2012 - 2020
NorsouthGraphicStandards   1For the Norsouth CommunityNorsouth’s operations are organised within two business‘clusters’: C...
Norsouth                                             Graphic                                             Standards   2    ...
NorsouthGraphicStandards   3                The Norsouth Identity                The special style crown and the          ...
Norsouth                                                                              Graphic                             ...
NorsouthGraphicStandards   5                                                         The Norsouth Logo      Minimum Size R...
Norsouth                                                                      Graphic                                     ...
NorsouthGraphicStandards   7                                                  Color SpecifacationsPantone Spot Colors     ...
Norsouth                                   Graphic                                   Standards   8           Typography   ...
NorsouthGraphicStandards   9Stationery (Not to scale)                                  Stationery                         ...
Norsouth                                                                                        Graphic                   ...
Norsouth            11GraphicStandards                 Samples of                 Promotional Materials                 He...
Norsouth                                                                                  Graphic                         ...
Norsouth            13GraphicStandardsWhat not to do                                              Incorrect Applications  ...
Graphic standards for Norsouth
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Graphic standards for Norsouth


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Fictional financial company Norsouth's Graphics standards manual.

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Graphic standards for Norsouth

  1. 1. 2012 - 2020
  2. 2. NorsouthGraphicStandards 1For the Norsouth CommunityNorsouth’s operations are organised within two business‘clusters’: Corporate and Investment Banking and Wealthand Investment Management; and Retail and BusinessBanking. The Corporate and Investment Banking andWealth and Investment Management cluster comprises threebusiness units: Corporate banking; Investment banking; Norsouth Financial will be the preferred provider ofand Wealth and investment management. The Retail and financial service in our communities based on strongBusiness Banking cluster comprises, Norsouth (credit card customer relationships. Our goal is to create customerand loan provision); Europe Retail and Business Banking; loyalty, shareholder value and employee satisfaction.and US and UK Retail and Business Bankin --- Ed Stark (CEO)The Importance of ThisGraphic Identity ProgramGraphic identity is the sum of all the visual impressions Branding Promiseassociated with the Norsouth Financial name. With dozens Be the preferred provider of financial servicesof incompatible logos in use, Norsouth’s graphic identityhas been a jumble. Strategic Tag-lineThe impact of any logo depends on consistent use resulting Finance for your futurein a large number of impressions over a long periodof time. Familiar logos are not “read” as words, but The strategic tag-line, “Finance for your future” canprocessed by the brain visually, evoking a complex set of be incorporated as integral parts of the Signature useassociations much more powerful than words. on all publications and communications of the coreBy using a shared Norsouth Financial graphic identity brand except official Norsouth documents and certainsystem, we can help build upon Norsouth Financial’s legal communications where a tag-line would appearreputation for excellence. We can increase the quality, inappropriate.efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our communicationsefforts. We can better reflect the diversity of our financial While comprehensiveness was a goal in developingofferings – it will be clear that the many benefits of this manual, questions will arise. Please call the OfficeNorsouth Financial, from health care to Financial education of Communications and Marketing (OCM) or the Officeto retirement planning, come from a single Company. And of Trademark Management and Licensing. Contactin the long run, we will help foster a stronger sense of information is in the final section of this manual. Thoseaffiliation with Norsouth Financial and its various units. offices can provide approvals, resources, and answers toPlease do not weaken Norsouth Financial’s identity. Use the any questions not specifically outlined in the guidelinesmaterials and follow the standards described in this manualand available at www.identity.noso.com
  3. 3. Norsouth Graphic Standards 2 Contents Preface The Importance of This Graphic Identity Program Logotype The Norsouth Identity 3 The wordmark 4 Minimum size requirements Minimum free space The logo 5 Minimum size requirements Minimum free space The Logo Paired with wordmark 6 Minimum size requirements Minimum free space Color Color Specifications 7 Typograhy Font choice 8 Stationery Stationery 9-10 Business cards Letter head usage Samples of Acceptable Deviations of the Promotional Norsouth Identity 11 MaterialsConsistency with Editorial style 12correspondence New/Press release Incorrect What Not to Do 13 Applications
  4. 4. NorsouthGraphicStandards 3 The Norsouth Identity The special style crown and the type is referred to as a logo. The logo is the core element in Norsouth’s visual identity system. Its relative size, positioning and color treatment are governed by the rules in this guide. Our name is the primary means by which we are recognized; therefore, the Norsouth Finacial name, in the appropriate font that constitutes our wordmark, must appear on the front and back of all forms of communication. Only approved visual elements or icons may be paired with the wordmark to form the logo. The wordmark may not be visually altered, overprinted, paired with unapproved images, bordered, changed proportionally, or otherwise tampered with in any way. For examples of inappropriate use, see page . Please note: The logo is a unique design. It must not be hand drawn, scanned or modified in any way. It should be reproduced only from electronic files. Digital files of various versions of the logo are available online at the Norsouth Identity Web site in the “download graphics” section: http://www.identity.noso.com
