Ear to the Geek Ground: tech trends for communicators 2012


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An annual spring webinar with the AWC (Association for Women in Communications) to provide a snapshot of current tech trends for communicators, especially those highlighted during SXSWi (South by Southwest Interactive) every March in Austin, Texas.

AWC website: http://www.womcom.org/

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  • Thanks for always sharing your great content, Sheila. I couldn't make the webinar this week so am very pleased to have your slides.
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  • Thanks for joining us today on the Webinar! Explain the photo
  • I love talking about this stuff! If I don't know the answer I'll try to find it for you. It IS hard to keep up with all of this (I consider it part of my full-time job and it's near-impossible for me) so find yourself a tech guide or tech mentor. Someone a bit further out than you – just on the horizon – if they fall out of sight, you may not want to go there. :) If you follow me on Twitter, please “at” me and say Hi!
  • We're covering a lot of territory, not enough time to go into much depth. I want you to walk away ready to do more research in the areas that make sense for your business I want you to be able to say, “I've heard of that....”
  • The “Geek Dashboard Pack” has links and references, and is a good place for “starter kit” information about today's topics. SlideShare, if you haven't heard of it, is a wonderful research resource (and it's Google-indexed, so your SlideShare channel is another way to get your content found. Title, tag and describe with that in mind!)
  • I'm going to blast along here, but making every effort to leave time for questions at the halfway point and at the end.
  • Ear to the Geek Ground: tech trends for communicators 2012

    1. 1. Ear to the (Geek) Ground: Tech News You Can Use 2012 Update Steampunk typewriter courtesy etharooni on Flickr CC
    2. 2. Your Geek Guide... Sheila Scarborough @SheilaS @AWCchat @FreelanceAustin Co-founder, TourismCurrents.com
    3. 3. What This Is.... A broad-brush snapshot of: Tech/social media trendsWhat those trends might mean for communicators Always asking .... So What?
    4. 4. What This Is Not.... A note-taking test! Reference material will be availableSo, put down the pen/keyboard if youd like, and lets get nerdy....
    5. 5. Big Themes for TodayPower of imagesSocial business & integrationData, measurement & ROIPause for mid-session Q&AMobileSXSWi 2012 brief trip reportUpdating your toolboxWrap-up Q&A
    6. 6. Pinterest (digital bulletin/inspiration boards) Instagram(shared mobile pics + Photoshop-ish effects)Foodspotting (shared mobile pics + food porn)
    7. 7. Imagery in action: the Pure New Zealand websiteOn the Quartz Hill track (viaPhillipC at Flickr CC)
    8. 8. Your Takeaways - ImagesWhen in doubt, use a photoPhoto SEO matters (Flickr isnt dead yet)A photo can be.... A blog post A Facebook update A tweet A slide More prominent part of your website More prominent in print!
    9. 9. Social Business and IntegrationWelder (courtesyLibrary of Congress onFlickr Commons)
    10. 10. “Social Business.... an organization that is optimized to benefit its entire ecosystem (customers, employees, owners, partners) by embeddingcollaboration, information sharing, and active engagement into its operations and culture.” (Sidera Works definition, bold emphasis mine)
    11. 11. Social Media vs. Social Business “....take advantage of social medias opportunities....[by] applying socialconcepts and technology internally to enable collaboration, sharing, innovation, and open engagement.” (Sidera Works discussion in their PDF about social business, bold emphasis mine)
    12. 12. Integration thoughts to ponder:Do you have a “Telephone Director/Coordinator?” Do you have an “Email Department?” (social media is a method and tool set; dont treat it as a bolt-on to your plans)
    13. 13. Cross-platform media consumption
    14. 14. n t r i p it h w tr o r e n g o iG
    15. 15. Your Takeaways – Social Biz & IntegrationSocial business = organization and culture Think web, not wire diagramIntegrating social media means.... Understanding that social is everywhere, not just one department or person Understanding that its communications by a different means (often multiple means) Understanding that there are no magic beans; i.e., do the work!
    16. 16. Data, measurement & ROI aka, Drowning in Data
    17. 17. We are drowning in data, butdont always know what its telling us
    18. 18. ROI (Return on Investment) is a formula:(Gains – Cost) / Cost = % of ROI
    19. 19. Of COURSE you can measure social media activity.Of COURSE you can determine the ROI of your efforts. Where many are missing the boat: goals, metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
    20. 20. Quick Poll OnMeasuring
    21. 21. Your Takeaways – Data, Measurement & ROIData is available, lots of it, down to a VERY granular level You must know which data matters!Saying “ROI” does not mean diddly squat unless.... You have a process and methodology in place to measure it “Whats the ROI of a pencil?” (Liz Strauss) i.e., the ROI of a ubiquitous tool?
    22. 22. The Pause That Refreshes: Its Q & A Time!555 LED flasher candy creation (courtesy oskay at Flickr CC)
    23. 23. Imagine everyone with the web in their pocket or purseShibuya intersection courtesybaldur at Flickr CC
    24. 24. Mobile
    25. 25. Take everything youve ever thought about communications.... ….and imagine a mobile version.
    26. 26. Your Takeaways – MobileSmartphone = publishing machineCheck your website & blog analytics How many arrive via mobile? Are your sites optimized for them?Location-based services & mobile GPS Less about the check-in, and more about “what or who is around me right now?”
    27. 27. SXSWi(South by Southwest Interactive) Where its already the future 5+ days 20,000+ people
    28. 28. 3 SXSWi 2012 Award Winners Slavery Footprint – note graphics/scrolling/quiz SCREW*D – Craftsman Tools gets hip; note video and “regular folks” participating Storify – mashup your social media mentions (Full winners list on sxsw.com)
    29. 29. Ear to the Ground: Updating the Communications ToolboxTools by L. Marie at Flickr CC
    30. 30. How can we keep UP with all this?!Dont Panic button by Jim Linwood Flickr CC
    31. 31. The story comes firstThe emotional connection comes firstTHEN apply the best tool
    32. 32. Its not about the shiny tools....Its about the application of those tools.
    33. 33. Staying Up To SpeedYes, mainstream media Bloomberg BusinessWeek The UKs Guardian Tech sectionFind tech-savvy mentorsGo where the geeks are Your local Social Media Club/SM Breakfast BlogWorld & New Media Expo CES & Mobile World Congress Barcelona BlogHer South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi)
    34. 34. Communicator TakeawaysKeep your goals and overall strategy in mind, or youll go nuts.Go where the geeks are, online and off.MOBILEStory/emotional connection comes first.Dont let your toolbox get rusty. Cull and sort, add and subtract as needed.
    35. 35. Whew! Thanks for Coming TodayShes geeky! (courtesyCambodia4KidsOrg at Flickr CC)
    36. 36. Go Get Nerdy Sheila Scarborough @SheilaS @AWCchat @FreelanceAustin Co-founder, TourismCurrents.com This presentation was made with OpenOffice.org Impress open source software