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  • 1. Starts with extreme close up of a black object, then zooms out to show a shot of a ninja mask hanging on a peg. A calendar can be seen in the background.
  • 2. Camera slowly pans to a midshot of some swords leaving against a wall, with the fight me sign in front.
  • 3. Close up on the mask, as a hand grabs it away from it's hook. Directly behind it, the Calender can be seen with all the dates, clearly crossed out until a circles date.
  • 4. Extreme close up of a boy's eyes as he pulls a ninja mask over his face.
  • 5. Mid shot from directly behind the ninja, which tracks him along.
  • 6. A long shot of a tree. (the clip will be fast forwarded and show the movement of clouds.)‏
  • 7. A shot of a picture, on the wall, which is of the tree we just saw. This picture is highlighted and has a few scrawling around it
  • 8. A slow pan across several posters, printed articles and images.
  • 9. A close up of two hands putting down the fight me sign.
  • 10. Closes up on an article, with the word “ninja” highlighted.
  • 11. Over shoulder shot of a man looking at his watch
  • 12. Closes up on an article, with the word “honour” highlighted.
  • 13. A long pivoting shot as the man runs in a hurry
  • 14. Closes up on an article, with various words highlighted.
  • 15. An over the shoulder shot, as the man runs onto the screen, an stops(which give the over the shoulder shot) as he stares at a mysterious figure by the tree.
  • 16. Over shoulder shot from the ninja, looking at the man.
  • 17. Closes up on an article, with the word “Challenge” highlighted.
  • 18. Close up on the ninja's sword at his waist.
  • 19. Close up of the ninja's folded arms.
  • 20. Pan which rests at the ninja's face.
  • 21. Low angled shot looking yup at the ninja child, as the titles come in.