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No hype review of Jeff Anderson's Combat the Fat military style fat burning program.

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Combat The Fat Review

  1. 1. Combat the Fat Review Before I get into my review, here’s a video of me purchasing Combat the Fat (I went and got the deluxe version cause I’m hardcore and want everything I can get to help me improve my body & health): You can see the video at: Now, as seen in the video above I did actually purchase Combat the Fat and this is an honest review of the materials provided.
  2. 2. Please note that at the end of the review I discuss the components of the deluxe version, so if you do not get the deluxe version you will not get those components.
  3. 3. Combat the Fat Basic Program Combat the Fat Manual The manual is 162 pages long, so I’m not going to go into too much detail about what exactly is in it, but it’s basically the whole system that Jeff created based on what he learned as a Weight Control Specialist & Master Fitness Trainer in the U.S. Military.
  4. 4. Combat the Fat Basic Program The manual begins with a section on how to get the most out of the manual, so you are prepped beforehand to make sure you’re not wasting any time. Then there’s a blurb about Jeff & an introduction to the Combat the Fat Program. Once you’re prepped and ready to go, then he gets into the 8 components of the program which are:
  5. 5. Combat the Fat Basic Program 1. Mission Planning – This is basically discussing laying out a plan and laying it all out so you have a plan to follow rather than attempting to fly by the seat of your pants. Already in this part you can see the soldier in Jeff coming out as he compares fat burning “mission planning” to mission planning in the military. I hope you like military metaphors.
  6. 6. Combat the Fat Basic Program 2. Stop Dieting – Jeff discusses how you are going to take the principles and make them healthy habits and completely change your lifestyle, so the information will be with you and keeping you lean & healthy all the time, rather than just going on some diet to lose weight quickly.
  7. 7. Combat the Fat Basic Program 3. Chemical Warfare - Gotta love the military terminology that makes it all seem a lot more intense. This section is devoted to human cells and a bunch of factors that I don’t think other programs think to cover (like chemicals from a variety of sources).
  8. 8. Combat the Fat Basic Program 4. Nutritional Firepower - This is obviously not in great detail as there’s an entire guide on nutrition (reviewed below), this is just the basic nutrition of the program and it’ll give you a good overview.
  9. 9. Combat the Fat Program 5. Fat Blasting Hormones - Hormones play a large part in fat burning, though most people don’t talk about them. Jeff spends almost 20 pages discussing hormones and their affect on your lifestyle.
  10. 10. Combat the Fat Basic Program 6. Maximum Metabolism - Everyone knows that metabolism plays a large role in fat burning. People complain that other people are skinny just because they have an unfair high metabolism (I’ve been on the receiving end of the envy). But it’s not just that they were born or gifted with a high metabolism, lifestyle makes a big difference and there are a number of factors that affect metabolism. Jeff shows you how to maximize your metabolism so you can have people jealous of you.
  11. 11. Combat the Fat Basic Program 7. Military “PT” - This section is all about different types of training, the pros and cons of each and what is actually the best type of training for fat burning. He backs it up with scientific research and proof that it actually is the best. Plus the fact that the U.S. Military actually uses it.
  12. 12. Combat the Fat Basic Program 8. Killer Instinct - Basically, this is a section devoted to getting & keeping you motivated throughout the program so you’ll actually follow through and get the results, even when it seems impossible.
  13. 13. Combat the Fat Basic Program Overall the manual is clear and easy to understand. I like the fact that he has little blurbs throughout where he highlights all of the big points you need to remember. HINT: If you want to get the gist of the program just read those blurbs and you’ll get enough to start getting some results!
  14. 14. Combat the Fat Basic Program One thing I think is missing from the manual that would make it better is a summary of each section because there’s a lot of info in some of the sections and I would’ve liked to have a quick summary at the end to reiterate the major points of the section.
  15. 15. Combat the Fat Review See the full review at Combat the Fat Review Or go here to get your copy of Combat the Fat