  5. 5. Norsouth Graphic Standards 4 The Word Mark Size and Appearance: At minimum, the wordmark should appear no smaller than one-half an inch high on a standard 4” x 9” brochure, and larger on larger publications. In busy or complex designs, it should be surroundedClear space required by appropriate white space to setNo other graphic may encroach it apart. It should be combinedwithin guidelines on the top, sides with a graphic element (see nextand bottom of the wordmark. section) to constitute the Norsouth logo, except in specified situations.Minimum size for standard 4x9 The wordmark should appear ininch brochure: an official Norsouth color. Solid black can be used in materials One half reproduced in black and white inch minimum (including facsimile cover pages, memorandums, newsletters, or newspapers) or all whiteAbsolute minimum size: for reverses on a dark gray or(Business card sample) blue background, in special circumstances, if a printed piece .33 inch is two-color but not gray dark blue minimum and blue, an alternate color may be used.ReverseOne Color Black
  6. 6. NorsouthGraphicStandards 5 The Norsouth Logo Minimum Size Requirements The primary logo ) is designed for the great majority of uses but should be used as a secondary to the whole identity. In print One inch high uses, the primary logo should be minimum at least 1” high. (Web & video), the primary logo should be no less than 100 pixels high. The logo must have a “buffer” space around it to maintain Clear space required legibility and visual impact. No other graphic elements, such as typographyw(except the .375 wordmark), rules,pictures, etc., should infringe upon this space. The minimum free space needed is given relative to the height of the logo: Where logo height is (h), the required buffer space is .375h. Examples: If the logo is 1.0” high, the required buffer space is 0.375”. If the logo is 0.5” high, the .375 required buffer space is 0.1875”.
  7. 7. Norsouth Graphic Standards 6 The Logo Paired withMinimum Size Requirements wordmark The Norsouth word mark can be paired with the logo to complete the Norsouth Identity and should be used for most of the uses when conveying the Norsouth brand. The 2.5” high two elements can be saporated for minimum design purposes. Certain minimum extra-space requirements around the logo must be observed. The logo should be visually (not mechanically) centered in the panel shape as shown in the diagrams at left. Notice that there is .375 extra space beneath the logo. When this configuration needs to be either larger or smaller, the relative scale of elements should be observed. Digital files of this version of the logo are available online at the Norsouth Identity Web site in the “download graphics” section: http://www.identity.noso.com A trademark is any logo, image, symbol, name, nickname, letter(s), word, slogan, or derivative used by an organization, company, or institution to identify its goods .375 services and distinguish the company from other entities or competitors. It is “owned” by the organization and cannot be legally used outside of the organization without permission. The name “Norsouth Financial,” for example, is a trademark, and can be used on promotional materials or merchandise only with permission. Norsouth is a federally registered trademark
  8. 8. NorsouthGraphicStandards 7 Color SpecifacationsPantone Spot Colors Norsouth’s traditional colors have always been blue and gold. However, numerous PMS 648 PMS 647 PMS 7544 variations of these colors have been used. The blue has been especially inconsistent, diminishing recognition of the color as signifying Norsouth. Using a single, distinctive shade of blue will, over time, 80% make Norsouth‘s visual identity Screen more memorable. At left are primary and secondary hues which should be used on multicolor printed materials and for on-screen uses. Use only the Norsouth blue for the logo; gold is intended as an accent color. For the purposes of uniforms and sportswear (primarily textiles), Norsouth Athletics has adopted different color specifications. Do not reproduce the Norsouth logo in athletic colors. For 20% accurate color matching, use a Screen Pantone Matching System (PMS) swatch. Norsouth graphics professionals may request a color kit; see the “Resources” section on the identity Website,Process color CMYK Matches www.identity.noso.com PMS 648 PMS 647 PMS 7544 Please note: Always insist upon accurate color matching. Poorly matched colors may weaken impact, lessen the effectiveness of the logo, and slow public awareness of the Norsouth logo.
  9. 9. Norsouth Graphic Standards 8 Typography The ITC Galliard and Futura font family is available in OpenType, TrueType, and Postscript formats for both Mac and Windows platforms. It can be purchased online at many major type companies, such as Linotype and FontHaus, at a reasonable price. Each department is responsible for securing licensed versions of needed fonts.Roman It is not necessar y not recommended to use a Galliard font for supporting type and body copy.Bold In many cases, it is preferable to use contrasting styles.BlackUltra Light Regular Bold
  10. 10. NorsouthGraphicStandards 9Stationery (Not to scale) Stationery Only administrative offices, established centers that have been approved through appropriate administrative channels can use Company stationery. Care should always be exercised to avoid ordering nosofinacial.com large quantities of stock that may become obsolete or otherwise unused. 1900 Wall St. Place NY, NY. 10005 Stamp Here Because desk printers typically cannot reproduce Norsouth blue accurately, they should not be used to print full-color letterhead. For informal, electronic, or internal correspondence, a one- color (black) template provided by OCM may be an option.Standard Bussiness Card Business Cards A business card format approved for official company use is shown at right. The standard business card accommodates up to 6 lines of text, an option to include a cell phone number, and the ability to include country code and USA for departments with international contacts.
