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Comparison and information on video sharing websites.

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  • One of the best known video sharing sitesMaximum upload length 15 minutes –unless further information is provided (like phone number) then it is extended Maximum file size 20GBMost content unloaded by individuals
  • Social networking site featuring videos New artists and bands500MB limitation20 minute limitation on uploads
  • professional platform - Servicing small to large businesses registration required to use the website when a video is uploaded on viddler and shared on another website, if a user clicks on that video it directs the user back to your site. This is good because it brings the viewer back to the origin and to a page the creator has full control over Replaceable video feature without changing embed code Can create separate user profiles for each team member and manage their individual functionality Contest manager - Contest manager allows you to easily manage multiple contests at once.
  • - weekly restrictions on uploads, 500MB/weekPLUS and PRO account available businesses cannot use basic or PLUS accounts, they MUST USE PRO at a costVideo school teaches users how to create better videos with higher qualityVideo enhancer allows users to add filters and music to videos “couch mode” – sit back and watch random videos
  • web series which are organized into different categoriesBefore you can upload and share videos on, you need to submit an application when you register. It includes a description of your series, how often you will upload new videos, and a sample of your video for them to judge. content can be uploaded 50x per day, but if it is deemed low quality or wont attract as many viewers, it can be limited to 3x per day
  • Video Sharing site focused on humorous entertaining videosTargeted towards males between ages 15-35If a video makes it to their main page the user can choose to sell or lease the video to for upwards of hundreds of dollars
  • Producer of an online video platformCosts upwards of $99/monthHosts and publishes video’s for usersGives a polished professional look
  • -internet television company –they focus on major production movies, independent works, and user generated contentHighly categorized – by channels, groups, categories … all 3Also has musicHas an internal forum
  • Based in Paris, FranceVideo sharing site similar to YouTube in most waysMaximum upload length 60 minutes but only 4GB of storage space
  • Video appeared most frequently, and in over 70 per cent of Google search results, images were second and appeared in over 30 per cent of results.great potential to build awareness and establish trust before a transactionHelps with visibility with search – can be found more easily Testimonials
  • Allows customers to learn about your companyWhether the company is new,trying to change perception, promote a new product or service, or just remain in the consumers mind-Can be used to educate consumers (tutorials)-don’t pay per view, as in commercial time on tv
  • -
  • a video that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email.How to go viral1. Focus on current events and trendsLast year, trend was Gangnam style, shift girls say went viral, charlieIf you stay current, there is a better chance people will find your video because they are searching for the topic2. use keywords and phrases in your title and description pay attention to hashtags of popular videos related to your topic and include them so your video can appear with theirs as well3. get noticed by someone big, if you can capture the attention of someone influential and get them to share your video4. use humor, shock value, something unexpected. People want to see something different, and something different will be shared
  • Video Sharing Sites - Heather and Sheliza

    1. 1. What are Video Sharing Sites?“A website that allows users to upload andshare videos to either the general public orinvited guests.” Share Store Upload
    2. 2. Who Uses Video Sharing Sites? General public Organizations 2 billion videos are viewed a day on YouTube as of May 2010 48 hours of YouTube content is uploaded every minute as of March 2010
    3. 3. How to Use Video Sharing Sites  Sign up  Upload  Share
    4. 4. Some Video Sharing Sites
    5. 5.  One of the best known video sharing sites 15 min limitation 20GB limitation Most content unloaded by individuals
    6. 6.  Social networking site featuring videos New artists and bands 500MB limitation 20 minute limitation
    7. 7.  Professional platform Registration required Replaceable video feature separate user profiles Contest manager
    8. 8.  Weekly restrictions Businesses use PRO accounts Video school and Video enhancer Couch mode
    9. 9.  Web series Apply to share Uploads based on quality
    10. 10.  Humourous entertaining videos Males aged 15-35 Option to sell
    11. 11.  Producer of an online video platform $99/month & up Hosts and publishes videos for users Polished professional look
    12. 12.  Internet television company Categorized heavily Forum
    13. 13.  Based in Paris, France similar to YouTube in most ways Maximum upload 60 minutes Only 4GB of storage space
    14. 14. Video Sharing Sites Comparison
    15. 15. Useful for B2B Showcase products and services Testimonials Video appeared most frequently, and in over 70 per cent of Google search results, images were second and appeared in over 30 per cent of results.
    16. 16. Useful for B2C Allows customers to learn about your company Can educate customers about your products/uses/how to use them (ex. Tutorials) Helps spread the word Free commercial space
    17. 17. For-Profit vs. Non-Profit For Profit Not For Profit LEGOClubTV  Covenant House 56, 631 subscribers  628 subscribers 47,942,867 views  142,0512 views Example  Example h?v=MCpuful18JY ch?v=LCDtCVR01Kg
    18. 18. White Label Providers Company’s who produce video’s for marketers Offer professional video making services eg. Canadian Firm Planta e=player_embedded
    19. 19. Informational and Educational Informational Educational Informational  Educational seeing-the-formation- .com/user/vidz4kid of-planets-5928342 s?v=YUtvaCGx05 g
    20. 20. Entertainment  CommunityChannel  Nat Tran  1,223,310 Subscribers  /watch?v=W0bwCrZA34 I
    21. 21. Going Viral
    22. 22. Going Viral Becomes popular through sharing How to go Viral:  Stay current  Keywords and tags  Attract a big name  Be interesting, not boring! Example:
    23. 23. Benefits of Video Tagging Helps your audience find your video Helps your video rank well Using tags from a similar successful video can help your video show as a “related video” Example:
    24. 24. Best Video Formats Microsoft Media Video (.wmv) small file size and fairly good quality Motion Picture Experts Group (.mp4) very popular for sharing video’s, recommended by YouTube
    25. 25. Best Video Formats Cont’d Apple Quick Time (.mov) big files and high quality. Flash Video (.flv) most common format, uses adobe flash, small files, streams fast, can play while loading, great for longer videos, sharing sites like YouTube convert videos to flash.
    26. 26. Best File Size Depends on your sharing site YouTube maximum file size 20GB 1.4GB maximum size Vimeo 500MB a week
    27. 27. Associated Costs Amateur: Free (not including equipment costs) Semi-Pro (hobbyist): $200-$750 Pro (professional team, professional tools eg. corporate video): $1,000-$3,000 Premium (“wow” factor, advertisement): $5,000- $50,000 Top of the line (top talent, premium quality): $100,000+ Sites like animoto charge by month $3.00+
    28. 28. Looking To Get Started? o-sharing1.htm are/u/GettingStarted.htm tips/ ht/How-To-Make-Youtube-Videos.htm
    29. 29. More Links sharing/ a_shared_process a?c=70130000000jfhB&gclid=CPHJx9f197UCFZEWMgodq2cAwg software/?seg1=ppc&seg2=gog&seg3=free- trial&_kk=video%20sharing&_kt=7d0ac833-be4a-49a8-a6ab- d9cc94c84b2a&gclid=CPbIysj197UCFYpDMgod5lAAnQ sharing-app-can-help-your-organization/