We Like to Move It! ISTE 2013


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We Like to Move It! ISTE 2013

  1. 1. ShellyTerrell.comWe Like to Move It!Active Learning with Mobile DevicesBit.ly/shellyistemove
  2. 2. Download these apps:• Tom & Ben News Reporter• BeFunky• SoundCloud• Magisto• iNigma , Quick Mark, or otherQR code scanner/creator• Google DriveVisit: http://bit.ly/shellyistemove
  3. 3. “As soon as I sawyou, I knew anadventure wasgoing to happen.”– Winnie The Pooh
  4. 4. I want toexperiencewhat I learn!
  5. 5. FeaturesGeolocation TextingPhoto capturingAugmented RealityVideo recordingNote-taking ScanningAudio recordingwww.schooltechnology.org Photos of elementary students using iPads at schoolto do amazing projects. Photo taken by Lexie Flickinger, Flickr, CC 2.0
  6. 6. Student-centered learningContinuous learning Real-world learningCreativityPhysical & mental well-beingBetter classroom managementActive learning on a mobile device promotes…
  7. 7. bit.ly/ISTEhb
  8. 8. Google Drive
  9. 9. Image from questgarden.com
  10. 10. Activity: I Spy Geometry ShapesChoose an object around you that represents 1 ofthe shapes from the previous slide. Take a pictureof the object. Use BeFunky to create an zoom inshot for another peer to guess.Show your object to a person. They will guesswhich object you took a picture of.
  11. 11. BeFunky
  12. 12. Bit.ly/ispyISTE
  13. 13. Activity: Invent an AppTask: The KLM companyspecializes in creatingapps that wow. Your teamis responsible for creatinga prototype of this app thatdoes extraordinary things.You will show the board ofdirectors a 30sec videocommercial of this newapp showcasing its skills.Use the Magisto app.
  14. 14. Activity: Invent an AppApp:What does it do?Your commercial must be a minute or less!
  15. 15. Magisto
  16. 16. Reporting the News
  17. 17. Talking Ben & Tom Newsreporter
  18. 18. Quick responseJeff rutzkys QR code chocolate treats by Ericskiff, FlickrBarcode
  19. 19. Jeff rutzkys QR code chocolatetreats by Ericskiff, Flickr
  20. 20. Integrate with realiaThepegeek.com/2009/03/25/learning-the-skeleton-with-qr-codes
  21. 21. QuickMark
  22. 22. Scan the following?
  23. 23. Match the right qr code!
  24. 24. Add an audio comment
  25. 25. SoundCloud
  26. 26. Sound Cloud discussions
  27. 27. Student iPad 008 By flickingerbrad, Flickr
  28. 28. Create GroupsTeam Leader:ensure the group is listening toMs. Shelly when she gives thesilence symbolOrganizer: makes sure thateveryone participatesread the instructions for alltasksDeliverer: uploads the videoReporter: presents for thegroup
  29. 29. Recommendedapps:Google DriveInfusedlearning.comPolltogo.comPearltreesPadletDiigoDropboxInstagramBeFunkyEdmodoIdea SketchBumpTom & Ben News ReporterEvernoteAnimotoMagistoAnimotoMindmeisterSocrativeLinoItiNigmaQuizletQuickMark
  30. 30. Technology is just a tool. In terms of gettingthe kids working together and motivatingthem, the teacher is the most important.”~ Bill Gates
  31. 31. Bit.ly/mlearningLINKSShellyTerrell.comTwitter: @ShellTerrell