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    © 2006 MarketingSherpa, Inc. This presentation is not for ... © 2006 MarketingSherpa, Inc. This presentation is not for ... Presentation Transcript

    • How to Create and Measure Complex Lead Nurturing Campaigns Across Multiple Media Kathy Rizzo, TeleNet Marketing Solutions Debby Marquardt, Hewlett Packard Tuesday, November 14, 2006 © 2006 MarketingSherpa, Inc. This presentation is not for distribution. Thank you.
    • HAVE YOU EVER... … Agonized over a black-hole swallowing your leads? … Encountered sales reps that only want “HOT” Leads? … Been told that a monthly e-newsletter is Nurturing? … Wondered if there’s a better way?
    • Nurturing… In a complex sales cycle, Nurturing is a relationship building approach utilizing multiple media to provide relevant information to prospects and engage in an ongoing dialog until qualified prospects are “ sales ready ”.
    • HP Situation Analysis
      • Strengths…
          • 75% of campaigns experience Strong Response Rates
          • Successful Tele-qualifying on all campaigns
      • Shortcomings …
          • Lack of sales follow-up resulting in poor closure rates on our D Leads
          • No further communication to our Qualified Prospects
      • Statistics showed…
          • Of 1,000 Responses reached via tele-qualification:
            • 20-30% = not useable (unqualified)
            • 5-10% = A, B, C leads (short to mid term leads)
            • 5-10% = D leads (long term leads)
            • 50-60% = Qualified to Buy (non-leads)
      • Therefore, without nurturing…
          • We’re not maximizing the opportunity of our initial investment
          • We’re not using the full potential of our campaigns
      HP Situation Analysis
    • HP Nurturing Test
      • Small-scale test with TeleNet Marketing Solutions to build a case
      • Results:
          • 13.9% rate of returned voice mail messages
          • 3% higher Lead Rate
          • $650,000+ confirmed pipeline
          • 13:1 Estimated ROI
    • HP Move Forward Plan
      • Buy-in based on statistics & test results
      • Two important messages:
          • Already made significant investment to identify qualified prospects, who will buy…eventually
          • Build a relationship NOW rather than waiting until competitors are calling
      • Identified two areas of focus moving forward:
          • Enterprise Storage
          • High Performance Computing
      • Agreement on implementing a manageable strategy that can be expanded over time.
    • Major Nurturing Steps
      • Lay a Foundation for the Prospect Relationship
          • Conversations = Relationships
      • Segment prospects based on their buying stage
          • Active Engagement
          • Passive Engagement
      • Ongoing contact strategy customized to the prospect
          • Prospect Profiles = Determine What’s Important
          • Marketing Matrix = Relevant Information for Major Prospect Segments
    • Nurturing Engine
    • Define “Sales-Ready”
      • Factors Include :
          • Length of Your Sales Cycle
          • How Your Prospects Make Decisions
            • When should a Sales Rep be engaged?
          • Enterprise Server & Storage:
              • Pain and project/need identified
              • Within 6 months of decision. Budget identified
              • Decision-Maker or Influencer/Recommender
              • Desire to speak w/Account Executive or Partner
          • Financial Advisory Service Provider
              • Community Bank
              • Defined expansion or growth plans within 12-18 months
              • CEO, CFO or COO agree to Advisory Meeting
    • Create a Prospect Profile
      • Consider…
          • What drives prospects to evaluate (PAINS)
          • How prospects evaluate & purchase your product/service
          • How sales positions and sells your product/service
          • What sales NEEDS to know to be successful
    • Profile Example: Storage
    • Pain Profile: Financial S/W
    • Marketing Matrix Media Tip: Use your PR Agency to help locate relevant 3 rd party content
    • Marketing Matrix Template Tip: Don’t get overwhelmed! Focus initially only on Level 1 and the areas, which typically represent 80% of your prospects.
    • Frequency of Contact
      • Determined by:
        • Specific direction given from prospect
        • Buying stage determined by conversation
        • Receptiveness of the prospect
        • Triggering Event
      Tip: Develop suggested prompts for follow-up based on buying stage
    • Telemarketing Messaging
      • Content of Telemarketing calls dependent on…
          • Historical conversations
          • Profile data already obtained
      • Goal of each contact is to…
          • Provide information that is valuable
          • Expand the Prospect Profile
          • Learn about changing business priorities
          • Determine if “Sales-Ready”
    • TM Messaging Preparation
      • Determine prior to dialing…
          • What is the extent of the prospect’s previous interaction within the nurturing strategy?
