Let's Learn with a Ball! Activities, Web Tools & Apps (All Ages)
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  • 1. Boy playing with ball X06484 by Ulf Bodin, Flickr Let’s Learn with a Ball! ShellyTerrell.com Bit.ly/ELTLINKs Icebreakers, Activities, & Resources
  • 2. “Play is our brain's favorite way of learning.”- Diane Ackerman
  • 3. Benefits? • Easy set-up • Light • Cheap • Promotes active learning & TPR • For all ages Image, Bounce Out by Amanda Tipton, Flickr
  • 4. Part of your teacher survival kit Altered image, inside my everyday pack by drive by shooter, Flickr
  • 5. Young Learners
  • 6. Ball Introductions Classroom circle time with Maria Knee by Wesley Fryer, Flickr • Children sit in a circle • Child says name then rolls the ball to a peer • The child says the student’s name & asks a question
  • 7. Toddler Ball Intro Toddler says name & hits the ball with each syllable
  • 8. Invent a Sport • Divide into groups • Each group invents a sport, create the rules, etc. • Teach it to the class
  • 9. Play Ball! • Host a field day • Play Olympic sports • Play sports from around the world
  • 10. Teens & Adults
  • 11. Ball Icebreaker in Pairs
  • 12. Ball Review Toss Image, Q: Can I kick it? A: Yes, you can, by Todd, Flickr Teacher names category & toss till someone gets wrong, repeats, or takes longer than 3 seconds to answer
  • 13. What’s the Ball Say? • Put masking tape • Write directions or review questions Image, Q: Can I kick it? A: Yes, you can, by Todd, Flickr
  • 14. Ball Icebreaker Questions
  • 15. Ball Q&A • Student catches the ball & answers a question • Student asks a question & throws to a peer to answer
  • 16. Online Ball Games
  • 17. Marks-english-school.com/games.html
  • 18. Sciencemuseum.org.uk/launchpad/launchball
  • 19. Bartbonte.com/factoryballs2
  • 20. Novelgames.com/en/spgames/numberballs
  • 21. Ball Apps Altered image, Sphero by Rob Pegoraro, Flickr
  • 22. AR Soccer
  • 23. Magic 8Ball Image, 8-ball by Alexander Kozlov, Flickr
  • 24. Baseball & Math HD IOS App https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/baseball-and-math-hd-free/id441095112?mt=8
  • 25. C is for Camera by @kevinv033, Flickr Useful tools!
  • 26. Pearltrees.com/p/cj8xf
  • 27. Bit.ly/eltlinks Pearltrees.com/p/cj8xf ShellyTerrell.com