Poetry DedicationProject          -Rylee Shaw
I’ve decided to dedicate this project to my mother, Jennyfer Shaw. I wantto do this for her to show some sort of appreciat...
My 5 original poems
Introduction;   My Gram and my mother are the most radiant, beautiful and intelligent women that I know. Without them, I c...
Introduction;   I wrote this poem about myself. I’m sure it also fits the lives of many other teenagers    who have grown ...
Introduction;From the time I was able to attend school, which was around four years old, I was toldthat my time from pre-s...
Introduction;This year on May 1st, 2012, I lost one of my best friends. My dog, Bella. I had her since I   was 13 years ol...
Introduction;         This poem that I wrote is about a girl who is adjusting from childhood intoadulthood, someone like m...
5 Published Poems
“Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of        Dante Alighieri wrote the poem         always. “Remember Tonight”. It...
Title: Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep                                            Dramatic Situation: Dealing with a dea...
“dive for dreams                       Title: Dive for Dreams                                       Dramatic Situation: Ta...
Title: Hope is the thing with feathers                                       Dramatic Situation:                          ...
“There is a place where the sidewalk ends       Title: Where the sidewalk endsAnd before the street begins,               ...
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Poetry dedication project rylee shaw


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Poetry dedication project rylee shaw

  1. 1. Poetry DedicationProject -Rylee Shaw
  2. 2. I’ve decided to dedicate this project to my mother, Jennyfer Shaw. I wantto do this for her to show some sort of appreciation because I know that Idon’t do it often. My mom is my best friend. This doesn’t even begin toshow all of the thanks that she deserves, but I hope that this will stand forsomething. My mother has stood beside me through thick and thin, andeven though we have our differences like every mother and daughter inthis world, there is no one else that I could count on more than I cancount on her. When I’m happy, she is happy. When I’m sad, she is sad butno matter what emotion I’m feeling and no matter what situation in lifethat I’m growing through, my mother is right there. She never lets medown. She has done so many things for me and still to this day, 18 yearslater, goes out of her way to try to please me, even if I don’t deserve it.She’s a hero in my eyes and she’s a warrior because she has conqueredthings that I don’t know if I would ever be able to handle it but it almostgives me a hope. A hope that reassures me that one day, when life throwsa curveball at me, I’ll get though it because she is my mother and shetaught me how to. My mother held my hand for years but she will hold myheart for the rest of my life. I believe that mothers and daughters have aspecial bond and I truly pity the girls who’ve had to grow up without theirmother because I’d be lost without mine and I’m so truly thankful thatGod has given me an amazing life with an amazing family. I can only hopeto be the kind of woman that my mom has become. She is my hope. Sheis my inspiration. Thank you, mom. For everything.
  3. 3. My 5 original poems
  4. 4. Introduction; My Gram and my mother are the most radiant, beautiful and intelligent women that I know. Without them, I can’t even begin to contemplate where I’d be in my life. It seems as if in each stage of my life, I need them both to help pull me through something newand difficult that I’m facing. Each time is different and each time they know exactly what to do and how to handle it. Each year as I get older, I need their guidance with something. They are so wise and I hope to one day be able to hold on to each piece ofadvice that they’ve given me and give it to my daughter or son and then onto my grand- daughter or grand-son. When I was younger, I didn’t realize how much God had blessed me. Each season I’ve named after my gram and my mom because it truly fits theirpersonality, how I see them and how special they are to me. They are two very important people to me and they mean more than words can possibly express. When I look at them, they inspire me. They make me want to be a better person than what I am. They stand beside me, they support me, they are always there for advice, and because of that, I’m thankful because I know that not everyone is granted such a wonderful gift. That’s what they are to me, and I don’t intend on wasting it. Poem; We are three generations My Gram My mom and I We also are three seasons That are passing gently by My Gram is early Autumn And I myself am Spring My mom, well she is Summer We possess the good those seasons bring
