find anything and everything I could that would move me closer to my goal. Up to this point, I had been the behind the scenes guy, mostly working in the administrative and financial end of the business. I had to learn real sales and marketing, and I had to learn it quick. Next Page Please! →
  • That’s when I found Dan Kennedy… (If you don’t know who Dan is, you need to read the rest of this information more than anybody!) I was introduced to him through a seminar. He talked about things like “marketing incest”, the “Nightingale principle”, and the idea of going “outside the box” to get new strategies. But even more important, I learned the following 2 things: 1. I’m not in the mortgage business; I’m in the marketing business. 2. I could engineer my business to operate any way I wanted, to suit me. This was the first time I had heard any of these things, and they sounded good to me. Remember, I hated the way the business worked, the way I thought it was supposed to operate, and I had to learn marketing because I knew marketing was the key to regaining control! “Remember, you can be the best there is at doing mortgages, have the greatest ‘widget’ in the world (like me), but without clients, and more importantly, the right clients, you aren’t going to make any money!” So, in taking massive action, I learned everything I could about marketing, especially emotional direct response marketing. It’s the only kind of marketing that made any sense to me. I used to think that marketing was “voodoo”, just luck, if you will. I prefer things that are predictable and consistent, and marketing just wasn’t that for me. Until emotional direct response marketing, that is. I learned that marketing could be predictable, consistent, tracked and almost like a science. This made sense to me. It also excited me. I was hooked. So, I’ve become an expert at emotional direct response marketing. And when I combined my powerful debt system with the principles of emotional direct response marketing, it was like dumping gas on a fire… powerful on their own but EXPLOSIVE when added together! The very first time I invested $10,000 to have a one day consultation with Dan Kennedy, I finished my presentation and he asked, “Wow, you can really do all of this? If it’s true you should be able to use good marketing to completely slaughter the competition.” And it’s been true for the past 6 years. I have realized that there aren’t many problems that better marketing won’t fix. Here is how my business looks today: Next Page Please! →
  • 1. No more telemarketing, which means no more telemarketers. If you rely on TM’ers, you are crazy. There is a better way! 2. I only use emotional direct response marketing. All marketing is accountable, all leads are tracked, I have all the control—no more inmates! 3. I have systems for everything, so my business runs itself, instead of it running me. All of this is a direct result of marketing, correctly marketing my debt system, and the things I learned when I took massive action. Since 2000, I’ve used all this to generate over $10,000,000.00 in revenues. And I’ve done it my way, on my terms: 1. No purchase money loans, no realtors. 2. No referrals from realtors, CPA’s, attorneys, financial planners, etc. 3. No rate/term refinances, no rate or market driven deals. No “no fee/low fee” type of deals. 4. No competition of other mortgage companies because no one else does what I do, the way I do it. 5. No cold calling, no bought leads, no internet leads, no rate auctions (like Lending Tree), no what’s your rate/what’s your points type of questions. And… • I don’t take inbound phone calls; • No one gets my cell phone number; • I don’t feel compelled to answer/respond to anything except at my own pace or when I’m ready; • I don’t have to give up my life to try and get a life—one where my income is created “at will” and as much as I want! “I have mastered the art of leveraging my time and resources… and now YOU can too!” MY idea of time management is as follows: Maximizing fees, pre-qualifying prospects before I invest any time or effort in them, having a processor to do detail work on loans, having a small staff to actually do the loans, so I can spend my time on the maximum leverage, “high dollar” stuff. It’s working ON your business, instead of working IN your business. If you are to make it to the next level, you have to understand this. The biggest expense in all of your businesses is not on the profit and loss statement. It’s not a physical check you write or a credit card charge you swipe. Next Page Please! →
  • It’s the deals that are slipping through the cracks. It’s the deals that ought to close but don’t. It’s the deals you could have closed for a bigger fee. It’s the time you spend working the wrong leads under the wrong conditions for the wrong rate of pay. It’s the deals you didn’t get because you didn’t do enough marketing, the right way! “Last year, I closed 317 1st mortgages for just over $2,300,000. And I did it without touching a single loan!” Last month, which was a typical month for me, over 400 people “contacted” me requesting information on how I can help them with a pressing problem they have, yet I didn’t answer a single call, nor did anyone else in my office! And, every call was “handled” with the highest level of quality control possible, and I know this for a fact! I don’t accept referrals, I don’t do home purchase loans, I don’t beg anyone for business, and I’m not