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Gamifying Learning
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Gamifying Learning


Find resources at List.ly/list/DF3-game-based-learning-and-gamification and ShellyTerrell.com

Find resources at List.ly/list/DF3-game-based-learning-and-gamification and ShellyTerrell.com

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  • Kevin Wernbach does a MOOC on this topic on Coursera.
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  • ALL learning must be exciting, challenging, and rewarding (with reduced risks). That's how ALL vertebrae acquire life skills, including humans.
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  • Seems infeasible for many topics.
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  • Gamification in education is a must for motivating millennials. Love the links!
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  • Cool
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  • 1. Altered  image,  Addic.on  by  Ben  Andreas  Harding,  Flickr   Get Your Game On! Gamifying Learning ShellyTerrell.com
  • 2. “Whoever  wants  to  understand  much   must  play  much.”  -­‐  GoCried  Benn   Altered  image,  Savage  Wii  Boxing  Match  by  Sherif  Salam,  Flickr  
  • 3. What if learning in schools was like playing a video game? Altered  image,  Jaw  Dropper  by  jnd_photography,  Flickr  
  • 4. Instead of bookwork, homework, and tasks… Complete  the   frac.ons  on  p.  20   and  the  word   problems  on  p.  21.  
  • 5. You were given missions, quests & challenges! Mission:  We  are  surrounded  by  frac.ons.  They   decide  how  much  or  li=le  we  get  in  life  so  it’s   important  we  can  figure  them  out.   Instruc.ons:  We  need  you  to  find  at  least  10   examples,  take  pictures  of  them,  and  create  4   word  problems  with  them.   Your  Tools:  With  these  pictures  create  your  word   problems  for  us  to  solve  with  either  Photopeach,   Kahoot,  or  the  TinyTap  app.  
  • 6. Instead of grades … Altered  image,  Fuck  this!  by  rafael-­‐cas.llo,  Flickr  
  • 7. Points&badges 3D  Game  Lab  screen  shot  from  Badges,  Do   We  Need  Them?,  Educatoral.com  
  • 8. Points & badges Edmodo.com  
  • 9. Points&badges makewav.es  
  • 10. Points & badges Classbadges.com  
  • 11. 328-­‐  Nov  23th,  2012  -­‐  Life  of  a  Riyadh  Teenager  #365photoAR  by  Waleed  Alzuhai,  Flickr   “People  don’t  have  a   propensity  for   laziness.  People  have   a  propensity  for  hard   work.  It  just  needs  to   be  work  that  maSers   to  them.”   -­‐   Jane  McGonigal,   Reality  is  Broken    
  • 12. What happens when we play games? P. Maglione, Slidesha.re/pmteenmotivation Mul.media  Explosion   Posi.ve  Stress   Failure  part  of  the  journey   Social   Goal-­‐oriented   Try  without  penalty   Representa.on  of  the  world   students  want  to  be  a  part  of!   All  can  be  a  hero!  
  • 13. Gamification iPad  Gaming  by  Michael  Nugent,  Flickr   Game based learning Vs
  • 14. Group 2 Week 2 by Kevin Jarrett, Flickr Learning with games
  • 15. Duncanbilingual.blogspot.com/2013/09/minecrafting- our-learning-space.html
  • 16. Minecraftedu.com/wiki
  • 17. Digitalplay.info/blog/
  • 18. Digitalplay.info/blog/
  • 19. Havethemdesignwalkthroughs Bit.ly/12I3epM
  • 20. Kindersite.org
  • 21. Sheppardsoftware.com
  • 22. Video  Game  Glee  by  Clover_1,  Flickr   Get students to create their own games!
  • 23. GetKahoot.com
  • 24. GetKahoot.com • Create trivia games • Drag and drop • Students prompted to make quiz for their peers to take • Timed • Leader board
  • 25. Scratch.mit.edu
  • 26. Scratched.media.mit.edu/resources/rubric-assessing-scratch-projects-draft-0
  • 27. Tiny Tap Game Creation App http://www.tinytap.it/ Features: • Add own images or from a web search • Record your own voice • Record a question, an answer, a hint • 20 different soundtracks • Track progress using the in-game scoring system • Personalize pre-made games from the TinyTap store with narration and images
  • 28. 3dgamelab.com
  • 29. Educatoral.com/wordpress/2013/10/14/gamification-resources/
  • 30. Educatoral.com/wordpress/2013/10/14/gamification-resources/
  • 31. Educatoral.com/wordpress/2013/10/14/gamification-resources/
  • 32. Educatoral.com/wordpress/2013/10/14/gamification-resources/
  • 33. Habitrpg.com
  • 34. EnglishCentral.com Busuu.com
  • 35. Coolcatteacher.com/gamifying-education
  • 36. Coolcatteacher.com/gamifying-education
  • 37. Gamification.org/wiki/Game_Mechanics
  • 38. Image,TheBartleDiagrambyJohnSwords,Flickr
  • 39. Image  by  John  Corvera,  Flickr   “Games are an extraordinary way to tap into your most heroic qualities.” - Jane McGonigal, Author of Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World
  • 40. Bookmarks, http://pear.ly/cd1wj
  • 41. List.ly/list/DF3-game-based- learning-and-gamification
  • 42. ShellyTerrell.com Pear.ly/cd1wj List.ly/shellterrell