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Teaching English for Traveling
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Teaching English for Traveling


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find resources at

find resources at

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Join me this Friday for a Free Webinar! Virtual Field Trip Resources & Lesson Ideas
  • Explore the Historypin map - the Historypin map has 1000s of images and stories pinned to it and the app allows you to browse this by date and location, using your location to find the nearest content, or exploring remotely.✓ Explore the streets - holding your phone up to the street, the app uses your camera view to display nearby images. By selecting the image, it can be overlaid onto the modern view to create an historical comparison, which you can toggle or fade between.✓ Read stories and recollections - all stories shared can be accessed through the app.
  • user friendly, you can drag and drop the cities and places.- Full map to plan your city itineraries.- Add new places that aren't in our database. TouristEye is a collaborative travel guide.- Check tours and itineraries created by experts and other users: one-day itineraries, shopping tours, tours to bike, gastronomic tours, best cheap eats.- Add your private notes to remember things to do, eat or buy.- Add your bookings (transport, accommodation and events).- Synchronize it with your Android or iPhone to have your itinerary 100% offline, maps included!- Export your trip plan to PDF with all the info of your trip.
  • Transcript

    • 1. for TeachingLanguage for Traveling
    • 2. “One’s destination isnever a place, but anew way of seeingthings.” ~ Henry Miller
    • 3. Present aprevious trip!
    • 4. Souvenirs in a Bag•Students bring a bag of5 souvenirs from theirlast trips•As they take each objectout they talk about wherethey went and why theychose the souvenirInspiration Board by Andrea Williams, Flickr
    • 5.•Students create an animated map of their travels with pictures,map,& text•Free app for all devices
    • 6.
    • 7.•Students create a virtualtour with pictures, map,timeline & audio•Free app for i-devices
    • 8. History Pin App/
    • 9. Plan a dreamvacation!
    • 10.
    • 11.
    • 12. Tourist Eye Planner
    • 13. Search & downloaduseful apps!
    • 14. Role-play varioustravel situations
    • 15.
    • 16.
    • 17.
    • 18. Puppet Pals App
    • 19. Investigate maps
    • 20. Adventure Island Map Game
    • 21. Share/evaluatea travel tip!
    • 22.
    • 23.
    • 24. Share/evaluatetravel reviews!
    • 25.
    • 26. Useful Apps &Web Tools
    • 27. Wikitude augmented reality browser in London (step 3 of 4), by Francis Storr, Flickr, CC 2.0Wikitude
    • 28. Google Earth
    • 29.
    • 30.
    • 31.
    • 32.