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Wings and Webs: Transforming Learning Through Social Networking

Wings and Webs: Transforming Learning Through Social Networking



Find Resources at http://weconnect.pbworks.com/SDE

Find Resources at http://weconnect.pbworks.com/SDE



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  • Thank you for listening to me!
  • In January 2010, I did my own experiment on the impact of social networks. I wanted to see if I could complete 30 Short-term Goals in 30 days related to my instructional practice by inviting educators I interacted with on my blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Nings to join me. Over 9000 have joined and we began to discuss the Ripple Effect in one of our goals. The feeling was that little change could cause big change. The goal was Cause a Ripple, but another educator, Marti Sides, persuaded me to consider the Butterfly Effect instead. So as silly as it sounds I am here today to show you how your small change, flap of your butterfly wings, leads to big change.Has anyone heard of the butterfly effect? Anyone believe they could explain it to our audience? The "butterfly effect" is related to the scientific research of Edward Lorenz, and is based in chaos theory. In 1962, while doing weather predictions, Lorenz discovered that one butterfly could eventually have a far-reaching ripple effect such as causing or preventing a tornado in Brazil by flapping its wings in Texas. The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale alterations of events. The flap of its wings is an essential part of the initial conditions resulting in a tornado, and without that flap that particular tornado would not have existed.
  • I don’t want to be just any ordinary teacher, I want my students to make a positive impact on their world!
  • Then I want you to consider that even if it is a mustard seed of an idea it can move mountains or a flap of a butterfly wing it can impact history.The first one to convince me of this was my father. He’s the 1st world changer I met.He believed education would break generational cyclesNo one had ever graduated from college in both of my parents’ side of the family.Most hadn’t graduated from high school and in my grandparents’ generation not even primary school. Generations of poverty cycles, crime, alcoholism, and more.His vision was to have his 5 daughters graduate from college. We all did!
  • this is the 1st group of kids I began teaching in 1992 at an innercity church. I was only a sophomore in high school and no one else wanted to teach this group of about 100 kids so a few of us volunteered. My students came with very complicated backgrounds. Their parents were teenagers, drug addicts, gang members, alcoholics, abusive, in prisons, absentee, and more. However, I didn’t see my students’ problems when they walked in the classroom. I saw their future and my role in shaping it.
  • My big question, though, was always how do I break their generational cycles of crime, poverty, teen pregnancy, drug addiction, etc... And perpetuate a new cycle?
  • My refugee students in Greece learning on their mobile phones, my young learners in Germany using the computer, and various other classes of mine. It’s important we are transparent and invite people into our classrooms.
  • Sometimes I felt isolated and I needed help! How many new teachers out there need help? How many of us need help?
  • Yes we should continue to demand our schools provide us quality professional development, but in the meantime while it is not coming how do we recieve this help? I believe we share our best practices and begin helping each other! How do we help others around the world and in our schools?
  • How do we begin to share the great things we do in our classrooms, get professional development, & give professional development?
  • I did another experiment on my blog and asked the educational stakeholders, students, teachers, parents & administrators to record themselves saying why they use social networks. In a week I received 50 submissions from 14 countries. Here are some of the submissions which I just arranged and added music to.
  • 4 things you want to remember- Connect, Communicate, Collaborate, and Create
  • Let’s talk about connecting and communicating before 1993.
  • On April 30, 1993, CERN announced[16] that the World Wide Web would be free to anyone, with no fees due.European Organization for Nuclear Research
  • Let’s talk about connecting and communicating before 1993.
  • Differences between web 1.0, 2.0, & 3.0!
  • How many of these are you familiar with?
  • mattbgomez.com/my-class-facebook-screen-shots
  • macybraryman.com/edhashtags.html
  • http://bit.ly/Educhats
  • How do we begin to share the great things we do in our classrooms, get professional development, & give professional development?
  • 3 things you want to remember- Connect, Collaborate, Communicate
  • 3 things you want to remember- Connect, Collaborate, Communicate
  • http://bit.ly/ELTlinks
  • Aside from gathering we also host our own conference. I am the co-founder/organizer of the Reform Symposium free e-conference which takes place July 29th-31st online. We have over 12 keynote speakers and over 70 presenters from over 20 countries. We expect 8000 to attend worldwide in the comfort of their homes in their pjs. Feel free to join us.
  • The most important thing that translates is passion!
  • İt is no longer enough to not share
  • The best thing is you get to make this experience individualized. You get to choose…
  • Hopefully I have shown you the power of educators on social networks and given you some tips to help you have a fruitful learning journey on them. However, along this digital journey we must remember that social networking is about the human connection and when we communicate, collaborate, and create online we have the power to take these positive connections as well as negative ones. Ruth Cohenson, @tearoof, an Edchat participant, said it best during one of our Edchat’s the power we have through networking is humbling, frightening and exciting! Use it well!
  • Thank you for listening to me!
  • Thank you for listening to me!

Wings and Webs: Transforming Learning Through Social Networking Wings and Webs: Transforming Learning Through Social Networking Presentation Transcript

  • Wings & Webs: Transforming Learning Through Social Networks ShellyTerrell.com WeConnect.pbworks.com Bit.ly/SDEshelly
  • What is the Butterfly Effect?
  • “A great teacher said to me… the purpose of education is Change… So I would Change the world.” ~Simon Finch
  • It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little. ~Sydney Smith
  • How do we break cycles&perpetu ate new cycles?
  • GetConnectedbyDivergentLearner,Flickr
  • How do we help each other?
  • 997,000 -Number of Teachers on LinkedIn
  • Billions But there are nearly…. Of authors, researchers, organizations, professionals, thought leaders, subject matter experts, etc. who you and your students can learn from.
  • How? Social Media
  • Why Do We Connect? A message for educational stakeholders
  • Connect Communicate Collaborate Create
  • Think of a question Let’s see it in action… Ask your neighbor
  • Let’s find the answers!
  • FacebookPages Facebook.com/TeachingEnglish.BritishCouncil
  • FacebookGroups Facebook.com/groups/30Goals/
  • mattbgomez.com/my-class-facebook-screen-shots Use to Engage Students & Parents
  • #Edchat
  • Cybraryman.com/edhashtags.html Choose a Few Hashtags to Follow
  • Bit.ly/Educhats Choose a Chat to Lurk
  • ©wordle.net
  • GetConnectedbyDivergentLearner,Flickr
  • Create a Profile Flavors.me VisualCV.com Google
  • Create your profile Let’s see it in action…
  • What to Include
  • What to Include
  • Create your profile Let’s see it in action… Share it with a peer
  • Classroom20.com
  • Bit.ly/ELTLINKs
  • ReformSymposium.Wordpress.com
  • Google Plus Communities Gplus.to/shellyterrell
  • Google Plus Communities
  • GplusHangOuts
  • GplusHangOuts
  • What do I share?
  • Bit.ly/30GoalsEdu
  • Bit.ly/favoritelessons
  • How much time can you invest? What is the best tool?
  • Adapted image by kevindooley, Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.
  • How do I find the time?
  • Connect with your mobile device!
  • ShellyTerrell.com Bit.ly/ShellTerrell T: @ShellTerrell Facebook.com/groups/30Goals WeConnect.pbworks.com #Edchat