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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. How did you use new media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages? By Shahriyar Choudhury
  2. 2. Throughout my research, planning and construction I have used a range of hardware and software for my media package and each hardware and software has played it’s part. I am going to explain how and why each hardware, software and online tool used was very effective and how I may have developed my skills.
  3. 3. Photoshop <ul><li>Photoshop has been essential for me because I have used it to complete my print products. Using Photoshop has enabled me to construct my magazine and poster the way I want it making it identical to professional researched film magazines and posters. I have also used photoshop to edit images in order for it to connote the genre. My produced film poster shows how effectively I have used photoshop in order to create continuity between my products. I have used the paint brush tool, the opacity tool and the font colour tool because these tools enabled me to edit my image and it made my product look the way I first designed it on my flat plans. Using Photoshop has been no problem for me because I constructed a magazine in my AS year I had used photoshop throughout each stage therefore I have transferred these skills over and I have also developed these skills in order to make my print products seem as professional as possible. I also used Photoshop partly for Evaluation Question 1 where I had taken screen grabs of 9 shots of my trailer as shown below. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Blogger Blogger is different from all the other online tools that I have been using because it was like a personal diary to me and this is where I show evidence of all the work I have done throughout research, planning, construction and evaluation. Blogger enabled me to upload powerpoints, prezis, videos and my media packages and this has also been very effective with ease of use. I have used Blogger before therefore I was familiar with what it contains and I already knew how to use it therefore I didn’t have to develop any new skills. I believe using Blogger is the best way to document any plans for production or any updates about anything because this is the online tool that shows evidence that you have carried out efficient research and development in all areas.
  5. 5. YouTube <ul><li>YouTube has been essential for me mainly during the research and planning stage as well as uploading videos of either audience feedback for evaluation or a video of myself directly to YouTube and it was also needed for uploading the rough cut and final cuts of my film trailer. I used it for researching and planning because I had to research professional film trailers from the same or a similar genre in order to make sure that I identify closely the forms and conventions of a film trailer. I have used YouTube to upload all the videos that I had constructed including my film animatic and then I had effectively uploaded all videos onto my blog using the embed code. Developing these skills such as uploading videos to and from YouTube has also linked with other online tools and throughout the creation of my media package all the online tools combined because they were needed for different reasons. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Dafont.com <ul><li>I used dafont.com for my font research whilst I was constructing my print products of a film poster and film magazine. This has been a very useful online tool because it has replicated my print products to look similar to researched professional products and with all the different styles of fonts it contains it had enabled me to grab the attention of my target audience easier. The main benefit of dafont.com was that it had the original font which is used for many professional film posters and as you can see below I have used this font in order to give my film poster a much more professional look. I have also used the same font from my poster onto my trailer for the credits that are shown in the end of my trailer. </li></ul>The first image on the left shows how dafont.com enabled me to download a font which strongly signifies my genre which is why it was very useful. The second image shows the professional font which I used for my film poster and film trailer.
  7. 7. Slideshare <ul><li>Slideshare has enabled me to upload all my powerpoints straight onto my blog. This has been useful because it shows a differentiation of the online tools I have used and it also made it possible to use software such as PowerPoint. I have created powerpoints on genre research and Evaluation Question 1 and I am using it for this question as well because I believe using this online tool combined with the PowerPoint software makes my answers more effective. </li></ul>I used PowerPoint to compare my print products to Inception’s print products because it was easy for me to annotate both sets of print products and explaining about them
  8. 8. Prezi <ul><li>I have used Prezi for the research, planning and evaluation stages, however I have never used it for the construction of my product because Prezi is the type of online tool similar to as PowerPoint in which you present your ideas both visually and verbally. I have created a few prezis which are the one where I researched how the film Cowboys and Aliens was marketed and promoted and I also used it for Evaluation Question 2. It is really effective because as well as creative text it also enables you to insert images and videos which could easily be annotated as well which is why I believe it is a really good online tool to use when researching, planning and evaluating professional media products and ideas. </li></ul>These are the 2 prezis that I created and they are also evident in my blog.
