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Sculptural Book Final Sculptural Book Final Document Transcript

  • Sculptural  Book  –  Final  Project  Sculpture  II                                Mrs.  Duckworth    Books  are  meant  to  be  read…but  have  you  ever  thought  about  turning  one  into  a  sculpture?    For  this  final  project  you  will  deconstruct  and  modify  a  book  and  turn  it  into  a  sculpture.    You  can  manipulate  the  book  in  any  way  you  would  like  by  cutting,  folding,  removing  parts,  adding  elements,  etc.      The  activity:  You  will  create  a  sculptural  book  from  an  existing  hard  cover  book  by  altering  it.    Your  sculpture  should…  1. be  inspired  by  the  work  of  a  famous  book  artist  2. highlight  at  least  3  of  the  elements  &  principles  of  art  3. tell  a  story  or  have  a  theme    Materials  &  Processes  Your  sculptural  book  may  be  constructed  using  any  material  or  combination  of  materials  explored  in  Sculpture  I  and  II,  as  well  as  any  others  materials,  processes  and  ideas  you  may  bring  into  class  or  research  on  the  internet.    The  foundation  of  your  sculpture  should  be  a  book…what  you  add  to  it  (or  take  away)  is  completely  up  to  you.      What  you’ll  do:  1. Review  PowerPoint,  assignment  sheet,  expectations,  and  grading  structures.  2. Research  Book  Artists  and  choose  ONE  that  you  will  use  as  influence  for  your  own  sculpture.  3. Complete  sketchbook  assignment.    See  following  pages  for  more  details  and  directions.    4. Meet  with  teacher  to  review  research  and  discuss  ideas  and  plans.  5. Using  materials  you  have  planned,  inspiration  from  the  artist,  and  your  sketches  and  notes,  create  your  own  book  sculpture.    6. Complete  and  hand-­‐in  your  final  project,  sketchbook  pages,  rubric,  and  reflection.        Important  Things  to  Know:  You will be required to conference with me to share sketchbook packet and progress. See below for due dates.This is a final exam – ideas and work should be original, no part can be turned in late, no make-ups, re-dos, or additional time and materials provided. You will be required to solve problems on your own. Ifany portion of project is not submitted by the due date, it will be calculated as a ZERO grade.  Project  Due  Dates:  Sketchbook  Packet:             Final  Project  Critique:  Monday,  May  6th             Wednesday,  June  5th      (hand-­‐in  by  end  of  class,  meetings  5/6  and  5/8)      Project  In-­‐Progress  Review:           Final  Packet  with  Reflection  &  Rubric:  Thursday,  May  16th               Friday,  June  7th    This 3-part Final “Exam” Project is worth 20% of your overall grade for this course.Part 1 – Sketchbook Packet is worth 70 points and 50% of final “exam” grade.Part 2 – Final Sculptural Book is worth 53 points and 40% of final “exam” grade.Part 3 – Final Reflection is worth 26 points and 10% of final “exam” grade.
  • Name:_________________________________________________________________________________________    Block:  ________________      Sculptural  Book    Final  Project  Sketchbook  This  project  is  about  altering  an  existing  book    into  a  sculptural  piece  of  art.            You  should  use  this  packet  and  additional  sheets  of  paper  to  organize  your  thoughts  and  sketches  for  this  final  project.    You  will  be  required  to  submit  a  minimum  of  5  pages  of  research,  concept  building  with  reference  information,  project  development  sketches,  and  final  drawings.      Sketchbook  should  include:    • the  artist  that  you  are  basing  your  project  on  • examples  of  their  work  and  other  work  you  find  inspirational  • your  own  idea  development  and  designs      To  begin,  research  the  artists  listed  below  (or  search  “book  sculpture”,  “sculptural  book”,    “altered  book”,  or  “book  artists”  to  find  another  artist  you  would  like  to  use  as  inspiration.    Please  see  me  for  approval.)  Based  on  this  initial  research,  choose  an  artist  that  YOUR  piece  will  be  influenced  by  and  then  complete  a  more  detailed  research,  brainstorming  and  planning  process  on  the  following  pages.        Book  Artists:  Brian  Dettmer  Su  Blackwell  Robert  The  Cara  Barer  Jaqueline  Rush  Lee  Olafur  Eliasson  Daniel  Essig  Isaak  Salazar          DON’T  FORGET  that  your  sculptural  book  must  also  focus  on  at  least  3  of  the  elements  and  principles  of  art  and  tell  a  story  or  have  an  overarching  theme  or  concept.
  • Research  &  Concept  Development  Page  1    In  the  space  below,  include  a  bio  on  the  artist  you  are  influenced  by.    ARTIST  NAME:  __________________________________________________    1. When/where  established?    Where  do  they  live  or  work?        2. What  is  their  style  of  work?                3. What  materials  do  they  use?              4. What  elements  and  principles  do  you  see  that  are  prominent  in  their  work?              5. Information  that  describes  the  work  to  someone  that  has  not  seen  it.                                                Step  1:                /  10  
  • Research  &  Concept  Development  Page  2      In  the  space  below  and  on  the  back  of  this  page,  include:  images  of  artwork  you  are  using  as  inspiration  AND  images  of  work  from  the  artist  you  have  chosen.    1. At  least  FIVE  different  pieces  2. For  EACH  image  include  a  list  of  3-­‐4  different  aspects  that  you  like  and  could  incorporate  into  your  own  project.    These  could  be  things  like  materials,  themes,  processes,  etc.                                                                                          
  • Research  &  Concept  Development  Page  3      Example  artwork  images  continued…                                                                                                      Step  2:                /  15  
  • Research  &  Concept  Development  Page  4    In  the  space  below  and  on  the  back  of  this  page,  include:  YOUR  OWN  idea  development,  brainstorming,  influence  and  thumbnail  sketches.    1. What  about  the  artist  interests  you?          2. How  can  you  incorporate  your  chosen  artist’s  style  into  your  own  sculpture?          3. What  elements  and  principles  will  be  a  focus  of  your  sculpture?          4. What  is  the  theme  or  concept  of  your  sculpture?              5. What  meaning  or  intent  do  you  want  your  piece  to  have?    How  do  you  want  the  viewer  to  feel  or  what  do  you  want  them  to  think  when  they  look  at  it?              6. At  least  3  different  ideas  and  concepts  for  your  own  project.    This  includes  a  minimum  of  3  thumbnail  sketches.                                    
