Tech trends for AWC communicators April 2011


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Broad overview of tech trends from "Ear to the (Geek) Ground" webinar for the Association for Women in Communications (AWC.)

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  • Thanks for joining us today on the Webinar! Explain the photo
  • I love talking about this stuff! If I don't know the answer I'll try to find it for you. It IS hard to keep up with all of this (I consider it part of my full-time job and it's near-impossible for me) so find yourself a tech guide or tech mentor. Someone a bit further out than you – just on the horizon – if they fall out of sight, you may not want to go there. :) If you follow me on Twitter, please “at” me and say Hi!
  • We're covering a lot of territory, not enough time to go into much depth. I want you to walk away ready to do more research in the areas that make sense for your business I want you to be able to say, “I've heard of that....”
  • The “Geek Dashboard Pack” has links and references, and is a good place for “starter kit” information about today's topics. SlideShare, if you haven't heard of it, is a wonderful research resource (and it's Google-indexed, so your SlideShare channel is another way to get your content found. Title, tag and describe with that in mind!)
  • I'm going to blast along here, but making every effort to leave time for questions at the halfway point and at the end.
  • It used to be that if you and I sat down and searched for “great microbreweries in Nebraska” in Google, we'd get the same results. Today, if you do that, our results might not be exactly the same. Here is why....
  • ** Real-time: Bing added Twitter, MySpace and FB Fan Page results first, and now Google has them as well plus Google Buzz posts (not all show for all searches.) ** Personalized: Google tracks your search data and keeps it for up to 180 days (used to be opt-in, but is now opt-out.) Your results are targeted to your previous preferences (SOX for baseball vs Sarb-Ox for accountant) so you may have different SERPs than someone next to you searching the same term. Is this a problem/echo chamber? ** Social: What results do your friends like? (my social circle is ppl connected thru Google – my G. Profile is pretty complete, so lots.) Do you even want to know? Make content something ppl want to share!
  • Always create content with search in mind. Keywords matter everywhere. Don't obsess, but.... For example, your Facebook Fan Page updates now matter for SEO. Title, tag and describe your videos and photos; the bots can't see photos or video (yet, HTML5 in video may change that) but they can crawl text related to those visual items. Remember that people are driving around looking for info on a mobile device. If your sites are a pain to navigate on a smartphone, people will vote with their Blackberries and iPhones and go to sites that CAN use.
  • Tech trends for AWC communicators April 2011

