A National Adventure


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A National Adventure

  1. 1. THE VICKSBURG POST SATURDAY, j uly 28, 2012 • SE C TIO N D COMICS D2 | KIDS PAGE D3 Karen Gamble, managing editor | E-mail: newsreleases@vicksburgpost.com | Tel: 601.636.4545 ext 137 MUSICDierks BentleyDierks Bentleyreleases new Local family’s4-song odeto summer fun summer vacation inspired by Mary Beth Lewis and ClarkBy Chris TalbottThe Associated Press and Alex Tingle NASHVILLE — A few By Mary Margaret Halfordyears ago Dierks Bentley mhalford@vicksburgpost.comwent hard against coun-try music convention by When Jeb Tingle read books toreleasing a rockin’ blue- his children about the adventures ofgrass-roots album. He’s Lewis and Clark, the family starteddecided to break the rules getting ideas about what to do foragain. summer vacation. They This time around, Bent- decided on a road trip,ley is releasing a new one that was a littlefour-song EP called different from the“Country & Cold Cans” typical Disneyeven while his last album World getaway.continues to chart hit sin- The end resultgles. Turns out Bentley was a two-weekjust wanted to have a little excursion that tookfun with his friends. the family of five “Sometimes that should across 20 states, givingbe the driving force their two youngerin your decisions, you children, 11-year-oldknow?” Bentley said. Mary Beth and 8-year-“It doesn’t always have old Alex, the chanceto be a business deci- to earn seven Juniorsion or well-thought-out Ranger badges fromplan. Just go out there, national parks acrosshave fun, do it with some the country.friends and put out some “It was cooler than thenew tunes.” beach,” said Alex, who Bentley will play a free will start third grade atconcert in Oxford in The Bowmar ElementaryGrove on the Ole Miss in August. “We saw socampus Aug. 22. many cool animals.” “Country & Cold Cans” To qualify for Junioris out Aug. 21. The EP will Ranger certification,be a digital-only release Alex and Mary Bethavailable on iTunes ini- had to complete pro-tially. Bentley will sup- grams designed toport the EP with a quick teach them about thethree-date tour Aug. 20-22 parks. They learnedat the University of South how to identify pawCarolina, the University of prints of certain ani-Georgia and the Univer- mals, defend them-sity of Mississippi. Tickets selves in case of a beargo on sale Friday. attack and Bentley released his last under-album “Home” earlier stand how geysers work.this year and “5-1-5-0,” his “We learned that you get10th No. 1 country single down if a bear is attackingas both artist and song- you,” said Mary Beth as shewriter, reached the top demonstrated how she was taughtof the charts this week.It’s the third No. 1 from See Family, Page D3.“Home.” Normally, competingmusic would be consid-ered a hindrance to thesuccess of that album. Butin this case, Bentley wel- Ships told to slow for whales in San Francisco Baycomes the interruption By The Associated Press tuary, in a press release.in business as usual. The The announcements followmusic was written on the SAN FRANCISCO — Fed- the high profile deaths ofroad, then recorded over eral officials are asking large whales fatally struck bya two-day period with his ships to slow down near San ships in the Bay Area, suchtouring band and pro- Francisco Bay to avoid killing as the 47-foot fin whaleduced with Jaren John- the droves of whales feeding that washed up near Pointston, a member of The near the Northern California Reyes National Seashore inCadillac Black — Bent- coast. June. John Calambokidis,ley’s opening band on tour The National Oceanic and a Washington-based scien-this year. Atmospheric Administration tist who has studied ship The music is meant to issued the advisory Tues- strikes off the West Coast,be loose and off the cuff. day. It wants large vessels estimated that dozens ofWith songs like the title to reduce their speed to 10 whales were struck near Santrack, “Grab a Beer” and knots, or about 11.5 mph, in Francisco Bay in 2010. Many“Back Porch,” the aim is the Gulf of the Farallones of these whales, includingclear. and Cordell Bank national blue, fin and humpback, are Bentley said he’s tar- marine sanctuaries. The U.S. endangered.geting the same kind of Coast Guard is broadcasting The federal officials’kids curious about coun- a similar message. requests are not binding, sotry music like he was as “We can best protect large vessels like freighters The associated pressa teenager growing up in endangered whales from and cruise ships can keep A blue whale is shown near a cargo ship in the Santa Barbara Channel.Arizona. ship strike by working with traveling at full speed. NOAA “It’s called ‘Country & the shipping industry as officials said they would con- Abramson of the Gulf of the move toward regulatory ing and rerouting ships. ItCold Cans,”’ Bentley said well as whale experts, with sider more stringently