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By Ashten Blaine

By Ashten Blaine
Julia Kassies
Shelby Craig



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ModernMythicHero ModernMythicHero Document Transcript

  • The Story of the Unlikely Modern
    By: Ashten Blain
    Julia Kassies
    Shelby Craig
  • For as long as he can remember, Jay Blue has worked on his uncle’s ranch, working with cattle, the horses, or just doing what needed doing. Because of this, he had a fairly unremarkable childhood, outside of the usual mischief of young boys. Everything was a routine, from morning milking to coffee time after supper at 7:30 every night.
  • Until his 19th birthday, when Joe Blue shatters everything he believed himself to be by telling him that his parents did not actually die in an accident when he was a baby, but are still alive and ruling a far away nation called . He learns that his cousin, Erit Blue was extremely jealous of Jay, and tried to kill him so that he could be next in line to run Arcanthon. So his parents, having had lots of trouble having any children at all, removed him from harm’s wayand sent him to live with his uncle in the United States until he was old enough to return and rule Arcanthon as the only heir to the throne at age 21. Now his father, King Aujen, is sick, and he must return sooner than originally planned to take over.
  • Jay Blue travels to Arcanthon and reunites with his parents.After a heartfelt reunion and getting to know them again, he begins to learn how to rule his kingdom. His father passes on, and he is crowned the king. But it’s not long before the rebel group that wants to take over the city mounts an attack on the new king’s army. War is declared, and King Jay uses his skills with livestock and his hunting skills that he learned while living on the farm, to bring his army to victory. He is thought to be the son of a god because that would be the only way to explain how he could have defeated such an army almost entirely on his own.
  • The King rules well for a long time, and he does the kingdom proud, passing laws and making lives easier. He begins to become familiar with his extended royal family, so that he could award them appropriate positions in his government. One cousin in particular was important to him;the Duchess Elliah, and with her, her lady-in-waiting, Elaina. He falls in love with Elaina and pursues her, even though his mother disapproves of him marrying the daughter of a sailboat’s captain. He marries her anyway, and his mother deposes him from the throne because of this. He is exiled from Arcanthon, and returns with his bride to the Unites States. They have children and create a happy life together on Joe Blue’s ranch, although the children never know their father’s mother and do not become part of her life.
  • When he is older, Jay Blue goes out on his own on a trail ride, and doesn’t return. His family never finds his body, so he is never given a proper burial. Sadly, the children never meet their paternal grandmother, and never succeed their father. And so this is the tragic end of the story of our unlikely modern mythic hero.
  • Jay Blue Cowboy
    Erit Blue Evil Cousin
    Joe Blue Uncle
    King Aujen Father
    Queen Mother
    Elliah Duchess
    Elaina Lady in Waiting
    Arcanthon Country