a leach on someone else’s deal. I control every deal I do, instead of the other way around, and that includes “whether or not we’ll even accept the client to do business, in the first place!” “Now, I have an air-tight, auto-pilot marketing SYSTEM that I have been running for the past 6 years. It literally runs whether I am in the office, or not, and generates leads for me regardless of market conditions, Fed meetings, or how many stupid mortgage commercials are on TV!” I, pretty much, make the legal-maximum I can on each deal. Why would you do any less? You’d just be cheating yourself. And, if you aren’t doing for your clients what I do for mine, then you are cheating them, too. Can you say this about your business? Does this even sound like the mortgage business anymore? When that question pops into your mind, you know you are on the right track. And to make things even more exciting, here’s… “How an amazing technological breakthrough means even more money to your bottom line, while differentiating yourself even FURTHER from the competition, and making your job infinitely easier!” Remember when I was telling you how I was having a hard time training my loan officers to utilize the debt-plan? Even though the information was exciting, clear, and should have been the CENTERPIECE of their business, most LO’s have a hard time Next Page Please! →
  • getting through a 1003, let alone explaining a revolutionary and detailed way to pay off all of your debt quicker and easier! Realizing this, I went about figuring out how to create a software program that would somehow make the presentation and calculation portion of the debt plan easier and faster to implement. I knew that if I could do this, it would transform my business (and the business of anyone I chose to give this powerful information to) into an absolute juggernaut! 1. Not only would I have an exclusive and unique debt system that actually brought real value to the client, but… 2. I would have the tried and true direct marketing systems to bring an endless supply of eager and ready prospects who didn’t perceive me as just a regular loan officer! 3. And finally, I would have the technology to close as many clients as I wanted to, not having to physically write out the spreadsheets necessary to show the plan to the prospect! Well guess what… After much painstaking effort and headache this part of the business has finally been accomplished! Since 2004, I’ve seen ASTRONOMICAL growth in my business by implementing this proprietary software system that allows me to simply plug in the necessary information and let it calculate the spreadsheets that once took days to compile! “And that’s when I knew that I had created something devastatingly powerful that could shift the balance of power back to me, the mortgage professional. It would increase my value to clients, position me as something more than just a typical loan officer, and DRAMATICALLY increase the size of my paycheck!” Do you see now why I asked you to read this entire story? Why I had to get this off my chest before I EXPLODED?! Well guess what? It gets EVEN BETTER! Through my 15 years in the business, I have finally developed a “fool-proof” system that will cut through the ridiculous yammering of regular “mortgage advertising” and hit your ideal prospects like a “spear through the heart!” Armed with the elite 3 pronged model that I’ve used successfully in my own business to generate over 10 million dollars since the year 2000, and that my Members have used with unbelievable success as well, there is little chance that YOU can fail once you “plug into” this time tested, easy to implement system! Next Page Please! →
  • And for just the second time ever, I am blowing the lid off and revealing the secrets of my system, the tricks of the trade, and the business model that will ultimately have you generating immense revenue into your bank account, quickly and easily. “Announcing the Debt Elimination Mastermind Summit, being held November 10th and 11th in St. Louis, where I will pull back the curtain and show you how to print as much money as you could possibly want in the mortgage business, without BEING in the mortgage business!” Here are just a few tantalizing samples of what you will learn when you come to the Summit! About my debt system… • How to dangle the most enticing, yet non-mortgage related, bait in front of a pool of virtually untapped, yet qualified prospects to ensure immediate and ravenous revenue flow in your mortgage business! Maybe it sounds like a paradox, but it is by NOT BEING in the mortgage business that will ensure your success IN it! • How to leverage the “secret debt elimination formula”, known only to credit card companies and banking institutions, to hypnotically attract only the perfect prospects who can’t get this information from Ditech, E-Loan, or Countrywide! Completely mystify your prospects who have never seen such a revolutionary system, and will pay premium pricing and jump through fiery hoops to get it! • With the debt system creating massive separation from the competition for you, you don’t even have to have great salesmanship skills… the system will convert leads that previously fell by the wayside FOR you! • This is not some fly by night program that will only work for a few months until the rest of the industry catches up! You will actually gain “insider information” that prospects legitimately cannot get down the street, find online, or go to their part time loan officer cousin Bob for! You can LEGALLY, MORALLY, and ETHICALLY charge maximum fees every single time, with no “personal anguish” or cost-cutting battles with clients! • How to leverage your time through paper, ink, and technology so that you can afford to NOT be at the office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and STILL close all the loans you want! One of the best feelings in the world is having loans close while you’re on vacation, then seeing the money deposited into your bank account, as you soak up the sun and work on your tan on some island paradise… Next Page Please! →
