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An anti bullying campaign

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  • It is good to know that there are lots of student are now comping up to stand against bullying this would give parents as well as students knowledge about bullying signs. As a parent, I have been aware of these bullying issues in schools around the state and I don't want my kids to be victims of such or worse potential bullies. So I worry about their safety every now and then. Thanks to my friend who introduce me this mobile-based application. This application is a silent alarm called the 'panic button' that alerts a monitoring center so police will be dispatched to the exact location immediately. The selected family and trusted friends is automatically alerted via text, e-mail and phone call. Very amazing application. Check this out:
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Anti bullying x

  1. 2. At least 10 percent of children are bullied regularly. Between 15 and 25 children every year commit suicide because they are being bullied (there may be more we don't know about, and many more than this attempt it because bullying has made them so unhappy 1 in 10 primary aged students are persistently and frequently bullied - possibly every day
  2. 4. Britain has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe. Each year in the UK over 5000 people take their life. The Samaritans estimate that in the UK there is a suicide every 82 minutes. The charity Depression Alliance estimates that each year there are around 19,000 suicide attempts by UK adolescents whilst more than 2 million children attend GP's surgeries with some kind of psychological or emotional problem. Each day, two people under the age of 24 commit suicide. In 1997, 1757 young adult males committed suicide whilst only 412 females committed suicide. One reason is thought to be because males choose more lethal (and thus successful) methods of suicide such as hanging, shooting or jumping in front of a train. A
  3. 5. 87% of parents report that their child had been bullied in the past 12 months According to the National Bullying Survey, more than half of those who reported being bullied had been physically hurt (parents report over 71%); 34% of those physically hurt required attention from a doctor or hospital . 3% of the attacks involved a weapon . 85% had witnessed bullying (admirably, 82% of them tried to intervene). 31 million school days are lost per year as a result of bullying In inner city areas, over 43% of children have considered suicide and one in six children under the age of 11 have attempted suicide. Common causes cited include bullying, abuse, poverty, homelessness, and alcohol abuse.
  4. 8. 8 out of 10 children and young people with a learning disability are bullied. They get called names and hit by bullies. Bullies pick on them because of their learning disability. Children and young people with a learning disability get bullied at school, the park, on the street, on the bus and at youth clubs. 8 out of 10 are scared they will be bullied .