  5. 5. Introduction; I wrote this poem about myself. I’m sure it also fits the lives of many other teenagers who have grown up in small towns or one small hometown all their lives. Everyday I dream of seeing the place where I grew up in my rearview mirror because I wish toachieve greater things than my area has to offer. I’d love to live on my own in a far away city, go to college and start a life of my own that is completely different from what I’ve ever known. It’s a scary thought, but it’s also an exciting thought just because I know that it’s a possibility for me and I want to go far. I know that one day when I’m packingmy bags, getting ready to leave my home, my family, my friends and my neighbors, that a feeling of grief will wash over me. As much as I dread my town, I know that I will end up missing it because it’s my home and it’s where I’ve always felt comfortable. Years from now, after I’ve experienced more things, I hope to be married with kids. I’m goingto eventually settle down with my family in a safe, small neighborhood just like the one I grew up in. Poem; When you live in a little town You dream of bigger places Of high-rise buildings Big bright lights And even different faces I love my little family Theyre faces that I love But one day Some day I will see the things that Ive dreamed of
  6. 6. Introduction;From the time I was able to attend school, which was around four years old, I was toldthat my time from pre-school to 12th grade would fly past. I never believed anyone. Idreaded school with a passion, all I’ve ever wanted to do since I started was to graduate.I know for a fact that I have wished away my childhood like it was nothing because itdidn’t mean a lot to me when I was young and now here I am, a senior in high school atPAVCS. I never dreamed my life would have taken the route that it has or that my youthwould speed past faster than anything I’ve ever experienced but it has. This year as Ifilled out a college application to one of my favorite colleges, I couldn’t help but stop tothink that I can’t believe I’m 18 years old and applying to Penn State University. Icouldn’t possibly be this old already. Wasn’t I just 10 the other day playing with myfriends from next door? I don’t exactly know where I’m going with my life and it’s a fearof mine. I know that I want to go places and meet all kinds of new people but I’m notsure when. I was accepted into PSU but right now I’m deciding whether I want to gostraight away or maybe work for a year to save up money and then proceed my dreams.I have my entire life ahead of me and I know we aren’t promised tomorrow buteverything happens for a reason and things will come to me as they are supposed to. Poem; I dont like to admit it But I have a hidden fear I think that being on my own May take another year
  7. 7. Introduction;This year on May 1st, 2012, I lost one of my best friends. My dog, Bella. I had her since I was 13 years old and just in the 7th grade. She recently became sick and wouldn’t eat and seemed to be in a lot of pain. We made countless visits to the vet and spent hundreds of dollars trying to figure out what the problem was. Eventually, I decided to get a second opinion. The moment I walked her into the veterinary office, the Dr. looked at her and knew right away what the problem was. He said that he had felt a mass builtup into her stomach and told me that he thought for sure that it was a tumor but asked if he could run some x-rays to be sure. I knew then at that moment that my dog most likely wasn’t going to make that trip home with me. A few minutes later, he carries her back in as she looks over to me with sad eyes. The vet told me that Bella was diagnosed with Lymphoma and that she was also in a lot of pain because her spleen was enlargedand that the only way we could save her was to give her a bone marrow transplant whichwould cost around $900 and even then, it was not guaranteed to work. The only choice I had was to put her to sleep. I held her as the vet injected the needle and I talked to her until I felt her breath slow and her heart come to a stop. After I came home, my heartwas broken and I couldn’t bare to be home without her, it felt so empty and so to help fillthat void that I felt, I adopted a puppy and named him Luka. He’s a sweetheart and even though he has helped stop the sadness that I felt, no one will ever replace Bella. Poem; I have a dog My dog is great Hes always there And never late At least not late for supper Nor ever late for snack And if by chance That I forget I think He might attack
