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Published in Education
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  • 1. Hera!And her stories!
  • 2. Goddess of:QUEEN OF HEAVEN: Patron of: the Air, Clear skies, Rain, Storms,Favor: Clear skies, Rain-showers, Cool-breezesCurse: StormsGODDESS OF KINGS & EMPIRESPatron of: Kings, Kingdoms, Empires, Royal dynasties, PoliticsGODDESS OF MARRIAGE Patron of: Maidens of marriageable age, Betrothals, Bride-priceWeddings, Marriage, Wives, Fidelity, WidowsFavor: Good betrothal, Marital harmonyCurse: Marital discord, Punishment of adulterersGODDESS OFWOMENS FERTILITYPatron of: Menstruation; Womens fertility
  • 3. What were her symbols,attributes, sacred plants and animals?SACRED PLANTS / FLOWERS: Pomegranate, Willow, Lotus / waterlilySACRED ANIMALS: Heifer / young cow, LionSACRED BIRDS: Cuckoo, Peacock, Wide-winged hawk, CranePLANET OF HERA: Venus, the Roman goddess of love identified with Aphrodite. TheGreeks called the planet "Aster Aphroditas" or "Aster Heras’’, forthe womens star was shared between the two goddesses.
  • 4. Who were the family& attendants of Hera?FATHER: KRONOS Deposed Titan-King of the Gods, son of Ouranos the sky & Gaia the earth MOTHER: RHEA Former Titan-Queen of the Gods, daughter of Ouranos the sky & Gaia the earthHUSBAND:ZEUS King of the GodsDIVINE CHILDREN:ARES God of WarHEPHAISTOS God of MetalworkingHEBE Goddess of Youth and BridesEILEITHYIA Goddess of ChildbirthERIS Goddess of Strife (including marital) ATTENDANTS & MINIONS: EILEITHYIA Goddess of ChildbirthHEBE Goddess of YouthIRIS Goddess of the RainbowTHE HORAI Goddesses of the Seasons & Heavenly Law and OrderOKEANIDES Cloud-NymphaiAs Queen of Heaven, most of the gods would do her bidding
  • 5. Popular mythsof Hera!* Hera and her siblings were swallowed at birth by theirfather Cronus. Zeus later conscripted Metis to feed theTitan-King a draught which made him disgorge the five.* After Zeus birthed Athena from his head, Hera conceivedher own child without intercourse. This son was borndeformed, and Hera cast him out of heaven in disgust.Hephaistos, when grown, trapped his mother on amagical, binding throne as punishment of her earlierrejection.
  • 6.,r:1,s:0,i:68&tx=72&ty=120 Hera! Hera! Hera! Hera! Hera! Hera! Hera! Hera! Hera! Hera! Hera! Hera! Hera! Hera! Hera! Hera! Hera!
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  • 8. Hera is a daughter of Cronus and Rhea, and wife and sister of Zeus. Thechildren of Hera and Zeus are Hephaestus, Hebe, Ares. Some sourcessay her children were conceived without the help of a man, either byslapping her hand on the ground or by eating lettuce. Hera was knownfor her jealous and vengeful nature, mostly against Zeuss lovers andoffspring, but also against mortals who crossed her. The greatest andearliest free-standing temple to Hera was the Heraion of Samos. Herawas the stepmother and enemy of Heracles. Hera is Zeus wife and sister.She was raised by the Titans Ocean and Tethys. Shea is the supremegoddess, goddess of marriage and childbirth and takes special care ofmarried women.
  • 9. Why is she famous?She is famous because of her birth, and her stories!
  • 10. When did Hera die?She didn’t! Gods and goddess can’t die!
  • 11. What makes a goodstory?A good story is made by having somethinginteresting. Like, Hera was swallowed by her ownfather! I find that very interesting, and it makes mewant to read more about Greek mythology!
  • 12. Bibliography!