  • About not being in the mortgage business anymore… • How to shift the “balance of power” between you and your prospects! Not only will the system generate a torrent of new business at the flick of a switch, now they will perceive you as the great and powerful “Wizard of Oz” who is the ONLY one who can take them by the hand and give them the “ruby slippers” they need to escape their financial woes. Suddenly, they are paying you for delivering a “life changing experience” as opposed to what THEY think (in their warped little minds…) a mortgage is worth! • How to completely and utterly wipe the “stink” of being a “mortgage guy” from your speech, personality, and behavior, and in the process no longer have ignorant borrowers “pigeon holing” you into that corner of their brain that automatically fires questions of “rates and fees” like some idiotically rehearsed script! • Why the most frequent response from clients will no longer be, “What’s the rate? What are you charging?” Instead, it will be, “This sounds too good to be true…” If you can handle the distinction of being the “debt elimination expert” while flying “under their radar” and collecting maximum fees on the loan side, you have GOT to get your hands on this cutting edge system for yourself! • How you can either layer the debt system into your existing business as a value added benefit to your current clients, or jump into the debt elimination business with BOTH FEET! Then, you can accept just the clients who fit YOUR criteria, with scalpel precision, and who DON’T perceive you as a typical loan officer. The choice is entirely yours! • How the debt system actually produces an entirely NEW stream of income, completely independent of your loan fees, and NOT listed on the HUD! How would you like to have an extra $6,000, $8,000, $10,000 or MORE flooding your bottom line every month, on TOP of your already maxed out loan fees? And once you understand how the system works, you can get paid TWICE without any additional effort! • Why there is NO competition for you once you get your hands on this revolutionary, “multi-million dollar” system! Not only is it too sophisticated for anyone from the “outside” to figure out on their own, there will only be 1 person per area allowed to use it! In the mortgage battlefield, it’s like equipping yourself with an M-60 machine gun with unlimited ammunition (think Rambo), while the rest of the poor slobs out there are walking around with pee shooters! • How to discover your own “Acres of diamonds” by alerting your current client list about this jaw dropping opportunity and manufacturing deals and Next Page Please! →
  • revenue where they previously didn’t exist! Why the FIRST place you should go is your existing clientele and your “on the fence” prospects! • How to become the SUPERMAN of the industry by becoming absolutely “bulletproof” to interest rates and market changes! The system has already been through 12 years of market changes and not only did it consistently keep my pipeline flooded with business through supposed “lean years,” it caused MASSIVE SEPARATION between me and the rest of the “cost cutting” competition! I’m looking forward to the changing market… are you? About the “hundreds of thousands of dollars” I spent on  developing the powerful cut and paste marketing  campaign that works like gang busters for my members all  over the country… • Imagine how much easier it will be to position yourself in the market place when the rest of the mortgage industry is screaming “DISCOUNT!”, while you are quietly and confidently hitting your prospects “emotional sweet spots”, and actually offering something fundamentally different and better than a simple cash-out refinance! • In addition to the irresistible, increased value, and paradigm shift of no longer being in the mortgage business, you’ll get the exact paint by the numbers blueprint, formula, and strategies that have helped me make 10 million smackeroos since the year 2000, and counting! These are the same marketing strategies and principles that me and my elite coaching members use to DRAMATICALLY increase our bank deposits! This is the part of the business that took almost 6 years for me to get right, and you are getting it all laid out for you in just 2 days! • This isn’t just some flimsy business plan that I just started running during the refi boom! These are the core marketing principles that I’ve used, with minor tweaks, for nearly a decade to bring in buckets of ducats! Now YOU can apply these same secrets to quickly and easily create the business empire that YOU’VE always dreamed of! • Why it’s CRUCIAL that you get out of the “mortgage business…” for GOOD! With large, dumb lenders now adjusting to the market shift by taking a LOSS on every client acquired, you can’t AFFORD to play the “cost cutting” game (unless you have a marketing war chest larger than Countrywide, Bank of America, and Ditech!) Otherwise, you’re fighting a LOSING battle! The writing’s on the wall… the question is, what will YOU do about it? Next Page Please! →
