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  • Overwhelmingly awesome ideas! Thank you for organizing this!
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    • 1. Tuned into Learning!Engaging iPad Activities for Teens
    • 2. In the time it takes you tounderstand a 14-year-old, he turns 15. ~Robert Brault
    • 3. The Teenage Brain • The neocortex not fully developed (responsible for language, planning, empathy, executive functions) •Relies on a more reactive, gut- instinct part of the brain, the amygdala, ( emotions and memories associated with emotion) •Not good at reading emotion on others facesEngaging Teens &Tweens by Raleigh Philp
    • 4. Teaching Tips •Survival & emotional needs must be met •change the psychological state about every 20 minutes •Be patient &
    • 5. Eriksons Stages of
    • 6. Why mobile learning?various appsoffline/online easilyvast storage engaging multimediaTravels with them
    • 7. Set-up an online mobile friendly class community Facebook Wants a New Face by rishibando, Flickr
    • 8.
    • 9. •Students take a pictureand describe why it ismeaningful to them•Possible topics:Your room, favorite place, aplace to escape, a hobby,event•Try Fotobabble, Skqueak
    • 10. Skqueak •Upload your photos, sketch, and record audio
    • 11. Class debates & discussions Voicethread App
    • 12. Frotz- Free Interactive Fiction Voicethread App
    • 13. Create Goal Collages/Vision Boards Goal Poster by EvelynGiggles, Flickr, CC 2.0
    • 14. Muzy App •Create collages, posters, quotes, wanted signs, visual blog posts and more
    • 15. Bucket Lists•Students list thingsthey want toaccomplish beforethey die•Try it as aPechaKucha activity•Try Capzles,Animoto, HaikuDeck, Prezi, Muzy
    • 16. Haiku Deck for Creating Presentations
    • 17. Create a Scavenger Hunt 20 20 10 90
    • 18. Character Chats•Students get in pairs•They chose character theywant to be•They message each othera conversation theyimagine the 2 characterswould have now•Take screen shots, post onblog & discuss•Try Google Chat,Facebook messenger
    • 19. Pop Quiz•Students get inpairs or smallgroups•They are allowedto message eachother for helpduring a test whenyou ring the bell orset a timer.
    • 20. Find it!•Pre-reading:Studentssearch for music, clothing,setting, etc.
    • 21. Find it!•Pre-reading:Studentssearch for music, clothing,setting, etc.•While reading:Students mark in bookwhat they found & how itgives them a betterunderstanding
    • 22. Find it!•Pre-reading:Studentssearch for music, clothing,setting, etc.•While reading:Students mark in bookwhat they found & how itgives them a betterunderstanding•Post reading:Students post which itemsthey can relate to in theirlives. Ex. I like escaping to…. like the main character.
    • 23. Give them time to read alone for leisure!Music Students with iPad by thomcochrane, Flickr
    • 24. Have them journal!Salvatelambiente: leggetesuiPad by, Flickr
    • 25. Posterous
    • 26. Have them listen to or create podcasts!
    • 27. Students Create Podcasts •News during the time period & related to the story •Commentary on events •Hi-lights of the chapter
    • 28. LessonLinoIt App Ideas image or •Chapter Reflections: •Teacher posts video & asks reflective questions that students respond to •Chapter Soundtrack: •Students post music they believe would be great for a scene & describe the scene •Other students respond with their choices or opinions
    • 29. Create a Collaborative Music Playlist/ Soundtrack
    • 30. Create Book Trailers
    • 31. Turn a Chapter into a Movie Scene
    • 32. Splice
    • 33. Splice
    • 34.