The big question


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The big question

  1. 1. The Big Question: Do We Exist? “Cogito Ergo Sum” I think, therefore I am.How do we know that we all exist? Is it just because we can feel, touch, andspeak, or does it mean more? Are our emotions just controlled by someonemuch bigger than us? To exist by definition is to continue to be; or live. And for others, onescenario of our existence is that we are avatars in one big video game; wherethe players are putting ideas and memories in our heads, making us feel, see,and touch. The idea is that when we go to sleep, that is the player logging off,and we are in a frozen state of mind. This scenario proves that we cannot thinkfor ourselves, that we have to rely on others to choose our plans for us; in otherwords, our boss’. I know that I exist because this is what I understand, I cannot believethat someone is controlling me, I can make my own decisions; whether or notthey are the right ones. I can feel emotions, I can feel the wind on my face, heatfrom a fire, the sweetness of a marshmallow, and I have the space in my brainto learn knew things everyday; sometimes. My beliefs tell me that there is noway I could be just an avatar in another type of worlds; I don’t know if a bunchof pixels in a PS 3 game have feeling, or if they truly know what their life reallyis; but I do know that I am not the same as them. I believe that I exist, that the
  2. 2. people around me are more than my imagination, and that the feelings I haveeither on bad days or good days are proof that I am alive, living, and able tothink on my own. Many people get frustrated and annoyed with deep questions like this,and they feel threatened by anything other than the present because of howhard they have to think, and how difficult it is to think about more thanourselves. It’s like scientists saying that there is life in outer space, somewherefar beyond our own galaxy; that is very far away, and not many people like towarp their brains around that kind of distance. But no matter how hard it is to prove myself and my beliefs, I will alwaysstand up for the fact that I know I exist, and I know others exist. We are somuch more than just avatars in a video game; we are living, breathing, thinking,and very complex people-no video game inventor in the world could ever make avideo game as amazing as my life and the lives of others.