  • • Learn how to actually FORCE your business to work FOR you, not you for it. Here’s how to systematically and predictably run a ruthlessly efficient and pin point accurate business that generates massive profits, whether you are at work or not! Enjoy complete autonomy in your business life where YOU control the tempo, and live life on YOUR terms! • Most SUCCESSFUL loan officers have high paying JOBS! One of the biggest lessons I learned is the difference between a BUSINESS, and a JOB. If I left work for a week and everything was in shambles when I came back, I had a JOB. However, if I left for a week, came back, and I had made money even though I was absent… I had a BUSINESS! You will learn how to stop being “self employed” and how to become a successful business OWNER, once you utilize the system! • Why the only way to succeed in this business is to increase your VALUE to the marketplace, then charge MORE, instead of less, for your services, and change the rules of the game so that they no longer apply to YOU! Yes, it IS possible, and the powerful marketing aspect of the debt system does all this and MORE! • This isn’t a sub prime cash out refinance ploy, targeting the bankruptcy market, foreclosures, or any other super saturated mortgage “gimmick” that you think this might be! The system focuses on a nearly untapped segment of the market that actually HAS money, and has decent to great credit! And when you can offer the solution to their hottest burning desire, you can DEMAND premium pricing! • Tired of fighting the low credit score/high LTV wars with your lenders? Using proven, effective marketing templates, you magnetically attract, with pinpoint accuracy, only the types of clients that YOU want to work with! This means YOU decide who you want to do business with and do business only with them, instead of the other way around. Now that's the right way to POSITION yourself! • You can adjust the knob on your “marketing thermostat” at any time! It all depends on how hard you want to work and how much money you want to make! Whether you want to expand into a larger operation or run a tight ship and take 3 month vacations at a time…it’s completely up to you! • Why the competing loan officers in your area can’t steal the “Debt System” or marketing strategies for their own use! They may get some of the steps right in your NEW "secret recipe", but without ALL of them, the end result for wanna-be copycats will always be disastrous when they try and duplicate this incredibly detailed, intricate, and always progressing system! • My system is not just a “magic letter,” a “hocus pocus” ad, or a new program from some aggressive lender! It’s an organic, constantly changing, yet complete Next Page Please! →
  • A-Z blueprint that has been improved and refined with massive success for over a decade! • The system completely takes the focus off the loan so that there is no pressure of lower interest rates and fees! In fact, the mortgage has SO little to do with the overall financial goal that wide eyed prospects simply want to know where to sign! FINALLY! You can stop butting heads with unreasonable prospects, and this completely shifts the paradigm of your business and your mindset. About the incredible mindset and paradigm shifts that you  will undertake to become more successful… • You are literally changing the PERCEPTION of what they think a loan officer is supposed to be! Since you don’t fit the mold of what they think they know about loan officers, you slip right underneath their “mortgage radar!” • Since there is almost no way you CAN’T save your prospects time and money, you almost always have an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER to work with! Imagine always having a great solution to your prospect’s problems, with NO messy, confusing explanations! The system is THAT powerful! • Finally! Feel congruent in your mind and heart about charging high fees for your services! It’s not hard to charge fees of $10,000, $15,000, even $20,000 a deal (And this doesn’t include your additional stream of income that is automatically built into every deal!) when you are delivering value that is 10, 50, 100 times greater than what you are charging! • How to get over the mental hurdle of pricing! For those of you who charge high fees: Don’t you feel awkward sometimes when you’re charging maximum points for a prospect (especially if they are friends or family) when you KNOW they can get it down the street for much less… …on the other hand nothing ignites the feelings of regret quicker than having a client signing your Good Faith Estimate without “batting an eye” because you KNOW you’re leaving money on the table! • Here’s how you can charge maximum fees every single time, and most importantly, justify it in your mind and heart without the feelings of remorse of “jipping” a client, but also respecting yourself enough to charge what you’re worth! • How to have complete and ruthless business autonomy! Your business life gets MUCH easier when you are looking for a dead specific type of client because if they don’t fit the mold, they are dropped with cold hearted Next Page Please! →