    1. 1. Betamax photo courtesy jurvetson at Flickr CC Ear to the (Geek) Ground: Tech News You Can Use 2011 Update
    2. 2. Your Nerd Guide... Sheila Scarborough @SheilaS @FreelanceAustin Co-founder,
    3. 3. What This Is.... A broad-brush look at: <ul><ul><li>Tech/social media trends
    4. 4. What those trends might mean for communicators
    5. 5. Always asking .... So What? </li></ul></ul>
    6. 6. What This Is Not.... <ul><li>A note-taking test!
    7. 7. Reference material will be available </li><ul><li>“ Geek Dashboard Pack” handout
    8. 8. Slides on </li></ul><li>So, put down the pen/keyboard if you'd like, and let's get nerdy.... </li></ul>
    9. 9. Big Themes for Today <ul><li>Information & search engines
    10. 10. The world of mobile
    11. 11. (Pause for mid-session Q&A)
    12. 12. Mobile, continued
    13. 13. Updating the toolbox
    14. 14. Wrap-up Q&A </li></ul>
    15. 15. Ear to the Ground : Information and Online Search King's College, Cambridge Library (courtesy Cornell U. Library, Flickr Commons)
    16. 16. Finding information online.... How are search engines changing? Or.... How is Google changing? 800 lb Gorilla (courtesy digitalART2 Flickr CC)
    17. 17. What's in a SERP? (Search Engine Results Page) Control key closeup courtesy renatotarga at Flickr CC
    18. 18. Search Results Are.... <ul><li>More real-time </li><ul><li>Using Twitter & Facebook data </li></ul><li>More personalized </li><ul><li>According to your location and previous searches </li></ul><li>More universal with photos/video
    19. 19. More social </li><ul><li>Results from your connections </li></ul></ul>
    20. 20. Pop Quiz! What's the world's Number Two search engine?
    21. 21. YouTube
    22. 22. Google's fight against “content farms” Panda (or Farmer) Algorithm Update
    23. 23. Employee bonuses may be tied to social's success Latest effort: +1 in search Similar to Facebook's “Like” Google Keeps Trying Social
    24. 24. Finding information via Q&A <ul>LinkedIn Answers Facebook Questions Quora </ul>
    25. 25. So What? <ul><li>Know how people search for information
    26. 26. Know where people search for information
    27. 27. Can they find YOUR information?
    28. 28. … .and when they do, is it high-quality and trustworthy?
    29. 29. Craft quality content, using the words your customers use to search </li></ul>
    30. 30. Ear to the Ground : Mobile! Mobile (Yutaka Tsutano at Flickr CC)
    31. 31. Imagine everyone with the web in their pocket or purse Shibuya intersection courtesy baldur at Flickr CC
    32. 32. OK, so you're ready to deal with a mobile world Which comes first... Build an app? OR Build a mobile-friendly website?
    33. 33. If you have a nice big budget, do both. For the rest of us....
    34. 34. App vs. Website – Why an App? <ul><li>Apps = focused solutions tailored to mobile devices
    35. 35. Brand awareness every time someone uses your app
    36. 36. People like customizing their mobile devices …. like they customize any computer </li></ul>
    37. 37. App vs. Website – Why NOT an App? <ul><li>Must ensure that people even know the app exists
    38. 38. Must ensure that people can easily find it
    39. 39. Good design and functionality = $$$
    40. 40. You need to cover iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows .... and now tablets, too. </li></ul>
    41. 41. App vs. Website Smackdown I'm in favor of website first, because.... What's the first thing people do when they pull out their phone to look for information? They open up a browser. You MUST get a mobile-friendly website.
    42. 42. The Pause That Refreshes: It's Q & A Time! 555 LED flasher candy creation (courtesy oskay at Flickr CC)
    43. 43. Pop Quiz! How can you connect a piece of paper to the internet?
    44. 44. With a QR code QR code treats by clevercupcakes at Flickr CC
    45. 45. New Orleans-based digital marketing guy Tom Martin demo's a QR code on his phone So on your computer screen, from Tom's Vimeo page, you'll see a video playing on his iPhone, filmed by his handheld Flip video camera. Got that?
    46. 46. You can see the possibilities here, right? Which is why they're starting to show up everywhere BUT....
    47. 47. Have a compelling reason to scan! Should go to a mobile-friendly site (Duh) Problematic in rural/isolated areas Most free codes aren't dynamic Will QR get bumped by NFC (Near Field Communications?)
    48. 48. Pro level Kaywa at link shortener will generate QR Microsoft Tag Some options: making a QR code
    49. 49. Mobile Wrap-up Thoughts <ul><li>Tablets/iPads are mobile devices, too
    50. 50. Phone cameras – just getting started </li><ul><li>Instagram
    51. 51. Livestreaming video from your phone </li></ul><li>Location-based services & mobile GPS </li><ul><li>Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook Places
    52. 52. Don't forget Yelp
    53. 53. Group texting: Beluga, GroupMe </li></ul></ul>
    54. 54. Ear to the Ground : Updating the Communications Toolbox Tools by L. Marie at Flickr CC
    55. 55. Don't Panic button by Jim Linwood Flickr CC How can we keep UP with all this?!
    56. 56. The story comes first The emotional connection comes first THEN apply the best tool
    57. 57. It's not about the shiny tools.... It's about the application of those tools.
    58. 58. Staying Up To Speed <ul><li>Yes, mainstream media </li><ul><li>Bloomberg BusinessWeek
    59. 59. The UK's Guardian Tech section </li></ul><li>Find tech-savvy mentors
    60. 60. Go where the geeks are </li><ul><li>Your local Social Media Club/SM Breakfast
    61. 61. BlogWorld & New Media Expo
    62. 62. CES & Barcelona Mobile World Congress
    63. 63. South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) </li></ul></ul>
    64. 64. SXSWi Where the geeks are <ul>5+ days 20,000 people </ul>
    65. 65. SXSWi 2011 Trip Report <ul><li>Moving more seamlessly between online and offline, usually via mobile
    66. 66. Big brands are there </li><ul><li>Not always greeted with enthusiasm </li></ul><li>Mashup I liked: The AVAdventure
    67. 67. Impact of Middle East use of social networks and mobile for revolution
    68. 68. Not there? Follow #SXSWi on Twitter </li></ul>
    69. 69. Communicator Takeaways <ul><li>Know how people seek information online, and be there with what they seek.
    70. 70. MOBILE
    71. 71. Communicating well is the hard part.
    72. 72. Story/emotional connection comes first.
    73. 73. Don't let your toolbox get rusty. </li><ul><li>Cull and sort, add and subtract as needed. </li></ul></ul>
    74. 74. Whew! Thanks for Coming Today She's geeky! (courtesy Cambodia4KidsOrg at Flickr CC)
    75. 75. Go Get Nerdy <ul>Sheila Scarborough @SheilaS Co-founder, </ul><ul>This presentation was made with Impress open source software </ul>
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