  11. 11. Norsouth Graphic Standards 10Letter HeadThis blue space is designated for letter should be no less than 2 inches from thecopy. A justified left and rag right format is top of the page. Letterhead primarily forrecommended, as well as 11 pt. type. The administrative units (not shown to scale).vertical margins can vary according to the Margin settings provided here ensureamount of text; however, the top margin material will fit and print easily. 1” 2” 1” .5”
  12. 12. Norsouth 11GraphicStandards Samples of Promotional Materials Here are a few examples demonstrating appropriate Company style, including proportional logo wordmark size and placement, back cover inclusion of logo/ wordmark, Web address and equal opportunity statement usage, printing, Slogan and publication date, effective use of photographs, and consistent use of typography Acceptable Deviations of the Norsouth Identity The Identity is versatile enough for alteration. Different parts of the logo can be picked apart for effective design, as long as the Master Brand appears somewhere on the same page as any deviations.
  13. 13. Norsouth Graphic Standards 12Editorial Style Constancy with correspondenceEditorial consistency and care is critical in creating Alternate spellings — Go with thea positive university impression. Preferred editorial preferred spelling, which is listedstyle for news releases and newsletters is Associated first in the dictionary, unless it isPress style. The preferred editorial style for magazines, spelled a certain way for a reason,brochures, postcards, invitations, and other print e.g., internally, Telfair Peet Theatre,projects is the Chicago Manual of Style. Graves Amphitheatre, and Edgar B. Carter .In order for a news release to be distributed throughOCM to media outlets, OCM reserves the right to edit As well as — Avoid overusingor rewrite releases as needed to ensure they meet this phrase in place of “and”; theeditorial/style guidelines and provide credible, current, phrase has the sense of “too” orand meaningful information. “also,” rather than simply “and.”The items in this section are intended to assist Computer terms — The wordcommunicators at Norsouth Financial in providing “Internet” is always capitalized.consistent style for written releases and are not The term “e-mail” is alwaysintended to be inclusive of all editorial style. Continue hyphenated. Always write “Webto use The Associated Press Stylebook or The Chicago site” as two words and uppercaseManual of Style (depending on the type of publication) “Web.”and Webster’s New World College Dictionary, FourthEdition, as reference materials. To avoid confusion Numbers — Use numerals foramong the university’s many media contacts, news percentages and ages. Generally,releases should follow the same format. spell numbers one through nine and use numerals for 10 and higher,News/Press Release with the exception of percentages where numerals are preferred.Any news releases distributed in hard copy form byOCM on behalf of other campus areas or departments Quotes — It is important towill list the date and contain two contacts for media work with the person quoted toinquiries, as shown below. Of the two contacts, one is ensure that all direct quotes aretypically from the department that contributed the news grammatically and factually correct,item, and the other typically from OCM. This procedure and that they accurately convey theensures media contacts will always be able to reach intended meaning. Quotes shouldsomeone to follow up on a story, and that OCM can also be at the appropriate readingprovide backup support for any departments level for the intended audience. Telephone numbers — 844-****, never 4-****. Add the area code if the release is going outside Lee County. Note: Whether you use parentheses, a period, or a slash, be consistent in the way you separate the area code.
  14. 14. Norsouth 13GraphicStandardsWhat not to do Incorrect Applications Software has made it ver y easy to alter graphics by applying Do not alter the wordmark or filters and special effects, or any visual elements simply by changing shapes and colors. Please resist the temptation. The impact of any logo depends on consistent use resulting in a large number of impressions over a long period Never overprint on the of time. The best logos are not logo,even when screened: “read” as words, but act as visual stimuli, automaticallyFinace for your future triggering a complex series of associations. Any changes to the shape and color of a logo reduce its impact and can, Never use unofficial over time, defeat the entire Company colors with the purpose of a logo program. logo; instead, reverse it out in This page illustrates some of white for darker backgrounds, the more obvious ways a logo or print in black for two-color can be destroyed by incorrect publications use. Please avoid these and all other changes to the Norsouth logo. Do not use the logotype against backgrounds which conflict with Norsouth’s logo colors, prevent good contrast Do not rotate or place the or clear legibility. Generally logo or wordmark at an angle these will include harsh or brightly colored,multicolored, textured, or vari-hued photographic backgrounds. Do not “squeeze” or “stretch” the logo
  15. 15. www.identitiy.noso.com