  • abandon! And it’s infinitely easier to drop a “problem” client when there are 8 lined up behind him clamoring for your attention and shoving money in your face! Shove the “grunt work” onto a minimum wage assistant, do only the parts that make you the most money, and use the newfound cash flow and free time to do what you want! “Dear Mike, …I used to get upset at times with how much I was making per loan, especially after all the hard work and headache. But now, I look forward to doing loans and getting upwards of $10,000.00 per deal (and I get them regularly now!) By having a consistent “high paying” pipeline of loans, I’ve been able to take off work earlier, not work weekends anymore and best of all, not desperate to take “low commission” loans… I’m leaving the office early today to enjoy the afternoon with my kids and tomorrow, I’m taking the afternoon off to go out on a date with Celeste! You’ve given my wife her husband back, You’ve given my kids their father back, You’ve given me my life back… Thanks for everything, Riz Nicolas, Skokie, IL (See Riz’s full testimonial and copies of his closed checks in the “Testimonials” section of this website!) What’s YOUR story going to be? How will you let me revolutionize YOUR business and become my next success testimonial? “This isn’t just “classroom theory” about something that “should” work! These are real, down in the trenches mortgage professionals, just like YOU (I have a filing cabinet PACKED with testimonials here at the office somewhere)! You’ll meet my Members at the Summit, and they’ll TELL you how this system has changed their lives!” Grill them for as much information as they can spit out before they cry “uncle!” Ask them if this is “the real deal” or if they are just part of this exclusive group for their health and well being! And there is so much MORE information that I am just DYING to share with you that you will have to come for yourself to truly experience the full impact of the system! Next Page Please! →
  • By the way, “It’s just me talking.” No presenters, nobody selling “kits”, no polished “slick charlatans” that you see on the regular “mortgage circuit.” Just hard nosed, nuts and bolts, hard hitting, in your face reality of what’s going on and how to deal with it! Remember, my goal is to having you cashing the same big fat checks that my members are closing within 37 days of the Summit! “Okay Mike all of this sounds pretty interesting, but how much will it cost me to attend the Summit?” Let me be brutally honest here for a moment: I have spent WELL OVER $100,000+ over the past 6 years, not to mention the time and headache necessary to sift out, sort, and learn what’s needed from guys like Dan Kennedy and other marketing gurus who have made a reputation out of creating millionaires. (Remember I’m a former accountant and I’ve tallied the figures…). So if you’re willing take the time to find the right mentors (Dan’s retiring from the consulting world in a little more than a year and his consulting waiting list is already a mile long…), fork over the $100k, and invest the skull sweat and effort to take this path on your own… “By all means, be my guest!” But if you would like to get my 15 years of experience and my 6 years of “elite level” direct marketing education crammed down your throat in just 2 days, and the “blue-print” for the most effective, turn key marketing/mortgage system ever created, I’m about to deliver it to you on a silver platter, at just a fraction of the price and a tiny sliver of the time it took me to figure it all out! But I’m obviously not going to charge you $100,000 and demand that you spend 6 years of your time with me to learn all of this information! I’ve asked Dan, and other sharp marketers I mastermind with (these are “million dollar” minds, and heavy hitters in our industry as well as outside of our industry whose names you are probably familiar with…) what I should charge to reveal the priceless secrets that will have your competitors, friends, and family alike wondering… “How in the heck are you THRIVING when all I see in the news is how rates are rising, shops are closing, and everyone else I know is leaving the business?” The immediate, fair price that came to mind was an even $12,000. This is usually what Dan charges to attend his small group, highly specialized “how-to” format seminars. Next Page Please! →
  • And for a while, I was going to charge that amount. Every member in all of my mastermind groups agreed this was a fair price when I said that this would be my starting point. I even asked my members who were hand selected by me as part of the “charter group” if, knowing what they know now, they would have paid that $12,000 fee. The answer was a unanimous “YES!” But since this is the first industry wide unveiling of my system, I’ve decided to do something that I will never tell YOU to do, and something that my Mastermind Members and mentors will probably beat the crap out of me for, when they find out. “I’m going to reduce the price!” I’m not going to charge the $12,000. I’m not even going to charge $7,500. Heck, even a measly $6,000 (half of what I was originally going to charge), is NOT what you’re going to pay when you sign up for this inaugural Summit. “The price for the Summit is $3497 to reserve your seat at this first mass marketed event, and first industry wide glimpse into the secret inner-workings of my 2-million-dollar-a-year ‘non- mortgage’ mortgage business!” (And I know for a FACT that I will at least be DOUBLING this price if I ever decide to have another Summit!) Humor me for a moment since I AM a former, geeky accountant. Let’s talk about this admission fee for a moment. If you’re doing any activity in your business at all, and you’ve either lost deals or had prospects on the fence, then I GUARANTEE that what I’m going to tell you will convert at least 1 of these deals a month. That’s right. Back from the dead. Converted from lukewarm prospect to maximum fee client, to cash in the bank, and week long vacation for you and your loved ones! Add that up: Average deal _____________ X 12 Total ______________ Then Subtract $3497 Equals immediate benefit Of coming to the Summit! ______________ Next Page Please! →