regu- Farallones National Marine action.” will likely take effect nextwith a laugh. “It’s not minimum impacts on mari- lating shipping lane traffic if Sanctuary told the San Fran- In response to these deaths, year after final review by thecalled Beethoven.” time commerce,” said Maria ships fail to slow down. cisco Chronicle. “We are federal maritime officials United Nations International Brown, the superintendent “We understand that ships trying to deal with the prob- also have approved a plan Maritime Organization. of NOAA’s Gulf of the Faral- are working on extremely lem proactively, but if there’s to curb ship strikes that lones National Marine Sanc- tight schedules,” Leslie no cooperation, we could includes better whale track-
  2. 2. The Vicksburg Post Saturday, July 28, 2012 D3 PBS video mashup features Bob Ross LOS ANGELES (AP) — On the heels of PBS’ hit Mister Rogers video mashup, a second public TV favorite is getting the star treatment. PBS said Thursday it has posted a video remix with clips from “The Joy of Painting” instructional series, featuring the late Bob Ross. The “Happy Painter” remix is from John Boswell, who created Online: the “Garden of Your • apne.ws/MKyaR2 Mind” video tribute • www.youtube.com/ to Fred Rogers. That pbsdigitalstudios mashup of clips from “Mister Rogers’ Neigh- • www.youtube.com/ borhood” has been melodysheep viewed nearly 6 million times on YouTube. “The Joy of Painting,” still seen in repeats, aired on PBS from 1983 to 1994 with its bushy-haired, mellow-voiced host. Ross died in 1995 of cancer at age 52. The two PBS Digital Studios mashups are the start of a “PBS icons remixed” series that’s intended to get people talking about public TV and to support their local PBS stations. Boswell, also known as Melodysheep, has done The associated press autotuned video pieces featuring prominent sci- The late Bob Ross, host of the PBS series “The Joy of Painting” will be entists including Neil deGrasse Tyson and the late featured in a PBS video remix. Carl Sagan. The associated pressTodd McFarlane’s original cover art for “The Amazing Spider-Man” No. 328. The cover has sold for a record $657,250.McFarlane ‘Spider-Man’cover sold for $657,250 PHILADELPHIA (AP) —Artist Todd McFarlane’s origi-nal cover art for “The AmazingSpider-Man” No. 328 has soldfor a record $657,250 at auc-tion, just one among severalpieces from the 1990s that wentfor hundreds of thousands ofdollars. The McFarlane cover, whichshows Spider-Man gut-punch-ing the Hulk, was part of a col-lection of original art owned byMartin Shamus, a Long Island,N.Y.-based comics and memo-rabilia shop owner. McFarlane drew several titlesfor Marvel Comics in the 1990sand then left to develop his own Todd McFarlane’s Spider-character, “Spawn,” and form Man No. 1 Cover ArtImage Comics with other art-ists and writers. The cover was among sev- Online:eral sold by Heritage Auctions, Heritage Auctions:and also included McFarlane’s www.ha.comcover for “Spider-Man” No. 1,which was bought for $385,500.FamilyContinued from Page D1.to protect herself. “We even game.got to see a big grizzly bear Shelley Tingle, who withthat was by the river.” her husband is a research The Junior Ranger pro- civil engineer at the U.S.gram is offered at national Army Corps of Engineers,parks across the country, said the trip was fun forincluding the Vicksburg the entire family, includingNational Military Park, their oldest daughter, Emily,where Alex and Mary Beth a 14-year-old rising fresh-have already been Junior man at Warren Central HighRanger Certified. School. “The kids become stake- “We’d been talking about itholders in the resource and and wanted to do some-get deeply involved,” thing fun,” Shelleysaid Ray Hamel, a Tingle said. “Marypark ranger and Beth loves animals,site supervisor and it was just a lotfor the USS Cairo. of fun.”“It’s kind of like a “The programscavenger hunt, creates futureand they learn stewards of theseabout nature and resources,” Hamelhistory.” said. “It’s a program Mary Beth, who will be a that helps us facilitatefifth-grader at Bowmar this support in the parks, thesefall, said her favorite part of resources have been aroundthe trip was getting to see for 100 years and we wantthe different animals. them to stay around for 100 “It was amazing how close more.”you could get to those ani- Tingle said the vacation ismals,” Mary Beth said. “You something they would likecouldn’t touch them, but they to do again but with a fewdidn’t run away from us at changes added.all.” “I’m sure we’ll go back,” The family visited Mount Shelley Tingle said. “WeRushmore, Yellowstone, might fly next time, though.Grand Teton, Glacier Two weeks in a car is a longBay, Jefferson and Capu- time.”lin national parks on their “I’d have to say I want to gotrip, and they managed to to the Grand Canyon next,”squeeze in a trip to a St. Alex said. “That would beLouis Cardinals baseball awesome.”