The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators


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TESL Toronto Keynote about The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators. Join over 7000 educators worldwide in completing 30 goals through social media and an ebook.

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The 30 Goals Challenge for Educators

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  3. 1: Post Your 1st 2010 Diary Entry 16: Voice Your Appreciation2: Contribute to a Blog Carnival 17: Tell Your Story3: Start an Adventure 18: Let’s Move4: Support a New Blogger 19: What Do You Believe?5: Update Your Online Profiles 20: Seek Feedback6: Set A Google Alert 21: Have a Bit of Fun7: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone 22: Give Constructive Feedback8: What’s Your Personal Theme Song? 23: Where There’s a Will9: Be a Guest Blogger 24: Conquer A Fear10: Make a Connection 25: Plant a Seed11: Ask, Perhaps You’ll Receive 26: What Are You Putting Off?12: Reach Out 27: Reflection vs. Reaction13: Give Students Reign 28: Capture A Moment14: Cause a Ripple 29: Stay Focused15: Create 30: Pass the Baton
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  5. •  4/35 would like to repeat the activity 3•  4/35 used the word fun when asked to finish 1the statement, "I liked class today because...”•  ommon responses to why they liked class ctoday ... •  e had a choice W •  e didnt just sit in our desks the whole W class •  t was fun and not "old-schooled” I •  t was a break from homework & "regular I stuff” •  t was more fun than just staring at the I SMART Board
  6. Today was off the cuff, outside the box, and completely randomfor me. An observer sitting in the classroom today would not describe these 2 classes as perfect. However, this imperfect lesson helped me grow today as an educator. ~Kevin Creutz, @Kevcreutz
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