  • If you gain even 1 measly idea from the Summit (And I plan to unleash a friggin’ BRAIN DUMP that frankly, will make your head hurt!) and have a DROP of ambition in your blood, you will implement this one idea to make tens of thousands of dollars in immediate income! And believe me I’m going to give you more implementable ideas than you could use in a lifetime! $3497 is just a FRACTION of ONE deal! If you can’t implement something to increase the fee on a loan you already have in the pipeline, or get a deal you wouldn’t have already gotten, then you were either at the bar for too long the nights before the Summit, or you just aren’t trying! Whether or not this will work is entirely up to the person looking back at you in the mirror. “So let’s look at it another way…” If you’ve ever heard of “opportunity cost”, then you’ll know where I’m going next… If you find at least ONE thing that makes you just $3,497 then you and I will be even, lickity-split. However, YOU’VE now got a $3,497 idea that you can implement month after month, just by attending the Summit 1 time! That means that you have now learned something that will generate you nearly $42,000 a year in revenue for the rest of your life! So, if you decide to skip the Summit, you are walking away from ALL that money you would have generated from the ideas presented – can you afford to NOT go? Why not learn how to increase your fees on deals you are already closing? This way you will be making more money, while doing the same amount of work, and PAYING for your admission to the Summit! And then some! See, it’s not the $3497 price tag that’s expensive; it’s the money you’re NOT getting because you won’t invest $3497 to UNLOCK it! Think about it. And at this price, you’d be crazy NOT to take advantage of my momentary lapse of good judgment and register IMMEDIATELY to secure your place in “7 figure heaven” for 2007! Next Page Please! →
  • “Okay Mike, if you’re so rich and knowledgeable, why are you sharing this information with the rest of us? Why don’t you just keep it for yourself and open up shops all across the country?” That’s a great question. It’s one I’ve often pondered when I heard people tell me what they do and want to teach me the same. Why not just keep it all to myself and do it all myself, if its so easy? And I told myself, that if I ever went into the information and consulting business, I’d have to have a damn good answer for this question… Well, here’s the answer… It all goes back to employees. I’m a bit “employee-averse” remember? Truth is, I’m just no good at managing them. And, I have even less interest in getting good at it as I have interest in getting run over by a car! I think you get the point. And not only employees, but managing all those state licenses, remote physical locations—see, I’ve been there and done that. If you are looking to grow a giant branch network, I’m not your guy. I could tell you how to do it, but I'm not taking the responsibility to run it, manage it, or have my income dependent upon it! Talk about risk, and unforeseen pitfalls, legal problems, etc. Where’s that speeding car, anyway? Why not just impale myself on a lamp post or something—its quicker and more to the point. (Maybe even less painful!?) Nope, I’ve got no interest in any of that. But, I do have aspirations of growing larger, growing my income, and things like that. Over the years, I’ve learned to make an assessment of the things I’m good at and like to do and do more of them. Take the things I’m bad at and don’t like to do, and eliminate them (as much as I can). See, I know how the business should be run, how to set one up, how to market it, how to leverage it for maximum profitability, so that’s what I’ve done on my relatively small scale to make a relatively enormous sum of money—all without sacrificing too much of my desired lifestyle. The rest will come from teaching others how to do what I do where they are, and getting paid to do it. See, it’s that win-win thing again. I get what I want, you get what you want. It’s win-win, all the way around! It’s the only way I work. Next Page Please! →