  8. 8. Introduction; This poem that I wrote is about a girl who is adjusting from childhood intoadulthood, someone like myself. You’re not a girl, yet you’re not a woman and to me, it’ssort of a difficult stage. You’re expected to act like an adult, but you’re still treated like a child(in most cases). As I’m leaving my teen years, I’m figuring myself out just like everyone else my age. I definitely feel like I’m opening new doors in my life and I’m searching for what I want to do and who I want to be or just how I want to live my life, and it isn’t an easy task. I look back on all the years as I’ve grown up and I’m wondering where the time has gone. I love to sit back with friends and family andreminisce on the old times and then we gather around to sit and talk about the new and what our future holds. I believe everyone leaving their teenage years, turning into their early 20’s feels like this, at some point in their time. I’m not positive on what my future holds or what my destiny is, but I put faith in the idea that God has a plan for me. A great plan. He won’t give me something that I can’t handle. I’m ready to take on what life has next in store for me! Poem; Away, away My early life Has passed away too soon I feel like I have entered In a door that takes me far Perhaps not far in distance Im not living on a star But I am not the child I was And not the woman I WILL be.. Im just upon the threshold Of my destiny
  9. 9. 5 Published Poems
  10. 10. “Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of Dante Alighieri wrote the poem always. “Remember Tonight”. It has always been A promise. Like a reward for persisting throughone of my favorites and I first heard it on life so long alone. a television show. This poem talks about A belief in each other and the possibility of a marriage and how you will remembertonight because a marriage should be the love. beginning of always. No matter what A decision to ignore, simply rise above the pain you’ve been through before, no matter of the past.what pain you’ve felt, you have a belief in A covenant, which at once binds two souls andeach other and a love that is ever lasting. The speaker was Dante, himself yet severs prior ties. addressing any reader, to give them A celebration of the chance taken and the advice to not take life for challenge that lies ahead. granted, because so many people do so. For two will always be stronger than one, like a You realize what you do today will affect your life tomorrow so you remember the team braced against the tempest civil world. important things in life and you cherish And love will always be the guiding force in our them, such as a marriage because once lives. For tonight is mere formality. you bind those two ties, you’ve mad a Only an announcement to the world of feelingspromise to God to be with that person for the rest of your life. In this poem, you’ll long held. Promises made long ago. find symbolism and hopeful and In the sacred spaces of our hearts” loving, innocent and real images. The tone in this poem to me is hopeful and -Dante Alighieriinspiring, full of adoration and realization for the things ahead in your life thatyou’re about to face. The kind of tone and Title: Remember Tonight images that run through your head at Dramatic Situation: A marriage that rises above all else night, not allowing you to fall asleep. Speaker: Dante Alighieri “Remember Tonight” is a 10 line stanza Addressee: The reader, to give advice to anyone to not take life forwith a theme of a love that will always be granted. your guiding force throughout your Occasion: To give advice to anyone to not take life for grantedlifetime, rising above all else in the world Subject: Realizing that what you do today, will affect your life because you have that one person, you tomorrow so remember the things you do tonight because it is and will have a love and a belief in one another. always be the beginning of your forever. The diction of this poem is engaging and Images: Symbolism, allusion, innocence, hopeful optimistic and entirely full of passion. I Tone: Inspiring, hopeful, adoration, realizationchose this poem for my reader because it Structure: 10 line stanza reminds me of a love that she has with Theme: A love will always be your guiding force, a marriage that is so my father, and the kind of love that I beautiful it rises above everything else, a belief in one another. Diction; Passion, engaging, optimistic want to have some day.
  11. 11. Title: Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep Dramatic Situation: Dealing with a death Speaker: Mary Elizabeth Frye Addressee: To those of who are close to Mary after she passes, or to anyone dealing with the death of a loved one. Occasion: Learning to deal with a death of someone close, to not cry“Do not stand at my grave and weep but to cherish memories. Images: Symbolism, metaphors, calming, serene, winds, diamond on snow, ripened grain, gentle autumn rain, morning’sI am not there; I do not sleep. hush, uplifting rush. Tone: Uplifting, encouraging, inspirationalI am a thousand winds that blow, Structure: Rhyme Scheme: ababcdcd Title Symbolism: Do not weep for the departed, for the are happyI am the diamond glints on snow, and will meet again. Theme: Keeping those passed loved ones in your heart, but to be happy for them and to know that you will be with them againI am the sun on ripened grain, someday, do not cry. Diction: Straight-forward, calming, hopeful.I am the gentle autumn rain. Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep is one of the mostWhen you awaken in the morning’s hush beautiful poems I’ve ever read. Everyone in this world dies but not everyone knows how to deal with it. One day or another, you will lose a loved one and throughout yourI am the swift uplifting rush life, some lose many. In this poem, it teaches you how to deal with an accident such as this. It teaches you how to deal withOf quiet birds in circled flight. death. The speaker is coming from the point of one who has passed and moved onto the next life. They are addressing theirI am the soft stars that shine at night. loved ones who weep over them and who miss them. This poem is showing you to not weep over a loved one, but to put them in your heart ad cherish your memories with them for the rest ofDo not stand at my grave and cry, your life. They do not want to be remembered by you being sad and hurt. There are lovely cases of symbolism and metaphorsI am not there; I did not die.” with calming and serene feelings to this poem. There are winds with diamonds on snow, ripened gran, with gentle autumn rain, your morning’s hush, uplifting rush. Those images are how-Mary Elizabeth Frye people want to be remembered after they have died. The rhyme scheme is abab and then it changes onto c and d. The title symbolism is the main point of the entire poem. Do not weep for those who have gone onto life after death, because they are happy and know that you will one day meet again. The theme tells you to not cry, keep your loved one in the safest place of your heart and relive your wonderful memories over and over in your head so that you do not forget them. The diction of this poem is straight-forward. It tells all. It is calming and it is hopeful as it has helped many people throughout the years, deal with death. I chose this poem for my reader because she was the person who was there for me the most when I lost one of my best friends to a tragic car accident 4 years ago.
  12. 12. “dive for dreams Title: Dive for Dreams Dramatic Situation: Taking numerous risks or chances throughout life.or a slogan may topple you Speaker: E.E. Cummings(trees are their roots Addressee: The reader Occasion: Search for your own ideas, dream bigand wind is wind) Subject: Diving for your dreams, don’t let anyone hold you down. Do what youtrust your heart have to do and be you. Images: Metaphor, trees and wind, sea’s and fire, live and loveif the seas catch fire Tone: Cheerful, enlivening, pleasant(and live by love Title Symbolism: Chase your dreams, don’t stop at any length Theme: Keep searching for what you want in life or you wont ever grasp it and tothough the stars walk backward) trust in your heart and to use it to love Diction: accelerating, jaunty, vivacious, optimistichonour the pastbut welcome the future(and dance your death Dive for dreams was sort of difficult for me to understand at first but now I realize that what he’s saying is the truth. I appreciate E.E.away at the wedding) Cummings’ worknever mind a world and I love this piece. The title is call Dive for Dreams which is prettywith its villains or heroes self explanatory. To get where you want to go in life, you dive for your dreams. You don’t stop for anyone or anything, you do what you have(for good likes girls to do to get where you want to go. The dramatic situation is aboutand tomorrow and the earth) taking numerous risks or chances throughout life, don’t hold back. Thein spite of everything speaker would be E.E. Cummings giving his readers advice on how to pursue your dreams. The occasion is searching for your ownwhich breathes and moves, since Doom ideas, finding out what you want to do and the type of person that you(with white longest hands want to be. Along with the subject, going to any length to get what you want in life, because you live once, you need to make your timeneating each crease) worthy. Dream big! Achieve great things! There are metaphors allwill smooth entirely our minds throughout this poem, which I love: the trees and wind, the sea’s and-before leaving my room fire, how you live and love. It makes the tone cheerful, enlivening and mostly pleasant. When you talk about going after youri turn, and (stooping dreams, knowing you aren’t that far, it makes you happy and cheery.through the morning) kiss The title is what defines the entire poem, don’t stop or give up whatthis pillow, dear you are trying to reach. Everyone deserves to get their dream. The theme teaches you to keep on searching, grasp it and take it becausewhere our heads lived and were. “ you deserve it. You need to use your heart and use it to love. The-E.E. Cummings diction is jaunty, vivacious and it made me feel extremely optimistic. I chose this poem for my reader because she also wants me and pushes me to dive for my dreams.
