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    Sculptural Shoes Final Sculptural Shoes Final Presentation Transcript

    • Sculptural Shoes Shoes are familiar, recognizable and necessary objects around the world. A shoe is a functional object…but have you ever thought about creating shoes as a sculpture? For this final project you will research shoes from a variety of cultures and functions, analyze shoes in art, and create your own pair in sculptural form.
    • Shoe Art – Robert Tabor
    • Shoe Art – Kobi Levi
    • Shoe Art – Gabriel Dishaw
    • Shoes – Cultural & Purposeful
    • Your Final Challenge You will create a pair of non-functional, sculptural shoes. Your sculpture should… 1. be inspired by a specific culture or the work of one of the artists suggested 2. highlight at least 3 of the elements and principles of art 3. tell a story or have a theme
    • Materials & Processes Your sculptural shoes may be constructed using any material or combination of the materials explored in Sculpture I, as well as any others materials, processes and ideas you may bring into class or research on the internet. The basis of your sculpture should look like a shoe…what you do to make it into a work of art is up to you.
    • Motivation & InspirationYour piece must show influence of a cultureor artist from the list below. If you findanother culture or artist during yourresearch and would like to use them asinspiration, please see me for approval. Shoe Artists: Shoe Cultures: Robert Tabor Any culture reflected at Kobi Levi The Bata Shoe Museum Gabriel Dishaw
    • Don’t ForgetYour sculpturalshoes must focus onat least 3 of theelements andprinciples of art andtell a story or havean overarchingtheme or concept.
    • What You Will Do1. Research Cultures and Shoe Artists and choose ONE that you will use as influence for your own sculptural shoes.2. Complete sketchbook assignment. See handout.  Bio on the culture or artist you are influenced by  Images of shoes or artwork you are using as inspiration AND from the culture or artist you have chosen  YOUR OWN idea development, influence and thumbnail sketches  FIVE detailed drawings that illustrate your final piece  List of materials, resources and processes you will use – this is your detailed plan!
    • What You Will Do3. Meet with teacher to review research and discuss ideas and plans.4. Using materials you have planned, inspiration from the culture or artist, and your sketches and notes, create your own shoe sculpture.5. Complete and hand-in your final project, sketchbook pages, rubric, and Artist Statement and Reflection.
    • Tips Detailed research of a culture or artist that you like will improve your final project. Consider the elements and principles – how can you incorporate them or make them a focus of your sculpture? Go beyond the expected and ordinary. This is a FINAL project…my expectations are high! Craftsmanship and creativity are keys to success. Go back to your planning throughout process, but don’t be afraid to modify your plans if the piece is not turning out as you had hoped.
    • Requirements Complete 5 full pages in sketchbook Complete final piece inspired by a culture or artist, showing the elements and principles and telling a story or having a specific theme Complete typed Artist Statement & Reflection Develop the piece and solve problems independently
    • ExpectationsThis project should be treated as a final exam: your ideas and work should be original no part of this assignment can be turned in late -there will be no make-ups, re-dos, or additional timeand materials provided you will be required to solve problems on your own(not rely on teacher to give you answers) if any portion of this project is lost or not submittedby the due date, it will be calculated as a ZERO grade
    • Grading Breakdown:This project is worth 20% of your overall grade Sketchbook assignment is worth 70 points and 50% of the final project grade Final sculpture is worth 40 points and Artist’s Statement & Reflection is worth 16 points. The combination of these are worth 50% of the final project grade
    • Project Due Dates:Sketchbook Packet: Monday, January 9th – hand-in before end of class, meetings throughout classProject In-Progress Review: Wednesday, January 18thFinal Project Completed: Tuesday, January 24th – completed by end of classFinal Packet w/ Artist’s Statement & Reflection: Tuesday, January 24th – completed by end of class
    • Questions?