  • “Okay, but will this work where I live?” Honestly, it’s up to you. If you work my system, it’ll work for you. Here’s what else I know: I’ve used my system to market 4 (sometimes 5) cities, in 3 (sometimes 4) different states. I’ve test marketed a notoriously difficult market with success, for a friend, and then rolled my system out to a Charter group of 6 Members. With the addition of 9 new members, I have tested thoroughly all across the country. None have any problems generating leads. In fact, one of the towns I regularly market in, is the same town some of my local “competitors” (I use that term only for definition, although I feel I have no competition) used to have physical offices in, but are now closed! They couldn’t make it work! And by the way, we market and close deals there, long distance, over the phone and through the mail. I have no office there, no physical presence. My peers, who used to have offices there, are astounded (and disturbed, I suspect) when I tell them this. They are also disturbed when they try to “find out what I’m doing”, but I won’t teach them—I won’t help anyone who works across the street from me! Bottom line is YES, it’ll work for you, but only if you come to the summit! “But, there’s just 1 catch, just 1 downside, that I must warn you about upfront…” As long as we’re being honest, there is 1 other thing that I have to come clean about: For the past few years now, competitors have tried to rip off my business model. I’ve even had supposed “friends” try and figure out what I was all about, steal the system and try and start their own businesses. All have failed. Why am I telling you this? Because I will NOT help anyone in my own backyard. Whether it be friend, foe, or harmless spectator. Why make my job tougher than it needs to be? And as a result, I’ve decided that I will not make it any tougher for my coaching members as well. Next Page Please! →
  • “So, I have decided that due to the nature of the program, I am only taking 1 person per defined geographic area!” What does this mean for you? • You have the chance to “lock out” anyone and everyone around in your area from using my system against you… you will be the ONLY one! HOWEVER… • This also means that I will be as strict as a Catholic nun about who I choose to put in each area. Yes, first come first serve, but if the fit isn’t right, I don’t want you representing the program in a negative light! “So, who this is NOT for…” This is not for novices or starving LO’s grasping for a life raft. I want strong individuals who are ready to be more successful, have a more stable business, work less, have less stress, and make more buckets of ducats than they’ve ever made in their lives! If you are truly ready to take your business and your LIFE and make them your own again, this is the system for you. And the Summit is the place to be. “But, there is ENORMOUS risk in waiting!” It is only a matter of time before your area is taken off the market, FOREVER! Even as you read this, I am getting faxes from other LO’s asking about their areas. Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Provo, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Memphis… they are all being gobbled up and soon all of them will be gone forever! Since my first “charter” summit of just 6 members last March, I hadn’t actively marketed my program at all! And yet, through the summer, the group had grown, through “word-of-mouth” to 12 members! Since I started marketing the upcoming November Summit, there’s been a ton of interest in my program, with many people electing to apply to go straight into my coaching program. This may very well have to be my one and only industry wide Summit for my system! And remember, this same report is going to over 2500 other LO’s across the U.S.! Next Page Please! →
  • Remember, I’m only accepting 50 attendees to the Summit, but I am always taking fax requests and holding phone interviews for membership into my program all the time! And also keep in mind that I am only going to accept 100 members, or so, into the program in total since that is how many I think I could work with, without pulling my hair out! That means that I may have to start rejecting requests even if your area is AVAILABLE! “Don’t let this opportunity turn into a “what if” down the line, when rates are rising, shops are closing, and you may or may not be struggling for your next deal…” Are you ready to take control of your destiny? If so, here’s what to do now while this letter is still burning in your hands, and the information is bubbling in your brain: 1. Fill out the registration form with credit card information included with this letter. Make sure you write dark and legibly. 2. Fax that puppy over to my office at 1-314-291-4850 to reserve 1 of the 50 seats for the Summit! 3. Or Fed Ex your cashier’s check or money order to my office! (Personal checks will not be accepted) Mike Miget Miget Marketing Systems 1866 Craig Road St. Louis, MO 63146 It’s that easy! You will be faxed back information on location, airport, and all of the other technical stuff that I’ll let my assistants handle. But you will be in for the most mind bending experience of your business life! “Lastly, I want to offer a final word of caution…” Whether or not you come to this Summit and secure your area, I will be doing deals where you live, sooner or later. I will either be teaching YOU, or YOUR competitor down the street, how to do things my way, the easy way. Next Page Please! →