          • Consider details of previous nurturing touches: conversations, voice mails, e-communications, events, etc.
          • What do we already know about their situation?
          • What else does Sales need to know?
          • How can your call convey value to this prospect?
      Tip: System prompts can be programmed based on key profile data and marketing matrix.
    • Example: One to One TM
          • Good Morning/Afternoon, this is ____________ calling from Hewlett Packard. I am calling today as a follow up to our last conversation on (date). When we spoke, you mentioned that you were….
          • (customize as appropriate)
          • Possible Conversation Tracks:
          • Focusing your attention on… (critical business issue or current challenge)
          • Investigating solutions regarding …
          • Interested in evaluating/purchasing/implementing …
          • Had plans to …
          • Wanted more information on …
          • Thinking about …
    • Example: One to One TM
          • Good morning/afternoon. This is _________________ calling on behalf of Hewlett Packard. I am calling today to offer to send you two new white papers on hospitals’ strategies for implementing image archival systems, which I think may be of interest to you based on the conversation that we had on (date).
          • (Determine Interest)
          • In order to make sure we can continue to offer you relevant information, I’d like to take just a moment of your time to confirm some information regarding your current situation.
    • Email Integration
      • Email occurs multiple ways:
        • One-to-one follow-up after a conversation
        • Information prior to a scheduled call
        • Scheduled one-to-one emails between phone conversations
        • One-to-many delivered to strategic groups
      Tip: Do not overlook the importance of a bounce-back email.
    • Nurturing Email Best Practices
      • Personalize every message
      • Reference past conversations
      • Tie your message to their business needs
      • Make it readable from the preview window
      • Provide an invitation to respond
      Tip: Email Tracking Tools can help to prioritize calls
    • Example: One-to-One Email Tip: Official Signature Adds Credibility
    • Example: One-to-One Email
    • Example: One-to-Many Email
      • Tip: Keep your contact strategy manageable by focusing on 1 one-to-many e-message each month.
    • Micro Website or “Resource Center”
      • Repository for relevant marketing material
      • Non-Sales oriented (Think resource center)
      • Response mechanism (But, not as a requirement to view data!)
      • Track traffic
    • Marketing Activities
      • Direct Mail:
          • Planned Direct Mail to relevant subsets of the Nurturing Database
      • Events:
          • Event calendars programmed based on geography and topic
      Tip: Compare response files to make sure you’re not duplicating efforts or confusing relationships.
    • Measurement and Analysis
      • Measure Activity and Nurturing Pipeline
          • Passive Active Sales Ready
      • Track and Rate your Nurturing Touches
      • Monitor the average score for a “Sales Ready” lead
      • Evaluate point of diminishing returns for each prospect
    • Example: Measurement Reporting
    • Example: Measurement Reporting
    • Example: Email Statistics Triggers telephone follow-up
    • Lead Lifecycle Management
      • Common Pitfall
          • Relying only on systems to distribute and track your “sales-ready” leads
      • Solution: Ensure leads are top of mind
          • Use the phone and email in combination w/CRM
          • Ask for feedback – seek to improve
          • Maintain contact through the sales cycle
          • Receive measurable data
    • Example: Closed Loop Reporting Closed Loop Data Lead Identifiers
    • Selling Your Boss
      • Approximately 10% of the market are Long-term Leads
        • Greatest probability for a “Win”
        • Greatest probability of NOT being pursued by Sales
      • 50-60% of marketing responses are Qualified Non-Leads
        • Eventually will buy from you or y our competitors
      • Maximize the investments already made
      • Nurturing is measurable
            • Monitor and Measure the Nurtured Pipeline
            • Report “Active Engagement” Activity
            • Measure ROI
      • Nurturing is a tailored, manageable approach
    • Nurturing…
      • To answer our initial question…
      • YES, there is a Better Way!
      • Nurturing provides Sales with the leads that they want to work, while providing Marketing with measurable results.
    • Thank You
      • Debby Marquardt
      • Hewlett Packard Company
      • and
      • Kathy Rizzo
      • TeleNet Marketing Solutions
      • www.telenetmarketing.com
      • 877-282-2345
      • [email_address]
      © 2006 MarketingSherpa, Inc. This presentation is not for distribution. Thank you.