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My passion
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My passion


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports

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  • My class!
  • Grade 7
  • Brooke!
  • Cassidy!
  • Austin!
  • Grade 8!
  • Zack!
  • Tristan
  • Robert!
  • Liam!
  • Brittany!
  • Blowfish!
  • Transcript

    • 1. My Class!
    • 2. CassidyAustin MeBrooke
    • 3. Full Name: Brooke Lorne JeffriesFavorite Colour (s): Pink, Black and Lime greenFavorite animal: Fish, dog or bothThings about Brooke: Is awesomeAge: 12What Brooke want’s to be when she grows up: Elementary Teacher
    • 4. Full name: Cassidy Lynn ZuntiFavorite Colour (s): Lime Green, Hot pink, High lighter yellow, blue, and orange.Favorite animal: Likes all animals, But hates insects.Things about Cassidy: Cassidy says and she quotes “I’m Cool” she also says that she’s funny!Age: 12What you want to be when you grow up: Dental hygienist
    • 5. Full Name: Austin Edward Frances BazylinskiFavorite Colour (s): Orange and BlueFavorite Animal: CheetahThings about Austin: He Quotes that he’s funny!Age:12What he want’s to be when he grows up: Police officer
    • 6. Full name: Robert Alexander CooperFavorite Colour (s): blueFavorite Animal: chinchillaThings about Robert: I am ausomeAge: 13What he want’s to be when he grows up:Unavailable!
    • 7. Full name: Liam Ashley HansenFavorite Colour (s): PinkFavorite Animal: CatThings about Liam: He says he’s awesome!Age: 14What he want’s to be when he grows up: Trucker
    • 8. Full name: Brittany Lynn CooperFavorite Colour (s): Blue and purpleFavorite animal: dogsThings about Brittany: “I’m amazing” quote by Brittany and she isReally funny all the timeAge: 13 turning 14What she wants to be when she grows up: Vet
    • 9. My Buddies!
    • 10. From Luseland And Couldn’t be anybetter than a friend to me!From Luseland.
    • 11. One Of my Best friends! We hang out likeEvery weeked!From Luseland.
    • 12. Me, Garrett, and Reighna always hang outat Quinn’s hockey games and Practices!From: Luseland
    • 13. Me and Koby Hang out on Tuesdays,Thursdays and before and after Hockeygames!From: Luseland
    • 14. Dean Is one of my best guy friends inLuseland.From: Luseland
    • 15. Jordyn Is and amazing Friend!From Kerrobert.
    • 16. Taylor is really nice and pretty. We talkon Skype and facebook a lot! We Hangout at the rink a lot.From: Kerrobert
    • 17. Is a really good friend. Me and her alwayshang out at hockey games!From: kerrobert
    • 18. Me and Celena Hang out all the time atthe bantam hockey games! She is alsocoming to Nickelback with me in May formy Birthday! From: Kerrobert
    • 19. He’s my buddy! We hang out every timewe go to Kindersly!From: Kindersly
    • 20. One Of my best friends from Lacombe!From: Lacombe
    • 21. Also from Lacombe! He’s is really niceand cool! We hang out every summer!From: Lacombe
    • 22. He’s my buddy! We hang out at Peircelake every year!From: Peirce Land
    • 23. Thanks for watching!