  13. 13. Title: Hope is the thing with feathers Dramatic Situation: Speaker: Emily Dickinson/Unknown Narrator“HOPE is the thing with feathers Addressee: The Reader Occasion: Learning to find hope in yourself Subject: Turning inwards and feeling safe and secure, finding the hope that hasThat perches in the soul, perched upon your soul and avoiding the outside world. Images: Imagery, metaphor, feathers, soul, gale, stormAnd sings the tune without the Tone: bittersweet, poignantwords, Structure: 3 line stanza Rhyme Scheme: ABAB for the first four lines, no continuing straight-forward rhymeAnd never stops at all, scheme. Title Symbolism: Finding hope Theme: Finding hope coming from within, the only way you can. Hope is sweetest during a storm.And sweetest in the gale is heard; Diction: A simple poem with a simple meaning Emily Dickinson wrote this poem about hope. It shows how sheAnd sore must be the storm turned herself from the rest of the world, when she was goingThat could abash the little bird through tough times, “the storm” and found hope coming to her from within. Which is where most people find hope, from themselves. TheThat kept so many warm. speaker I would like to believe is Emily, herself but it could also be coming from the point of an unknown narrator. The addressee would be the reader, or to someone who is going through a “storm” andI ’ve heard it in the chillest land, needs to find hope, the thing with the feathers. The occasion is learning to find the hope in yourself, it’s buried in every soul. Subject is turning inwards, feeling safe and secure while searching yourselfAnd on the strangest sea; for the hope that is perched upon your soul, avoiding the outsideYet, never, in extremity, world. Dickinson used imagery a lot in this poem, along with metaphors, feathers, soul, abash and storm. To me, “Hope” wasIt asked a crumb of me.” bittersweet and poignant. Only because you are finding the hope, but you have to go through the storm and rough patches of your life before you realize it’s what you need and where you need to go to-Emily Dickinson reach it. The structure is a 3 line stanza with a rhyme scheme of ABAB for the first four lines, no continuing straight-forward scheme. When you find hope is the title symbolism, it is also straight-forward. The theme and message coming from this simple poem is reaching within yourself and finding hope to go on another day, the only way you can. Hope is the sweetest during a storm. I chose this poem for my reader because she is who I hope to be like, my inspiration.
  14. 14. “There is a place where the sidewalk ends Title: Where the sidewalk endsAnd before the street begins, Dramatic Situation: Leaving darker streets to get to the end of the sidewalk.And there the grass grows soft and white, Speaker: Shel Silverstein Addressee: The readerAnd there the sun burns crimson bright, Occasion: Getting to where the sidewalk endsAnd there the moon-bird rests from his flight Subject: Leaving past things to move on to the future. Images: before the street begins, grass grows soft and white, moon-birdTo cool in the peppermint wind. rests, peppermint winds, smoke blows black, asphalt flowers Tone: Happy, high-spirits, elated Structure: 3 stanzaLet us leave this place where the smoke Rhyme Scheme: AABBBA CADDDA DDDAblows black Title Symbolism: There are brighter days ahead Theme: Leaving bad things behind and looking towards bigger andAnd the dark street winds and bends. brighter things in the future. Diction: There’s a greater place where the sidewalk ends.Past the pits where the asphalt flowers growWe shall walk with a walk that is measured Shel Silverstein wrote “Where The Sidewalk Ends”. A poem aboutand slow, leaving darker streets/times to get to the end of the sidewalk.And watch where the chalk-white arrows go Kind of like the phrase “The grass is always greener on the other side. The addressee would be the reader/audience learning theTo the place where the sidewalk ends. occasion of the poem which is set on getting to where the sidewalk ends. Pushing through tough times and working hard, gets you to brighter, sunny days. There are many imagesYes well walk with a walk that is measured used throughout: before the street begins, grass grows soft andand slow, white, moon-bird rests, peppermint winds, smoke blowsAnd well go where the chalk-white arrows black, asphalt flowers. The tone to me seemed to bego, happy, optimistic, high-spirited, elated and so forth. The structure of this poem is 3-stanza with a rhyme scheme of AABBBAFor the children, they mark, and the CADDDA DDDA. The title symbolism is showing you that thechildren, they know sidewalk does come to and end and you have to pave it correctlyThe place where the sidewalk ends.” to have brighter days after you leave the sidewalk. The theme of this poem is about leaving bad things behind and looking towards larger, more radiant things on the road ahead. There’s a greater-Shel Silverstein place where the sidewalk ends. I chose this poem for my reader, because she used to read this poem to me a lot when I was younger.