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Oakwood Digital Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Digital Marketing PlanforOakwood Temporary HousingElectronic MarketingNovember, 2010By, Shelby Grembowski
  2. 2. Confidential & Proprietary2 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary Housing Oakwood Temporary Housing has been the leading global providerof furnished and serviced apartments for over 50 years. We offerlocations throughout North America, Asia Pacific and the UnitedKingdom. Oakwood offers fully-furnished apartments that provide more spaceand flexibility than most hotels: full-sized kitchens extra living space complete furnishings and accessories more comfortable than a traditional hotel roomAbout Oakwood
  3. 3. Confidential & Proprietary3 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary Housing Oakwood handles housing for 80 percent of the Fortune 1000companies. Each year we service the needs of over 75,000individuals and families with a diverse professional background. The goal for our Digital Marketing Strategy: Increase our brand awareness Increase social network participation Promote re-designed website New online reservation processExecutive Summary
  4. 4. Confidential & Proprietary4Participant PrintArea Focus Key Highlights or InsightsGeneral Profile All Vertical & HorizontalTemporary Housing ClientsMost of their Temporary Housing needs center around specific cities on an on-goingbasis. They are looking for a cost-effective and hassle-free solution. They may have aneed for a single reservation or multiple employees.Economic BuyingInfluence.Key contacts: HumanResource Mgr, RecruitmentMgr, Travel Mgr, andRelocation ManagerFinding a balance between managing cots, while providing a quality experience for arange of different employees is an ongoing challenge for this type of client.User Buying Influence. Keycontacts: Consultants,Project Managers,Healthcare professionals,and InternsEmployee satisfaction is of high importance. This type of client is looking for the comfortof a home with the convenience, affordability, and flexibility of a hotel.Digital Profile Digital Usage Habits All of Oakwood’s clientele are daily internet users. The majority of our client’s text andeither use a Blackberry, Android, or I phone. At least 50-75% of our clients are socialnetworking on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. At least 75% read a newspaper or blogonline daily.Content ConsumptionPreferencesOakwood clients are looking for an advanced reservation system that can be accessed24/7. They are looking for real-time communication. Our clients require flexible, easy-to-use, custom solutions to meet any temporary housing need.Consumer ContentCreation ProfileOakwood consumers are very savvy internet shoppers. They search multiple travel sitesfor rates and property profiles. They travel for both business and leisure. Many aremembers of social network sites and fan/follow their favorite Travel destinations.
  5. 5. Confidential & Proprietary5 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary HousingGoals: Increase internet traffic to the re-designed website. Increase on-line reservations / reduce vacancies. Increase Oakwood brand awareness through social media New business lead generation for the sales team.Participant PrintArea Focus Key Highlights or InsightsIndividual Profiles Current High-ValueConsumersOakwood has a vast data base of High-ValueConsumers. When a guest books a reservation withOakwood, we collect detailed information about theirstay that is stored in a national database.We also require email addresses with all of ourreservations as this how we send our guest arrivaldocuments. All of our locations have access to pullreports by customer segment to send out Digital e-blasts.
  6. 6. Confidential & Proprietary6 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary Housing Designed to educate and engage new and existing clients on our fullspectrum of housing solutions. Facilitate participation and engagement with our customers bycreating a social network that will allow our guests to interact asmembers of our online community. Our platform will utilize paid placement ads on Social Network sitesto target the Economic and User buying influences in all of ourvertical and horizontal markets.Digital Platform Proposition
  7. 7. Confidential & Proprietary7 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary HousingChannel Mix PlanChannel Type Purpose in the Customer Cycle MetricsCorporateWebsiteIntroduce the new on-line reservation tool. Promote our social networkingsites. Feature new property profiles.Track number of online reservations.This will reduce vacancies, andincrease our revenue.SocialNetworksClients can become a “Fan” on Facebook and “follow” us on Twitter toconnect with our online community.Oakwood will Tweet information to their followers about property specialsworldwide.Oakwood will utilize Viral marketing on Facebook and Twitter to increaseour Brand Awareness.Oakwood will study their audience andview insights about people connectedto our fan page.Our admin will analyze our per postimpression counts for each story thatwe post on our Page.Our admin will track our Fan/Followercounts, check-ins, and brandmentions.PaidPlacementOptimization /(SEM)Will be used to increase internet traffic to our website.Oakwood will advertise “Be Our Guest” specials targeting our Economicand User buyers via LinkedIn.Oakwood will utilize Google Analyticsand LinkedIn data to generate newbusiness leads for the sales team.Video Clients can take a “virtual” tour of the Oakwood properties on ourwebsite, social networking sites, and travel blogs.Reduction in vacancies. Creation ofViral marketing campaigns.
