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  • 1. HealthcareMagic offerings for the HR Department – A Complete Healthcare Portal for All Worry free work place
  • 2. Does your organization face …
    • Employees coming late because he or his family member was unwell, and he / She had to rush to the doctor
    • Employee had come but had to leave for being unwell / feeling uneasy
    • Employee suddenly gets a call from home and had to leave for taking the family member to the doctor
    • Healthcare / wellness issues leads to absenteeism
    • A ‘disconnect’ and a huge ‘need gap’ when it comes to employees mental worries related to health
    • A lot of undetected chronic diseases due to subtle symptoms and that needs a right interaction at the right time
    • Unwell employees that finally affect the ‘Quality work’ and ‘Output’
  • 3. Some facts…
    • 82 % of the respondent firms agree that preventive healthcare measures increase corporate productivity and profitability – TOI, Jan 13, 2008
    • Employees wellness programs reduce health plans costs ( sick leave, disability pay, and workers compensation by 25 % - TOI, Jan 13, 2008
    • Reducing just one health risk increases an employee’s on-the-job productivity by 9 % and cuts absenteeism by 2 %. The Economic Times , Feb 12, 2008
    • Two thirds of the surveyed companies in India have preventive healthcare as a part of their corporate governance strategy. But less than 1/3 rd have made any provisions comprehensive preventive healthcare measures for employees – TOI, Jan 13, 2008
    • 50 % of all sudden deaths can be attributed to undiagnosed heart diseases – TOI , Jan 13, 2008
    • Through work place environments , it is possible to influence the health behavior of a large chunk of the population – World Health Assembly
  • 4. Wellness care in Corporate Sector
    • How the Healthcare of an employee is managed today
    • In-house doctors (full time or part time)
    • Tie ups with hospitals
    • Health cards from independent organizations (accident relief card or annual check up card etc)
    • Insurance policy for the employees and their dependants
    • What is actually needed
    • Provide online access to qualified doctors on all 7 days for employees and the dependants
    • Provide Premium Phone Helpline on all 7 days from workplace and at home
    • Provide Psychiatric Counseling with complete employee anonymity
    • Provide online / real time information about doctors and hospitals in employee’s locality
    • Fix appointments with the doctors and hospitals of the employee’s choice
    • Would you not like to be known as one of the best companies to work for!
  • 5. Different People Different Views
    • Employee’s View Point
    • The doctor in my office comes on only 2 days in a week
    • When I need a doctor for my child, I cannot avail this service after office hours / weekends
    • I don’t know if the Doctor will reveal my problems to the HR
    • Doctor provides good advice but he does not refer me to a specialist or a hospital in my locality
    • Where do I get a doctor when the company sends me to the US & who takes care of my family ?
    • HR’s View Point
    • We do our best but see the utilization report. Very few employees go to our doctors
    • We are spending a decent sum of money to retain the doctors / maintain wellness programs
    • We are not getting enough data to analyze the health problems of the employees
    • How can I keep the team happy and give them access to something new
  • 6. How HealthcareMagic Fits in
    • Priority Online Access to Doctors from 9 AM – 9 PM
    • Costs as little as Re. 1 per employee per day - You got it correct !!
    • Find a doctor or hospital in your locality and read patient reviews about them before your visit
    • Share your experience with other team members about a particular doctor / hospital
    • Get appointments fixed with hospitals / doctors
    • Get a rough estimate of cost for hospitalization / procedure / diagnostics
    • Get complete declassified (no name, no employee id) health report for all online consultations
    • Anonymous Counseling for Stress and Depression (Additional Feature)
    • Going further, premium access to doctors over phone from 9 AM – 9 PM (Emergency service)
  • 7. What HealthcareMagic offers…
    • India’s only Interactive Healthcare solution provider:
      • Live Chat with a qualified Doctor
      • Referral and Appointment with the nearest Doctor / Hospital
      • Locate , Compare and Review Doctors / Hospitals
      • Specialist Consultation over Phone
      • Patient Health Forums
      • More appropriate and timely interventions
      • Avoid unnecessary interventions and Dr’s visit
      • Worry free work place = “HealthcareMagic”
  • 8. Business Case
    • Each visit to doctor costs at least half a day of work loss to the company
    • For an employee with CTC of Rs. 1 lakh per month, it is a loss of Rs. 1500 to the company each time the employee visits the doctor
    • If the employee has 2 kids, the loss to company is at least Rs. 6000 per year (1 visit for each family member during the year)
    • In reality, Company loses more than this because the employees go to the doctor only after watching the symptoms for a couple of days
    • Many employees are overseas and the company pays for Healthcare in Dollars
    • 50% of such cases can easily be eliminated by HealthcareMagic at just Re. 1 per day
    • Now Think. Thousands of Employees. Many of them sitting overseas !!
  • 9. Home Page (Web 2.0 compliant)
  • 10. How will the System Look
  • 11. The Live Chat Page
  • 12. Employees Feedback I'm really excited about the discussion I had with doctors. Thanks lot "HealthcareMagic" you have done extraordinary job. Excellent Hello, This is a great forum. It actually helps. The doctors chatting and giving suggestion are very helpful. It is like a wish come true. Great going. Thanks. Excellent Nice job. Thanks a million. Excellent Doctor gave me some suggestions. Its really nice to consult doctor online. Thanks.  Very Good …… . More than 5000 excellent feedback from first time customers and repeat customers. More than 140,000 page views in first 5 months.
  • 13. Convenience ,Cost & Peace of Mind Employees need not move from their desk or their families need not move out of the comfort of their home . No worries of bad weather or heavy traffic , parking or the worry of waiting in the queues with sick people For every small problem or a doubt need not worry about the doctors consultation charges ……….mounting bills in addition to many hassles of reaching out to the doctor Peace of mind assured @ Re. 1 per day per employee’s family ………that’s Healthcare Magic.
  • 14. Why ? HealthcareMagic provides a convenient and fully confidential access to a pool of qualified doctors right on the desktops of your employees & families. Same ease and flexibility of use is provided to their family members from anywhere in the world. Healthcare Magic empowers your team to select the healthcare options of their choice. This is in a much larger interest of the team members who are new to the city and lack critical information while making decisions about their health. While maintaining our utmost commitment to confidentiality, HealthcareMagic will provide declassified information to you, which will help you take informed decisions regarding the healthcare needs of your people.
  • 15. [email_address] Kunal Sinha : +91-9880758583