  9. 9. Google <ul><li>I have used Google for research, planning, construction and evaluation stages because whenever I needed to research into professional film trailers and print products and also how they work together as a promotional package, Google had provided all the answers. This online tool also had images of the print products I was researching which made it easier for me whilst constructing my print products. </li></ul>
  10. 10. Glogster <ul><li>Glogster is an online tool where you can create a visual mood board and I hardly used this except for one stage of my research where I had to gather together the kinds of clothes my target audience wear and what they may be interested in because it visually shows the kind of audience that my media package is targeted towards. </li></ul>
  11. 11. Final Cut Express Final Cut Express is the software which was required the most because this is where the filmed footage was captured into and then with the shots being edited and soundtrack being added I had completed my trailer and had exported it as a movie file then uploaded directly to YouTube. Final Cut Express was used for the construction of my film trailer and film animatic during my research and it is a software which only applies to Apple I-Macs which is why I had to use my time effectively. The usage of Final Cut Express had also enabled me to create an animated logo which is shown within the start of my trailer. I have used a range of tools within Final Cut Express such as adding different forms of intertitles to break up the shots in plain text and typewriter format for a more dramatic and intense effect. I also used the fade in fade out tool because it injected professionalism and it also signified my chosen genre. I also used the pen tool because it enabled me to heighten the sound so it was loud enough for the audience to hear and the pen tool also enabled me to increase the volume of my background music. I had also used the rendering tool in order for my trailer to be in a working condition where it can be viewed or else some files see to go offline. When I created a soundtrack using Garage Band for my animatic I had uploaded it straight into Final Cut Express and I had also used the same soundtrack for my final cut of trailer although I had to crop bits of sound out in order for it to match the camera shot which is why Final Cut Express is so effective because it is an industry software which is used by professional film producers. The image below shows me using Final Cut Express for when I added soundtrack into my film trailer.
  12. 12. Garage Band <ul><li>Garage Band is an efficient software which is only applicable to the Apple I-Macs therefore I had to use this software with efficient timing. I had used this for the research stage when I produced my film animatic I had created the soundtrack using Garage Band and I had used the same soundtrack for my final cut of trailer although I edited bits of sound out using Final Cut Express. Garage Band has been significant for the construction because it has created a dramatic soundtrack which connotes my chosen genre and also matches with my trailer which makes it more intense according to my audience feedback. The image below shows how I created sound using Garage Band. I had chosen a lot of soundtrack and created it into one for my trailer as the two images below show. </li></ul>
  13. 13. PowerPoint PowerPoint has been an essential software because it enabled me to respond to a few tasks including this question in a different way which also uses a range of media skills because images could be inserted and easily annotated which I believe makes PowerPoint essential. This software links to slideshare (online tool) because once PowerPoint is complete it needs to be uploaded into the blog via slideshare. I have used PowerPoint many times in the past for educational purposes and I have also developed all the skills that are required to use it. However, I used it on normal PC’s and Apple I-Macs therefore there were differences such as the way you have to use finder on Apple I-Macs to search it and on a normal Windows PC the PowerPoint window is always available on the start up. The image below shows that I have used PowerPoint and it also shows the skills that I have developed by inserting images and analysing it for a more effective responses and it also enhances the usage of media technology. Slides that I created within PowerPoint are shown.
