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Social Photography: Visual Storytelling to Connect With Customers
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Social Photography: Visual Storytelling to Connect With Customers


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Presented at the Hawaii Social Media Summit 2012 in Honolulu, Hawaii, with an emphasis on the power of photos (especially from mobile devices,) how to take better photos, how to create more content in …

Presented at the Hawaii Social Media Summit 2012 in Honolulu, Hawaii, with an emphasis on the power of photos (especially from mobile devices,) how to take better photos, how to create more content in less time by re-using them and how simply titling, describing and tagging them helps SEO.

My team and I do online and in-person training in social media for tourism and hospitality at Tourism Currents -

Published in: Art & Photos

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  • 1. SocialPhotographyVisual Storytelling #smshiSheila Scarborough @SheilaS @SheilaS @TourismCurrentsTourism Currents
  • 2. Whats In This For You? ● Better storytelling that connects with customers ● Joy & universal language of visual sharing ● More content in less time ● SEO (Search Engine Optimization) boost@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 3. Disclaimer …. Im self-taught #NotAnExpert You can do this, too!@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 4. Why Photos?@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 5. Surfing: A boy balances on a surfboard & catches his very first wave, near Diamond Head@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 6. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 7. On Facebook, people Like photo updates twice as much as text updates. Ragan link: Photos & video drive the most engagement@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 8. Other ways to tell visual stories@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 9. Instagram@SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 10. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 11. Instagram is.... A Micro Art Gallery@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 12. Tips for Instagram ● Severe cropping drives composition ● Slow data rates make it hard to share ● Its a mobile-first platform ● Most only use a few filter options ● Mashable link: Which filter when ● Easy to Like & Comment on the go ** Bought by Facebook@SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 13. Foodspotting@SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 14. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 15. Foodspotting is…. Grinds Porn@SheilaS@TourismCurrents (so ono!) #smshi
  • 16. Tips for Foodspotting ● Spot unique food or drinks ● Locals are a huge help! ● Use Macro setting for close-ups ● Slow data rates/GPS can hamper ● Dim restaurant lighting a problem ● Easy to Like & Comment on the go@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 17. Foursquare & Yelp@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 18. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 19. Foursquare/Yelp are…. I was here. You should go!@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 20. Tips for Foursquare/Yelp ● Check-in & review photos are more service-oriented ● Exterior shots ---> Is this the right place? ● Interior shots ---> Whats it like inside there?@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 21. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 22. @SheilaS Savannah, Georgia CVB@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 23. @SheilaS Columbus, Ohio CVB@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 24. Pinterest is.... A Digital Inspiration@SheilaS Board@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 25. Tips for Pinterest ● Hugely, suddenly popular ● Some legal concerns with pins ● NOT the place to be hard-sell ● Destination marketing hot there ● Anne Hornyak Link: DMOs on Pinterest (Google Doc)@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 26. Dont Forget Old School ● Photos to Twitter – Twitpic, Lockerz, Yfrog, others – Easy from your phone ● Photos to Facebook Pages – TIP: use email to send photos from phone – Each Page has unique email address – Works in low data rate areas – Can do it from feature/flip phones, too@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 27. Even MORE Old School: Go offline with photo walks@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 28. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 29. Use snail mail for your pics@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 30. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 31. Lots of photos? Create an Animoto video out of them@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 32. No time for all this? Create once, use over and over@SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 33. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 34. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 35. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 36. Now that youre a photographer, learn to think like one@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 37. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 38. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 39. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 40. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 41. Your last move before shooting with a phone camera? Wipe off the lens.@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 42. Big social photography benefit: SEO (Search Engine@SheilaS Optimization)@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 43. @SheilaS@TourismCurrents
  • 44. Takeaways ● A photo is a story ● Your phone = publishing machine ● Create once, use many times ● Think like a photographer ● Give search engines descriptive text for SEO@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 45. Photo Credits ● All photos my own except.... ● Me with camera: BJMcCray on Flickr CC ● Boy surfing: Waikiki Beach Services ● Screaming woman: kandyjaxx on Flickr CC@SheilaS@TourismCurrents #smshi
  • 46. Thank You! Sheila Scarborough Tourism Currents@SheilaS