  8. 8. Confidential & Proprietary8 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary HousingContent Outline – Company ProvidedKey Content Purpose or Benefit Dynamic or Static Frequency Sources of ContentRelocation/Travel/TourismInformationOur clients can learnmore about why 80% ofFortune 1000companies trustOakwood with theirCorporate Housing andRelocation Housingneeds.Dynamic- this information will varyfrom city to city.Relocation agencies,local Chamber ofCommerce. TravelBureaus.Property Profilesand Special OffersOakwood catersprimarily to extended-stay travelers (30 daysor longer), but shorterstays are available atselect locations. Duringthe holiday season(mid-October to early-January), additionallocations offer minimumstays of 2-5 days.Rate specials are very Dynamic asTemporary Housing has seasonality.Holidays, seasonal weather, andnatural disasters can all affect rates.Property Profile information can beDynamic with our master leasedproperties or static with our Oakwoodowned and managed properties.Information will beupdated by eachRegional office for all ofour furnished andserviced apartments.
  9. 9. Confidential & Proprietary9 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary HousingContent Outline – Consumer CreatedContent Type Tools Prompts and Promotions Linkage to Platform PropositionGlobalDestinationsMapA Widget andMobileapplicationThe downloadable tool will befeatured on our website. Oakwoodcan access their data base to sendout e-blasts with a link to theWidget or Mobile app.A great tool for both our economic and userbuyers to quickly search for propertyprofiles based on location across the globe.ParticipantFeedbackOnline Survey The survey will be emailed to eachguest after their stay at Oakwood.A fast an easy way for guests to providefeedback about their experience withOakwood.ParticipantPhotosA websitebanner thatfeatures thecontest andeasy access toupload andemail guest’sphotos.A monthly photo contest: “Shareyour favorite photo while staying atOakwood” The winning photo willbe featured on the Oakwoodwebsite and Facebook.This activity engages our clients to sharetheir Oakwood home away from homeexperience with our online participants.
  10. 10. Confidential & Proprietary10 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary HousingGenerating Awareness & Influence – Messaging PlanSegment Purpose Content FrequencyAll existing HighValue clients whoopted-in to receiveOakwood updates.Make clients aware of all nationalrate specials. Introduce newproperty profiles. Encouragecontest participation.Email Regional rate specials with targetvertical market updates: (ex.) 2010Nursing Rates. Email Link to websitebanner for guest photo contest.MonthlyNew Linked-In &Twitter followers,New FacebookFans, and Websiteregistrations.New Prospect welcome messagefor opt-in specials.Welcoming e-mail with an opt-in forOakwood e-blast specials and Propertyprofile updates.Within 1 weekof becoming afan or follower.High valuecustomers whohave not booked inover a year.Re-introduce Oakwood and informof them of the new website.Encourage a face-to-face appt.with their account executive. Askthem to participate in our SocialNetworking sites.Create customized e-blasts for eachvertical market. Email a link to our newonline reservation tool.Quarterly
  11. 11. Confidential & Proprietary11 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary HousingGenerating Awareness & Influence – Viral PlanContent/Format Purpose/Function Viral PromptVirtual Video PropertyProfilesTo broadcast and feature properties wherewe may have high vacancies.E-blast video link, offer a rate discount forforwarding to five contacts. Offer a referralfee if an actual reservation is made.Global Destinationswidget / mobile appAllow easy access to view online propertyprofiles worldwide without having to visitthe website.Placement of widget/app on all of ourSocial Networking sites.Promotion Codes forrate discountsPromote our new online reservation tool E-blast with link to website reservationtool. Provide a rate discount code if theybook online.