  14. 14. Scanner <ul><li>I used the scanner for research, planning and evaluation stage because I needed to scan sheets in which will be evident within my blog. This particular hardware has been extremely useful because it has enabled me to carry out different methods for researching audience feedback such as questionnaires as well as producing videos. I have developed my skills with the usage of a scanner because throughout I have never had any problems with the scanner, however when I had used it for the creation of my hip hop magazine I had faced a few problems with the scanner both electronically and technically. Finally, this hardware device is irreplaceable because there is no other way to upload other documents onto a blog except images which can be uploaded via cameras. </li></ul>
  15. 15. Canon HD Video camera <ul><li>The use of a video camera enabled me to follow my planned out film storyboard which I created an animatic with and it enabled me to construct my official action/drama film trailer the way I wanted it. This hardware brought in a range of benefits to my trailer because it is HD it gives clear focus on character and clear quality of sound and image which enabled my trailer to replicate a professional film trailer. However, when I constructed my audience feedback for Evaluation Question 3 I had used Photo Booth because it was an essential tool which was provided with the Apple I-Macs. Using this Canon HD Video Camera enabled me to develop a range of skills such as zooming in and out and how to view and delete clips and this has emphasised on me to also film a film trailer without any assistance. These skills also enabled me to develop confidence in using the video camera and now that I have completed my media package I personally believe that the developing and progress I made with this particular hardware device has given me the confidence to film a moving image product. </li></ul>
  16. 16. Tripod <ul><li>The use of this particular hardware has been essential for the construction of my film trailer and it was used along with the HD Video Camera because it can’t be used on its own. The use of a tripod enabled me to construct each camera shot within my trailer the way I wanted it and this is also evident in my final cut of my film trailer. By using a tripod this injected professionalism into the film as it controlled shots steadily and I also developed camera skills because with the use of a tripod I was able to move the camera in any direction with It steadily sitting on the plate of the tripod. However, I had never used a tripod before because I never constructed any sorts of video using a tripod and a HD Video Camera therefore I had difficulty in setting up a tripod but once I researched into how to set it up it was simple and easy from then on. </li></ul>
  17. 17. SLR Camera <ul><li>This hardware device has been extremely essential during the research and construction of my print product because I had to construct a photoshoot with my model who was also acting in the film trailer in order to show continuity between my media package. The use of this hardware device also shows professionalism in my print products because of the quality of the lens and the way the images are constructed with some being zoomed in for Close Ups and some zoomed out for Medium Close Ups. I also used the photography studio and I also learnt how to set up the studio background and lighting and this was essential to the photography which I constructed using the SLR Cameras. SLR Cameras were used for the research as well when I got my model to try on costumes for costume research and when I researched into locations that I may use within my trailer and this is also evident within my blog. Although I have had past experience with SLR Cameras I have developed my skills and knowledge further by learning about the way on how to make gridlines appear on screen whilst capturing image and the shutter speed of the hardware device. I also developed my general skills. By developing my skills and knowledge further I never needed any assistance whilst using the SLR Cameras because I already knew before I used it what it is capable of. </li></ul>
  18. 18. Conclusion <ul><li>In conclusion, the researching, planning, construction and evaluation that has been carried out for the creation of my media package which consists of a film trailer, film poster and film magazine front cover I personally believe that each hardware device, software and online tools that were used were extremely effective and I also feel more efficient and confident as I required less assistance and I managed to use each technology explained with ease some in which were easier than others because of past experience or because it was simple to use. I also personally believe that I used each technology as much as I can for each of the four stages in order to ensure that I used a range of different technologies. With all the technology that was available to me I had used it effectively because it made my media package seem professionally created because of real industry software such as Photoshop and Final Cut Express. However, the one piece of technology I could have used to enhance the usage of technology would be the Canon HD Video Camera because I had only used it for my film shooting but I could have used it to construct audience feedback and general feedback in order to enhance my skills and knowledge about the piece of hardware technology further but I did use Photo Booth which makes the use of Canon HD Video Camera an alternative option. Finally, I would have liked to use Final Cut Express more for ky evaluation because I wanted to construct a voiceover with my products showing on screen in order for the audience to verbally hear and visually see what is being explained, however for Evaluation Question 3 I gathered audience feedback using Photo Booth and I had used Final Cut Express to convert the video clip into a (. mov ) file which I was then able to upload straight into my blog d irectly from YouTube. </li></ul>