  • The deals in your area will be done and the commissions will be made, the only question is… “Are YOU going to be making those fees, ‘maxing them out’, and adding that patented additional stream of income on top of your checks? Or, is the guy down the street from you going to get all the money that COULD be yours?” I guess you could say… “Am I going to work for you, or am I going to be used against you?” I’m coming to your area. This is inevitable. The only choice you have is whether you will be on board or not. I truly hope that you will choose to participate. And I hope to see you at the Summit. “One final thing before I stop ranting…” I’m not going to talk about the doom and gloom that everyone else has been filling your head about. I’m not going to talk about the changing real estate market, the eye opening fallout rate of mortgage professionals at 4,000 a month, or that my way is the ONLY way for “redemption” in this business. Hell, you may already be doing great, you may have already been through 3 real estate cycles, and can’t wait for the real estate economy to finally “right” itself. If so then I am ecstatic for you! I truly am. You are the exception in this business. But if you are thinking ahead at all, are feeling the pinch, or even need an entire revamping of your current business model, you owe it to yourself to come and see what this is all about. I promise you I’m not some arrogant SOB who gets off by shoving copies of my checks, copies of my Member’s checks, and copies of my tax returns in people’s faces to show them how great I am. I just believe in proving to you that my claims are real, not hype. I want to show you that success IS possible, for YOU, in your area… Next Page Please! →
  • “And that I can be your guide, who shows you the ELEVATOR to the top of the mountain, as opposed to loading you with mountain climbing gear, a map, and some Power Bars!” I am simply trying to show honest, hardworking people, who are open to this message, that there IS a better way. If not by completely restructuring your business, then by layering in another income stream that could even out the peaks and valleys that we all know come in this industry. There is no ivory tower complex here and there are no hoops to jump through. I’m just an average guy who drives a Nissan, not a Porsche, wears comfortable, not designer clothes, and lives more like the “Millionaire Next Door” as opposed to the newest rapper you see on MTV. In fact, I know that I will be sharing beers with most of you and will make it a point to get to know YOU on a more personal basis at the Summit. I really hope to see you there. “And to wrap this all up, I’ll tell you a funny story that happened to me earlier this year. It’s a good way to end this letter.” I stared at my CPA in complete shock. It was tax time earlier this year, and my bean counter and I were reviewing what I owed Uncle Sam like any good US citizen. After handing me my paperwork… “Here’s what he said that shocked me…” “Mike, after compiling your tax returns for the past year, it looks like you have grossed this much from your mortgage business…” Then he tapped his finger on a number in the middle of this year’s tax returns (Click HERE to see a copy!). The number made my eyes bug out like a goldfish… $2,354,021.04… After making the kind of money I’ve made for the past 6 years, you would think that a guy would get used to these big numbers, but it never really quite hits you until you see it all on a piece of paper. My CPA peered at me from over his gold framed glasses, pushed back his chair, and said: Next Page Please! →
  • “Now Mike, I’ve been your CPA for a long time now, and for the past 6 years, you have been bringing in a couple million dollars a year in your mortgage business. That’s more than 10 million bucks in the past 6 years alone! Before that, you weren’t making nearly this amount. Now I’ve never asked you this before, but… What happened in 2000 that caused your income to go up so dramatically?” I smiled inwardly, but I didn’t answer his question right then and there because, well, honestly… I didn’t want him to know how easy it was to make that kind of money! Now you know the whole story, and it’s YOUR turn to make people gape at your income, your lifestyle, and your wholly contrarian way of doing business! Get your form faxed in and let’s get the ball rolling! I look forward to meeting you in St. Louis! Mike Miget Fax: (314)291-4850 (Due to massive inquiries I do not take calls or emails) Miget Marketing Systems 1866 Craig Road St. Louis, MO 63146 PS – To reserve your spot at the Summit, to see if you qualify to snatch up your area before it is snatched up by a competitor, and to take a quantum leap in your business, fill out the registration form and fax to 1-314-291-4850! Make sure to fill out the credit card information and write dark and legibly! DO IT NOW! I am going to limit the attendance to strictly 50 attendees! Or Fed Ex your cashiers check or money order to my office! No personal checks! PPS – Due to my insanely busy schedule, please don’t send me your questions. I have included as much information as I can here in this letter and the rest of your concerns will be addressed at the Summit. PPPS – I am looking forward to holding this event, but only if the RIGHT people participate! I think you know by now that I don’t NEED anyone’s money, especially if they are going to be a negative influence on the rest of the group and on me! So if you have a scarcity mentality, are a whiner, or need to be babysat, please do everyone a favor and STAY HOME! I’m a nice guy, but nobody needs someone like that mucking things up for the rest of us! Next Page Please! →
  • PPPPS – Look at the attached portion of this letter to see the actual proof I was talking about earlier in the letter! Copies of my tax returns, closed checks, bank deposits, a letter from my CPA saying that I’m legit, as well as the full testimonials from my members, as well as THEIR checks and experiences! It’s all there, and it’s all real! PPPPPS - (314)291-4850! REGISTER NOW!!! Next Page Please! →