  12. 12. Confidential & Proprietary12 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary HousingGenerating Awareness & Influence – Digital Awareness PlanType Size or Digital Channel Role Key MetricsDisplay http://www.cartus.comhttp://www.sirva.comhttp://www.nationalrelocation.comRich Media Banners on Relocation partnerwebsites and Social Networking sites.Click through Linksto Oakwood.comand Oakwood’sFacebook & Twitterpages.Search Key words and property profiletagging on Google & BingIncrease traffic to website and our SocialNetworking sitesIncreased onlinereservations atOakwood.comAffiliates http://www.cort.com/relocationhttp://www.enterprise.comhttp://www.orbitzforbusiness.comBusiness Travel Industry partners bothonline and service partner relationships.Click through Linkto Oakwood.com
  13. 13. Confidential & Proprietary13 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary HousingGenerating Awareness & Influence – Digital Influence PlanInfluence Channel/AudienceContent FrequencyCompany Communication Website updates about special rate offers,corporate updates, and contest information.OngoingSocial Networking Sites Allow feedback from our guests to share propertyreviews, comments, questions, and concerns.DailyDigital Influence Material Video blog from Oakwood President. Oakwoodnewsletter, Vertical market updates.OngoingCrisis Plan Specific details about Oakwood’s Bedbug Policy.Action plans for dealing with Natural disasters suchas storms, fires and floods.Ready when required
  14. 14. Confidential & Proprietary14 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary HousingHarnessing Data, Analytics, & Optimization – Data PlanTopic Data or Data SourceKey Data Set • Company• Vertical Market• Primary locations booked• Length of Stay• Average number of reservations per yearPermission Data • Contact email and phone number• Opt-in for Oakwood messaging• Messaging preference platform: Website email, Social Network sites,or MobileParticipant Segmentation andPersonalization Data• Favorite Property• Amenities required• Number of Bedrooms required• PetsData Collection • Website Registration• Oakwood’s CRM data from Seibel• Social Network Participant dataData Accuracy • Information is required in Seibel to confirm a Reservation.• The Oakwood Sales force will be responsible for updating theirprospects contact information.
  15. 15. Confidential & Proprietary15 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary HousingHarnessing Data, Analytics, & Optimization – Analytics Plan
  16. 16. Confidential & Proprietary16 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary Housing Oakwood will need to implement changes to optimize ourwebsite so that it is more highly visible in social mediasearches and on custom search engines such asBing.com. Most importantly we need to create shareable content.The better our content is, the more people will want toshare it with their entire social networks whether they linkit, like it, dig it or share it.Harnessing Data, Analytics, Optimization – Optimization Plan
  17. 17. Confidential & Proprietary17 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary HousingKPIs:1. The percentage of new on-line reservations.2. Average increase of Social Network participation.Measurements:1. Reduction in vacancies.2. Growth within the Vertical Markets.3. Increase in the number of our Fan/followers.Analytics:1. The effect of Social Networking sites driving traffic to our website.2. Impact of messaging on our target market growth.Optimizations:1. Optimize Social Networking sites to increase on-line reservations.2. Optimize messaging to drive growth in our vertical markets.Harnessing Data, Analytics, & Optimization – Optimization Plan
  18. 18. Confidential & Proprietary18 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary Housing Oakwood’s strategy is to utilize social media as anengaging, brand-building tool that will ultimately shortenthe sales cycle as well as creating new streams ofrevenue. Social media is effective because it allows fortwo-way messaging. Oakwood will be able to talk with and engage theirparticipants actively online. Our clients will feel heard inthis context, which will result in a connection on a deeperlevel.Summary
  19. 19. Confidential & Proprietary19 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary Housing Our new digital platform will allow us to build betterrelationships with our Economic and User buyers.Oakwood will be able to track our customer loyalty andour brand exposure online. Increased brand exposure and loyalty will ultimately leadto more referrals, which will lead to increased revenue.People will ultimately buy from companies that will listento them and engage with them.Summary
  20. 20. Confidential & Proprietary20 © 2010 Oakwood Temporary HousingQUESTIONS: