Research International Business Transactions


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  • Web Portal from Univ of Michigan for International Business Professionals, funded by DO
  • This chapter will examine accessible electronic resources maintained by international organizations, governments, universities and scholarly groups, trade organizations, and commercial information services. All hypertext links are correct as of the date of last revision. 
  • treatise provides essential information needed toprepare and review foreign sales agency and distribution agreements. In one wellorganizedsource, the author provides legal analysis and legislative background toguide a client through the agreement process. The work is also included on LEXIS butmay not be part of flat rate contracts.
  • This set provides laws, treaties, regional conventions governing the procedure in conductiongintl commercial arbitration
  • Mealey's Litigation Report is a collection ofarticles and analysis from experts in the unique field of internationalarbitration law. Authors provide perspectives from Great Britain, Hong Kong,France, Australia, Japan, Germany, Canada and the United States. Topics rangefrom enforcement of awards to selection of arbitrators to the examination of newstatutes and rules.
  • comprehensive guide to print and electronic materials on international commercialarbitration
  • resource that businesses have turned to for answers to their questions about how to establish and grow overseas markets for their products and services.How to identify markets for your company’s productsHow to finance your export transactionsThe best methods of handling orders and shipmentsSources of free or low-cost export counseling
  • Learn the product potential in a given market by going to th “market research”
  • This book gives an overview of the issues confronted by lawyers dealing with international joint ventures.
  • This set offers collection of text, forms, and selected laws and regulations to help you in structuring joint ventures between U.S. and foreign companies.Contains country-specific information on the European Union, Canada, China, Latin American countries, and moreIncludes a CD-ROM containing more than 100 sample joint venture agreementsIncludes analysis of antitrust and tax considerationsProvides a clear, concise starting point for setting up an international joint ventureProvides an overview of transnational joint ventures and the regulatory considerations involved in doing business in different countriesSaves an attorney time (and money) in identifying key issues in drafting international joint venture agreements
  • A comprehensive site on the (CISG), The site includes a very good guide toresearching CISG issues and international commercial law as well as an annotated textof the CISG which includes links to legislative history, scholarly writings and case law.
  • Legal research tool for World Trade Organization dispute settlement providing summary and analysis of all reports. Available via wireless and wired connections located within the College of Law building complex.
  • provides access to intellectual property legislation from a wide range of countries and regions as well as to treaties on intellectual property.
  • Lists of private international conventons affecting trade and business focuses primarily on convention to which the US isa party.
  • Competitiveness reportGlobal competitiveness (infrastructure, macroeconomic stability, tech readiness, innovation); GCR – Economic Forum, rankings by business leaders on a variety of criteria such as infrastructure, corruption, etc.Gender gapGlobal info techNot much analysis, but numbers are there.
  • These books have a wealth of informationFactors that affect business transactions labor immigration business structures import/export controls
  • HooversProvides information on over 17 million worldwide companies. Comprehensive company profiles, including corporate history, executives, products/operations data, financials, and news, provided for US public and top private businesses. Hoover’s Academic provides a view of the competitive landscape and industry benchmarks, as well as, the ability to generate lists of companies and executives in targeted functions or industries within specific geographic regions by specific criteria.Mergent OnlineFormerly called FISonlineObtain business descriptions, corporate histories and financial statements for 11,000 U.S. public companies and 17,000 non-U.S. public companies.
  • Research International Business Transactions

    1. 1. Researching International Business Transactions<br />Margaret Clark<br />Reference Librarian<br />FSU College of Law<br />Research Center<br />
    2. 2. Starting Points<br />SlideShare for Powerpoint<br />Campus – Wide Resources<br />Research Center Databases<br />
    3. 3. Questions?<br />See you in the Research Center!<br />
    4. 4. What We’ll Cover:<br />General Resources<br />Sources for Specific Transactions<br />Country Resources<br />Company Information<br />Industry Information<br />Current Awareness<br />
    5. 5. General Resources<br />
    6. 6. globalEDGE: IB Resource Desk<br />
    7. 7.
    8. 8.
    9. 9.
    10. 10.
    11. 11. Transaction Specific Resources<br />Agency, Distribution and Franchise Agreements<br />Arbitration/Dispute Resolution<br />Export and Import<br />International Joint Ventures<br />Sales<br />Trade<br />
    12. 12. Agency, Distribution and Franchise Agreements<br />International Agency & Distribution Agreements ( LEXISNEXIS)<br />
    13. 13. Arbitration/Dispute Resolution<br />International Commercial Arbitration<br />
    14. 14. Arbitration/Dispute Resolution<br />International Arbitration: Mealey's Litigation Report<br />
    15. 15.
    16. 16. Export/Import<br />
    17. 17.
    18. 18. International Joint Ventures<br />Joint Ventures in the International Arena<br />Research Center, Ground Floor<br />K1309.J62 2003<br />
    19. 19. International Joint Ventures<br />Transnational Joint Ventures<br />Research Center<br />K1309.J62 2003<br />
    20. 20. Sales<br />CISG and International Commercial Law Database<br />
    21. 21. Trade<br /><br />
    22. 22. Country Information<br />
    23. 23. Country InformationOrganic Law – Research Guide<br />
    24. 24.
    25. 25.
    26. 26. Country InformationOrganic Law - Compilations<br />
    27. 27.
    28. 28. Country InformationOrganic Law <br />
    29. 29. Country InformationBusiness Sources<br />Competiveness Reports<br /><br />These and other reports rank countries by a variety of criteria. Available free online from the World Economic Forum.<br />
    30. 30. Country InformationBusiness Sources<br />Doing Business in . . . Series <br />
    31. 31. Country InformationBusiness Sources<br />18 countries in LexisNexis<br />
    32. 32.
    33. 33. International Law > Emerging Issues > China<br />
    34. 34.
    35. 35.
    36. 36. Company & Industry Information<br />
    37. 37. Company & Industry Information<br />Hoover’s<br />Mergent Online<br />
    38. 38. Company & Industry Information<br />
    39. 39. Business Source Complete:International Industry Profiles<br />Browse for industry reports<br />or search for keywords and limit results to industry profiles<br />Sample Report<br />
    40. 40. Current Awareness<br />
    41. 41.
    42. 42.
    43. 43. Questions?<br />See you in the Research Center!<br />