  • Research  &  Concept  Development  Page  5      Your  own  ideas  &  sketches  continued…                                                                                                      Step  3:                /  20  
  • Research  &  Concept  Development  Page  6      In  the  space  below  and  on  the  back  of  this  page,  include:  FIVE  detailed  drawings  that  illustrate  your  final  piece.      In  addition  to  your  final  drawings…  1. The  overall  ideas  and  concepts  of  the  piece.      2. Materials  required  for  your  sculpture.    Where  and  how  you  will  obtain  them?          3. How  will  your  sculpture  function  or  be  displayed?    Think  about  all  sides  of  the  piece.          4. Any  additional  information  necessary  for  planning  your  piece.              FIVE  DRAWINGS  –  IN  COLOR…                                                              
  • Research  &  Concept  Development  Page  7      Your  five  drawings  continued…                                                                                                        Total:                /  70      Step  4:                /  25  
  • Name: _______________________________________________________ Block: ________________Sculptural Book – Final Project; Reflective ResponsesSculpture II Mrs. DuckworthThinking  about  your  sculptural  book  and  the  process  you  used  to  create  it,  please  answer  the  following  questions  (2  pts.  each)…    1) What  artist  was  the  inspiration  for  your  piece?    What  components  of  their  work  did  you  incorporate  into  your  own  work?  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  2) What  elements  and  principles  of  art  are  highlighted  in  your  sculptural  book?    How  did  using  them  add  to  the  success  of  your  final  piece?  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  3) What  is  the  story/theme/concept  of  your  sculpture?    How  is  this  obvious  to  the  viewer?  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  4) What  were  some  overall  limitations  or  challenges  you  encountered  with  the  construction?  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________    5) What  was  one  specific  challenge  you  faced  during  this  project  and  how  did  you  solve  it?  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________    6) What  do  you  think  are  the  strengths  of  the  work  you  created?  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________    7) What  was  one  success  you  had  during  this  project  and  how  did  you  feel  when  complete?  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  
  • Name: _______________________________________________________ Block: ________________    8) What  do  you  view  as  weaknesses  that  you  would  change  to  improve  the  work?  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________    9) Do  you  believe  your  sculpture  is  your  best  possible  work  and  effort?  Please  explain  why.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________    10)Do  you  believe  the  detailed  research  and  planning  improved  the  final  product  for  your  project?          If  not,  what  additional  work  could  have  been  done  to  improve  the  final  outcome?  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________    11)How  did  the  open-­‐ended  freedom  and  choices  for  the  process  and  materials  affect  the  outcome  of  this  project?    Did  you  enjoy  being  given  this  freedom?    Please  explain  why.    ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________    12)What  would  you  do  differently  if  you  created  another  sculpture  out  of  a  book?  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________    Please  sketch  your  finished  piece  below.    Drawing  should  be  well  done  and  in  color.    You  may  include  more  than  one  viewpoint  if  necessary.          /26
  • Sculpture  II  Final  Project                              Name:  ____________________________________________  Sculptural  Book                            Mrs.  Duckworth           Block:  _______________    Completion of Requirements (1pt. each)_____  Completed  5  full  pages  in  sketchbook    _____  Completed  final  piece  inspired  by  an  artist  _____  Completed  final  piece  showing  3  elements  &  principles  _____  Completed  final  piece  with  a  story  or  theme  _____  Developed  book  and  solved  problems  independently  Composition/Application of Elements & PrinciplesDo your creative elements work together as a cohesive whole? Is there emphasis on theappropriate areas? Does your eye flow effortlessly through the piece? Does your pieceappear cluttered or empty?Creative Problem SolvingThe focus/intent of this project was to create a sculptural book inspired by an artist,including the elements and principles of art, and having a specific story or theme. Doesyour book show an understanding and connection inspired by the artist chosen? Doesyour book focus on at least 3 of the elements & principles? Does your book have anoverarching story or theme? How interesting and original is the design and concept? Didyou develop more than one idea or consider several ideas?Application of Materials & ProcessesThe focus/intent of this project was to use any materials from Sculpture I or II and create asculptural book. Does your sculpture show mastery of using these materials to create aninteresting 3D form? Did you create a book using the sculpting methods demonstratedthroughout the course? Does your plan and final piece show high-level knowledge ofsculpture materials, tools and processes?CraftsmanshipAre there obvious signs of care and quality in the production and creation of your piece?Does your piece meet conventional standards of craftsmanship?Comments:TOTAL:/53Criterion below will beevaluated on this 12-point scale:12. Exceeds Expectations9-11. Meets All Expectations6-8. Meets Most Expectations1-5. Meets Few Expectations/12/12/12/12